No One Smiling at Kool Smiles

No One Smiling at Kool Smiles

There are 213 comments on the WXIA Atlanta story from Nov 5, 2007, titled No One Smiling at Kool Smiles. In it, WXIA Atlanta reports that:

Tens of thousands of Georgia children may soon lose their dentists. A major provider of dental services in Georgia, Kool Smiles, with ten dentist's offices across the state, is suddenly losing two, big ...

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And the point is

Fitzgerald, GA

#22 Mar 6, 2009
Now all the kids will fit in with the toothless adults. Think positive. Now they will be able to spit farther.

Portland, OR

#23 Mar 10, 2009
I think it is wrong that people are generalizing all offices the same. While I am not discounting your childrens experiences, that is not the case in all 70+ offices. It is extreamly unfortunite that some children have to go through a bad experience. But parents need to form there own opinion of an office/ dr. before calling them a horrible office.
Upset Mom

Boston, MA

#24 Mar 12, 2009
I took my daughter to a Cool Smiles about two years ago and the experience traumatized her so much that just hearing the word dentist makes her almost start to cry.... If I had known all of this before I would have never stepped foot in that office...
Upset Mom

Boston, MA

#25 Mar 12, 2009
forget to add that now my daughter is so afraid of the dentist that her teeth are starting to suffer as she will literally fight with all her might to not go into the dentist chair, and starts to cry hysterically....
Jamie Milligan

Mattoon, IL

#26 Mar 19, 2009
Just because the services are free at KS does not mean that the children should be treated any less like people. You people who are telling us parents to pretty much shut our mouths must not have children. Also, people wonder why parents don't go in the room with the child. Well I know from experience that they will not let you go back there and they even post it in their office. KS was unfortunately my sons first dental experience and now he will be scarred forever when visiting the dentist. At least now I know whats right! They should never use a papoose board unless it is an emergency (they used it on my 3 year old son and he was so scared that he broke out of it 3 different times. they actually told me this). He had marks on his arms from the board as well. KS is free but I would rather my son live with the cavities!
Clean up your own mess

Greenville, SC

#28 Sep 5, 2009
Please parents learn to brush you childrens teeth. 2 times a day and for 2 minutes (floss once a day). No sippy cups or bottles after age 1. Do not allow a child to drink all day from a sippy cup. Help your child brush their teeth until age 10. Become educated on dental health and ask to go back if you want, Kool smiles will not tell you no.

Ierápetra, Greece

#29 Sep 9, 2009
KS sucks

Edinburg, TX

#30 Oct 3, 2009
In 2008 i took my son to "Cruel" Smiles. I cant belive ther are other victoms out there. I thought it was just my poor boy. My son walked out all red with marks all over his face. When I looked in his mouth I noticed he had a cut underneath his toungh and it was bleeding. I asked to speak to the dentist and they told me the dentist was not allowed to speak to parents. I couldnt belive it!! I called my husband and he rushed over. After making a big deal, we finally spoke to that fraud. He totally denied the hole thing and had the nerve to say that my son was not a good patient. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. We need to get the word out and let people know about this and soon.

New Bedford, MA

#31 Oct 3, 2009
kool smiles is a very bad place..they tryed to put caps on my youngest daughter and i knew something wasn't right with that,i switched dentists right away and now cuz of there stupidty her sealants fell out only after a month..they didn't even put them in right,damn morons...stay away from this garbage dump

Daphne, AL

#32 Oct 22, 2009
This place is still operating in Columbus, GA I was about to call and make appointments for my children. I am glad I found these postings. But I shocked they are still in business.
former employee

San Angelo, TX

#33 Oct 31, 2009
Quit Whining wrote:
Yall better just be glad you have a dentist you can go to that will take your insurance. Cavities and toothaches are not to be taken lightly. A word of advise, if its hurting, you waited too long. I work in a dentist's office and the cases we see where major work has to be done is on the kids whose PARENTS dont take them to the dentist every 6 months like you're supposed to.. I mean, come on, its free!!!
let me guess? you work for them and don't care about the kids at all only your paycheck, i know kool smiles pays more than the average clinic especially if your inexperienced, and don't know much about the dental field which is why you couldn't find a better practice to hire you for more than minimum wage.
you quit wining!!! i'm 11 years exp went back to private practice

Columbus, GA

#34 Dec 7, 2009
I am so thankful I came across this page. I was just booking my 20 month old son an appointment there and I came across this!!!! I AM SO THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!

