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#43 Oct 25, 2011
Don't move to downtown Wilmington. Move to Elsmere, Claymont, etc. Much safer and less hassle.

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#44 Dec 1, 2011
From what I read, most of the problems are drug and/or gang related. And as the good people move out of the city, the thugs take over. A big part of being safe in a city is being confident. If you are female and walk down the street paraniod, the local thugs pick up on your body language very quickly. I would not walk in a city with less then pepper spray.

And every agency, including Homeland Security, has people working to help the problems in Wilmington.

It is sad to read comments here that good people are being stopped and questioned as to why they are in certain areas.

And the worst part is, as the criminals are pushed out of the city, they move on to the suburbs.

And whoever said the kind of things that go on in the city are the same in the suburbs is very wrong. People in suburb communities don't take that garbage in their area and work with the police to keep the area under control. Whereas in the city the residents pretend to see and hear nuthing when crimes happen.
RpIrVoEjReScItDs E302

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#45 Apr 20, 2012
Born n Raised Riverside Projects and 22nd and Jessup... Wilmington is jus like any other city in the U.S jus not as big..... Wilmington Extension is the nicer side, further North.... after u pass 30th-33rd on the Northside u good... the further North the better, but before the claymont area... or the area far West past Elsmere in the 19808 area is nicer too... cops got stuff on lock out that way ... downtown is not the place only cuz a lot of homeless folk sleep on the benches and walk the streets jus like in any other city...
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#46 Apr 22, 2012
I lived in downtown Wilmington for almost three years, in a renovated building near 9th and Market Streets, close to the Residences at Rodney Square. That area is essentially considered "center city," and is under CCTV surveillance. At night, there was almost no activity at all unless there was an event at the Grand Opera House or further south on Market at the Queen Theater. I never thought it was dangerous but that doesn't mean it is particularly safe. There are no businesses that support an urban lifestyle, such as grocery stores or late night convenience stores--you still have to drive everywhere to get anything. Because of this, the downtown is a ghost town late at night, and as a result, there is a relative lack of safety due to the absence of pedestrian and commercial traffic. During the day, the streets fill up with a strange mixture of business executives and homeless vagrants, rich and poor, intelligent and unbelievably stupid. Homelessness and drug abuse aboud. That said, in my total time there, the worst thing that happened was that someone ripped the parking sticker off my car widshield.

Wilmington has lots of tiny suburbs, so if you're considering moving there, do some research about specific areas since the factors that affect quality-of-life standards can change from block to block. For example, Trinity Vicinity is quaint with beautiful, restored townhomes, but nearby is a really shady liquor store, so the traffic that it attracts has often resulted in shootings. Where I lived is only a few blocks from Cherry Hill, a really impoverished neighborhood, which runs along Washington Street, an area sure to avoid. There are sections of development along the Brandywine creek area that are charming, but if you venture across the creek and into Brandywine Village, watch out. Urban blight and ghetto culture at its best. It's also a hotspot on the shootings map, published by the local news source: . However, go further north and you're out of the city and in lovely Bellefonte. Trolley Square is the hipper area because of bars and restaurants, but I found it overcrowded and boring. However, there are nearby stores that compliment a more urban lifestyle there, particularly, grocery shopping. Unless the city actually supports residential living by inviting such businesses to the downtown area, any attempt to attract residents will flounder. I found living downtown to be a frustrating and extremely unpleasant experience.
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#47 Apr 25, 2012
Im from NYC and i got a job working nites in Wilmington DE making 30k yr and i can deal wit the suburbs im from Brooklyn...i just hope i dont get killed for no reason,...people haters out chea!
Jay Foraker wrote:
It's ironic that ALL of the negative comments regarding the question as to the safety of downtown Wilmington, come from NON-RESIDENTS! As a Wilmington RESIDENT, I must protest the commentators are pompous asses blowing smoke up their own. They seem to speak for the sake of hearing themselves. Oh well, for the record: I am a life long Wilmington resident who has lived in various parts of this fine city and I declare it safe.We are definitely as safe as American suburbia.
Naive New Yawker

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#48 May 5, 2012
What exactly are the bounbaries of Southside Wilmington, and is it really safer than other parts of the city? I plan to move on Apple Street, where I"ve been told is the Southside. Please reply, and thanks.

Phoenixville, PA

#49 May 8, 2012
Naive New Yawker wrote:
What exactly are the bounbaries of Southside Wilmington, and is it really safer than other parts of the city? I plan to move on Apple Street, where I"ve been told is the Southside. Please reply, and thanks.
Consider buying an armored vehicle, a flak jacket, getting a carry permit and a 1911 .45 apc soon after you move here. You might want to consider moving somewhere outside of Wilmington because of the additional tax. I've been here for about 15 years and doubt if I have been into Wilmington more than a dozen times. Bear in mind that only one area in the state is remotely politically conservative and as anyone with active neuron activity knows, liberals have various thought patterns that are in conflict with reality.

