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#92 May 17, 2008
Sorry for the duplicate post, because of the 4000 character limit, part of my post was lost. It got erased and then magically reappeared. Oh well.
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#93 May 17, 2008
I recall reading and hearing about some very strange in the news afew years back.
1) About 10 years ago, a state mental hospital was broken into here in California. A brainwave machine was stolen. Later, authorities said they believe a gang was responsible. But, they were puzzled - why would a street gang need a brainwave machine?
2) Not long after that, a few years perhaps (approx. 8 years ago), I read a story in the San Jose (California) Mercury news. This is what the story in the newspaper said from what I remember:
In San Jose, FBI agents were puzzled as to why an alarming number of people "hearing voices" were turning up at alarming rates at local county mental hospital.
After doing an undercover sting operation and investigations, the FBI and DEA agents discovered that a gang possibly affiliated with the Mexican Mafia(xiii) or Casa Nostra (xiv) in San Jose was targetting local tweakers.
The Feds arrested something like 13 gang members who were lacing methamphetamine with tiny radio-conductive crystals. These tweakers were turning up in psych wards saying they were hearing voices.
When the cops raided the gang houses they observed gang members talking into electromagnetic radio equipment (made with microwave ovens) and harassing the targets 24/7.
It didn't take long for the cops to put "2 and 2 together." These "targets" were the "TI's" who snorted the meth laced with the tiny radio conductive crystals. The gang was deliberately trying to make their targets go insane with V2S and EMH.
A similar case was also in the news in Los Angeles.
3) In some Central American country,(El Salvador perhaps - "la eme" headquarters), a story was in the news about strange "voices" being heard in the sky. Apparently, where the noises are coming from which sound like voices in the sky, is near a known cocaine cartel compound, or la eme perhaps.
The area is surrounded with barbed-wire, and no-one can get near it without getting shot. Not even the authorities (including American DEA, FBI, etc...) will go near the place. Some of the locals in that area know what is going on there and they stay away from the place as they are scared to death of it.
I'm just speculating about some of this. La eme or any gang may not be involved in this at all. But, it's a possibility.
I really think that it's really just a bunch of losers that are trying to make a quick buck as part of a mental hospital scam - like I said in my previous posts above.
Anyways, I recall that in my early days of being harassed, my perps really had me fooled. According to their street theatre that they playing on me, from one day to the next, I was either being investigated by the CIA or there was supposedly a contract on my lfe, for which I had to go to the FBI or CIA and tell them I had the mafia after me.
It was all nonsense! Once I began to just "blow off" these wild super-fantastic, outrageous street theatre skits they were playing on me, they quit with all the "FBI, CIA, mafia contract" crap.
Then, they just began haraasing me about other ordinary things - such as my job, etc... There strategy totally changed, once they realized the "gov't conspiarcy crap" wasn't working on me anymore!

Dayville, CT

#94 May 18, 2008
Each of us try to search for the 'why' especially as in 'why are we chosen' as TI's? So far all I can come up with is that it is a hate crime,such as those who hate anyone who is not their idea of 'right'

they hate ethnic minorities and all sorts of people, and th ethings they do are hate filled.

My family came up the hard way on both sides,and we all ended up middle class to wealthy Americans..the usual mother who stayed home to watch kidsa nd family members did not go a far in life as those who went to college,etc..but eaveryhthing I ahve tried to do in life has met with being thwarted.
I do not say htis out of self pity,but out of explanation..I have nothing i comparison to those members of my family who struggled less tahn I did, some are very prominent or their spouses are,and they did earn it,but no less I.

like most TI's .each tiem I try to aspire now or in the past ,to anything,it has met with failure in the end. The common law in America is that if you try hard enough,work hard enough,you make your place. but this sort of terrorism destroys all that sor of premise for us.

Enough has happend fo rme to look back,and to see each day's events, people cannot get new cars every day, so they are the same people ,what they do here,is take shifts, and whosever shift or day to persecute me is,they do it with a vengeance,and there are many of them.

and many I have helped along the way,with food,money,neighborly things,even saving one's life when shemet with a seizure in the parking lot..but they have no conscience and still keep stalking..harassing,playing mind games,interfering with everything I try to do.

