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Wilmington, DE

#46 Mar 16, 2012
I need answers wrote:
My soon to be ex and I are divorcing in Delaware. I pay her $2,000 per month in support, we have two son's, 7 & 4. I keep asking her to get a full time job. Her response is "I don't have to". She needs to work to help me out. I think I'm paying "WAY" more than I have to. I'm trying to help her but it's killing me. Is support based on regular pay or overtime that is not always available. I need answers PLEASE... Plus on top of this there are months I give her extra because she say's she needs food.....
Social security pays my two minors 600.00 each per month.

Philadelphia, PA

#47 Apr 4, 2012
You do not have to give her any extra money a month. You are all ready giving her 2,000 a month and that is more then enough for the children. The court only sees how much you make every month they judge will not hold it against her that she is not working.Your ex seems like she is pretty smart and she knows how to work the system. If you give her any money without going through the court system or through child support it is considered a GIFT. Everything has to go through the state one way or another. Depending on how long it has been since you went to court you can always go and file a reduction in support.If you feel that she is not spending the money on the children you can always ask for a account to be set up and for someone through the court to over see how the money is being spent. Your ex is bitter in some way ans she is trying to get you for everything she can. Be careful and don't put you guard down. I am a single mother of two children so I know how the court system works. Good Luck :)

Philadelphia, PA

#48 Apr 4, 2012
I don't know why this states that I live in Philadelphia I live in Newark De

Upper Marlboro, MD

#49 May 29, 2012
The Delaware Court System is a scam. I actually filed a PFA on my ex-wife now and she has been in contempt several times. Nothing has ever happened to her. I'm military and am paying $1300 for child support for 1 child and every since I started paying support, she has been denying me visitation. Has anything happened to her?-NO! I filed for modification of custody over a year ago. Again, have i had a trial for it?- NO!.....All this shit is a crock. If I were guilty in anyway, I would have been tard and feathered as a man. I don't think it is fair that I have to pay for child support and not have any rights. You can't have it both ways.

Judges don't care. They miscalculated my child support to the tune of $10,000. Again, will I get it back?- NO! I was told once it is distributed they take no responsibility to return the funds.....People wonder why kids grow up with no father. I have been fighting and will continue; however, I will not jeopardize my career fighting with her domestically.

Since: Aug 09

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#50 Aug 10, 2012
Stepmom from Newark

Wilmington, DE

#51 Aug 17, 2012
Fighting for my kids wrote:
<quoted text>
If you have a pfa order against you, it's not the system that's making you fail as a father. You obviously did harm to your ex and or your kids. So it's no surprise the court would choose her over you. Just because you participate in making a child doesn't mean you are a fit father.If you truly love your children, the thought of you walking out never would have crossed your mind.
Dear "Fighting for my kids", you have to bear in mind the way PFAs work in some states and Delaware is one of them. Based on false accusations and a means to try and gain custody of HER children so she could move out of state was a measure taken and advised by HER attorney to make a better case for herself. False accusations of child abuse and neglect were also filed again as a means to again custody and move away. No abuse whatsoever happened in our case and a PFA was granted. So please don't judge immediately that REAL abuse must have been the case in this poor man's situation. I agree, the LAW in some states are biased again fathers and I can personally can sympathize why some fathers just give up. Mentally how much can one person take. It's cruelty and unjust. I am the wonderful wife and stepmom to some amazing kids who are pawns of the system in which some desperate weak women will do whatever it takes to destroy or sabotage a father's spirit. Easy on the abuse assumptions. You could be dead wrong!
k sizzle

Lewes, DE

#52 Aug 20, 2012
Most women when something happens in a relationship that you have a child together with. The women files some phony pfa order against the guy so the men lose all rights an they get away with it in Sussex county bs family courts. I go through hell because the way these courts treat me. I cant blame the women. Are court system is terrible

Since: Aug 09

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#53 Nov 2, 2012
Wednesday Ratings: Piers Morgan Tops CNN In Total Viewers I wish he would talk about making Family Law & CPS Reform the US Election Issue 2012!
Dad From Newark

