No One Smiling at Kool Smiles

No One Smiling at Kool Smiles

There are 213 comments on the WXIA Atlanta story from Nov 5, 2007, titled No One Smiling at Kool Smiles. In it, WXIA Atlanta reports that:

Tens of thousands of Georgia children may soon lose their dentists. A major provider of dental services in Georgia, Kool Smiles, with ten dentist's offices across the state, is suddenly losing two, big ...

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Garden City, MI

#166 May 14, 2012
nana wrote:
kool smile is a bunch of shit...they don't know how to treat anybody with respect!!!!
you got right
kool parent

United States

#167 May 15, 2012
You people are all off your rockers! I've been going to kool smiles for years and so have my children and other friends and family members. I have never once heard a complaint. Sounds like a lot of you posting on here have no idea how dentistry works. You don't even know how to spell DENTISTS, its not DENNIS. And what kind of delusional stories are you telling about locking kids up in rooms and doing their hair? Were you high when you wrote that? Kool smiles is one of the biggest providers in the country who accept medicaid. So you all should stop complaining and appreciate that your kids have FREE dental care.

Snellville, GA

#168 Jun 3, 2012
no its bot free. if you don't have insurance you will have to pay something out of pocket even at the health dept.
Quit Whining wrote:
Yall better just be glad you have a dentist you can go to that will take your insurance. Cavities and toothaches are not to be taken lightly. A word of advise, if its hurting, you waited too long. I work in a dentist's office and the cases we see where major work has to be done is on the kids whose PARENTS dont take them to the dentist every 6 months like you're supposed to.. I mean, come on, its free!!!
kool smile parent

Alexandria, VA

#169 Jun 6, 2012
Brenda wrote:
Why would you let someone do root canals on a child that is going to loose their baby teeth when they grow older? Why would you leave your child in there by himself? My kids are 10 and 11 and I still stay with them when they are having their teeth checked. I don't mean to put the blame on just you but I fault both you as a parent and the dentist. PLEASE, have this place investigated so that this will not happen to another child. I hope that you kept the pictures and the invoice to show what they done to your son.
i dont have a problem withkool smiles. if you pay attn to these post it looks likes the same person is posting crap...some of you are so naive!!!!

Fairmount, GA

#170 Jun 6, 2012
My neighbor complained that her child got multiple unnecessary crowns from a slightly intoxicated dentist at a Kool Smiles before they moved. I don't know which location that one was, she sued and got a huge settlement agreement plus Kool Smiles had to pay for crown removal from another dentistry firm. Seems like sweet revenge!

Wichita Falls, TX

#171 Jun 8, 2012
I HATE kool Smiles!!!!!!!! I got a FALSE bill in the mail today for work that happened 365 days ago! I called their "billing" line & spent 45 minutes trying to navigate the stupidity getting nothing, but answering machines a repeating "Operator" an e-mail address & A very RUDE woman who only spoke Spanish... I'm sorry that my Spanish sucks, my native language is English. After that called my local cruel smiles & they said there's nothing we can do I'll transfer you to billing & you just press 4... got an English speaking human this time. They apparently submitted the claim wrong and expected me to resolve it myself or pay. So I called my insurance (who never received the claim) & they said it's too late to submit they won't pay & I should not either! My insurance is sending them proof of coverage to prove my case! I'm so glad there's a new pediatric dentist in our town. They did unnecessary work on my kids teeth for money they will never get, but the part that hurts me the most is my children's teeth will never be the same again. I HATE you cruel smiles & the lies you post on your web site! I will not allow my children or myself to be abused again by your pork chasing!