The postal workers will go thru the mail,the manger will report me for one thing or another and i keep a very low it is 'orgnizes' to th enth degree.

I dont know all abou the new world order or why in the world they would care about a lot of average citizens..or even why the mafia would care about average people or low ncome people, why they would wan t to hurt us or bother with us in any way.and why whenever they do what they have to do,do not ever stop.

I think it is adddictive,a sport after whever other reasons there are..keeping bored people with no lives in here feeling like they have a goal or purpose or mission or that they are important.

ain my early married days, i had a shock when i discovered my husband and sister were having an affair,young,a nd not knowing how to ocnfront,I tried to kill myself,they had me put into a mental hospital for a month..wehnever things would happen in my life,however small, this 'history' of mine was more noted than the complaint i would bring to the dr.

so maybe it is open season on people with "pasts"? I jsut dont know,but i do knew e all have jsut this one lifejsut this one shot at it, and so I am jsut going to have to know and consider the source and still be glad I am me andnot them.

for all they do , for me,it is a better place to be. and try to kep composed and have a good sense of humor,knowing I do not have to leave my home in the middle of the night,or a ball game to get up and go chase someone lol.

thanks for all your sharing,and I hpe all TI's will get justice while alive and on this earth,God bless

Vancouver, WA

#95 May 18, 2008
check my new youtube vid. Lets help each other and kick some gangstalker fu%kin Ass!!!Mafia only respects the like. We need to band together.
&wa tch_response
Something to Consider

Livermore, CA

#96 May 18, 2008
Well Vinny that's a good idea. However, we must be smart about going about this. Otherwise, the gangstalkers will win.

More and more TI's have decided to take the "public awareness" campaign, in an attempt to inform the mainstream about gangstalking. But, 99.9999.....% of the time, their efforts are not only wasted, but the real results of their efforts just alienate the mainstream even more. Thus, it actually makes it harder on us in the long-run.

Take most of the videos that are on youtube for instance (exluding yours). Every single video on there is about someone describing their life as a victim. If you remove yourself from your own feelings and watch the videos "objectively," you will easily be able to see that not only are they unconvincing - they actually make us TI's look like a bunch of wackos to the mainstream.

If you don't believe me, look at some of the responses to the videos. You'll see things like: "Go to a mental hospital - you're crazy" and "You need to go see a psychiatrist - you need help" or "It's time to go take your meds now"

None of the videos ever prove anything. Some of them are vids. of a TI following somebody around with a video camera (assuming that they're folowing the perps). But, from a logical standpoint, all it looks like they're doing to the average joe is they (the TI) are crazy and literally following someone for no reason at all. Why? Because the videos don't prove anything!

I don't believe in the "gov't conspiracy theories" either. Those also alienate us from the mainstream. The average joe will laugh at the contents of these books, and regard them as far-fetched. In fact, if they are sold anywhere, you'll find them in the "science fiction" section of any bookstore - even Amazon.

Us TI's need to get organized all right, but we need to get the word out to all TI's about certain feeble efforts towards "public awareness" are huting our cause more than helping it. Right now, the mainstream equates electrmagnetic harassment and voice to skull with paranormal events, ghost, and aliens.

We need to move away from that stigmatism, in order to legitimize our cause. You follow me? When my schedule lightens up, I am going to start trying


#97 May 21, 2008
Hi,I`m back,from South Korea but I`m a foreigner;,everything above is true,just I
went outside my house to check my car and notice a patrol car. nothing to worry but how the stalk, when they saw me start moving slowly toward me,so I start moving toward them too, so they get sorprise and speed away,:I have mp3 audios and show to the police (undercover police)about 2 weeks before ,it clearly show how people stalk me(when my wife is not with me,she is korean)in the work ,in the street in the subway etc,but i made a mistake no to tell my wife her hearing problem,after he learn about my wife problem he said that the audios didn`t show any stalking and treat against me!!! I know korean language very well but just for check I show to a korean friend and he said that I `m rigth that the audio sho9w treats against me with people I don`t know,so after that I went to the principal office of the province(because in my area police I know they know each other ,and won`t help me)so after I complain with the lider, he call to the police in my area and question them why I`m not receiving help(after that my wife receive a call from the area police my home complainning why I did went to the principal office and don`t do it again!!!!?????really is weird, my only hope is God,; and for mae I just find my dog he was taken away about 2 hours from my house this person was walking my dog at 2 am and was spotted, thanks to my flyiers one kid call and we find our dog , rigth now he has a cold and very skinny (they took him for 10 days)tomorrow we will go to the veterinarian to check (we already did ,he receive 3 antiflu shots and medicine for one week but now he doesn`t eat)..about the goverment ,I think like in revelations said that some people will be persecute before Jesus come back..we are that people?..Idon`t know really but It is so.. WELCOME!!!because we will be living forever in HIS KINGDOM!!!!!!!!amen