Newark, DE

#54 Nov 19, 2012
The system in Delaware is so sexually biased it's sick. I have a PFA against my ex for trying to run me over while she had the kids in the car. I had to go for the PFA, because I knew the Criminal No Contact would not stick. Although I has multiple witnesses, the state would not prosecute and the officer would not charge her with endangering the welfare of the children. So the state drops the charges and the games begin again.(this was the latest of the games)
Now my daughter is told to keep a secret that mom and the dog have ringworm real bad. It was a pretty good secret until it was all over my 7 year old daughter this weekend. Right to the doctor and medications applied and taken orally. But it's not mom's fault, especially since she is not abiding by the court order and still sleeping with my daughter.
Earlier in the year my daughter of 7 year was told to take a picture of her 17 year old sister while she was in the tub. I call the police (female officer), she gets to the ex's house and admits to the picture but states it was deleted. No charges were filed because no evidence was found. Same 17 year old caught with pot, along with ALL of her friends.....No Charges filed. Now I find that my 7 year old daughter is sneaking her toy digital camera into the bathroom and taking pictures of herself while is the tub. I cried when I saw these pictures. DFS nor Child inc will get involved other that state that the children need counseling in their reports. But every time I make an appointment, mom blocks it blocks it because it will be detrimental to her case. SMH
So now it's everything in my power to protect my children and continue to do the right thing.

But she wants to play mom of the year. She hasn't even contacted either school to see how the kids are doing in school. Sure is a good thing they are with Dad most of the time and I cannot wait for my day in court come December and January.

Our system is a joke. I have no doubt that Beau Biden really wants to protect Delaware's children. It's just to bad the his Commissioners and organizations could care less about them. Time to take it to the next level for my kids. 1st it's muluscum, bronchitis then ringworm. What's next Mersa, something worse or an ER visit for pot ingestion? Makes me sick!!!!

New Castle, DE

#55 Mar 2, 2013
BobbySomers wrote:
<quoted text>PFA orders can and usually are granted with NO investigation or evidence.
Men are routinely stripped of their rights based solely on the accusations of the woman regardless of the truth.
This is a common tactic during divorce.

True story.

Murphysboro, IL

#57 Dec 20, 2013
I forgot to mention my son lives in delaware

Wilmington, DE

#58 Feb 11, 2014
Ok guys in my case I have 2 little girls and I live with them n my girlfriend. She is to verbal violent and hit my kids for nothing , she left in the morning n came back at night time she look like she did drugs n came back yelling to my kids .she abusing them I need to know if I can put a pfa im scare that I come home one day n they b hurt by their mother .cand some one help me here thank u guys
Fighting for kids

Marion, VA

#59 Jun 5, 2014
I have an attorney currently and it seems that I am paying 400 per hour for her to fight for my ex wife. I currently live in NJ but am moving to DE (I am in the military). My kids have been with my ex wife since the divorce and I see them on weekends. I have filed to get custody of them as I see many issues going on in the home they are currently in. My attorney feels the best I will get is 50/50 split. I will give you some back story.
When I first called I was told I have to have a bigger home so that the children have separate rooms.(I have remarried and my wife has 2 kids), so that the boys are not sharing a room because of the age gap. One is 13 one is 8. I am more than willing to do this and will have a 5 bedroom house once I move. Yet it is okay for my daughter to share a room with her 2 younger siblings at their mom's house. The kids sharing are 12, 4, and 2.5. I was told I had to complete a parenting class, which I did, yet she didn't have to have one. My son doesn't even stay with his mother but at his grandparents house most of the time as his mom doesn't even have a bed for him at her house. My son has gained 30 pound from Sept 2013-May 2014, he is very overweight at this point and also suffers from high cholesterol. Myself, mt wife and her 13 year old daughter all had to have background checks done on us, yet nothing for her, or her tenants that are moving in and out of her house.(She rents out rooms in her house through craigslist to help pay the bills). I will also add that she doesn't work as the child support that she collects for my kids and her 2 other kids and the tenants makes this possible.Did I mention it is only a 3 bedroom townshouse and typically their are 8 people living in it at all times.
Has anyone else had this double standard happen to them, and if so what did you do?? Any help is appreciated.

Philadelphia, PA

#61 Apr 18, 2016
BobbySomers wrote:
<quoted text>PFA orders can and usually are granted with NO investigation or evidence.
Men are routinely stripped of their rights based solely on the accusations of the woman regardless of the truth.
This is a common tactic during divorce.
I personal have gotten pfa againsst my wife. They do ask for proof of abuse . so your ex showed some kinda proff but u are right tables aren't fsir my wife had me arrested saying i pulled knife of her and i was arrested problem is thier was no weapon we didn't own butcher knife the reason. She did it was so she could move another man in our house wife our son but in end i got custody before i even went to court on. My charges. She had supervised visits and i was the supervisior on visits. So when u say no investahstion she had something bruises letter recording something and u have right tk show up . at hearing with lawyer.

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