The Hartford To Cut Jobs in Claim Unit

The Hartford To Cut Jobs in Claim Unit

There are 19 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Jun 18, 2009, titled The Hartford To Cut Jobs in Claim Unit. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

The Hartford expects to cut several hundred jobs in its property-casualty claims operations this year -- including about 50 in Connecticut -- through outsourcing and consolidation of office space to cut costs and be more efficient, the company confirmed Thursday.

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South Windsor, CT

#3 Jun 18, 2009
So let's review recent events. Bad decisions of company execs put the company on the brink of cancelling the invitations to the 200th birthday party. So the company pulled some friendly strings to get access to that big pile o' taxpayer cash. And now they'll use it to replace, um, onshore resources with offshore resources. Please send one of the onshore weasels in a suit to explain. Word for the day: OLIGARCHY.

West Hartford, CT

#4 Jun 18, 2009
"The outsourcing project in property-casualty claims is aimed at sending the work of about 9 percent of that operation's 4,600 employees to "offshore resources," according to an internal company document obtained by the Courant."
Great, my tax dollars get to be spent to hire "offshore resources" (indians no doubt). I would rather they let this inefficient organization wither and die rather than give it another dime of my money in order to support foreign workers at the expense of our countries workers. Unbelievable........ Nobody in charge in this country seems to have a clue, and then they wonder why unemployment is climbing to ten percent and beyond.
Statistically Speaking

Salem, CT

#6 Jun 18, 2009
They'll spend another $15 million fixing the work that was done poorly overseas, plus the lawsuits that result from the poorly completed work.

You can guarantee that whomever made the suggestion to offshore all that work will be getting a big bonus for "saving the company money". Money, by the way, that isn't theirs, but is OURS, the TAXPAYERS.
Jason Kilpatrick

Wethersfield, CT

#7 Jun 18, 2009
What The Hartford needs is more executive management positions. And more processes. And meetings. And buzzwords.

Yeah - and then, outsource the rest... that "work" stuff...

United States

#8 Jun 19, 2009
LOL. What a pantload. Pls pass the baby wipes. Where are Ayer's comments? I want to re-visit the stag that got nipped by his Mercedes 550 about midnight, turned and looked at him, gave him the hoof and trouted off...and the Hartford, a phoenix rising from the ashes of his tenure. Pure poetry..oh, yeah, and by the way, the next wave of layoffs is coming soon to your cubicle.

United States

#9 Jun 19, 2009
Yes..just what we want to do is beef up employment in India when America needs the jobs. Nice work. Then the Hartford's customers can talk to somebody 5,000 miles away who has no idea what they are doing, what will solve the problem, but hey, the Hartford saves money. Oh, and don't forget Ayer promises to stick around and help with education in Hartford - will he be teaching sanscript?

New London, CT

#10 Jun 19, 2009
Jason Kilpatrick wrote:
What The Hartford needs is more executive management positions. And more processes. And meetings. And buzzwords.
Yeah - and then, outsource the rest... that "work" stuff...
That is the new way of management as directed by Gartner. Management can't think for itself anymore, they just read the latest white paper put out by Gartner or some other think tank and attempt to implement it. Why do you think so many companies are in such terrible shape right now?
One of these directions is that they want people that "think" not people that "do". However, they seem to discover that when they lay off the people that "do" and outsource their jobs, nothing gets done!
The solution - lay off more workers to "save" money and hire more management to "manage" the "right-sourcing" program. ha!ha!ha!

Spring, TX

#11 Jun 19, 2009
Out sourcing to off shore resources. What a load of crap that will produce. These people have a script to follow and if you try to impose a question, they don't have answer. they cannot speak and understand english very well and it is very difficult to understnad them. Bottom line is 50 jobs disappear in Hartford and 50 created overseas. Nice move on the Hartford's part. The saving will be a peper number only-not real money when all is said and done. What a way to lose your job.

Wheaton, IL

#12 Jun 19, 2009
I hope the service is better than that of ATT and Gateway first line customer support as I have used that service a few times in the past month since picking up another computer. I spent so much time to get so little done due to language barrier and the fact that first line support really can not help.

United States

#13 Jun 19, 2009
I work for the Hartford. I am a front-line call center employee in the claims department, I talk directly to AARP customers who carry auto/homeowner's with us, as well as small business owners and HR employees from our largest customers who are reporting auto/workers compensation/liability/propert y claims. Our department is directly affected by the outsourcing mentioned here.

