Right to work law should be eliminate...

Right to work law should be eliminated -- South Florida Sun-Sen...

There are 36 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Sep 10, 2007, titled Right to work law should be eliminated -- South Florida Sun-Sen.... In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

By Gene Mechanic Gov. Charlie Crist expressed his view in a recent "Ask the Governor" column that Florida's so-called "Right to Work" law should not be abolished.

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The Real One

Hollywood, FL

#1 Sep 11, 2007
Right on! Then teachers will finally be able to strike and demand meaningful salary increases. The Repubs however will never let this happen.
Lucifer Peccato

Boca Raton, FL

#2 Sep 11, 2007
Mr. Mechanic,

You are right on the money!! Although you neglected to mention the "Right to Work" counterpart, "At Will." The two of these together basically take away all rights from the working class in this state. Theoretically, in this state, an employer could wake up one morning and tell you that your fired without a reason or explanation or any sort of recourse on your part. I've been arguing this point for a long time, thanks for putting it in writing!


Boca Raton, FL

#3 Sep 11, 2007
Lucifer Peccato wrote:
Mr. Mechanic,
You are right on the money!! Although you neglected to mention the "Right to Work" counterpart, "At Will." The two of these together basically take away all rights from the working class in this state. Theoretically, in this state, an employer could wake up one morning and tell you that your fired without a reason or explanation or any sort of recourse on your part. I've been arguing this point for a long time, thanks for putting it in writing!

O Steen, FL

#4 Sep 11, 2007
So, Boss, you do, as much as you deny it, have a responsibility to your workers. Apparently you don't feel you do.

Well, you get what you pay for. What does this mean (since you're not going to get it unless it's spelled out)?

If you treat your employees shabbily, and pay them poorly, at first opportunity, they will quit, hopefully with no notice, to take better paying jobs.

Unions tend to prevent this type of thing, but again, you don't get it.

And yet you still sit there scratching your head (and God only knows what else) wondering what the problem is......

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#5 Sep 12, 2007
I sit there and count my money, sonny. It's you that's scratching something, not me. Scratching out a meager living while I over work and under pay you. Don't like it, move on, sucker. By the way, Juan and Pepe will do your job for 1/2!
America first

Hollywood, FL

#6 Sep 14, 2007
Opening the door for illegals, great.
Its the only thing that is not mentioned, but its imply.
Doug Zook

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#7 Sep 15, 2007
Mr. Mechanic is absolutely right. Unionism is a ticket to middle class prosperity for one and ones children.

Right to Work is code for screw the worker.
dave m

Miami, FL

#8 Sep 18, 2007
Unions are a thing of the past.At one time unions were needed,but now laws have been passed to protect the workers.Unions today are mob infested seedy.They are great if you are a lazy worker who wants top dollar and never get fired.

Miami, FL

#9 Sep 19, 2007
The contitution calls for every citizen to have the right to life. One has to work to get money to live. Now, if one can't find work or put out of work or kept from working, then government should provide the means to buy whatever it takes to nourish the body, mind and soul so one can live. The constitution says that every citizen has the right to life, happiness and prosperity.

Beverly Hills, FL

#10 Jul 27, 2008
So scary the thoughts on here...
The reference to the Constitution is incorrect. It is the Declaration of Independence I think you meant to refer to. And it refers to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Note, not a guarantee of happiness, and nothing about prosperity.
Lucifer - an employer can fire you for no reason. And you can quit for whatever reason you like. So as long as it is in the absolute best interest of the employer to employ you; and it is in your absolute best interest to work there; you have a job. The moment it is not in both of your absolute best interests, you won't. Sounds like a free enterprise based society to me. I like that.
Let free markets work people! It's only when government/unions get involved that things get severely out of line.

Houston, TX

#11 Aug 12, 2008
What about the local firefighter who continually goes considerably beyond the call of duty and puts tremndous effort into the city department he works for? I spent thousands of dollars on school got a low paying job because I wanted to be a firefighter and not a millionaire. In a single decision by a chief with no regard for following the city's own policy on termination, fires me for "poor performance." And yet, not ONE single disciplinary action and all performance reviews on record are exemplary. How does such an employer get away with this. Florida's wonderful right to work and at will laws. The firing was so obvious & blatantly political that anyone could see it. I was the ONLY firefighter at that department who completed ALL of the required training set forth by the chief in less than the time given. Poor performance? I dont think so and neither did anyone else. UNIONS protect people like me from arbitrary actions like that. Now 2 years later I am still struggling to get back into a fire department but none will hire - why? Because if you have EVER been fired from a fire department for any reason you can pretty much gaurantee no future anywhere else. GO UNIONS!!!!

United States

#12 Sep 4, 2008
Right to work laws, are supposed to protect you from having to join a union. Here in Florida, right to work, or work at will they are one in the same in this state, really means employers get to treat their workers like crap, with no accountability what so ever. I heard there is legislation, trying to be passed to end this. I would like to know, how to take on the fight, because I am ready. I am tired, of my husband and myself, being treated like crap from Employers who only care about their bottom dollar. And please dont someone tell me, well you could just quit, they are all the same, with no difference. You cant even have a steady, trust worthy job, in this state. No pension growth, no health insurance stability, if you go to job to job looking for the magical employer, you might just as well give it up, it doesnt exist. If anyone knows how I can get involved, please email me at [email protected] with the information. Years and years of abuse, in the state of Florida, needs to end. I like Charlie Crist, but I absolutely think he needs to get his head out of the clouds with this issue.

