Gang Stalking and psychological haras...
Eleanor White

Gore Bay, Canada

#10250 Nov 4, 2012
Well, targets, it looks as if tampa, who says he's a target, is exhausting himself trying to tell us that the report of an eye witness, who infiltrated OS groups, is of no use to us.

(I find that very unusual for a "target," don't you?)

And I guess I have to give up trying to get tampa to tell us what targets can post here. So I guess I'll just blunder on, not knowing what is OK to post and what isn't.

Oh well ... I tried.

Eleanor White

Silver Springs, FL

#10251 Nov 4, 2012
Here's your blackwater pedophile you FAUX AND STUPID HO

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince

New disturbing charges have emerged against XE, the infamous private security firm formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide, whose operations came under spotlight after its 2007 carnage in Baghdad.
According to a report by MSNBC and based on alleged sworn declarations by two Blackwater employees in federal court, the firm used child prostitutes at its compound in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone.
The declarations added Iraqi minors got involve in sexual acts with Blackwater members in exchange for one dollar and Erik Prince, the firm's owner, "failed to stop the ongoing use of prostitutes, including child prostitutes, by his men."
Based on other statements, the firm was involved in another sex scandal; "Prince's North Carolina operations had an ongoing wife-swapping and sex ring, which was participated in by many of Mr. Prince's top executives."

The two employees also alleged that Prince "views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe," The Nation reported.

Prince also allegedly forced health professionals to endorse the redeployment of those Blackwater members who had been mental problems, such as excessive drinking and drug abuse.

Other charges against the firm include arms smuggling, money laundering and tax evasion.

The criminal activities of the firm first came under scrutiny after a group of the firm's members who were tasked to guard US diplomats in Iraq opened fire on civilians in Baghdad on September 2007, killing 17 people.

According to federal contract data obtained by The Nation, the Obama administration has recently extended a contract with Blackwater for more than $20 million for "security services" in Iraq.

Since: Jul 12

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#10252 Nov 4, 2012
tampa wrote:
That was a search for any D lawsons or any lawsons using the middle name beginning with a D and "ANY" first name.
I did these searches long ago. I also asked THE SPOOK about them. Very hedged answer. Someone or some friend or someone had tried to find him. LOL.
Sounds like fat ass andy and eleanor's new spook friend have a little professional expertise. DAMNED LITTLE.
How is fat andy doing????
I note his big fat idea of using the gay guys to stalk me is not working out that great.
He has managed to lose his own BAR license and is on thirty years felony probation.
As part of his outcome.
When I visited the Publix corporate office I sat down in a chair (for no apparent reason except for a "wait there" ...) and the chair was treated with a heavy gas or toxin. Immediately I felt sleepy and light-headed. So I got up and moved. In Florida many people have been found dead in their chairs including some outspoken celebrities.
The math is not hard.
If Publix is openly employing murderers they have really lost ALL morals.
PUBLIX made no further attempts on my life that I know of but on the other hand I do not sit down there anymore.
This is the same substance they used to use in my car.
This is the same substance (applied to the car which was driven less than a block back and forth) that caused my family member to be taken to the hospital as an apparent heart attack but then they cleverly killed my family member. Then another. Then another.
And ...
the same family of people also arson'd her home and this one. AND followed my family member into FM's job to be promoted as the boss.
AND next time or some visit to corporate afterwards there was a big screamfest on the part of the insane bitch who runs the front desk. I was video-taping so I (as always) remained calm. And I had a witness. They're fucked.
It's awesome.
Please, keep the evidence coming. And by "evidence," I mean evidence against yourself.

Since: Jul 12

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#10253 Nov 4, 2012
Eleanor White wrote:
Well, targets, it looks as if tampa, who says he's a target, is exhausting himself trying to tell us that the report of an eye witness, who infiltrated OS groups, is of no use to us.
(I find that very unusual for a "target," don't you?)
And I guess I have to give up trying to get tampa to tell us what targets can post here. So I guess I'll just blunder on, not knowing what is OK to post and what isn't.
Oh well ... I tried.
Eleanor White
I don't know why you're asking his "permission" anyway. This is a public forum, not his personal blog.

Since: Jul 12

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#10254 Nov 4, 2012
tampa wrote:
I am far too empathic to put myself in close proximity to evil.
You are the least empathetic person I've ever read on these forums, as demonstrated by your constant sexist put-downs of Eleanor White. You obviously care about no one but yourself.

United States

#10255 Nov 4, 2012
So folks if you're keeping track today we've hooked David Swanson up to Blackwater and it appears to Tampa.

