lottery is fixed and they are robbing...

Middleboro, MA

#454 Sep 16, 2012
lost wrote:
yes the lotto is fake ,,,, common sence you should know someone that knows someone that knows someone who hit the millions ,,, the lotto pays out millions every month to a winner and the lotto is older than me and i dont know a millinon winner yet come on now where is all the rich people who won i think every once in a blue moon someone a real person might win to make it look good......i have met all or seen all these lotto winners yet that won the millions ,,, their should be millions of rich poeple out thier from the powerball and mega ,,,,
look at the daily number drawn last night for mass lottery are you kidding me........mid day was 4747 and the evening 5757.......really

Middleboro, MA

#455 Sep 16, 2012
look at the daily number in mass..... this is truly a fixed game....4747 mid day5757 evening. really
kathleen mcgilvery

Danvers, MA

#456 Oct 1, 2012
i also believe lottery inmass. is fixed. no question. i dont think its fair. all my money gone due to lottery ...thanks lottery.........for nothin.
Mike D

United States

#457 Oct 3, 2012
why the draws are not carried in public mall so that everyone can see? Simple answer - it will be difficult to craft the numbers

Poor are victim of scandle.. but one day the truth will come out and everyone will know


#458 Oct 3, 2012
I said it before. Since the advent of computer software programming the chances of winning Lotto has been spectacularly close to zilch, nada, nothing. The program picks numbers NOT pick by the general public. Which is why a winner can only be produced when the jackpot has gone in the hundreds of millions, because then all numbers are basically covered, and SOMEONE then ... wins.

Since: Feb 08

Kagoshima, Japan

#459 Oct 12, 2012
Fraud Even in Clay Pigeon Shooting

But the fraud explains the characteristic of the Japanese conspiracy very well.

El Segundo, CA

#460 Oct 12, 2012
State Lottery should banned. You don't need proof. just see the outcome of all of results. why most draw has a single winner? All of played numbers are scanned and mostly post the unmatched number and pool goes up. When all of combination is then single winner is selected. We are scratching our heads that lottery is worse odd in the planet. It is difficult to win because draws are corrupted. The whole process of drawing for pick 3, 4 and 5 numbers went to use computer.. so it has full control over drawing not like ball drawing. Why the draws are not done in public place with right method of drawing? poor people are hurt most thinking of winning.. it has zero chance for real winner
pastyboobies wrote:
"Yes! Give me a break about the winners being only 140 miles apart. Did they think that just because it was won in 2 different states that people wouldn't notice? The Mega Ball is a one in a Billion chance. What a load of crap."
yeah your absolutely right, it is full of crap. probably that other winner in idaho was a lottery spokesman or worked for the government. they just set itup like that so that guy in washington couldnt take all the money. and the odds of winning are 1 in a billion like you sayed. funny how 2 people hit it at once.
the damn government is screwing everybody. stealing our money from lottery, spreading disease to our public resturaunts trying to kill us off. and making us build our houses in hurricane/tornado/ epidemic areas just to tear it apart.

Fort Walton Beach, FL

#461 Dec 1, 2012
james new york wrote:
The lottery is fixed,there computer goes through the numbers,and picks unselective numbers,or numbers less played,its all about making money,but the feds are on them.
No. the F.B.I. was told to never interfere in any way with the lottery. Where do you think all this money is going? to schools? No. its goes to Israel. who do you think started this shit. the jews

Coppell, TX

#462 Dec 9, 2012
games are possibly legit first yr of being new to attract the addicts like discounted crack then next calender yr they stack the deck with their super computor preselected numbers.example, here in arkansas the multi state game "decades of dollars" was unvieled and i was winning almost every time i played winning at least my money back and 100. twice in a month. then magically january of the next yr. the well ran dry. i can play till im blue in the face and most i can win is 2 just get a gut feeling somethings different and lady luck has nothing to do with it. you actually had better odds back in the rat pack days of the mafia when they were running numbers games than the crappy hand shake our state lottos are giving us.the government cant even be trusted to deal a fair game...says a lot about the game of running our country and the way their selling us out to the highest bidder. they cant even give us a fair longshot at the american dream..ive played powerball for 20yrs and you would think in that time i would eventually win a lousey 3+pb but all could manage was the lesser yrs resolution anyone?