I'd like to say that first of all, they're not outsourcing any phone work. They are outsourcing fax work. People who submit their claims over a fax machine may very well have those claims initially entered into our system by someone in India. But if you are filing a new claim on the phone, or talking to your claim adjuster, you will not have to decipher an Indian accent.(Silver lining on a cloud of fecal matter? Maybe so.) At least, that is what we have been told.

However, the jobs in our department have still been held over our head like carrots. They have us taking calls from customers we were never trained to deal with (I am trained in commercial claims, not personal claims, and unfortunately they are very different), and more often than not this just adds an unnecessary step into the already onerous process of talking to your insurance company... because we can't help those customers. Most days I feel like a switchboard. The job was not like this before the outsourcing panic, and their refusal to hire more employees whose help we desperately need.

Management told us a few months ago that they may need to "reorganize the department" (lay people off, in layman's terms), but that they hoped attrition and natural turnover would make that unnecessary. They haven't provided us with numbers, and they haven't mentioned anything about that since the first day they brought it up. People in my department keep asking management for numbers (how insecure is our job, really?) and we can't get a straight answer to save our lives.

None of us knew about the TARP funds until the public did, and we all knew about the EXL outsourcing several months prior to that. The executive's "company vision" may have included using TARP funds for outsourcing, but as far as we peons in the company are concerned, it looks like they were planning the outsourcing long before they received the bailout money.

Now Ramani Ayer (our CEO) is retiring, presumably taking a nice chunk of pension with him. Nice of him to get out while the getting is good, no? He doesn't hear the disenchanted whispering between cubicles, during smoke breaks, and he isn't exposed to the bitterness involved with job insecurity. Our corporate climate is also one where negative words like "mistake" or "problem" are replaced with phrases like "opportunity to improve." Nobody seems to know anything when you ask them outright, but the furtive whispering points to deception on that front.

United States

#14 Jun 19, 2009
Oh sorry, if anyone has questions regarding the outsourcing, let me know and I will try to answer them.

Again, we are not Not NOT outsourcing phone work, as far as we have been told.

Hartford, CT

#15 Jun 19, 2009
Jason Kilpatrick wrote:
What The Hartford needs is more executive management positions. And more processes. And meetings. And buzzwords.
Yeah - and then, outsource the rest... that "work" stuff...
Outsource it to bring it all back. That's the cycle. How much longer do we have to wait?

Lubbock, TX

#16 Jun 24, 2009
Wouldn't outsourcing claims handling processes be considered a violation of the statutory requirements that only licensed claims adjusters handle claims adjusting?? Sounds like it to me and I've been handling claims for almost 20 years.

Manlius, NY

#17 Jun 26, 2009
I was an Underwriter for Hartford for 23 years in a job that I absolutely loved - UNTIL - some idiot in Home Office thought we could be replaced with a computer program that could decide whether or not an applicant could receive a policy. Then they started downsizing targeting all the long term employees over the age of 40.

They ended up terminating 14 long term Underwriters out of 22, and many who lacked just a few years before they would have qualified for their Pension. I was NOT one of them, but ended up hating my job. This was back in the mid 90s and I retired in 1998 after 23 years with a very good Pension including Medical Benefits and Life Ins. coverage. I was one of the lucky ones.

I have nothing but distaste for The Hartford. All I care about now is my Pension check arrives on time each month.

For those of you that still are new to The Hartford and believe all the Corporate BS - watch your back and look for another job elsewhere. The management at The Hartford is heartless, and could care less for the welfare of their employees.

Lake Forest, IL

#18 Jun 26, 2009
Industry gossip. In 2006 Paula Reynolds took over at Safeco and among other things outsourced a bunch of back office functions, like fax es posting to files, check writing, but neither claims nor call center. However, she was setting the company up to be sold and Safeco has disappeared into Liberty with a lot of jobs lost. Watch out for Lean Six Sigma.Kiss of death for anyone not in the executive suite.
The company formerly known as Cambridge shipped its claims stuff to India a couple years ago. The language wasn't too bad, but there was a whole lot where they are unclear about the concept, leaving insureds, counsel , judges and other stateside people in the lurch periodically. So along came a Brit company who bought them from the Singapore company who bought them from the...oh, I don't remember who, but rumor has it they are moving claims back to the US. Good for Cambridge I suppose, but that means there are a whole lot of people in India trained ( sort of) just ready to take over..Hartford claims. Of course the company that bought them used a name and hadn't checked whether it was in use in the US. It is, and now they have to go through name change stuff again.

Not every state requires claim adjusters to be licensed or certified and there is nothing that prevents someone in Bangalore from taking the exam on line.

