conn. dmv sucks.
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Madison, CT

#1 May 15, 2006
I bought a beautiful 1931 street rod from a person in Mass.When I went to the clowns at dmv for a vin check they rejected the car because it didn't have defrosters?They then told me it was a composite and would be registered as a 2006.Being a 75 year old car made no difference to the rude slob working there.I sold the car and the new owner did all the registration on a computer in 5 minutes.He lives in Minn.but most state have similar rules.It would seem the state employees with a union(double trouble) are trying to justify their featherbed jobs.What a joyless group of soul dead stiffs.Thanks for nothing!
Gary R

Newington, CT

#2 May 15, 2006
Too bad It's not the employees at DMV who make the laws and rulings, their just applying them. Doing their job so to speak. Should the laws and rulings be changed for you? Lets face it, noone likes going to or dealing with DMV, but just keep in mind that they have to put up with chowder heads like you all day long, so do you think thats gonna put a smile on their face. Personally, I give them a lot of credit for putting up with people like you.
Maybe if you were a little more personable, they would have helped you a little. But, seeing how you no doubt gave them crap, why should they? Remember, the counter people don't make up the laws and regulations, they just follow procedure, so lighten up a bit.:)
Chris M

New Haven, CT

#3 May 16, 2006
No they do not follow procedure.They can be lazy and plain stupid.
I dealt many times with the chowder DMV heads and many times it was just plain frustating.
Back a few years I drove a 18 wheeler without the proper papers ,why cause the chowder heads mispelled my name a failed to return my registration.By the way that was $2600.00 registration.I was told it was in the mail and it was not.I was liable to get registration violation tickets if stopped a the scale on 95. It took them 6 months to sort out their mistake.
In 2001 I registered an Royal Enfield motorcycle that was brand new from the factory in India.I got the plate and registration,and insured it,but when it was time to get the title,the Chowder heads told me I had to come to Wethersfield to get a composite inspection because they thought I put the bike together in my basement.After many letters The head dummy still insisted I come to the head quaters.So I did in 30 degres weather,rode all the way to the place ,the inspector looked at me and said "you better have a good reason to be here" Guess what I did not have to.The big dummy failed to check HER list of registered manufacturer. So they gave me my 80 bucks back and sent me home.I received the Title a few weeks later.
So do not tell me they follow procedure. They waste our time and should be fired.
Chris M

Madison, CT

#4 May 17, 2006
thanks Chris it is nice to know it is not just me.I also bought my 1965 Chevelle SS(all original with 35,000 miles)to DMV for a VIN check and the guy rejected the car because the Vin plate looked too good!!I said you are supposed to check the number not the plate.He rerplied he could do anything he wanted.He never checked the block number or any other place it is displayed.I had to drive to Wethersfield and they thought it was funny.They said maybe the guys wife had burnt his toast that morning.Very funny!I own 7 classic cars and have a sad story about the DMV for each.I retired from Pratt&Whitney after 35 years as an aircraft inspector so I feel qualified how to follow written procedures.As for you Gary you are the rude person here.I thought this forum was to express a view not for personal attacks.I served 2 tours in SVN (1967-1968)where I was decorated 12 times to include the Silver Star.I am anything but a cry baby and have a great sense of humor and patience.Maybe you could get a job at the DMV? Jack.
Just A Person

Glastonbury, CT

#5 May 17, 2006
Gary, I fail to see what name calling has to do with the DMV. You don't need to be soo abrasive. Just relax, after all it's just a forum.
Ryan Atwood

East Hartford, CT

#6 May 18, 2006
The DMV really is a waste of time. They have WAY too many BONE HEADS working there. You should at least have an IQ of 200 or higher. Most of or all of the DMV workers have the IQ of a shoe size.
Blow up the DMV

Newington, CT

#7 May 19, 2006
Going to the Connecticut DMV for any reason rates just below going to the dentist for a root canal. Rude, judgmental, attitude-problem clerks seem to be the norm. I realize they are given sometimes senseless and arbitrary procedures to enforce, but they really come across as arrogant jerks most of the time, from my experiences. The public is not out to try to "pull a fast one" on you DMV people--we just want to get our damn plates and get the hell out of there! The entire CT DM needs a thorough overhaul!

