ga. counties still using gas chambers...

ga. counties still using gas chambers for euthanasia

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Atlanta, GA

#1 Jul 18, 2009
1. Ashburn, City of (in Turner County; no county facility; chamber housed in City of Ashburn.)
2. Barnesville,(City of) Animal Shelter (In Lamar County; no county facility; chamber housed in City of Barnesville.)
3. Butts County Animal Control
4. Cobb County Animal Control
4. Cordele, City of (In Crisp County)
5. Cuthbert, City of (In Randolph County; no county facility; chamber housed in City of Cuthbert.)
6. Haralson County Animal Shelter
7. Hawkinsville, City of (In Pulaski County; no county facility.
8. Henry County Animal Control
9. Lakeland, City of (In Lanier County; no county facility.)
10. Macon, City of (In Bibb County; no county facility; chamber operated in City of Macon, under the jurisdiction of Macon Police Animal Control. Macon City Council voted unanimously June 2008 to cease using chamber by July 1, 2009.)
11. Mitchell County Animal Control
12. Spalding County Animal Shelter
13. Vienna, City of Animal Shelter (in Dooly County; no county facility)
14. Warner Robins (In Houston County; no county facility)

Atlanta, GA

#2 Jul 18, 2009
The Ga. Dept of Ag has been held in Contempt of Court, and issued, in Feb. 2009, an injunction to cease allowing licensed animal control facilities to operate gas chambers to kill unwanted pets.

Yet, they STILL refuse to comply with the courts.

Are the courts in Georgia crooked too?

Atlanta, GA

#3 Jul 18, 2009
Want to see what the fuss is all about?

Watch the video - if you can stomach it. If not, then why would you allow animals to be killed this way if you can't even watch it.

Stop this madness in Georgia - The Dept of Ag needs to be charged criminally for animal cruelty - for allowing this.


Atlanta, GA

#4 Jul 18, 2009
If you email Cobb Co to ask why they are STILL using the gas chamber, here's the email you'll get back -


Thank you for your inquiry. We share the concerns relating to the “illegal” use of chambers. Our procedures have been reviewed repeatedly and have always been and continue to be in strict compliance with the laws and rulings dictating euthanasia standards in the State of Georgia. While every effort is made to avoid euthanasia, when it is required sodium pentobarbital or a derivative delivered via needle injection by a Board Certified Veterinarian is the means utilized. As you know there are exceptions to the prevailing Georgia statute which is complied with fully.

Again thank you for your work on behalf of animals and the citizens of this state.

Best Regards,

Captain Jeff Patellis

Cobb County Police Department

Animal Control Unit

Atlanta, GA

#5 Jul 18, 2009
Cobb County isn't going to stop killing animals using gas to choke them to death until their gas chamber is removed from their facility.

The staff there must reallllly enjoy killing animals in this way?

Who would have thought that in 2009, Cobb County would be acting so barbaric to the county's unwanted pets.

Lawrenceville, GA

#6 Jul 18, 2009
When does it end and why are the laws so hard to obey when it comes to the animals. What the hell is the matter in GA and other states???
I bet if anyone that is supposed to be enforcing these laws were made to WATCH a gassing, they would get up off their lazy butts and make the change.
I also would bet that if anyone that gave up an animal had to watch it being gassed, they would think twice about dumping it and walking away.
But you know that old saying, what you don't know can't hurt you, but turning a blind eye doesn't mean that the suffering has stopped.

Lawrenceville, GA

#7 Jul 18, 2009
I forced myself some time back to watch and I can tell you that I couldn't sleep peacefully for months. Gas chambers are also known as a "kill box"...

When a mama dog is place in the chamber to be gassed with her babies, it is my understanding that she lays on top of them to protect them and she dies and the pups often survive the first go, only to have to be tortured a second time.

How can anyone stand knowing this goes on and not stand up somewhere to say something?


Duluth, GA

#8 Jul 18, 2009
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 10:38 PM
To: Lloyd, Mickey

Please take whatever necessary actions to put an end to the cruel and illegal gassing of animals! Join Spalding County in their “financial’ based decision to stop gassing. Join Macon in their commitment to stop gassing. It is time to make GA. one of the many states who refuse to gas and torture animals in this way.