Atlanta, GA

#172 Jun 10, 2012
kool smiles is cruel. I took my 4 yr old daughtrer there for a cavity. They strapped her down covered her eyes with a towel and pulled out her teeth. Apparently they didn't numbed her good enough because she kept hollering in pain that they numbed her three times. It wuz so horrible that I cried. They capped one of her teeth and the cap fell out a week later. She wuz due to go back in a month but she was so horrified that I can't take her to any dentist
Ignorance is no excuse

United States

#173 Jun 16, 2012
First of all Kool Smiles is NOT out to hurt any child!! The papoose is to protect the child..let me break it down for you...a child wont lie still an instrument moving at thousand rpm child moves and gets cut from instrument...pretty simple there dont ya think?? And to all the "parents" who think by leaving in the baby teeth with huge cavities because "they will fall out eventually" need to realize that children need their teeth to eat properly and not to mention they actually play a role in the adult teeth coming in. These children are being left at risk of abcess and pain!! But instead of taking care of this issue I hear a bunch of people whining of how badly their children are treated. I want to whine a little of how sorry some parents are with 4 and 5 year olds with teeth completley busted from LACK OF HYGIENE!! SORRY PARENTS WHO CANT TAKE THE TIME TO BRUSH THEIR KIDS TEETH BUT U COMPLAIN OF US NEGLECTING YOUR CHILDREN!!! KOOL SMILES LOVES CHILDREN AND GIVING THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE THE DENTAL CARE THEY NEED WITH COMPASSION IS SOMETHING IM DANG PROUD TO SAY I HAVE A PART IN!!!
Smiling Now

Madison, MS

#174 Jun 18, 2012
Kool Smiles did a fantastic job with my children and I am thankful to have them on my side. My kids are neglectful with their brushing and the dentists were compassionate and kind throughout every stage of our visits. Thank you Dr Bryan!!

Belton, TX

#175 Jun 20, 2012
<quoted text>
I took my 2 and a half year old son to kool smiles in columbus georgia and they said he needed all this work and wanted to do it that day. They did 5 root canals and 5 caps on his teeth. They said he was good and fell asleep during the work. Well I heard my son screaming running up the hall toward me and dropped his car ( which he never lets go) and grabbed my neck so tight he almost choked me. I asked how long he had been screaming and she said just since he woke up. That was really all she said. Well on his right arm he had this big welt mark and it looked like a big rubber band mark on his arm that finally disappeared 3 days later. Dhr couldn't do anything about that. What can I do? I have pictures of and the blood on the side of his face. Help me STOP CRUEL SMILES!
Seriously Kool Smiles is not a bad establishment and the board you guys keep talking about is to protect the patient from falling out during a procedure and a root canal is highly unlikely on a baby tooth so they must have done a pulpotomy which is like a root canal but is not. Most kids in fact all for the most part cry kick and scream when there in the dentsal office but the truth is if you dont want to see your child go through that then brush his teeth its not his or her fault that they have cavities its actualy the parents fault for not taking care of them properly.
Me me

Haslet, TX

#176 Jun 20, 2012
My little sis is supposed to go there tomorrow, I already told my dad and he said he will cancel. Thanks topix politic app.

Houston, TX

#177 Jun 20, 2012
I took my kids to Kool Smiles ONCE!

When you fill out the endless paperwork, there is a sheet that agrees to restraint dentistry including a papoose board. I wrote in CAPITAL letters, I refuse to have my child restrained. It also asks that parents not go back. Well I didn't agree with that either. I told them...this is our first time here...I am going back.

First of all it was just a cleaning and xrays...who needs restrained for that? Okay my son had just turned 3 so this honestly was his first visit. I am paying cash and they had reasonable prices if you had no insurance. Well...the staff was rude because I was solo pushy about the restraints and going back. The assistant or whatever cleaned my daughters teeth while the whole time she is gripping my arm like they are killing her. She is 11 and had this done many times. I finally see a tear roll down her cheek, I was like wait a second....what is wrong? She said she is hurting me really bad....alll I can taste is blood. The asst said....oh she is just being a baby its not that bad. I am finished anyways the doctor will be in. Okay great....this doctor walks in .....doesn't even speak and starts checking her teeth. All of a sudden my daughter screams out. I was like what the help now? The dentist looks at me and says this is why we usepapoose boards. She cant act like that. I said what are you doing besides looking at her teeth? Well she has a small piece of root from a baby tooth under her gums and I am gonna pull it out! I said doesn't that need some numbing stuff on the gum abreast? He said well since I went to school for this I know what I am doing. You chose not to use the board. I said stop, we are done here. He said, it is halfway out now, if you leave it like that you risk damage to her other teeth and infection. My daughter said...just get it out. He did.