Virginia Beach, VA

#8 May 19, 2006
Even if the DMV isn't a painful exprerience,they need to get with the times and go online for most of the thing they do. Most other states utilize Al Gores Internet to save money(MY Tax Dollars, frustration, and time.
Gary R

Newington, CT

#9 May 22, 2006
I appologize for the comment Jack. My point being, even though noone enjoys trips to the DMV, lets face it, it's not always the counter persons fault. Many times the people don't have the proper paperwork or they filled out something improperly. Many times most all your "troubles" could be solved quite easily and make things go a little easier. Just go to DMV BEFORE you plan on registering something and ask if everything is in order. Most people don't want to be bothered, thinking they have what they need, only to find out that they don't.
Are there chowder heads at DMV......sure, just like there are everywhere. Getting upset at them, or pissed off at them is not going to make matters any better, cause the next time you go back, you may get them again.
Whenever I have to go to DMV, I ALWAYS go ahead of time to MAKE SURE I have everything I need to avoid waiting for hours only to be told somethings not correct.
And Jack, I salute you for doing 2 tours and your 12 decorations, but whats that got to do with DMV?, you tryin to say DMV is like a war zone?:)
And as far as me working for DMV,.........nah, I already have a job with the State of CT........and no, I don't drive an orange dump truck either.:)
You guys just don't like people who are employed by the state, thats all.

Madison, CT

#10 May 22, 2006
Gary the point I was making is that the inspector who was suppossed to check the VIN on my car rejected it for not having defrosters.It is a 1931 automobile and they did not come equipped with that option.He took great enjoyment in that and refused to listen to reason.He said he could reject anything any time.I think that is a bad person for that job.I had the title and all the paperwork in order.I understand about dealing with the public and I was just venting on that one person.I mentioned Vietnam because I resented your attack on my character.The DMV is nothing like combat because it is not so one sided.I had figured you as a State employee by your comments.I don't deal with any other State worker so I don't know if I would resent them or not.Now log off the computer and go back to work.LOL.Jack.

Danbury, CT

#11 May 22, 2006
The DMV casts an abysmal first impression of Connecticut for newcomers. Everybody who moves to this state must deal with them and unfortunately the unnecessary hassles cast a grim shadow on how the state deals with its citizens. It is absolutely, without a doubt, among worst run agencies in the country.

Chicago, IL

#12 May 22, 2006
For me the DMV is a 50/50 chance.... you can get a dirtbag or someone nice... all depends on how their day is going. Point Blank no one likes to use the DMV of Ct, b/c their attitudes suck in general
Gary R

Newington, CT

#13 May 23, 2006
jack wrote:
..........He took great enjoyment in that and refused to listen to reason.He said he could reject anything any time.I think that is a bad person for that job..........I understand about dealing with the public and I was just venting on that one person.I mentioned Vietnam because I resented your attack on my character..........I had figured you as a State employee by your comments.I don't deal with any other State worker so I don't know if I would resent them or not.Now log off the computer and go back to work.LOL.Jack.
I do know there are some real pieces of work at the DMV, no question about it. My first reply in this thread was a defensive one, because being an employee of the state, we are ALL seen in a bad light because of the actions of a few. It doesn't matter what state agency we work for, when people have a bad experience with any "state employee", they somehow get the impression that all state employees are similar. This is not the case. Most state employees are like you, me or anyone else, they just want to do their job the best they can.
Again, it was a defensive response, nothing personal.
Now, I gotta get back to work to make sure MY state employees are not goofing off.:)
Have a nice day.

United States

#14 May 23, 2006
I would just like to say that the DMVs in pretty much all states are the same.. most of them are jerks but Yeah I too understand they are jst doing their jobs but they could be a little nicer about it.
Eric Norwalk ct

Oxford, CT

#15 May 26, 2006
The first time I went to the DMV to get a motorcycle permit I showed up at 5:15 on a thursday (they close at 8 on thurs) and I waited in line for an hour just to be told that the testing stops at 6! I was angry! The second time I went (today) was at 11:00. I get to the counter fast this time, 5 minutes! Just to be told they stop giving that test at 11! Well I don't ussually get angry but this was just it! The DMV website clearly states "show up 30 minutes prior to closing for motorcycle permit testing." The thing I hate is that everyone looks at you like your an idiot for being angry! Now I did 4 years in the USN and I know how gov. works but we would always bend a rule here and there to help a guy out. THIS IS THE FARTHEST THING FROM THE MIND OF A DMV EMPLOYEE! They want there pay raise and 30 days off and that's it!
I say put it all on-line and fire them all!