Duluth, GA

#9 Jul 18, 2009

Subject: Cobb County, stop gassing animals immediately, you are breaking the law!
Captain Jeff Patellis and Public Safety Director Mickey Lloyd:
With all due respect, gentlemen, stop playing dumb. You are using a gas chamber to kill homeless and abused animals in your shelter, and, by doing so, you are breaking the law, and you know it.
You installed your gas chamber in 1995 after the Humane Euthanasia Act was passed in 1990, making gas chambers illegal unless "grandfathered-in" as of July 1990. Fulton County Superior Court Judge, Tom Campbell, held the Georgia Department of Agriculture in Contempt of Court for failing to enforce the law and instructed it to revoke your shelter license for illegally operating a gas chamber. It was reported in the news, at that time (fall 2007), that the Department of Agriculture, in order to have the Contempt Order lifted, had instructed Cobb County to stop using its gas chamber. As far as the public and animal advocates knew, Cobb County was thereafter off the list of counties operating gas chambers in Georgia.
In fact, when Cobb County resident Susan Woodward emailed her commissioners last February (2009) asking why it was rumored the county was still gassing, Mr. Lloyd, you responded to her on March 1st saying "You have been seriously misinformed. Please call me in my office tomorrow." Two weeks later, Captain Patellis, you testified to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, in opposition to Senate Bill 232 to outlaw the remaining gas chambers in Georgia, that Cobb County is using its gas chamber and prefers gas to lethal injection.
Now, Mr. Lloyd, in your email below, you're telling another concerned citizen that Cobb County is gassing only "ferrell and vicious animals." Were you not aware, Mr. Lloyd, in March, that your shelter was using a gas chamber? And how are we to trust your assurances when you cannot even spell the word "feral?" Do you have any idea what is happening in your shelter or what laws apply to it's operation?
Why is it you maintain that Cobb County is above state law?
Your defense is that your shelter workers cannot handle feral or vicious animals. How do you explain that all but 10-15 of Georgia's shelters are operating just fine without the use of a gas chamber? How do you explain that Cobb County is somehow impaired or special compared to the 99% of shelters in the United States who do not use gas chambers?
Are you aware that the State of Tennessee outlawed all gas chambers several years ago because a shelter worker died from carbon monoxide poisoning from exposure to a gas chamber? Who inspects your gas chamber to ensure it is safe for your employees? I checked, and OSHA does not inspect the gas chambers in Georgia because shelters are regulated by the GA Department of Agriculture, not OSHA. How do you know your gas chamber is not a health hazard for your employees?
Are you aware that gassing sick, injured, pregnant or non-sedated animals constitutes animal cruelty? Are you giving medical treatment to and sedating all of the animals before you put them in your gas chamber?
And if your employees are able to handle feral and vicious animals in order to treat and/or sedate them prior to gassing, as the law requires, why is it they cannot further handle them to administer euthanasia by injection (EBI)? The fact is, you aren't sedating or treating them before putting them in your gas chamber, are you?
Furthermore, there is a witness in your shelter who says you are not gassing just feral cats, that you are gassing ALL cats euthanized in your shelter.
But it really doesn't matter the nuances of what you are gassing, how or why? The fact remains, you are breaking the law simply by operating a gas chamber in your shelter. Period.
Please explain to me why Cobb County thinks it is above the laws of the State of Georgia?

Duluth, GA

#10 Jul 18, 2009
Subject: RE: Cobb County, stop gassing animals immediately, you are breaking the law!
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 13:58:12 -0400
From: [email protected] g
[email protected]
CC: [email protected] ; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Please call me so that we can discuss your issues. xxx-xxx-xxxx is my direct line.

Duluth, GA

#11 Jul 18, 2009
To: [email protected] g; [email protected]
CC: [email protected] ; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Subject: Cobb County, your gas chamber is not negotiable, it's illegal
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 23:17:33 -0400

Mr. Lloyd, your response below demonstrates your failure to grasp the severity of the problem addressed in my letter to you and to the elected officials of Cobb County.

