Rell Vetoes In-State Tuition Rates Fo...

Rell Vetoes In-State Tuition Rates For Illegal Immigrant Kids

There are 65 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Jun 26, 2007, titled Rell Vetoes In-State Tuition Rates For Illegal Immigrant Kids. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

M. Jodi Rell vetoed a bill today that would have extended favorable in-state college tuition rates at Connecticut colleges and universities to children of illegal immigrants.

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East Hartford, CT

#21 Jun 26, 2007
"Holiday", nothing is stopping YOU from picking up the tab to educate an illegal immigrant. Put up, or shut up!

Waterbury, CT

#22 Jun 26, 2007
Don't forget all the Diseases like TB and Parasites the illegals are bringing in. England has a Terrible Problem...We are a step behind in the Decline. watch the spread in the schools and on the streets. Castro still empties his jails. That is how some Gangs got here..Stop them NOW!

Bloomfield, CT

#23 Jun 26, 2007
Thank God she does have a shred of patriotism left,but apparently only a shred....

Newington, CT

#25 Jun 26, 2007
vanred wrote:
Govenor Rell does not get it and probably never will. US immigration policy is a mess.We need to help all immigrants improve themselves. What has made this nation great, ITS IMMINGRANTS !!!
She does get it. She is not willing to help ILLEGAL immigrants. She is willing to help LEGAL immigrants.
fed upII

Arlington, VT

#26 Jun 26, 2007
Great Job Governor. Enough is enough. people that are here legally have to pay. Why shouldn't illegals.

Again, great job governor!

United States

#27 Jun 26, 2007
This story is not accurate-- the bill wouldn't deny in-state tuition to -children- of illegal immigrants, but to illegal immigrants themselves. (If the students were here legally, they could get in-state rates like any other legal resident....)

Guilford, CT

#29 Jun 26, 2007
Way to go Governor Rell. Good to see that backbone still exists in this state.

Just one more favor: please veto the out-of-control budget. You know that Connecticut does not consistently generate the tax revenue necessary to support the level of spending in the proposed budget.

If you are looking for a legacy, please have your legacy be that of the thoughtful and fiscally prudent Governor and not the Governor responsible to the largest increase in state income taxes in history.

Guilford, CT

#31 Jun 26, 2007
If you recall, the illegal immigrants have staged one day strikes in the past to demonstrate their importance to the US.

I wonder how our elected representatives would react if the legal citizens staged a one day strike.

San Clemente, CA

#32 Jun 26, 2007
Hooray for Gov. Rell. Illegals get everything on taxpayers monies. We pay they seem to be the leading citizen in today's society.
Public Benefit

Aiken, SC

#33 Jun 26, 2007
In many ways it is short-sighted to prevent QUALIFIED students who have drive and motivation to pursue higher education from attending college, regardless of their immigration status. More state residents with college degrees will only advance innovation and help us all. As Ronald Reagan said, "A rising tide floats all boats."

This is not to say that some sort of mandatory public service might not be required of all of these individuals, but should we really hold these sons and daughters responsible for the sins of their parents?
history repeats

Branford, CT

#34 Jun 26, 2007
The city of Boston was an established home of anti-Irish feeling. This can be largely accredited to the large numbers of Irish immigrants that made their home in that city. By 1855, it was estimated that nearly a third of Boston’s population were foreign-born Irish – 50, 000 out of 160, 000. Boston was so Irish it was dubbed by one visitor as “the Dublin of America”. This caused a great deal of fear because people were afraid they would be overrun by Irish immigrants and they allowed political powers to be bred from it.
The Know Nothing party rose to prominence at the zenith of Boston’s anti-Irish feeling in the 1840s and 50s. The party was opposed to foreign immigration, especially Irish Catholics and believed that “Americans must rule America.” In 1854, four years after it was founded, the Know Nothings boasted over one million members and had elected eight governors, more than 100 congressmen, the mayors of Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia as well as thousands of lesser officials throughout the country. Two thirds of the voters in Massachusetts voted for Know Nothing candidates. Once in power, the party passed a series of laws aimed specifically at the Irish Catholic population of Massachusetts, including compulsory readings from the King James Bible (the Protestant bible) in public schools, disbanding Irish militia units and seizing their weapons in direct violation of their Constitutional rights, and deporting poor Irish back to Britain. 295 Irish were sent back to Liverpool for being a drain on the public treasury. The Know Nothings also sought to deprive Irish Catholics of their right to vote and hold office. The Know Nothing party’s popularity was lost as easily as it was gained when in 1854 the party’s candidate was defeated in the presidential election, signaling the end of its four year reign over American politics.
[none of the irish had documents when they arrived]


Since: Mar 07


#35 Jun 26, 2007
Holiday wrote:
There is nothing illegal about being a child who was forced to come here and now thanks to Jodi Rell will not get an education.
No, it's thanks to their PARENTS, who made a bad decision.
toni from w hart

Canterbury, CT

#36 Jun 26, 2007
Holiday wrote:
This is horrible for children who were FORCED to come to this country with no say in the matter.
Yes, I disagree with their parents for coming here illegally, however why should you blame these innocent children who now will get no education?
It's a shame. Rell needs to go.
the children suffer for the PARENT'S crime, it's foolish to believe we are responsible for every thing when the parent's broke the law. no one FORCED them to come here, if anything the parents need to be prosecuted for child endangerment, & the whole bunch get deported until they can figure out how to do it correctly. we are lacking common-sense, here.
Lee K

United States

#37 Jun 26, 2007
history repeats wrote:
The Know Nothing party’s popularity was lost as easily as it was gained when in 1854 the party’s candidate was defeated in the presidential election,
There was no Presidential election in 1854... They were held in 1852, 1856, 1860 (Lincoln, remember him?), etc.