Montréal, Canada

#16 Aug 17, 2006
I went to the DMV to renew my registration. I go up to the information desk and kindly say "Hello, I would like to pay for my registration. Renew it for 2007."
Then I gave her my drivers liscense. She screamed at me "THAT IS NOT GOING TO RENEW YOUR REGISTRAION!"

I said kindly and trying to keep my cool "Oh I know but you can look up my information with my i.d. so I may do so."

She then frowned at me and said "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?"

I said "I want to pay my registration- it is due. My plates are I am in August at tje DMV trying to pay you for my stickers."

Then she screamed back at me "I KNOW THAT!"

Then she asked me to give her the vin number of my car.

I kindly told her I do not have it and I am not in my car today I drove in someone elses car to get here.

Then she said "fill out this paper. here is a number and go sit down."

So I take the paper fill it out and wait for my number to be called.

Well the number lead me back to her.

She looked at me with a forwn and said "YEAH give me the paper"

I handed her the paper and she started to yell at me and tell me she could not read my writing and then told the worker next to her to look at my writing and said "look at this can you believe this?"
My writing was clear to me and I think she was just being a pain.
I told her I could show her my i.d. or would be more than happy to spell everything out to her.

After I spelled every single part of my information to her.

She started to look up at a man next to me who was geting help from the other DMV worker next to her...she started to flirt with the man and smile at him and say cutesy things to him.

And she ignored me for a few minutes.

Then after I waited for her to get back to get back to helping me she then said "you need a smog and this is late and i am going to put a fee on here this might as well just be late."

then she started to argue with the DMV worker next to her and screamed "get your damn chair away from my space."
and then she handed me papers with a number not my stickers. and said come back in 10 days you need a smog and i am charging you a late fee so give me 199...then she went on ...on how she cant believe i did not pay it on time and that she is charging me a fee. and all the time she was talking about the fee and how i am late and how awful it is and blah blah blah I did not say one thing. I just wanted to pay whatever I had to pay and leave...but this woman would not shut up. The after all this bull this woman put me through I get this sticker and I have to come back in 10 days.
Should I complain about her?

Because if she ends up helping me again when I go back in 10 days I think I rather eat dog poop then see her ugly IQ of a show face.
DMV update

Montréal, Canada

#17 Aug 17, 2006
shoe* not show
Sorry you ARE WRONG

United States

#18 Aug 17, 2006
I appologize for the comment Jack. My point being, even though noone enjoys trips to the DMV, lets face it, it's not always the counter persons fault. Many times the people don't have the proper paperwork or they filled out something improperly.
And many times the delay at DMV is the person behind the counter. One day, two years ago, I had one lady tell me to go fill out a form, after waiting in line .5 hours, ok. She said come back to me when you are done, so I did. She looked at me when I approached her station and she walked away. It was her lunch time, she never said a work, but looked at me and walked. So, her boss asked me what I was doing standing in there. I told him "that lady told me to fill out this form and come back to her when done, but she grabbed her lunch bag and left.. He took care of it himself.
In Weathersfield, if you go up stairs to renew a reg, is usually faster than going downstairs. But if they tell you to go downstairs, they are not considering what the wait is, in a small dank room with minimal seating, and minimal AC for comfort... The delay can be over an hour... Depends if they are real busy. However, it is if they are in a good mood they don't bother you and you do all your biz upstairs.
To be fair, many of the employees are trying to be courteous, and prompt. But, there are enough of the "typical state employees" there to ignite some severe animosity too. Let us pray.

Harwinton, CT

#19 Aug 20, 2006
I've been to several dmv's in CT for various reasons, and the trip to the New Britain DMV has proven worth the effort. They're incredibly organized, and they have a coffee shop. I typically would wait outside of any other dmv for an hour before they open in the morning just to avoid waiting in line, but if I have all of my ducks in a row and know I'm not missing anything, I can go to the New Britain DMV in the middle of the day if I have to and it's not as painful as anywhere else. Oh, did you get the part about the COFFEE SHOP???
joe from naugatuck


#20 Aug 20, 2006
I also have had my share of nightmares at the d.m.v. But they are always from the DING DONGS in line in front of me.

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