Coppell, TX

#463 Dec 9, 2012
i often think what if i had stuck all that money i gambled away instead into a jar and saved it for 20 yrs? i would have no doubt enough to pay cash for a house instead of making payments now.hindsight is always 20/20 and you always hear if i had only seen then what i see now.all you young peaple out there learn from my error.stick that money you was thinking about pissing away on bullshit lotto into a jar and 20 yrs will fly by faster than you think.the grass isnt greener over the hill,be content with the life you make
hanging chad

Marble Falls, TX

#464 Dec 9, 2012
bush was definately a computer generated howdy dudey! sorry,not a winner, please play again
tom collins

Marble Falls, TX

#465 Dec 9, 2012
"u cant win if u dont play" said the man behind the curtain
pieed off

Salem, OR

#466 Jan 23, 2013
I been playing oregon keno for a long time, mosty 4 spots, I would win 2 to 3 times a week, now i have not change nothing in my playing, I have not won for 4 months now, they did something to it.

Monessen, PA

#468 Feb 19, 2013
Is any real solution?

Pennsyvania Lottery Nick Pery who worked for KDKA 2 then WTAE
was arressted for fixing Lottery..

The 666 Ball
Ed from Raleigh

Hope Mills, NC

#470 Mar 4, 2013
The North Carolina lottery is definitely fixed. If you watch the televised drawing at 11:22 PM, they show all the numbered balls swirling around in a large transparent container. Then the view changes to just the upper portion of the tube, where supposedly the "winning" numbered balls are collected and "officially" announced. Notice that you don't get to actually watch the "winning" balls entering the tube from the main holding tank where all the balls ae swirling around. Could this be because someone is feeding the SELECTED balls into the tube after the computer has determined which balls are NOT a winning combination???
Watch WRAL news at 11:20 PM and see for yourself.

Winthrop, MA

#471 Mar 9, 2013
So you have in Mass. Many lotteries ,mega schmucks,mass trash,flower ball,megalomania......What dreams may come..Most people I have seen that have won a sizeable prize still play hoping to win again,these sick greedy a_holes cannot stop until they win every dollar printed.I myself know that every person I know,every relative ,friend would not give away one tarnished penny to me or any one else if they won .amazing this lottery stuff.Anything it shows you humanity and excrement are the same...


#472 Mar 15, 2013
TheGeneral66 wrote:
Chris the lottery is fixed and im getting the feds involved based on my findings,dont lsten to these guys they dont understand us people with higher IQs that can see clearly that its corrupt.Michigan.
You can get who ever you want but nothing will be done because "The enlightners who control everything and everyone including the lottery.

Murfreesboro, TN

#473 Apr 13, 2013
i agree the tn cash has never went over 1 mil and in fact it usually is hit at the 200 thousand point, some politican wants somr money so they are running it up for him more playing for me

Port Orchard, WA

#474 Apr 24, 2013
you pick six numbers, and ever one picks there numbers than the state computor store all the picked numbers. than the machine picks six number that have not been played. and some times when they know there has to be a winner, they pick some one number. so its a lotta in a lotta and the only thing it really is. is a tax!

Des Moines, IA

#475 May 6, 2013
Joe wrote:
A larger question is when is Chris going to learn how to spell and form a proper sentence. If the numbers are so predictable, why isn't Chris spending his time buying lottery tickets? As Rob stated, who would profit from this so called fix? I would think that if there is a "pattern", the players would be smart enough to see it and play those numbers. The players would then win and the state would be the loser.
The truth is that with the state of modern technology any tech-savy 13-year-old could design a computer program that could effectively cheat Lottery players. It's not that the numbers are predictable it's that the Lottery's computer system is designed to reap in the most profit for the Lottery. Any student of history is familiar with the phrase "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Every big business ever invented has been prey to PROVEN internal corruption, yet somehow the Lottery, the biggest business of them all, has come off scott-free? Google it! Try to find some proof that a Lottery employee (not talking about a store-clerk here, but an actual EMPLOYEE of the state lottery that has EVER been publicly accused of cheating) Just coincidence? Every employee of the Lottery, despite outrageously apparent chances to cheat, has been a saint? The Lottery just happened to hire every honest man/woman in America? Bull-shit! It's been covered up. States and the US Government LOVE the Lottery because without lifting a finger they rake in BILLIONS of dollars in profits in taxes every year. Why would they mess with that? They "overlook" certain "internal financial inaccuracies" because they are profiting way too much to care that the State Lottery is a predator preying on the poor of our country, the controllers of the Lottery lining their fat pockets, and buying their next house in the Caribbean off of the backs of the working man. It's truly reminiscent of the French Revolution. The folks who run the State Lottery say "Let them eat cake." It's your own fault you buy Lottery tickets anyway, right? Not their fault they drive new Mercedes Benz and you can't afford to put a quart of oil in your '91 Sable, right? Wake up people!!! Again I ask you, how many years have you been playing some form of the State Lottery? What would you have to "win" just to break even? It's a LIE!!!! But of course, that's just my opinion. d:)

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