Gang Stalking and psychological haras...
Ken Williams

Welland, Canada

#9684 Apr 7, 2012
Here everyone, this should help if your targeted.
Are you a targeted individual? Can't figure out how gangstalkers know everything about you? Do your friends and family suddenly appear "in on it"? This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it. Chemtrails, mind control and a BioAPI for you and your family. Open your eyes.

This clip is 100% REAL.

Higganum, CT

#9686 Apr 8, 2012
Brigid wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow the depths of your delusional insanity are quite amazing. Of course it is not just the medical and pharaceutical industries conspiring against you...but the whole government, educational system, law enforcement system etc. Seriously you are mad. How very sad for you and your family.
Hope it happens to you.

United States

#9687 Apr 9, 2012
RobertG8735 wrote:
<quoted text>
Revising my last post:
WPD DID call the death a homicide.
I didn't doubt the suicide claim, either. I know the police. Only because I own valuable property. I guess if I lived in CA by now I'd have been shot to death in my foyer or raised up the flagpole as a child molester both of which threats have clumsily been lodged at me anyway. I put NOTHING past police who are almost one hundred percent corrupted. SAD and DANGEROUS.

United States

#9688 Apr 9, 2012
Dick wrote:
<quoted text>
Hope it happens to you.
If they only knew.

Actually THEY DO KNOW. This is why they churn so hard and fast....

just prayin it won't BE THEM.

They'd crumble in a thrice.

Like little girlymen. And the wimps they ARE.

I think they sense the ride is almost over. Almost cashed in.

Like DHL they're going to try to pack it up quietly and leave like GWB did.

I don't intend on letting them.

I want them in prison. I want them in fucking prison.

United States

#9689 Apr 9, 2012
I want them to kill each other IN PRISON.

This type vermin is worse than anything else.

I have come to believe this crime is worse than rape.

And some women still remember when rape was something that "did not" happen.

I pity the "victims" who passed before me. I wish I could put them all behind my shield.

I am shielded now like teflon coating from these m'fers.

I don't know what changed so I MUST CONJECTURE that it was my own head.

I don't look at it the same now.

Please try my advice any of you .... the way OUT is through your own mind.

You have to rise above it. I know that's easier said than done.

United States

#9690 Apr 9, 2012
Near as I can figure in my own case this was a group of 'at-the-ready' pigs headed up by an insane nutbag named karen garcia and her pack she is unbelievably a prison counsellor I heard, no doubt building her own army of nutbags. At any rate, they stood ready to commit these type activities and then spent time actively looking for victims, choosing victims from a list for other reasons or "testing" people until they finally managed to set one up. In Karen's case that would be jealousy. It is getting close to time, folks.
Guess Who

Santa Barbara, CA

#9693 Apr 10, 2012
I'm sorry your son committed suicide. I'm sorry for all the people going thru all this gangstalking and bullying and abuse. This needs to stop. We have to keep calling attention to this and exposing it. Post it everywhere. Tell everyone. Spread the word about it all over. Every chance you get.
stalked in tampa

United States

#9694 Apr 11, 2012
While most of what rafael marrero says is probably true it's interesting the timing of THAT NAME popping up in accordance with the illegal realtor in Tampa involved with the Bank of America rampant property theft supported by cops and lawyers.

As well, there have been Rafael Marreros murdered here in Tampa in drug houses.
stalked in tampa

United States

#9695 Apr 11, 2012
The Rafael Marreros also trace back to the same murdering and philandering property thieves from Colombia, Puerto Rico and just plain white trash.
stalked in tampa

United States

#9696 Apr 11, 2012
Interesting that Old Eleanor White disappears again but the hits from CA just keep coming.

None of that information from rafael is new or even unusual info.

So, there you have it.

Fuck off, Marrero, Raul Tampa FLORIDA THIEF. You're a has-been loser participating with a bunch of biker fiends in order to enrich your bald ass corrupt disgusing self.

When you die I want to be your last thought on your death bed.

