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Perry, GA

#21 Jan 27, 2012
In relation to the Tsplost vote.

Some of you may wonder where I am coming from about a Region vote being against democracy and fair voting. Read the below; it is nothing new for government, when NOT checked, to circumvent fair voting, fair play, and corrupt the voting process to further the aims of ambitious men and women.

The State of Georgia has done the same with a Region vote as opposed to a county vote.

Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu
Second part
Fifteenth Dialogue
Machiavelli: Public order has less need of men of talent than men devoted to the government. Great ability sits upon the throne and among those who surround it; elsewhere it is useless; it is even harmful, because it can only be exercised against power.
Montesquieu: Your aphorisms cut like a sword; I have no arguments to oppose to what you say. Thus, please take up the rest of your electoral regulations.
Machiavelli: For the reasons that I have stated, I also would not want balloting by list, which could falsify the election, which could permit the coalition of men and principles. Furthermore, I would divide the electoral colleges into a certain number of administrative districts in which there would only be room for the election of a single deputy and in which, consequently, each voter could only place one name on his ballot.
Moreover, it would be necessary to have the possibility of neutralizing the opposition in the districts in which it would make itself too vividly felt. Thus, let us suppose that in previous elections, a district has made itself remarkable for the majority of its hostile votes or one had reason to foresee that it would come out against the government's candidates: nothing would be easier than remedying this situation. If this district only has a small population, one could unite it with a nearby or faraway district (but either way much larger), in which the hostile voices would be drowned or their political spirit would be lost. If, on the contrary, the hostile district has a large population, one could split it into several parts that would be annexed by nearby districts and that would could annihilate them.
You will understand that I am passing over a mass of details that would only be accessories to the ensemble. Thus, if needed, I could divide the colleges into sections, so as to give greater range of action to the administration when needed, and I would have the municipal officers whose nominations depend on the government preside over the colleges and the sections of the colleges.
Montesquieu: I note with a certain surprise that here you would not make use of a measure that you suggested at the time of Leo X[5] and that consisted in the submission of the ballots to inspectors after the vote.
Machiavelli: This would be difficult to do today, and I believe that one should only use this means with the greatest prudence. A skillful government would have so many other resources! Without directly buying the vote, that is to say, by naked funds, nothing would be easier for such a government than making the populations vote as it wished by means of administrative concessions, by promising to build a port here, a market there, a road or a canal somewhere else; inversely, by giving nothing to the cities and towns in which the vote is hostile.

Mike Sims
Blairsville, Ga.


Perry, GA

#22 Jan 27, 2012
Transportation 1% Splost Tax;

There is a large disparity between the voters of smaller counties and voters of larger counties in a region wide vote. Herein lies the danger of County Home Rule being kicked out the door.

When 2 counties out of 13 have 58% of the vote in a region, or another region has 2 counties out of 14 with 70% of the vote; this is voter disparity.

If this vote was for an election of a Congressman or any other official, the Elections Commission would be crying foul and so would the people.

Why should any small county even go to the expense of paying for a vote when the larger counties out number them in voters.

It bothers me greatly that small populated county Commissioners would agree to their county voters being disenfranchised by the larger counties. Their first responsibility is to the integrity of their own county and the people who put them in office. This whole thing about the Tsplost vote should be determined by a county by county vote and the State of Georgia has undermined county Home Rule with the introduction of a Region wide vote.

Georgia would be the first State to implement a 1% optional sales tax for transportation if this Tsplost passes; according to a study by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

Every State Representative and State Senator should be contacted during this year’s General Assembly and told the vote of the county and Home Rule of the county is not for sale at a penny on the dollar.

Vote for County Home rule; vote NO to Tsplost 2012

Mike Sims
Blairsville, Ga.

Perry, GA

#23 Jan 27, 2012
As the dialogue between Machiavelli and Montesquieu showed in the post before last, the following is occurring.

The Transportation 1% tax known as Tsplost will be determined by an election rigged and pre-determined by the General Assembly and the Governor.

Having a vote decided by Regions within the State is a calculated maneuver by the State to ensure passage of this tax and the reasons are listed below. The State knew the likelihood of failure with a county by county vote so the law was written to decide by a region-wide vote, a first for the State of Georgia and a rigged election if there ever was one. And the ARC Region will get some of the money from the rest of the State and Regions and you can be assured of that.

1.-The 12 Regions are unbalanced by population from one region to another.
2.-With the exception of the Atlanta region, all other regions are made up by counties that surround one or two major cities and county. Region 7 has 2 out of 14 counties with over 70% of the population in the region.
3.-A yes vote is those 2 counties will force the other 12 counties to pay the tax even though the other 12 counties may vote no.
4.-Most of the 75% of taxes collected in the region will be used by the largest counties in that region. The smaller and poorer counties will be paying for transportation needs of the larger and richer counties. A new way of taking from the poor and giving to the rich, courtesy of the State of Georgia.
Is your county for sale at any price?

Vote for Home rule Vote No on Tsplost

Mike Sims
Blairsville, Ga.
Like my roads smooth

Alapaha, GA

#24 Feb 28, 2012
Is this tsplost not supposed to stay in the region? Information that was given to me by the D.O.T. says that it will and that we will not have anymore help for repairing roads. I was told that it would be several years before any money would be appropriated for rural areas if this vote did not pass. Is that true Mike?