TACTIC 28: Overlook (read) everything.

It's OK if he can't spell.

It's OK if he shares office space with Blackwater

It's OK if he lied about P.I.
It's OK that you people are stupid

It's OK that he lied about being licensed

It's OK that his oddly named organization, scramblingnews morphed to a push ad thing.(CHEAP and stupid)

Blackwater is going to be found to have taken these domestic contracts against American citizens.

Some of Blackater will evntually garner the death penalty. There is no avoiding that. They have already admitted to murder !!!!

I was honestly surprised but shouldn't have been that Lawson led a trail of poop back to Blackwater.

The same thing happens to Howard Jenkins all the time too. Poop all up and down his driveway

Moore Haven, FL

#10256 Nov 4, 2012
IT has evidence Lawson is an eyewitness like IT has evidence that Lawson's a PI.

FIRST HE WAS (Licensed)

No. They fucked up. LOL
Proof exists

Finally they admitted it didn't matter (read okay you're right, he's a phantom)

But that's OK IT can still trust him. LOL

Because he tells a good story we're selling.

Oh, my bad .. his IP leads back to Blackwater??

THEN: Tactic 29.. you're so mean.(me, I'm so mean for doing the research IT means)

So therefore Tactic 30, it's OK if we lie and lie and are faux lying asswipes. YOU ARE MEAN so we can LIE.


Folks: I'll just copy paste Eleanor White is a fraud now and then because I won't be reading ITs shit anymore Review the last five pages of posts and you'll see.

David Lawson fell off the ELEANOR WHITE FAUX HO train today. Theyre both phantoms and they've moved to ghost town with hitler's limp dick. Sucking it all the way.

Moore Haven, FL

#10257 Nov 4, 2012
I think of their converations and laughter. Because unlike myself with my easy smile and joy in simple things they get all wet over meanness and disarray. Human misery s the market.

So I know they also listen to the endless video and your phone I know I have a listener for sure. Every now and then be sure to let them know how you feel.

This is how I feel. Maybe you laugh and replay the scene of me being stuck when you damaged my car battery in your mind and it makes yer lil wienies hard.

Maybe you took video while I worked on my car searched for my pets you kidnapped and etc.

I don't care if they have video of me fucking and sucking, don't care if I was hot or not.

I don't care if they've released it to their highest club.

So basically I'm all that, you feel free to documetn things for your later pleasure.

I got lots of you too. Lots. Lots.

And, although I have 100s and 100s of you licking dick and kissing boot and shaking in your shits over some dork nose idiot boss of yours, one things I'll say is you'l never have a video of me licking dick and kissing ass.

Some of us puckerup so much more easily than others.
Eleanor White

Gore Bay, Canada

#10258 Nov 4, 2012
NoLiars wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't know why you're asking his "permission" anyway. This is a public forum, not his personal blog.
("Tongue-in-cheek!" I was simply curious to see what kind of "rules" tampa would set up.)

Mostly, I'm just amazed, flabbergasted, gobsmacked, at how much nonsense one dude can crank out!

Eleanor White

United States

#10260 Nov 4, 2012
Awwww, November is Anti Stalking and Support of Targeted Individuals Month. You'd think those big old activists would KNOW THAT.

Instead they have the spooks out trying to push more lies and mistruth.

THIS FAUX HO has been responsible for keeping a lot of us from communicating.

United States

#10261 Nov 4, 2012
Eleanor White

Gore Bay, Canada

#10262 Nov 4, 2012
To the targets on this forum: If one of us wanted to "keeping a lot of us from communicating," how would one do that? I don't see how that is possible.

I suppose one way to *try* might be to fill up an un-moderated message board with pages and pages and pages of filibuster-like material, though. Hm?

Eleanor White

United States

#10263 Nov 4, 2012

RSS Text Size Print Share This Home / news / local / Publix grand opening first part of Northside Mall redevelopment


&#65279;&#65279;Shoppe rs enjoy the new Publix that opened at Northside Mall on Wednesday morning.

By: Greg Phillips | Dothan Eagle
Published: May 25, 2011 Updated: May 25, 2011 - 6:38 PM
» 0 Comments | Post a Comment
Dothan’s third Publix grocery store officially opened Wednesday, renewing interest in a once-vibrant commercial area of the city.

The new Publix is the centerpiece of a new shopping area filling the space once occupied by the Northside Mall.

According to the project’s developers, more retail stores will open near Publix soon, taking advantage of the increased attention brought by the grocery store.

