The USPS Holocaust is the precursor to the American Holocaust (premediated and orchestrated population control through law enforcement collusion / terrorism). The Corporation (United States Government) its collusive subsidiaries (VA, DHS, HHS, USSC (99-565), SEC, FDIC, IRS, DOJ, FBI, DOL, SSA, DHHS, USPS, OPM, EEOC, MSPB, NLRB, OWCP, etc.). To achieve the National Goal in Executive Order 12871 (reduce government (we the people) and reduce government spending (benefits - compensation, pension, medical, military awards, etc.) death fix it / deficit. Terrorism - Murderbyproxy / Terminal Injustice using coercion / corruption/ collusion / subversion / sabatoge / subterfuge / cointelpro tactics etc.

This message sent by proxy by the National Whistleblower Allen Carlton (USSC 99-565 & supplement). His sent mail at his email address goes his trash for some strange reason. If the USPS and the Government investigates Lance Armstrong they will be investigating themselves. The USPS continues to use Collusion / Terrorism in the American Holocaust (Population Control). To understand how things don't work or work at the USPS read USSC 99-565 & supplement.

The Deficit (death fix it) does not allow for justice it cost to much so instead the decision makers, lie, delay and deny until you die (Murderbyproxy)

Some other sites that may give you an understanding of the Postal Holocaust.