Clarkston, GA

#35 Jan 24, 2010
Shawn wrote:
kool smiles is a very bad place..they tryed to put caps on my youngest daughter and i knew something wasn't right with that,i switched dentists right away and now cuz of there stupidty her sealants fell out only after a month..they didn't even put them in right,damn morons...stay away from this garbage dump
sealants fell out??? u mean fillings??? you dont even know what u talking about lol LEARN HOW TO BRUSH YOUR DAUGHTERS TEETH.

Clarkston, GA

#36 Jan 24, 2010
If you are not going to be responsible and brush your childrens teeth u better stop having kids like ANIMALS.....
they have alot of dental work because THEY DONT BRUSH AND FLOSS EVERYDAY thats why...ITS YOUR FAULT NOT THE DENTIST....

Round Rock, TX

#37 Jan 25, 2010
That's the whole problem. Parents don't take care of their kids teeth and they blame the dentists for trying to fix the problems. You have parents that would rather give their kids a bottle of Pepsi to keep them quiet rather than discipline them, so then the dentists have to figure out how to treat a spoiled-rotten 100-pound 6 year old. These dentists treat high risk kids, and it's only the money-hungry, sue-happy ignorant parents that feel entitled to everything that are causing problems.

United States

#38 Jan 31, 2010
I have been setting here reading this forum and I really can't believe what some of these parents are actually saying has happened! I am currently employed with kool smiles in amarillo and we have never had anything like this happen! Most of the reason kids get held down on a papoose board is because either the parent doesn't want there kid put to sleep at the hospital (which we will readily refer them to with no problem) or they agree to have the work done and the dentist starts and then the child starts acting up! If a dentist opens a tooth they half to fill it or it could cause an infection. Our dentist will not do any other teeth just that one, and then refer him to another dentist to be put to sleep. But you also half to think about why the kids are there anyways most of the time we get patients that are no more than 2 years old and already have to have either crowns put on there front teeth or pulled out! Thats because there parents let them sleep with a bottle. Please don't do that it is so sad to see this on any child. Our office is most of the time packed and sometimes we do get frustrated but who doesnt that works with kids all day! But none of us have ever hurt a child!! I know that all of you have had bad experiences at other offices but don't pull down all of them just for that one!!! Sorry if i have upset anyone that was not my intention!!!

Fort Wayne, IN

#39 Jan 31, 2010
kool smile is a bunch of shit...they don't know how to treat anybody with respect!!!!

Boca Raton, FL

#40 Mar 23, 2010
MA Mommy

Brockton, MA

#41 Apr 6, 2010
I took my son to Kool Smiles in Brockton, MA because we just moved into the area and he needed his 6 month check up. I thought he might have one cavity, but they said he had all of these other cavities filled and a root canal. To top it all off they wanted to do the root canal without the Nitrous Oxide, sedation, anything. They even told me they got their Nitrous Oxide taken away by the state because they didn't have the proper equipment!!! So I proceeded to ask for a referral to a dentist who could do it. Well the dentist automatically got an attitude and wouldn't do any x-rays or anything to prove what he said needed to be done. So they referred me to another dentist and the person they referred me to ONLY accepted Medicaid (fishy, I think so)!!!! Seriously, I don't have Medicaid, I have Delta Dental, what dentist only accepts Medicaid. Not to mention the office I called that they referred me to had a dog barking in the background right next to the lady, and she said she would have to go over the information with the dentist and see if my son would be eligible for the procedure??? What information, she didn't have any information, I only told her I was referred there by Kool Smiles. So I took him to another private office in my area, he has 1 cavity that was filled, he did not need a crown, and could you imagine if I had put him through all that and it hadn't needed to be done!!! I looked on and look at their ratings the office I took him too has a C-, not good! Not to mention the complaints are for sales practices! Every office may be different but I would avoid the Brockton, MA office like the plague!!!!

Raleigh, NC

#42 Apr 22, 2010
I am going to have a Interview in a few Days at KoolSmiles in GA and i am shocked how they treet the Kids over there. Well if they hire me i try to make a change at least at that Practice where I am, since its so hard for me to get a job as a Dental Assistant because I am from Germany, but maybe i can give them an Advice how they should work with Kids so they really like to come back to get a Check Up.

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