GOP criticizes DeLauro on horse meat

GOP criticizes DeLauro on horse meat

There are 63 comments on the Connecticut Post story from May 13, 2008, titled GOP criticizes DeLauro on horse meat. In it, Connecticut Post reports that:

A day after 3rd District Democrats nominated her to serve a 10th term, Connecticut Republicans launched a stinging attack against Rep.

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Warrensburg, NY

#23 May 15, 2008
People domesticated the animals, they will pay the price. Dont domesticate an animal until you are sure you can take care of it! Killing off the horses isnt a bright idea either, turning them loose might be the only viable solution, considering horse meat is very nasty. Humans are about to commit suicide with thier whole race, why bring horses into it?
Hamden Nan

United States

#24 May 15, 2008
I commend M Martin's post with the links to information on the TRUTH about horse slaughter. If you have any knowledge of how a professional lobby can control the actions of our government, you realize that "money talks and ******** walks!"

The pro-slaughter lobby has nearly limitless funds with which to ciruclate their MISinformation campaign! Grass-roots organizations such as Americans Against Horse Slaughter are totally unfunded and operate only through the dedication and hard work of their members...their ONLY agenda is the passage of S311/HR503, they have NO intention of taking on the slaughter of animals who ARE raised for food in this country!

Horses are not part of the American food chain - they are sport, pleasure and service animals. Blessings to Representative DeLauro and our entire (bipartisan) Congressional delegation for their efforts to end the disgusting slaughter of an American icon - THE HORSE!
Caroline Jaffe

United States

#26 May 15, 2008
Rep. De Lauro is to be COMMENDED, not criticized, for her position on the horse slaughter issue.

This dude Healy not only is dead wrong; he doesn't even have his underlying facts right. Anything to sling s**t at am obviously worthier opponent.

This quote of Healy is astounding:

One can only wonder why she is more concerned with horse slaughtering than protecting the health of Connecticut taxpayers who can only afford to eat horse meat," Healy complained.

Of course - the horse meat from our American horses is ONLY consumed by rich people in foreign countries, NONE by poor humans in the US or anywhere else. In the US horse meat is not approved/used for human consumption, period, whether by rich or poor people. It is not, as per Healy, consumed by people "who can only afford to eat horse meat" - abroad, where it IS consumed, it is sold and served as a HIGH-PRICED DELICACY, and high-end restaurants display signs such as "EAT AN AMERICAN CHAMPION."

We do not eat horses in the US and we do not breed horses as food animals. There are no longer any HS facilities operating within the United States. At this moment, the Senate version of the [freestanding] federal anti-slaughter and anti-export for slaughter bill, S 311, has 38 cosponsors plus the sponsor, Sen. Mary Landrieu; and the House version, HR 503, has 201 cosponsors in addition to sponsor Rep. Jan Schakowsky.

I urge everyone reading this to visit this website to find out what YOU can do to help bring the federal legislation to passage and end the insanity. and another great site is

Go Rosa, give em heck!

Caroline Jaffe in Hammond IN

Seattle, WA

#28 May 15, 2008
She deserves a medal!!
Mary Holomy

Paducah, KY

#29 May 15, 2008
I applaud Representative DeLauro for her support of the anti-slaughter position. Horses are not consumed by humans in this country. The meat is sold to the rich elite in Europe and Asia by foreign companies who want to operate in the United States. Do these companies even realize that the drugs administered to American horses make the meat unsafe for human consumption? I guess it doesn't matter, as long as they make thier money. The vast majority of Americans are against the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Further, why does Chairman Healy feel that support for animals diminishes a person's capability to support and care for human issues, too? Compassion is not exclusive to one species.

I respect and applaud Representative DeLauro and the other Representatives and Senators who have pledged their support to the Anti-Horse Slaughter Legislation.
Lucille Matte

Houston, TX

#30 May 15, 2008
"Chris Healy really seems to be having to stretch to find something to criticize the congresswoman about," she said. "The fact that Rosa won her last election with 76 percent of the vote shows that the district knows what a great job she is doing for them, the state and in fact the nation."

Chris Healy is obviously very uneducated about horse slaughter and it shows. Not only are both senators of the state of CT co-sponsors of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act Bill S 311, 4 out of the 5 Representatives of the state of CT are co-ponsors of the sister bill HR 503. This is an obvious reflection of what the state constituents want from their US Congress Members!

Americans do not eat horse meat and Americans should not pay the USDA (who can't seem to find the time to inspect the food we do eat) to inspect horse meat for consumption by the RICH overseas.

Horse slaughter is un-American cruel and barbaric. American's want it stopped and it is quite obvious that the constituents of the state of Connecticut want it stopped.

No matter where you live in America call your legislators and ask if they are cosponsors of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act if they are please thank them if not ask them to become one as soon as possible.

Happy job hunting Healy maybe you should start looking in Belgium.