Oh yeah, Paula Reynolds who sold off Safeco? She is now the person at AIG in charge of selling off their units. Who knows where she will go when she is done carving up AIG. Maybe...Hartford!

Sleep tight kiddies.

“Great spirits welcome”

Since: Jan 09


#19 Jun 28, 2009
The HARTFORD claim dept. are the new scum. These idiots are bent on making money by denial of claims and if, by the way the "claims rep." handled mine, is any indication of CORP. Policy than as a buisness they should be banded from selling car insurance. I was sideswiped on the Berlin TPK by a Hartford insurant. Mothers day was a clear and sunny day and out of the blue a truck hits us and careens into the guardrail. After checking out my wife and I to see if we were ok. I went up to see if the other driver was hurt. He was bruised by claimed "I fell asleep!" as to what happened. I was livid...fell asleep, middle of the day right....I said Bull s**t you almost killed me and my wife...he was arrested for driving with a suspended licence and failure to maitain a proper lane. The cops even thought he was under the influence..He was 40 living at home w/ dad driving dads truck...hum.
As my wife and I take our accident report and our damaged car, and get home with our lives intact. I called the Hartford Insurance Claims Dept. to report the accident. The agent named William took the info and imediately began the denial process. I told them they could see my car at the shop. The sent out paper work offering me a rental, but in bold print stated "subject to the final liability assessment". He sent an ajuster to look at the $5500. claim. but never took action to start the claim but suggested that I use my own collision to pay....This came up after an incident happened to this guy while at the hospital, he blacked out...and the test showed, he said no alcohol or William says that falling asleep at the wheel will free the Hartford from responsibility. A LOOPHOLE folks get in an accident say "fell asleep" kill people fell asleep, what a bunch of BS. They would then have to prove that this IDIOT was asleep at the exact moment of the CRASH. I saw skids so how was this alcoholic in rehab asleep at that moment?The HARTFORD is using us to gain on something that 1) the claimant admitted the accident was his fault. 2) there is no way the Hartford can use this as an excuse for denial of claim, other than arrogant GREED. The agent was RUDE and insulting to me and my wife. We by the way are of AARP age and will inform the world of the HARTFORDS treatment of our generation as a bunch of simple mindes sheep to be exploited.
I was paid by my insurance company METLIFE, using my $1000. deductible for collision. Collision for accidents not involving other MV yet this was the only way I'd GET MY CAR FIXED!!!!
So HARTFORD REPS DEFEND you actions defend your company because this company is SCUM.

Hartford, CT

#20 Nov 17, 2011
So here it is 2011-The Hartford laid off another 500+ workers from the States to yet again outsource it over to India. Please see:
Is there something wrong with this picture-or is it just me? Country is in a mess now and unemployment is on a rise, however businessís such as The Hartford fail to realize that. According to the article above they outsourced their finance department. Itís a crying shame to be perfectly honest with you.
Hartford Employee

Warwick, RI

#21 Dec 30, 2011
the hartford was victimized in texas due to fraud by two former executives in 2007
now the hartford is being sued in harris county texas, poor hartford boo hoo
look again

San Antonio, TX

#22 Oct 19, 2012
"I'd like to say that first of all, they're not outsourcing any phone work. They are outsourcing fax work. People who submit their claims over a fax machine may very well have those claims initially entered into our system by someone in India. But if you are filing a new claim on the phone, or talking to your claim adjuster, you will not have to decipher an Indian accent.(Silver lining on a cloud of fecal matter? Maybe so.) At least, that is what we have been told."

Hopefully you have found out more information since you posted this. Many of the Hartford help desk personnel have quit due to the prospects of being laid off because jobs are being outsourced to India, that they now have openings for contract personnel to work on a temporary basis until India takes it over completely.

The people who are responsible for making decisions to skim the fat are not going to do that, because they are the fat - the higher executives who are going to run the company to the ground so that they can keep their nice big salaries and pensions - to hell with anybody else. This is the same rationale used by policitians running for office who say they are going to trim the government, but instead of trimming "government," they kick out the unfortunate lower end government workers who rely on those jobs to feed themselves and their family, after they voted them into office.

Get real folks - know what your interest group is, if are a lower end run the highest chance of being the one to get cut...make sure you do not vote out your back up plan, which is unemployement, social security, medicare, and medicaid. If you have worked, you have paid into's yours, not the government's.

You may say, you have invested in your future, but if the companies you invested in go under, so does your investment - always have a back up plan - even if it is a government sponsored one - you never know when you are going to need it! Do not vote it out.

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