lottery is fixed and they are robbing...

Madison, WI

#517 Feb 4, 2014
EyetoEye wrote:
I really fell out with the Wisconsin Lottery after they gave some fake reason as to why they were no longer showing LIVE lottery drawings on tv the cost was too high, they said. I now here it's with a computer "A COMPUTER"! what better way to get our money. I feel that the drawings should ALWAYS be LIVE. Someone online should get a petition together and all of us should sign online to have our states show "ALL" lottery drawings live and stop using computers that are easily manipulated, I'll sign up for sure.
I'm with u %100

Madison, WI

#518 Feb 4, 2014
I'm with u 100% on that

Bronx, NY

#519 Feb 10, 2014
I have played 1111 from the New York Lottery for a year. It came out twice before i started to play it within three years. now that im playing it the so called number comes out every 4 years our so. how does that make any sense i think the more people play its obvious they just let the money roll in and let you send and spend and spend until you give up.
The American Prayer

Harrison, OH

#520 Feb 13, 2014
God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob... Jesus Christ the Son of God... and the Holy Ghost...

Hear our cry and avenge of us the lottery organizations who have deceived the whole world and despitefully use us and our money with no intention of good will toward us, the people. We the citizens of the United States play the lottery out of desperation and desire to be prosperous because the wicked powers that be refrain us from obtaining good jobs, doctorate degrees, and an overall sense of peace and love toward all mankind.

Heavenly Father hear the cry of us righteous Americans! You saved Israel from the hands of the Egyptians, Babylonians, and Persians... Save us from the corrupt Lottery, Casinos, and Government! Punish those diabolical followers of Satan with the same evil they inflict on all Americans Lord!

We the citizens of United States of America are sick of the corruption plaguing the powers of our nation and the powers of the world. Forgive us of our iniquity Lord and vanquish all evil in this world. Send your son Jesus Christ to reign over us so the Earth may at last have peace, love, joy, and prosperity.

We the citizens of the United States of America pray this prayer in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit!... Amen.

London, UK

#521 Feb 18, 2014
you are right only God can punish crooked who plays around lottery system for personal benefit. Government has a honest system. But affect we see is from who runs it. Here it needs a public vote to ban all kind of the damm gamblings and bring prosperity and peace
curtiss brouwn

Dexter, OR

#522 Mar 4, 2014
the oregon megabucks putsout 48,45, south central or. it puts out 14.8in salem, itputs out 10 thru 40 in portland area.. on the day it chooses, it it decides which place of business will sell the wning numbers. almost always in the porland or salem area. only the top 4 people know who that store is and at what time it will be sold. this is organized and planned ahead of time. the computer picks numbers wth least amounts of draws on them.. the computer randumly ( not_ true)) picks winning numbers, then thetop four ceo bosses agree ;; or can change any number or numbers.......

Toms River, NJ

#523 Mar 18, 2014
it just also happens that people play the pick three for months the same number and i will be certain the day or so after you stop playing that number it comes out,many friends told me of this happened to them i went to play the other day and a guy was pissed off bad he told his number came out after being in the hospital for a day having test,he forgot to play,that is sorry shit,,this happens to to many i know they randomly select the number,any thing with a computer involved is surely,manipulated or programmed to be that way.i f---een quit no more for me ,i also dont know any winners,i have played for 40 years can,t be lucky if it is fixed,there is just to many querks from the lottery jerks

Moscow, ID

#524 Mar 19, 2014
Ya i know the lottery is fake. They give people a false sence of hope. All the while telling people someone won.
And it is always back east. Never in the western states. Never heard if anyone that has got the big one. It is fake.