United States

#9697 Apr 11, 2012
stalked in tampa wrote:
Interesting that Old Eleanor White disappears again but the hits from CA just keep coming.
None of that information from rafael is new or even unusual info.
So, there you have it.
Fuck off, Marrero, Raul Tampa FLORIDA THIEF. You're a has-been loser participating with a bunch of biker fiends in order to enrich your bald ass corrupt disgusing self.
When you die I want to be your last thought on your death bed.

New Orleans, LA

#9698 Apr 11, 2012
Any Imdividuals care to list some of the stalking methods their using on you?
stalked in tampa

United States

#9699 Apr 11, 2012
I won't but not because I'm unfriendly. I pick and choose what I will accept as cues. It's how you win. Or live better. LOL.

Let them know what you notice if you like.
None of what they do really bothers me that much anymore. Something just changed here recently and I shook it off. Mind over matter. I just do what I want. Most of the times I video them. They've gotten used to it. One has ramped it up (as they are running out of time) and actually jumping in her car with me as I leave almost every time. I find this hilarious. I know she doesn't realize how many crimes she is committing as they don't expect a comeuppance.

HOWEVER, in my case now I have found all the direct ties to one of just several people and so I do not pay any attention to these groundwork people but to the air people. The ones who really fuck with my time and money. I'm getting THEM for sure with some legal action they will regret. The others can wait.

It's like an investment you see. If you see little return in pursuing a thread collect only enough of the specimen to prove the case and move on. Keeping your time investment to a minimum. This does not allow time for anything other than documenting, finding out names if you have time and are able (easy) and track em down like they did you and your family to make yourself aware.

Pretty soon what happens is it's the same names over and over and over ... and then you no longer have a "nameless" "faceless" crime. You have EVERYTHING. You have means, motive, names, opportunity. You have it all. This is why these peopel are doing this to me, this is who they are, this is how they are related, etc...

BUT, I only spend time on THAT and the REAL FISH. When I get a car with a guy I know is a big player I concentrate and focus on him and I've gotten good at it. I also focus on their connections to the major corporations in Florida and nationally where they have us and I collect the evidence against THEM. Because this then becomes federal and interstate crimes. So in the end they can choose to go to jail or turn state's evidence but CHOOSE THEY WILL.
They tried to pose this as how I can't snitch out their drug-dealing asses so BE VEWY AFWAID. F THAT. If they're too stupid to hide their drugs when they come for them, that's THEIR problem.

But the thing is, brush off that friggin street riff raff and instead pay attention to their associations with "up the ladder" types. With your power co. cellphone, any providers and etc...

These ones who pose as riffraff are just carnies playing a part sometimes, they live like lords on the weekend.

Don't waste time if you dno't have an end game there.

If I pursue something and then see it going south or it goes to more than the time I want to spend I move on. Lately they've been bad on the interstate.
Also, I know that two major players from early on have fallen DEAD. There's a reason for one but the other .. if it's the same kind of reason .. there could be something HUGE there and I know what it is.

It's money funding some terrorist shit in some third world country and THAT IS THE TRUTH.
I mean these guys D I S A P P E A R E D.

I was seeing them CONSTANTLY FOR YEARS.

The other guy is a bigger connection but now he has his mayor in office ... I don't know. I DO KNOW they are sneaks.

Anyway, I don't waste time on all of that street stuff. Just point a camera at them and move on. I do absolutely NOT interact with them at all but I WILL do spur of the moment probes when I see an opportunity.


Be proud. You are chosen.

United States

#9704 Apr 16, 2012
Please post something that may help in solving these murderous torture please.

Presidential Committee hearing of May 2011.

Many thousands may be affected, this is one of the testimony.