First, the issue of your gas chamber is a single issue, not multiple "issues." Cobb County is not supposed to be using a gas chamber or even have a gas chamber. That's one issue. Second, it is an issue involving the systematic execution of thousands of homeless pets, and is, therefore, not my issue, but an issue of public interest.

Though I appreciate your offer of a private discussion, I must decline. There are many people in Cobb County and Georgia who want to know your response, and I will not attempt to paraphrase a conversation I have with you.

Furthermore, this issue is not negotiable. Cobb County is operating a gas chamber in blatant violation of state law. Period. End of discussion. You cannot negotiate the facts that the Humane Euthanasia Act outlawed gas chambers in 1990 and your chamber was installed some years thereafter.

Please either send me your written response, so that I may publish it to Georgia's animal welfare community, or, promptly remove the gas chamber from your shelter and release a public statement announcing the county's decision to do so.

In the absense of either from you or another Cobb County official, I will assume that Cobb County believes it can ignore state law, ignore Court Orders and ignore the public outcry.... and I will proceed accordingly.

[Note: City of Macon, City of Warner Robins, City of Barnesville and Spalding County, GA have all, since April of this year, stopped gassing or resolved to stop gassing in the very near future. All of these chambers were installed prior to passage of the Humane Euthanasia Act].

Duluth, GA

#12 Jul 18, 2009
I think Ag is behind Cobb Co refusing to stop using their gas chamber.

Ag seems to enjoy creating p*ssing contest and trying to make people think they are worth their salt when truth is, their office needs to be shut down and their license revoked.

I cannot wait until Gary Black gets in office - I hope he fires the whole bunch in there and starts over. That bunch in there now needs to go.

Duluth, GA

#13 Jul 18, 2009
When is Irvin's last day in office? The animal advocates in Georgia need to find out and throw one hell of a celebration party - for the animals in this state.

An end to the reign of incompetence and dereliction of duties.

Duluth, GA

#14 Jul 18, 2009
this state is still using those things???!??

Union City, GA

#15 Jul 20, 2009
Georgia and Nc are bad news for dogs and cats - both southern states - backwoods and hillbillies.

Union City, GA

#16 Aug 20, 2009
hey yall still gassing them poor dogs down there??

Alpharetta, GA

#17 Sep 3, 2009
I have spent much time in Cobb County animal control in the past. I can tell you this. Animals are dying with no real reason. They randomly pick and choose animals to kill and gas them 2-3 times a week. There can be 15 open runs, more then enough food, more then enough workers; the main man in charge does not take every resort possible before euthanizing and thinks rescues are a total joke. Dogs are usually single in their runs, where they can easily house 3-4 if they wanted. Dogs will be paired together if they come in together. Dogs that come in injured stay that way until they die or magically get adopted. A ton of underhanded things are going on. If Cobb was ran correctly this could be a very good shelter and a big change in animal welfare in our community. Unfortunately you have a bunch of red neck hillbillies that do not give 2 craps about animals, but I am sure they go to church on Sunday and feel like have been a real contribute to society and that they are living their lives according to the book. LAUGH.

Gainesville, GA

#18 Sep 12, 2009
Cobb Co is in violation - according to the court docs -

The department of animal protection COULD ban chambers statewide....... but won't. They hate to be told what they can and can't do.

Maybe Tommy Irvin and the gasser can be cell mates.


Norcross, GA

#19 Jun 15, 2010
Dec 31, 2010 is the day that ALL gas chambers in Georgia are BANNED.

Listen up, Cobb Co - AND Ga. Animal Protection Office....... no more covering up and lying.

They need to ensure that the Cobb Co gas box is dismantled and hauled out of there - if not, Capt' Patellis will continue to use it.

Gainesville, GA

#20 Mar 22, 2011
As of March 2010, Cobb County admits they are still using their gas chamber. They claim "only" to gas wildlife.

I think it's time to drag them back to court - and the Ga. Ag. Animal Protection department as well.

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