Palm Coast, FL

#13 Sep 4, 2008
America first wrote:
Opening the door for illegals, great.
Its the only thing that is not mentioned, but its imply.
Sorry, but if you were born in the USA, have nothing more than a high school GED, and your family has been in America for generations, you deserve to lose your job to an illegal immigrant. In fact, you should be deported.

Palm Coast, FL

#14 Sep 4, 2008
Doug Zook wrote:
Mr. Mechanic is absolutely right. Unionism is a ticket to middle class prosperity for one and ones children.
Right to Work is code for **** the worker.
It's 2008, not 1908. We don't live in an era of child labor and 80 hour work weeks.

Today, unions are an unproductive and overpriced workforce with ties to the MAFIA.
Mr Trucker

Miami, FL

#15 Oct 6, 2008
Hello Iam Mr. Truckers and work Driving Truck or Tractor Trailer in to manys deliverys company in Miami Florida, from 1989 to now ,Iam tire to suffer the must injustice threat in work place here in Miami,is time the Floridian employes weak up .
Firt all i haved worked in to many place not right free spech, you can express how you fell in the job ,becouse you can fire the nex day,work place yuo work for the mininmun salary ,not insurance ,not work compesation,not retirement plan, work place where the managers if you talk about Union Organization you get Fire in the moment ,a lot of age discrimitations and National origen ,for example if you A Black People you have not problem to claim for discrimination but if you are spanish like me is not easy to proof that echo ,I Have case for that reason in the last company where I work before and let me tell you ,after 6 years and half good employe ,not mistake good actitud with the customer,not accidents ,like perfect the new manager coming and tell me one day the economy is slow I has to let you go,simple like that ,what about the seƱority all me years ,Is not Florida Law or Laboral Court can control this unfear descrimination again to this Companys, why don't cut me hours litter be ,but let the employer and families loose they job, loose the home and insurace.
In miami we have to many Ilegal ,I say Ilegal because listed this, I looking job for driving truck and founded this Private agency Slavering people the offer service to tranportation to many company ,the charge to the service 19.00 or 20.00 for hours and they pay you 10.00 or 12.00 in the bests case,so the offer me the job and ask what about if I have accident ,do you pay me work competation ,they say not,wow,I say you receving for the companys 20.00 be hour and you going to pay me only 12.00,that what I talking about slavering ,the State of Florida and Federal Gorverment need to stop this ,because all this Ilegal Agencys put every day is risk all the families members here,I have to many friends truck drivers loose the job for have a accident referent to the job deliverys work ,the company have police after three months if they not ok you get fire.
All this Corporations they Main office is Out side of Florida ,the don't pay the same taxes ,so we loose money in State taxes right.
Iam have lay off a couple time ,the compnys don't give me the opportunity to stay and protected me salary,because when we doing to apply to umnemployment the to much delay they dont pay you right a way ,some time I has to wait a Noth to take a 250.00 every 15 day verificable,do you think 250.00 is a good money to sostein a family ,is imposible people .
This me Story thank for readinged ,but the legislation in Florida Estate need to Change ,thank

Hebbronville, TX

#16 Oct 6, 2008
The right to work law is the right to work for less. The South has been brainwashed with this corporate garbage since its Republican 1947 Taft Hartley Act introduction was imposed on the working people. It allowed the tyarants of industry to rape and pillage the workers. They proceeded to get rid of the history and benefits of unions and benefits of having an educated middle class society. They seem to have won in the South. Those coming out of public schools seem to have know knowledge of union history and how it brought the rise of the middle class during the industrial revolution. The right to work, is the right for employers to work the worker as a slave if he wishes. Rise workers of America and thriogh of this yoke of slavery.

Belle Glade, FL

#17 Nov 16, 2008
"right to work" = low pay, zero benefits, no worker protection, dead end jobs. Florida is a big anti-labor state. If your serious about supporting a family then you need to vote with your feet and go to a state that appreciates labor.

Hollywood, FL

#18 Jan 21, 2009
"right to work state" is a deceptive name on a policy that has an inverse idea. What it means is, you have the right not to join a union and government workers can't strike by law . punishable as a crime. I think they called it "The Right To Work" so stupid people would vote for it. Florida has to become more human friendly, so it can attract better people from other states instead of all the crap.

Hollywood, FL

#19 Jan 21, 2009
PS go to http://www.nrtw.org/c/flrtwlaw.htm to see the law for your self.
Vincent Valverde

Miami, FL

#20 Feb 13, 2009
I feel my rights have been violated in a country who's constitution states that, "all men are created equal"... a country whose Pledge of Allegiance claims that we are a nation "... with Liberty and Justice for ALL." Do not take me wrong, I love the USA, and am a proud citizen; however, I understand that those words are mere axioms; they remain to be demonstrated.

How is it possible that teachers in other parts of our nation have the prerogative to go on strike, while in Florida, since we are a "Right-to-Work State", we are denied the same right? Is that anyone's idea of a democracy? If we are indeed created equal; then, everyone in the nation should have the same rights. This is not true for Florida teachers. I know that if we were a non Right-to-Work State, the money to balance the budget and give educators the raises they deserve, would appear in a blink of an eye.

Officials in the State of Florida do not fear us, because we have no voice. The Right-to-Work State sounds to me like a law dictated under a communist regime. There is no difference between Article 6 of the Florida Constitution and any of the laws under Castro's regime, which prohibits workers in that country the right to protest or go on strike. Is this the DEMOCRACY we feel so proud of??

I wonder, who will hear our voices. Who among our politicians will help us abolish the "Right-To-Work State". I tell you, they could either help us abolish it or help us change its name to "Right-To-Be-Exploited " state.
What can we do to amend the constitution??

Thank you for your patience. Yesterday's development at the Miami-Dade School Board Meeting was the last straw.

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