DR. WAGNER: Thank you. Ms. Sandra Fields.
SANDRA FIELDS: In a way Iím very sorry to address you like this because I think that what youíre doing is admirable, but Iím here to represent this other group, and I am also targeted and this is my story. My name is Sandra Fields. Iím an architect, recipient of Whoís Who of Women in America achievement award and have run a successful business for over 28 years. My life and livelihood have been compromised for the last 11 years by being attacked by electro-magnetic radiation torture, and by organized stalking. I cannot live in my rent stabilized apartment in New York City as a result of this torture. Iím currently staying in motels and friendsí houses in the last year. Thousands of Americans are currently suffering from chemical, electro-magnetic, psychological and physical torture with no government relief or laws. Our servicemen, prisoners, and thousands of unknowing innocent civilians are currently being lamed, tormented and tortured as a result of military research, medical research, pharmaceutical research, physiological and psychological studies that have virtually destroyed participantsí sanity, physical well-being, reputation and privacy. Government projects like MK Ultra and Cointell Pro are rumored to be active today with no update with updated forms of surveillance and torture and technologies. In 2010 Morrison and Foerster won the right to proceed with a case against the CIA, Department of Defense and the U.S. Army for veteransí development of multiple diseases and ailments tied to a secret testing program in which the United States military personnel were deliberately exposed to chemical and biological weapons and other toxins without informed consent. Sleep deprivation, poisoning and high frequency doses of continuous microwave pulses are inclined to increase oneís chances for mental disorders, autism, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer and Alzheimerís disease. The bodyís immune system is broken down, their nervous system and the brain and the spinal cord are attacked and maimed. There are no laws to prevent electro-magnetic except in Maine. The Federal Government does not acknowledge these crimes. There is no literature, educational resources of assistance for victims. I would like to ask this Committee to consider an investigation into these unethical violations and a task force be created for educational and to help people who are in trouble of these situations, and Iíd be honored to be help in this thing. Thank you very.

ninja 777

Suwon, Korea

#9706 Apr 19, 2012
well, i`m in south korea, being harrased every day, since 2006, the point is , i complain to the police but not to help, since i discover this country hate foreigner at all, the hermitage kindom was called centuries ago , yesterday a tead a article about the goverment , said that ``we koreans no treat well at foreigners``, thats true , if i calla the police about un incidente agaist me they just said will investigate nothing else :why ? because tis is a country like nazi n hitler , tehy don`t mix wit other tokeep the pure breed like the nazis, they believe that they are well above everybody in the world, becusae they r ``pure`` n their thinkin`, but south korea in the 60`s was so poor worst the filipines or indonesia, n the US save then y give then no only the freedom but put in a status like others country envy, but they don`t care now , tehy r so selfish, i don`t nokn whe they will realize thta they r the numer 1 in teh world like they said always, i wish come a earthkuake to this country so to let down such selfich n ignorance....i`m under a lot fr racist n slander i complain to the police no to avail , i`m thinking to bring a bbc or cnn but unvercover y recordirg how i`m get harrasement in the work , restaurant , mi house etc, but my lema is NEVER GIVE UP!. koreans r the number 1 en suciedes 28 porcent
they kill more then anybody in the world,ecturer about south korea , said:this is a country of HERD MENTALITY, its true ,,only in korea