#98 May 21, 2008
are we??


#99 May 22, 2008
any live chat to get in, please

Dayville, CT

#100 May 24, 2008
sat/eastern stand time 9pm and sun a prayer line at 7pm
freedom from covert harassment

every nite of the week a conference call is held look up the che
ck out the contact and conference call link
there is also an 800 number for help at any time 24/7

we cannot give phone numbers on this forum,so u will have to look up the site.

Busan, Korea

#102 Jun 2, 2008
victim wrote:
http://victimtellnet.wordpress .com
From my experience with gang stalking and covert governmnet , the tactics are pure sadism, designed 100% for the individual target. There is not much reason for me to live today, save for being an object of some project in psychological all with highly crafted games, cruel endeavors, etc. America is truly a fascist state, and least I say, I get pundished for exercising my 1st amendment right, and being honest:
I don`t know you, but I`m with you and we share the same living, but , I know is hard but try to find God He is our only help,my life is like hell but I think that God is preparing us for the future, When will come the persecution like said in revelations 12:12,: so our mind is so finite,so wait in the lord, may be he is preparing us to be liders in the future,, rigth now we are in testing periods...
Targeted Individual

Livermore, CA

#103 Jun 2, 2008
Why does the gov't get blamed first for everything? Just because people assume that the perps couldn't have accomplished their torture tactics on us without the help of the government, the government should be accused of all kinds of "covert" conspiracy theories? Theories of "psychological control" and "experimentation"?
Hahahaha! Just like there's aliens and ghosts, right?
Don't you get it? All of the government Cointelpro crap, covert crap, expermentation crap, etc, etc,...all of it was invented, and distributedand spread on the internet by the perps for us TI's to buy into. And we did. Hook, line and sinker!
While the real perps are still out there, getting away with torturing us, and all we ever do is "blame the government"! I doubt the government is responsible for our victimization.

United States

#104 Jun 6, 2008
I sometimes feel the government must have knowledge that GS is happening. The technology involved in keeping someone under constant survaillance is the same type used by FBI/CIA/NSA.Is this stuff available to the private sector? Having somebody under survaillace is usually accomplished without the target knowing it but these people want to torture you with mind games.I can see why some TIs feel their minds are being read by some kind of device. People become very paranoid and and scared and try to reason "how do these perps know where I am going or what I am doing". I kind of lean toward the revenge group paid for by big business or the rich elite.I still will not rule out at some point someone in government knows this is going on.
I take hotos of the perps whenever I can and keep a log book. The picture taking has kept the perps further away from me but the street threater in stores or restraunts still happens.I have tried to figure out why this is happening to me but I have found no clue tho the perps have tried to make me think it is my Xwife but that does not fly with me.I will keep writing my congress man and hope and pray for a break thru. As for all you low life perps FU!
Targeted Individual

Livermore, CA

#105 Jun 6, 2008
I think the gov't is aware of this stuff happening, but they don't care. Why should they? Not enough people with any real tangible evidence have came forward. Until then, the gov't will dismiss V2S and EMH as "paranormal phenomenon."

Us TI's will be lumped into the "UFO", "paranormal" looney tunes category by the mainstream.

Making claims without any tangilbe evidence about all kinds of "gov't conspiracy" theories only makes us TI's look like paranoid schizophrenics to the authorities and the mainstream.

We have to be smart about how we describe our situation. When you start talking about mind control experimentation and Cointel and other CIA/NSA/FBI conspiracy stuff to the averagr joe, they will lose complete interest in you and automatically dismiss you as just another "wacko" within the first 30 seconds of talking about being a TI. I would guess this to be the case about 99% of the time.