Sending this to my family members in CT to make sure they have nothing to do with you.


Scenery Hill, PA

#32 May 15, 2008
Rep Rosa Delauro is the best, she knows what she is talking about and what the people need.

Chris Healy, will never get my vote and should mind his own business. You must be all about the dollar.

Rep Rosa, you have my full support, you are a lady that GET It and know what life is all about. I thank you!
I support DeLauro

El Paso, TX

#33 May 15, 2008
I support Rep. Rosa DeLauro. She is out for the people's own interests as well as for horses that are tortured to their deaths in Mexico and Candada, where they are stabbed in the spine and skinned with their hearts still beating. She's not like many politicians who are out for themselves abusing their athority and don't care at who's expense and as long as they don't get the long end of the stick.-Cynthia Santovena
A Real American

El Paso, TX

#34 May 15, 2008
There's no way you can yourself a real American if you support the killing of our icons. Rather than an American you are a sadist. DeLauro gets my vote, greedy politicians don't. I don't deal with the devil.
FG-New York

Schenectady, NY

#35 May 15, 2008
To Mr. Chris then why don't you eat your cat and dog, too? First of all, horse meat is not eaten in Connecticut, or the rest of the U.S.; it is shipped overseas. Horses could be retired, adopted out, there are many rescue groups across the country, or, humanely euthanized. Slaughterhouses do not equal "humane euthanasia." Check out some of the videos, and see just how brutal and cruel they are. THANK GOD for compassionate, evolved, and well-informed people like Rosa DeLauro. You could learn from her....
Nona VanDAmme

Oakland, CA

#36 May 15, 2008
Chris Healy should get his facts straight before opening his mouth. Would someone enlighten him to the fact horse meat happens to be quite expensive. How about sending him on a one way trip to San Berneby Slaughter house?
On that note Connecticut is fortunate to have DeLauro,
but just consider the source on the horse meat remark from Healy. Sounds like he's out to lunch most of the time.
Dana Hobika

United States

#37 May 15, 2008
This is an excellent example of why I am so proud to be a Democrat. Congresswoman DeLauro works for her state, the people she represents - and the helpless animals who have no voice or votes. She knows you do not destroy others to improve life. With Chris Healy's remarks, I have the sense the Republicans think one must make a dollar however they can, regardless of the ethical and moral consequences. (Look at their approach to our environment). I can hardly wait for Congresswoman DeLauro to run for a national office so I can vote for her.


#38 May 15, 2008
I find it interseting that the Republicans are criticizing Rep. DeLauro when their own Presidential Candidate John McCain is a co-sponsor of the legislation to end horse slaughter and the inhumane transportation to slaughter in Mexico and Canada. So much for the Republican compassionate conservatism!

Schaumburg, IL

#39 May 15, 2008
I too find it interesting that Healy is criticizing Rep. DeLauro when their own presidential candidate, John McCain co-sponsored S. 311 LONG before Obama or Clinton. Even more interesting is the fact that in 2000, Healy managed Senator McCain's Republican primary victory in Connecticut. Hmmm...I think I'll send a copy of this article to the McCain campaign team. I have not yet chosen a candidate to vote for yet but crap like this could sway my vote.
Judy Manchester CT

United States

#40 May 15, 2008
It is quite apparent Chris Healy has not read anything related to the bill that would permanently ban the export & slaughter of America's horses. If he had, he would know only the rich abroad eat horse meat and he would know the brutality behind horse slaughter. Time to read up, Chris, before speaking out on an issue Rosa DeLauro has studied & staunchly supports as do the majority of Americans!!!

Sandy Hook, CT

#41 May 15, 2008
if there are people in the us eating horse meat, then there should be a law with funding to inspect the meat to keep people safe.
plane and simple.

Sandy Hook, CT

#42 May 15, 2008
Ann wrote:
I find it interseting that the Republicans are criticizing Rep. DeLauro when their own Presidential Candidate John McCain is a co-sponsor of the legislation to end horse slaughter and the inhumane transportation to slaughter in Mexico and Canada. So much for the Republican compassionate conservatism!
Ann, get smart. Co-sponsoring a bill to end horse slaughter IS compassionate.

Albuquerque, NM

#43 May 15, 2008
Chris Healy is guilty of ignorance. He needs to read all of the facts before making an inane attack. He is obviously completely out of touch in regards to this issue. READ, Chris, READ.
Carol Young

Ellicott City, MD

#44 May 15, 2008
Thank you Rep. Rosa DeLauro for representing the majority view Connecticut residents. Over 70% of AMericans oppose the slaughter of horses for human consumption overseas. Chris Healy appears to be ill informed and way off base with his attack. I encourage him to educate himself and research horse slaughter so he can have an opinion that can be valued instead of dismissed. Thanks again Rep. DeLauro. Keep up the goof work!!
Carol Young

Ellicott City, MD

#45 May 15, 2008
ooops meant to say GOOD work!!!

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