Bradenton, FL

#9707 Apr 19, 2012
DaTruth wrote:
Hello boys and girls, can you take the truth.
Full story at :
The CIA Mind Control Doctors: From Harvard to Guantanamo
by Colin A. Ross
Psychiatrist, Author,
The CIA Doctors, Military Mind Control
and Project Bluebird
September 3, 2009
My book, The CIA Doctors,[i] is based on 15,000 pages of documents I received from the CIA through the Freedom of Information Act and dozens of papers published in medical journals. These papers report the results of research funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Department of the Army, the Office of Naval Research and the CIA. From 1950 to 1972, the CIA funded TOP SECRET research at many leading universities including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Johns Hopkins and Stanford. There was a series of CIA mind control programs including BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, MKSEARCH and MKNAOMI.
MKULTRA and related programs had several over-lapping purposes. One was to purchase mind control drugs from suppliers. Another was to form relationships with researchers who might later be used as consultants at the TOP SECRET level. The core purpose of these programs was to learn how to enhance interrogations, erase and insert memories, and create and run Manchurian Candidates. All of this is described clearly and explicitly in the declassified CIA documents, which provide a glimpse into the tip of the iceberg of CIA and military mind control.
The CIA mind control experiments were interwoven with radiation, chemical and biological weapons experiments conducted on children, comatose patients, pregnant women, the general population and other unwitting groups who had no idea they were subjects in secret experiments. Radiation, bacteria and funguses were released over urban areas. A large cloud of radiation was released over Spokane during OPERATION GREEN RUN; plutonium was injected into a comatose patient in Boston by Dr. William Sweet, a member of the Harvard brain electrode team; plutonium was placed in the cereal of mentally handicapped children at the Fernald School in New England; 751 pregnant women were injected with plutonium at Vanderbilt University; the bacteria serratia maracens was released into the air in San Francisco, resulting in a series of infections and plutonium was injected into an amputee at the University of Rochester. All these experiments were conducted without any informed consent or meaningful follow-up. Hallucinogens, marijuana, amphetamines and other drugs were administered to imprisoned narcotic addicts in Lexington, Kentucky, terminal cancer patients at Georgetown University Hospital, hospitalized sex offenders at Ionia State Hospital in Michigan and johns picked by prostitutes hired by the CIA in San Francisco and New York.
..........In 1963 , LBJ colluded with jacob rubenstein , james angleton and numerous mossad operatives to kill JFK .......... and cover it up with the corrupt WARREN COMMISSION and the LIKUD KKK .

Lawton, OK

#9708 Apr 19, 2012

hi sorry for your trouble, i to am bothered by gang stalkers. i find it interesting that you believe that your fan is involved,i myself has discovered that a fan i use every night seems to pick up voices, music etc. resently i've been hearing things that are less pleasent. most noted"i will make you crazy". they may or may not...i wish there was something i coulod say or do but, i'm at a loss. by the way you may have a tracking devise on your vehicle or cell you must know they are following you? man this stinks...cwt

Denver, CO

#9709 Apr 21, 2012
There are are many aspects of gang stalking

Denver, CO

#9710 Apr 21, 2012
Harbinger wrote:
There are are many aspects of gang stalking
Wassup real TI"s need not reply. Are real TI's tired of complaining so much that now perps are copying and pasting old TI testimonials? IF THE HEAD IS SICK THE BODY WILL FOLLOW. NOBODY CARES ABOUT TI'S MAN HAS GOTTEN TECHNOLOGY AND INSTEAD OF LEARNING TO MAKE A BETTER WORLD WITH IT..THEY USE IT FOR PURE EXPLOITATION BY EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE. We all get one chance to choose light over darkness. Choose wisely. When we die there is no turning back without Christ. Off subject: Every NDE that is sincere has mentioned Christ pulling them out of Hell or Meeting them in heaven. Believe whatever you want to, but every knee shall bow and every tounge shall confess Jesus Christ is Lord. BACK TO TOPIC: No one is trying to stop this because they want this..This has many branches of development. Many tiers of execution. This is wanted gang stalking and electronic harassment. Many different finger dipping into it"s pie getting what it can. The best option is forgive them, pray for them. WHY? This teaches us to love at all cost even our own body and mind. THEY tried to reach my heart :D The Holy Spirit was a blazing Fire in me. Praise God he forgives whom he chooses! Someone like me. Christ is the only escape dying is out your last being nice, smiling despite the pain. Stop wasting time withdrawing yourself from ppl, being scared they are peeps. BE yourself again. With Christ as savior when we die we will either sleep or Me Christ in paradise or the gates. They say the people in hell have no joy other than hurting people? Is this a foreshadowing of their eternity or is it our suffering that is the foreshadowing of their future? God only knows.
stalked by idiots

United States

#9712 Apr 21, 2012
Too true. I will not however be nice to pigs.

I reserve no energy for them ...

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