Non-targets (mainstream people) just don't believe in this stuff. Niether do 99.99% of any authorities, including law enforcement. They write it off as "paranoid delusions"

So, without tangible eveidence, us TI's are "shooting ourselfs in the foot" every time one of us complains that the "CIA is performing illegal mind control experiments on me" - or something similar to that. FBI,NSA, MK Ultra, V2S, EMH, the list goes on. You get my drift?

Dayville, CT

#106 Jun 7, 2008
I get your drift,as most TI's do, but what is the alternative?
Exposure of the perps,may not convince non ti's, but it does let the perpertrator know that he is being watched,too.And many non TI'S,including law enforcement DO believe us, and so the more we do speak out about it,the numbers of us alone who are violated, will beging to be understood by those too wary right now, that they too may become victims, the number of our victims,will show that it can happen to them whether they keep mim or not.
This is a test not only of us,but of our violators,though they are perps right now,one day, they will be victims,they are being used just like the famous psychological experiment years ago that tested how far a person would go in electocruting another hu man being.
Those who did the elctocruting,were the real part of the experiment,jsut as these 'useful idiots" as the Nazis called them,are used as experiments in seeing how much damage they can do to their fellowman. The point was in how much suffering THEY could tolerate giving another human being before they stopped doing it. And htey more they did it,and were told they could do it,the more of it they did do. And their every move was chronicled,not that of the vitim or his pain,but the levels of deviant saturation of the perp.
So exposure, as to any other criminal,sex/child molestor,embezzler,any crook you want to name, public humiliation /exposure is the only retribution we can legally give them, as they pride themselves on their covert/behind the scenes,sneaky activities as if they were some undercover cop.
Many do have police permission ,as in community policing, but as long as they do not have OUR permission,they will be sad to not e they are still not above the law.
n anohter TOpix this was seen in East haddam ,ct when a stepfather video voyeured his own step daughter,this guy was a firefighter,but he got 6 months, and a definition of vieo stalking included ANYONE, anytime,anywhere,who was watched in private life without their permission or knowledge,this was said by Judge Patrick Clifford when he sentenced the perp.
So because they know cops or think they are deputy dawgs or somehting,they are still not above the law in watching/staliking people in their lives without their permission.

Dayville, CT

#107 Jun 7, 2008
I f no one else in the world believes this is happening to us,they definitely do,and they only have each other for solace, and soon they will have to separate through death or whatever else life hands them and that part of what emboldens them,each other and the support they give one another,will unravel as our numbers increase.
Hopefully the numbers of the victims do not have to increase,jsut the numbers of those believe if this is happening to us,it could happen to them will soon be increasing,but not if we hide under feqar of being thought illegitimate or crazy.
Last week a man was run over on t he streets of Hartford while others watched,they were frozen into not being able to help,this is like what is happening to us; at some point,when it happens to them or theirs,they WILL act, and they will have jsut seen and heard too much to be paralyzed with fear anymore.
Until then,the fears we may have of being called crazy or insane is only a useful too to keep them in the mannner of criminal activity that they are accustomed,to keep our mouths shut,as they do when tey molest a child,telling them no one will believe them, and they will be be further damaged, but there is an end to everything,and this too shall pass, once enough people are aware,and laws are passed in support, or the laws we already have on the books are enforced against people who ahrass and violate their fellowman for fun and profit.
So let's not be intimidated into thinking these perps have more power than they have already usurped,they can only go as fast and as far as we do,they have no life but ours,so who has the real control over whom?
At least we are living our own lives,not following someone else around.
The only crazy person here is the one who is standing around waiting for a victim so his/her own life can have meaning.
Missouri Goes Hi Tech