He then had to look at my son. He said well he has a small cavity, since he can't be tied assistant will sit and hold his arms and another will hold his head and I can fix it in 10 minutes. thank you.

He said well it needs fixed I won't even go e hom the shot just fix it real quick.

No thank you...we are done here.

So we walk out, the girls has appt cards ready, no thanks please tell me the final bill. It was 300$ more than expected. It was 150 to take out the baby root. I said I didn't agree to that nor was I even informed you were gonna do it! I will pay for the cleanings and x rays. I am not paying anymore than that. She said we can take off a couple things but not the root removal.

Whatever I am not paying for work I knew nothing about. The lady..we can set up a payment arrangement for you. No I am not paying it ever! Can I please have the corporate office number? Oh they can't give it out. I wrote a check for the cleanings and x rays dropped it on the desk and left.

They called repeatedly for aissed the point that it was more than 5 times a day for over 2 weeks. Finally they called my husband's phone....bad idea.

Haven't heard from them since!

Macon, GA

#178 Jun 21, 2012
I agree. My son is treated well at his KS office and I am allowed to go back with him..even at age 15yo as he has some autism and just prefers Mom to be there. Matter of fact the dentist there remembered my son and saw me TODAY free of charge for a dental emergency. She was kind as was the staff. She empathetically listened to my budget concerns w/o Dental Insurance now..and we are working on gettingthis solved ASAP.
Never have I called my dentist office to get a same day appt..and genuine concern about my financail status.
Wish I could take my daughter there....but they do not take PeachCare. She is stuck at Small Smiles, they are OK...but I prefer the local KS office.
Big Bry

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#179 Jul 17, 2012
I took my two daughters to Kool Smiles in Columbus GA. It was overly crowded a too loud. I work very hard for a living and am fortunate enough to have a great dental plan provided by my employer. I suppose the reason I took my kids there was because it seemed kid friendly. I was fairly pleased with the experience, but very sadened to see the neglected underprivelged kids there. I suppose the bulk of Kool Smiles clients are on the Free Peach Care. I am fairly supportive of this program. However, when I saw a younge woman at the age of 30 or less with 6 kids and no husband, I shook my head in disbelief. Is this what America has become?
Tanya bryant

Panama City, FL

#180 Jul 21, 2012
I took my son to kool smiles in columbus ga and they told me her needed too have 10 caps. I told them I was not going to allow them to do that to my baby. I took him too the health dept for a second opinion and they said he needed 2 teeth pulled. he was then refered to lagrange ga too be sudated too have them teeth pulled. My baby is well thank God he got those two teeth pulled however the state needs to do something about kool smiles and our children. This is truely cruetly to our babies.

United States

#181 Aug 27, 2012
I took my girls to Kool Smiles for their six months exam and ended up with two separate bills, one for 561 & 161. Instead of coming to me the parent whom the insurance is under they asked my girls if they wanted sealants. Clearly ur not to perform anything other than what ur suppose to unless you have permission from the parent. My insurance said they dont cover the sealants and now Im stuck with two bills that I feel like I shouldnt be responsible for.

United States

#182 Aug 27, 2012
Kool Smiles in District Heights MD should provide better service and communicate more than what they do because taking measures in ur own hands is not look good on your part.

Stafford, VA

#183 Sep 5, 2012
I took my kids in Maryland office and was told the have all theses cavities so the same week I took them to a private office and guess what? Not one cavities! They are frauds

Fort Benning, GA

#184 Sep 7, 2012
I'm seeking legal advice!!!! My 7 year old had tooth pulled feeling every movement. Do not take your children here.
Shantelle Moore

United States

#185 Sep 20, 2012
Kool Smiles was the 1st Dentist I took my daughter to. She had to have dental work done in her mouth. I had to work so her dad took her he said they didnt give her any pain medicine and my daughter cried for 2 hours straight. He said the person completing the procedure told hi
She was ok while they put caps in her mouth. I filed a complaint my daughter set up fever after that. I removed her and she is going to Williams Family Denistry and she for well when procedures are completed.

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