Moscow, ID

#525 Mar 19, 2014
Yes the lottery is a big scam. Sucking innocent hard working people into wasting hard earned money. And we thought organized crime was a thing of the past. This is the largest legal organized money scam to date. In my opinion.
You would be better off driving down the street throwing money out the window. Don't be sucked in. Save your money.
Jack Rabbit

Toronto, Canada

#526 Mar 24, 2014
What a scam - simply file a class action suit against the lottery & the Govt for licensing them, claiming ist prize, since you bought a ticket and would have won had it NOT been rigged - then watch the cookie crumble. Demand that each draw be made with a manual machine, no wires attached and that you are present at each draw hereafter, since your ticket entitles you to that presence.
Lotto Buster

Los Angeles, CA

#527 Apr 15, 2014
karima wrote:
Pa lottery sucks. Not one damn winner here but like all our money, goes straight to another damn state. This is bullshit, then you wonder why you have lots of people jere robbing, and stealing, not that I condone it, but I understand the desperate need of basics. First they cut people off welfare, then fire them from their jobs, then make them beg for unemployment. The hell with philly and the damn lottery. Cheaters, cheaters, cheaters. They even made me pay for a student loan that I never had. Please people, don't ever think of moving here. It's in revelation that Philadelphia is a cursed City. Someone from Cali and oregon won the mega million tonigh, bullshit! What does it have to do with Pa? No one in Pa ever win, but it's the fucken Pa lottery!
Thats what I said when Cali had a big amount and people from 3 other states won and no one from Cali won shit .WTF

Farmington, CT

#528 Apr 19, 2014
I swore the lottery was rigged until I won $100,000.00. Funny thing was that the owner of the store I bought the ticket at had a quintessental "good ol boy" appearance.
johnny g


#529 Apr 22, 2014
What's the odds?? Corrupt MASS.LOTTERY? I say YES!! There was a winner of MASS CASH with 13 tickets for $1.3 million on the drawing day. The winners tickets were brought to the lottery by an attorney who represents the winner. There's 2 problems with this & just about impossiable,(1) The lawyer's office is next door to the lottery, the winning tickets were bought at 7 different stores,the same day by the owner of the tickets. Now, all the tickets were bought close to the lottery at different stores,(2) Who or has anybody ever went to 7 different stores in a day??? I smell a fix!!

London, UK

#530 May 20, 2014
Is rigging still going on? There used to be a slim chance of winning when mechanical balls used in daily games as it may come out unexpected number. But by switching draw method to comptuer all publically played numbers can easily be bypassed. A reason I got from state for switching the method was to reduce the cost of maitenance and operation of machine. However State makes plenty though. True reason is to have full control of winning number where as rigging mechanical ball is painful process and result may not be accurate.

Norwich, CT

#531 May 22, 2014
It's true. Just look at what's happening right now with the 3-digit drawings. Something odd is happening there that hasn't happened ever before in the 16 years they have been "drawing" daily three numbers. Record the live drawings and watch for yourself how some of the balls stay down at the bottom and have no chance at being sucked-up the draw chute. Better yet, call the lottery headquarters and ask them if you can come watch how the drawings are run in person, and see what a delayed run-around they give you as to why they need advance notice to "prepare for visitors". It's all a big scam.
Dr Who

Gorokan, Australia

#532 May 30, 2014
Who are they produsing the balls in the lotto machine and who are they delivering them and how often are they replaced?
Bryant wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm with u %100
Nano weights on consecutive balls. The balls get worn and have to be replaced and how often?
There is a number of ways to rig the results. It only needs max 3 people from data to the manufacturing and the delivery of the balls to manipulate the system.
Dr Who

Gorokan, Australia

#533 May 30, 2014
I think this is the biggest bank robbery in the history!

It is next in size to the "lost" billions of the dollars Gaddafi's trillions of commodities in all the international banks.
Where are they???
No one wanna know because it is to big to even think about.
Same with Lotto.
We just wanna think it is safe (it has to be) and it is NOT!
Dr Ture Sjolander

Gorokan, Australia

#534 May 30, 2014

Vero Beach, FL

#536 Jun 12, 2014
It is rigged. Can't beat a computer. Just create an online petition for all to submit and have live humans to pick the numbers or play a dollar a week like I do and hope to get the last possible combination of numbers the computer can pick."Hey You Never Know".
Fred Legget

Sicamous, Canada

#537 Jun 25, 2014
people should boycott all lotteries is totally rigged fot the governments to make big bucks on them..while telling players that the draw is compleatly at random..if you are going to play you may as well make a money order and send it right to the is nothing but a joke..only one that wins every time is the piece of dirt governments

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