Blue Springs, MO

#108 Jun 7, 2008

Phoenix, AZ

#109 Jun 8, 2008
The Hartford Hit and Run death of Angel Arce Torres recently in the news
&NR =1 to my eyes is strikingly similar to a typical vehicle gang-stalking maneuver gone bad. Also, the sudden appearance of a police vehicle on the scene moments after the incident is also consistant with the pattern of gang-stalking maneuvers I have observed in my own experience.
Please keep in mind that there is alot of propaganda promoted on the Web with the express purpose of shifting the focus away from government involvement in developing gang stalking routines (in military circles it is called Black Propaganda). The government (specifically military and covert law-enforcement) is the only organization with the funds, motivation and infrastructure to organize these routines on a national basis.
I was given an excellent suggestion that I have adopted when I am targeted by gang-stalkers in traffic. Since this is covert activity I do not think gang-stalkers are going to stop if they cause an accident. Therefore, I slow down and drive with my emergency flashers on. Since gang-stalkers have no regard for the safety of pedestrians and other drivers (they are using vehicles and the road as weapons in harassment campaigns) it is my obligation to in some small way make other drivers and pedestrians more cautious. It also forces the gang-stalkers to slow down as well. Perhaps that small act may save lives. I have already witnessed two accidents involving gang-stalkers tracking my vehicle.
Targeted Individual

Livermore, CA

#110 Jun 8, 2008
Bad Experiment said:
"The government (specifically military and covert law-enforcement) is the only organization with the funds, motivation and infrastructure to organize these routines on a national basis."

This is where too many TI's, including myself at first, are making an assumption. People assume that "it must be the government" This is a logical error. Why?

Because the real perps know that by fooling all of us TI's into believing the government is behind this whole "mind control torture campaign," we will never get anywhere.

The perps know that it will become like the gov't hiding facts about the Roswell incident. We all know the gov't will never admit to keeping information from the American people concerning the Roswell incident. The perps will have us all "accusing" the gov't of covertly conducting mind control torture on us, while the perps continue harrassing us.

This whole government conspiracy "covert experimentation" thing is all propaganda spread across the internet by the perps. I believe it was designed as a diversion tactic used by the perps to trick us into accusing the one and only source that could possibly help us: the government!

Although it may seem that only government has these type of resources, there are other culprits just as likely, if not more likely to be the perps.

14 years ago, I personally was warned that I would become a TI by someone I worked with, a year before I actually became one. This person, who warned me, was not connected to the government or law enforcement in any way. They were the type of person who was in and out of trouble WITH the law, if you know what I mean. They had connections to the underworld, and I don't mean CIA or black ops. or anything remotely connected to the government.

Get my drift?

Phoenix, AZ

#111 Jun 8, 2008
I wont argue .. except to make this observation. The government has admitted to over 10,000 cases of testing and experimenting with nuclear radiation on unsuspecting American citizens during the 20th century, including pregnant women and orphaned children. It admitted to considering detonating a nuclear device on the Navajo Nation in southwestern United States just to study the results. It has also admitted to the Tuskegee Study where it refused treatment to over 200 Black men for Syphilis just to observe the progression of the untreated disease. It has admitted to Cointelpro where it involuntarily tested hallucinatory drugs on citizens in hospitals and asylums. These tests were conducted by the Attorney General, Department of Health, Department of Energy, CIA ... and other government agencies often with the support of various research universities and military contractors.

The propaganda used to hide the origins of modern involuntary testing comes from classic "Black Propaganda" methods employed by the American military. The terms "Targeted Individual" and "Perps" often used in online discussions of these abuses are quasi-military vocabulary with origins in military / covert law enforcement.

With such well documented historical context, why is it hard to believe that involuntary testing of directed energy weapons and psychological warfare methods that include gang-stalking are not government sponsored initiatives?
Targeted Individual

Livermore, CA

#112 Jun 8, 2008
This was in the news about 10 years ago:
Drug dealing gangs in California have also been busted for using "voice to skull" on junkies.

The FBI raided a drug ring that was puting tiny radio-conductive crystals in methamphetamine and dealing it to "targetted tweakers."

After the targets unknowingly snorted this stuff, they were electromagnetically harassed 24/7 until they couldn't take it anymore and went insane. The gangs (perps) were using voice to skull on their targets with modified microwave ovens, that carried their voices to the victims.

The FBI conducted an undercover investigation and this is what they discovered to be the reason why more and more tweakers began to turn up in psych wards and complaining of "hearing voices"

It wasn't just bad batches of dope going around, like the FBI and DEA had originally thought.

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