Rome, GA

#25 May 9, 2012
I am in favor of the TSPLOST. It is required improvements in transportation infrastructure that will allow us to grow JOBS! So really this is not primarily about roads - but about economic development. Not to mention the 40K jobs that are created from the construction of these projects themselves - almost without exclusion, every company that approaches our County asks if we have a direct connector to an Interstate. We are immediately removed from consideration when this answer is NO! So since this direct connector is included with the 2012 TSPLOST - this one project alone makes it worth the citizens of Floyd County.
tea partier

Carrollton, GA

#26 May 17, 2012
Well said, Mike! You are truly well informed on this terrible tax! It is just another example of Agenda 21 infiltrating and trying to take over on local levels. We MUST vote NO on July 31!
tea partier

Carrollton, GA

#27 May 17, 2012
Like my roads smooth wrote:
Is this tsplost not supposed to stay in the region? Information that was given to me by the D.O.T. says that it will and that we will not have anymore help for repairing roads. I was told that it would be several years before any money would be appropriated for rural areas if this vote did not pass. Is that true Mike?
And you believe the DOT? This is just another scare tactic they use to force us into doing what they want.

Commerce, GA

#28 May 21, 2012
Like my roads smooth wrote:
Is this tsplost not supposed to stay in the region? Information that was given to me by the D.O.T. says that it will and that we will not have anymore help for repairing roads. I was told that it would be several years before any money would be appropriated for rural areas if this vote did not pass. Is that true Mike?

I apologize for such a late answer. While technically true the tsplost monies stay in the region, the effect is that present GDOT monies for transportation will be re-directed to other projects,(i.e. mass transit, rail, etc. in metro areas).
Each county in each region will get their 25% share which varies, the bulk of the 75% share will go to the metro area counties in each region. Some of the smaller counties will get a major project usually listed in the 8-10 year cycle of the 10 year tax.

Bottom line is that in nearly every region, the smaller counties will be donating funds to the larger counties for their metro area projects. Some smaller counties will donate little, others will donate a lot more.

It takes from the poorer counties and gives to the richer counties.


Commerce, GA

#29 May 21, 2012

Anytime government takes money out of the hands of consumers it hurts the economy. This is a bad tax in the economy of today. People spending in the marketplace is what makes an economy, not government wasting those dollars on special interest. Taking over $18 billion out of the hands of consumers and allowing governments to waste a good 30-40 % of those monies is detrimental to the economy.

Vote No to Tsplost because only special interest will benefit while the poor and fixed income will suffer.


Commerce, GA

#30 May 21, 2012

Here's an informative website about Tsplost. Just now got up and running.

“Home In Georgia Now”

Since: Jul 07

The "City of Gold" in Georgia

#31 Jun 10, 2012
Great posts Mike. I appreciate you breaking it down as you did. I too have been studying this piece of crap law and printed a copy that I have read over several times. The following is what I posted on another site in regards to this issue. "The bottom line is that the clowns under the gold dome in Atlanta failed to allot funds during the "good times" for transportation projects where really needed. In other words they were pork barreling crap to their districts. Plus they learned when they tried to add a penny tax statewide for "Trauma Centers" and it failed they had to have another plan to get their grimy fingers in the pockets of the citizens. So what did they come up with?? A REGIONAL method of passing a tax. And like was stated they wrote the law with a "punishment" for those areas that do not just roll over and open their pockets so they can reach in and take more of YOUR money. We elect these folks to make the decisions that are in the best interest of all citizens. However they do not have the balls (ladies of the legislature excluded) to take on this tough issue. So they want to throw it back to us. Read the law and see who all is exempt from this tax. If I read it correctly the folks building the roads etc will be exempt from the tax increase on their fuel purchases. How is that for taking care of you big contributors. Give them jobs and and increase their profits too. Plus the numbers they project are they at todays cost to build or 8 years from now. You and I know damn well that the cost will ALWAYS over run the projections. So what then?? Yep pass it another 10 years. I have NEVER voted for a SPLOST of any type. Have you ever seen your taxes go DOWN after passing a SPLOST?? Have you ever see a SPLOST actually go away, in other words meet the sunset provision of the law?? HELL NO. Once you give the greedy creeps access to a way to get money from you they are like crack addicts. VOTE NO, actually VOTE HELL NO."
Scott E

Barnesville, GA

#32 Jun 27, 2012
Here is what I found with a bit of digging in records provided by GA DOT Annual Report and GA Transportation Alliance brochure:

10 year total revenue from TSPLOST--http://www.connectgeo _Brochure.pdf
17,402,740,455.00 (17,402,740,455.00)
1,740,274,045.50 (1 year avg projected)
435,068,511.38 Discretionary per year per region

2009 GA DOT Annual Report Revenues-- room/documents/publications/an nualreport-2009.pdf
1,308,120,337.63—Revenue all sources
385,389,501.27 Fuel Tax Revenue same time

I'm not a math major but even I can tell 1.7 billion more in revenue would DOUBLE the current road building budget, even taking out the 25% that regions can spend as Discretionary fund.

Looks to me like State wants to more than double revenue collection unless the Fuel tax and Fed sources etc will be cancelled (not happening!).

I believe the people are being deliberately misled about the facts of this tax--you can't find the whole numbers anywhere on supporting sites. Why did they not lay out all the facts for people to make an informed decision? Could it be they only want their side told.

If I am wrong in above intepretations please tell me where.

Please everyone vote No and tell our gutless politicians this is one power and money grab that will not stand.



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