Enfield, CT

#38 Jun 26, 2007
im a progressive and I actually agree with the govenor on this decision.

United States

#39 Jun 26, 2007
Rell has again shone her "leadership" in yet another matter. Jodi you really have become quite a disappointment. You lack courage.

For those here who think punishing kids, kids who have graduated from our public schools, shame on you.

For years the federal government has not enforced the laws, to the benefit of businesses and our economy. Now some have discovered that illegal is illegal, and want to enforce one aspect of the immigration law. God forbid we give a few crumbs from out table.

Berlin, CT

#40 Jun 26, 2007
Holiday wrote:
This is horrible for children who were FORCED to come to this country with no say in the matter.
Yes, I disagree with their parents for coming here illegally, however why should you blame these innocent children who now will get no education?
It's a shame. Rell needs to go.
How do they not get an education now. They can get an education and go to school. They just have to pay the same as everyone else that is not a legal resident of CT. Break the law and get a discount off of CT tax payers. Rell did the right thing here. The illegal's that came her did so knowing that they were breaking the law and not respecting out country. They knew there would be sacrafices and challenges living underground. They made that choice to skip to the front of the line and it should not be made easier while thousands of honest people are waiting years in other countries to come here.

Shelton, CT

#41 Jun 26, 2007
Thank you Rell, This gives meaning to the true citizens of Connecticut and all legal immigrants who came here rightfully.
Matt from CT

United States

#42 Jun 26, 2007
> why should you blame these
>innocent children
First, they're not children. Children don't go to college, with few exceptions they're over 18 and are legally adults.

Second, they're not innocent. We're talking about bonafide illegal aliens. That someone has placed you in a situation does not necessarily waive your responsibility as an adult (again, remember...children don't go to college, adults do) to step up to the plate and rectify it. That we would even consider giving discounted college education to their children further encourages parents to bring their children here.

>who now will get no education?
How's that?
They've already received, as children, through our public school system what is almost certainly a better education then most would have had in the nation they're citizens of.

We're not forbidding them from attending college -- we continue to wink and nod at their legal status. But just because we're tolerating their presence does not mean we owe them the same breaks as a legal resident.

2)@ History Repeats
The Irish were not undocumented. They were in an age when such documents were not required. They broke no law to come here.

Illegal aliens in the country today have, except for a few with honest mistakes on their visa status and such, deliberately violated the law of the land to get and/or stay here.

We're not talking about racial discrimination and disenfrachisement -- we're talking about deliberate decisions by adults to violate immigration law to be here or stay here. Actions, not birth.
history repeats

Branford, CT

#43 Jun 26, 2007
Know-Nothing Movement

Know-Nothing Movement, a nativist political movement in the United States in the 1850s. It was organized to oppose the great wave of immigrants who entered the United States after 1846. Know-Nothings claimed that the immigrants—who were principally Irish and Roman Catholic—threatened to destroy the American experiment. The Roman Catholic church, they charged, was subservient to a foreign prince (the pope), it was growing in power, and it potentially could exert political control over a large group of people. Such nativist sentiments had long existed among many Americans, but they had never before been expressed in such powerful form.

In several Northern states as early as the 1840s there were local nativist parties that drew support from the Democratic and Whig parties. By the early 1850s there was a trend to organize nationally against the presumed immigrant threat. The old parties, the nativists said, had not confronted the danger. The Democrats, it was charged, were supported by the aliens; the party needed their votes and catered to their whims. The Whigs appeared helpless before them.

Originally, nativist party members had worked through a number of secret societies, clandestinely throwing their support on election day—with powerful effect—to sympathetic candidates. Saying that they "knew nothing" about such activities, the nativists wreaked havoc with their votes in 1854 in the existing party system. They won sweeping victories at the state and congressional levels. They attracted many Northern Whigs to their point of view along with an important number of Democrats. Southern Whigs also joined because of growing sectional tensions caused by the reintroduction of the slavery issue into national politics in 1854. For a time it seemed as if the Know-Nothings (officially the American party) would be the main opposition party in the United States. Publicly backing Millard Fillmore as a presidential candidate in 1856, they won more than 21% of the popular vote and eight electoral votes.

The Know-Nothings wanted to use government power to preserve their vision of a particular kind of Anglo-Saxon Protestant society. Their state and national platforms demanded that immigration be limited, that politics be "purified" by limiting officeholding to native-born Americans, and that a 21-year wait be imposed before an immigrant could become a citizen and vote. They also sought to limit the sale of liquor, to restrict public-school teaching to Protestants, and to have the Protestant version of the Bible read daily in classrooms.

Despite their strength and appeal, the Know-Nothings were already in decline as a national party by 1856. Beset by differences over the slavery issue, many members joined the Republican party, which seemed sympathetic to much of their nativism and offered additional appeals on other important issues. Know-Nothing parties remained strong in a number of Northern states in the late 1850s, but the party was spent as a national force before the election of 1860.

The Know-Nothing movement illustrated two things: a persistent ethnoreligious hostility in American life that often intruded into politics and the potentiality for political disruption when existing parties fail to deal adequately with volatile social and political tensions. Although the movement quickly lost out to the Republicans, its ideas did not, and they formed one aspect of the Republican appeal for more than a generation to come.

Joel H. Silbey
Cornell University

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