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#50 May 8, 2012
Move away from Wilmington, the problem goes all the way up to city officials....
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#51 Aug 16, 2012
Wilmington is a ghetto.
And to think that you keep voting in the same people election after election.

Wilmington, DE

#52 Aug 22, 2012
i've lived in wilmington, delaware for a long time and its not that bad at all. i walk most places and ive been everywhere. It's not as bad as or all saying it is, it's also sort of offensive.

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#53 Aug 28, 2012
I've been to Wilmington numerous times even the so called bad areas like the west side and the north and ain't nothing scary or ghetto over there!!!It's just a bunch of wannabe new Yorkers and philadelphians out there..


#54 Oct 10, 2012
robforaker wrote:
The intelegance of the language used in this comment is significantly lowers the articles effectiveness
So how come you never learned how to spell "intelligence"??????

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#55 Dec 23, 2012
yall need to stop if u can hold ur ground in the hood u should be alright.

Rossville, GA

#56 Dec 23, 2012
also people need to stop callin us ot lik are hood is not tough u come here and see

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#57 Mar 8, 2013
I really think Wilmington is a real shit hole. The males are all dope heads. They smoke blunts from like 3pm till like 3 or 4 am. The boys are extremely stupid too. They don't want to learn they destroy your property and everybody loiters on anybody's property. The cops must be scared of these males because they don't do a thing about it when you call them. Or... maybe they're just waiting for all the ghetto males to kill each other off. The males throw drugs in the bushes when cops ride by. Wilmington could be very nice if the cops would bring the k9 's out and search for the drugs and just lock them males up. The males are so stupid they even sell drugs and viciously argue with people while they're baby sitting their own kids or siblings. Oh boy I guess they'll use them as shields when it goes down. Never knew these wilmington dudes were just born that stupid. They're so stupid you just gotta hope they kill each other off ;Philly style! Ten at a time. I never knew I could hope death on a human but if you were here you'd understand that some people are just evil doers and are good for nothing. Lord forgive me please help them evils or just take them away. Give us peace again. Help them get a job and find something positive to do. Because right now they just make everything and everyone around them suffer. No it's not all of wilmington it's just where ever you see large crowds of people standing around in the ghetto. They rob your house when you go to work too. Neighbors turn their heads the other way. If a very young child was to be in danger they wouldn't even have enough sense to help. It's gotta be all the drugs , God couldn't have made humans that stupid. What idiot would not save a child from an extremely dangerous incident. Instead, they all just sit back and watch the child walk into harm. Oh boy! Eyes wide shut.

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#58 Mar 8, 2013
Brownsville718 wrote:
I've been to Wilmington numerous times even the so called bad areas like the west side and the north and ain't nothing scary or ghetto over there!!!It's just a bunch of wannabe new Yorkers and philadelphians out there..
Yup but the wanna B's are missing one thing, brains. You have to have a working brain in your head. You know?

Wilmington, DE

#59 Jul 22, 2013
No, it's not safe. Rodney Square is a hub for the poor and thug type people. The upper class shoots in and out of wilmington for work and whats left is poor people. The streets that surround Rodney Square are crime ridden; they sell drugs and there are shootings. Lots of the row houses have boards over windows and people stand on corners and sit on their front steps looking rather destitute. There are prostitutes, robberies, fights, etc. When you drive around all you see is liquor stores, chinese take out, bail bond businesses, etc.

Elkton, MD

#60 Dec 4, 2013
I have worked all over Wilmington for a year and a half. I am five ten, 185 pounds, and fairly fit. Company policy prohibits carrying any weapon, even pepper spray. Wilmington just creeps me out. For every safe area like Baynard Boulevard,there is a dangerous slime pit like Rodney street. Avoid this place if you can.
Gio Mara

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#61 Feb 24, 2014
I am a professional locksmith from post soviet union country. Currently I live in Philadelphia and i have worked in philly metro area,in New Jersay including Camden and Trenton, and in new Castle County of course including Wilmington. Due to the nature of my profession I get to work late night when 90% of crimes happen. By far Philadelphia is the most dangerous place to leave. Wilmington? I'd say wilmington is the safest. Next week I' m moving my family in Trolley Square and have no fear at all. Come on people whoever is afraid of the mosquito bite of course would afraid of Wilmington in the dark night.

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#62 Mar 14, 2014
robforaker wrote:
The intelegance of the language used in this comment is significantly lowers the articles effectiveness
Liberals cant stand the truth or reality.

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