“There will be more stores coming in and leasing the shops adjacent to Publix, and Panera Bread is opening in a couple weeks up front,” said Nick Whitehead, real estate counsel for Blackwater Management Group, the leasing company in charge of the shopping center.“We’ve signed two leases and are working with some other national tenants as well. Chill Yogurt has signed, and Nail Boutique and Spa also signed.”

Opened in 1972, Northside Mall was a two-story shopping complex that was the shopping center of the Circle City for more than a decade.

The area behind Publix, Books-A-Million and the new Hobby Lobby is also being considered in Blackwater Management’s plans.

“We are looking to develop office and flex space on the rear of the shopping center, and we will be proceeding with those plans in the next several months,” Whitehead said.“We’re excited about the redevelopment. That mall has been there a long time. I grew up going to that mall.”

Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce President Matt Parker also has fond memories of Northside Mall.

“I moved here in the late ’80s, and I remember actually eating at the restaurant in the downstairs portion of the mall,” Parker said.“They had a fitness center and swimming pool there. Troy University did a lot of its continuing education classes there. I even got my real estate license training there.”

Parker said the redevelopment plans will allow the complex to be a vibrant shopping destination once again.

“I think it breathes more life into the area,” he said.“It’s kind of a transition and redevelopment project taking place in one of Dothan’s old mainstays that really has a lot of ramifications in our area. It helps Wiregrass Commons Mall and also the enhancement of the theaters there. A lot of times you see developments like that get abandoned, and communities don’t redevelop those areas.”

As for Publix customers, they appeared to enjoy the opening as much as Parker and Whitehead.

“I think it’s fantastic, for real,” said Donald Hallmon.“It’s set up nice, they had just about anything you could ask for, and the customer service is awesome. They’re eager to help if you need some help looking for anything. No doubt, this is a great location, too. I believe it’ll draw a lot more business back to this area.”

Katherine Oliver said the store has already inspired envy in her family.

“I have a niece who lives in Mobile, and she’s so upset because they don’t have a Publix there,” Oliver said.“I’m sure I’ll be doing more shopping here. I’m proud to have it.”

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Tampa, FL

#10264 Nov 4, 2012
Isn't that nice how publix is able to take advantage of the disadvantaged?????????? And the abandoned real estate where targets used to live.
Eleanor White

Gore Bay, Canada

#10265 Nov 4, 2012
Somebody has set tampa on "auto" ...

Dade City, FL

#10266 Nov 4, 2012
Please review page 476 thru probably the current page.

This poster, Eleanor White is a fraud.

Don't be fooled by it.

The person it uses to chock up its site

is David Lawson. Lawson is also a fraud.

Lawson appears to be involved with Blackwater.

google and go from there.

That's LAWSON or should I say "Lawson" - now.

Eleanor White runs many different websites and

has threatened my family and myself at least three times.

Currently it has dove back into the picture in hopes of seeding

more threats towards my family.

DAVID LAWSON does not exist.'


United States

#10267 Nov 5, 2012
That's funny PUBLIX !!!! We had a wiregrass community spring up here in Pasco Cty. WIREGRASS. And PUBLIX was the anchor there after the area was previously protected.

Newberry, FL

#10268 Nov 5, 2012
Driving directions to Glen Falls 3D2D

This route has tolls.- more info »

Valley Cottage, NY

1. Head south on Fulle Dr toward Hannah Ln
0.5 mi
2. Turn left onto Old Mill Rd
0.7 mi
3. Turn left onto Snake Hill Rd
0.7 mi
4. Turn left onto N Palisades Center Dr/Snake Hill Rd
361 ft
5. Take the ramp onto I-87 N
Partial toll road
25.4 mi
6. Slight right onto I-87
1.2 mi
7. Merge onto I-87 N
Toll road
55.5 mi
8. Take exit 20 for NY-32 toward Saugerties
Toll road
0.4 mi
9. Turn left onto NY-212 W/NY-32 N
0.3 mi
10. Turn right onto NY-32 N
6.0 mi
11. Turn right to stay on NY-32 N
5.1 mi
12. Turn left onto Hearts Content Rd
3.0 mi
13. Turn left onto Winter Clove Rd
0.4 mi

Glen Falls



United States

#10269 Nov 5, 2012

Moore Haven, FL

#10270 Nov 5, 2012
very apt description.

Propaganda bullshit.

They have a LOT invested in the Lawson persona so that's a BIG TAKE DOWN.

Congratulations TO ME. LOL !!!!!!!!!!

Won't it be fun when we trace all that back to a glen falls fireman??????????

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