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Bexhill, UK

#8849 Nov 16, 2011
By the way the people who were leaving rthe various litter, in most cases were proved to be Roman Catholics

Bexhill, UK

#8850 Nov 16, 2011
Sorry about the duplication - including the typo !

Hollywood, FL

#8851 Nov 16, 2011
tampa wrote:
TodaY I mentioned to the scum from Publix how they had shut our power off for no reason. Publix board member in common with TECO board member all sinister backgrounds by the way.
I went over the top and. IN YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS.
Tonight at precisely 8:50 pm they found the puerto rican crazy gangster Humberto Delgado Good riddance to REALLY BAD RUBBISH. burn in hell, oba.
tampa wrote:
TodaY I mentioned to the scum from Publix how they had shut our power offthe electric here shut in error other than one other time, maybe twice. IN YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS.
Tonight at precisely 8:50 pm they found the puerto rican crazy gangster Humberto Delgado GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY on all four counts concerning the hit and Mike roberts, tampa police dept ... going full circle to faT ellen beausejour whose daughter is teh SAIC employee and who claimed to have heard Roberts (unconscious then shot)and other speakers from THREE BLOCKS AWAY.
Glad they found that M'FER GUILTY. And they rid us of filthy dirty Oba THE PIG Chandler. I don't believe in the death penalty but would have happily tied the brick to Old Oba's neck as someone tossed him into the bay.
Good riddance to REALLY BAD RUBBISH. burn in hell, oba.
Boy, I really was tired when I posted this. We have a sick puppy. Very exhausting on top of all else. It was exactly 8:58 turning 8;59 when the lights went out here. VERY SHARP AND SUDDEN... as I started to say above, that has not happened but twice before in the decades this house has been in our family. Once was for a long time and everyone's were out (except the meth house next door which is "on a different circuit" as I've heard alluded to before ... seems a target is always at the end of a circuit)

THEN at nine o'clock (just before so probably exactly the time the electricity went off) DELGADO was found guilty of murdering this fine officer. Officer Roberts had just requested and then transferred to the hit and run squad (Ray this should resonate with you, many MANY hit and runs have flourished in Tampa ... I mean they will run ANYONE over, please google Tampa pedestrian and bicycle deaths, they have plowed down prominent research clincial doctors at USF which I found especially ominous, teachers have run down teachers again that was very odd, a "doctor" ran over a scion of a long time political family who was always in the same place at the same time every day ..(three of these including an FBI agent and a Secret Service agent were near the very same location at the Irish Republican Army bar four green fields whose wife did insert herself in my life) You can no longer find the account of the FBI agent online. I stumbled across it one night doing research and hope and believe I retained a copy as it has gone the way of the Internet wind. These are but four of LITERALLY HUNDREDS.

A HUGE INCREASE since these gangs sprang to near ultimate power in 2004 or so ... and especially in the last two years. Murder Inc. on wheels. Even if caught they do VERY LITTLE TIME and sometimes if they are artful actresses (as the doctor was who by the way was THE THIRD by four green fields) they don't even get probation, and if they are MEDIA related, they just walk away..... to kill again another day. I believe it's part of their duties.

Hollywood, FL

#8852 Nov 16, 2011
So, for me, a citizen, albeit with heightened senses due to this shit .. it was obvious because of the things I had observed and just the sheer number of them and who was being murdered. It would not have taken Roberts long to ferret out the facts and find something similar. A smart and good officer where the others were not going anywhere and now still aren't two years later. THEN he had just transferred to the area I refer to when I speak of the number of meth houses and stalkers and the woman with the SAIC daughter, who by the way, served as a witness despite the fact she was nowhere in the vicinity she claimed to have heard it FROM HER HOME. No way. So he was murdered by his own for three or four reasons. I've heard another officer opine that Roberts also "knew too much"...
so, I found it VERY VERY interesting that the moment they were finding him guilty as the gangsters tried VERY HARD to get him an insanity finding our power went off especially in light of the fact I had written publix about it earlier that day.
Oh, I quake from the POWER. This is all to let me know how helpless I am.
So I didn't quite finish this post, had and still have the puppy curled up near my elbow ... very tiring and depressing. I don't want to lose our puppy. I think she is turning the corner.
At any rate, I have pretty much openly accused them of murdering their own as they DID. Too many officers have been found to be protecting these drug houses, ignoring crime, refusing to file reports and taking the side of the drug dealers and/or using the scumbags for witnesses.
Everything except for my own communication with Publix and the power outage is available through google research. I imagine I can get data concerning the power outage though, because I have written them one other time and been appraised of the exact incidents I refer to.
As well, that also confirmed that the Fireman's nephew or one of the swine so acquainted because he got fat and unable to nimbly hope fences ... was shutting off our electricity for hours every day while we were gone. Our electric bill never dropped however but food was ruined and ice cream melted, etc...
Ray, please google what I am saying about the hit and runs. You will see that I post only my impressions, my experiences and facts that I also use in my summaries.
I don't think anyone could make this stuff up. LOL
BTW, I don't (again) care if any of you read this,that's fine with me. For me this is a conversation TO THE WORLD and to a specific group of individuals as I have stated MANY MANY times. I have my own agenda here.
It's also easily available that Brina was NOT BLACK last time she appeared here and anything else I've ever said about what anyone here related. When all else fails they always turn to an attack. True I'm not here to email others, I have my own agenda. In my experience emailing strangers is a wide open door to more harassment. Makes common sense but I've repeated that many many times.

Hollywood, FL

#8853 Nov 16, 2011
I don't view this venue as a support system but an outlet for information and an opportunity to publicize events, names, facts and the truth as I experience personally.
I hope and believe everyone who comes here has an agenda of their own in this same fashion. I do like the exchange of information but only use what rings true to me.
Roberts, in my opinion, would have been a strong factor in turning this unlawful situation around. Who knows if I would have ever heard of him had not a gang member beat him unconcsious and then (former police officer, HOW CONVENIENT) reached under his vest to shoot him under his arm after he was already out cold in the street. Then when they interviewed people who had been involved in stalking me I KNEW it was a murder an out and out hit. Then other things happened. But he'd have been out there fixing things and finding these hit and run murderers OR AT LEAST putting together the pattern just as I did. He'd have known a drug house when he saw one. I actually emailed TPD and asked them what type training their officers had in spotting drug houses and dealers. None apparently. I got their whole training manual. Didn't see a word in it.
Compared to near constant sightings of them before, the police are back to avoiding me except for their overhead helicopter. The firemen are also schizophrenic but if we are outside working they are near constant wearing a groove in the road.

Hollywood, FL

#8854 Nov 16, 2011
Ray wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes. We have 'Housing Associations' and 'Drug addict placement services'. They have connections with various kinds of gangstalking. More about that later.
But first I need to find time to replace the item that has disappeared.
Yes, these are likely what I refer to most especially if they are "conglomerations" of various churches all ganged up to "help" others. Herein they ALSO build their army of homeless people who are truly helpless and beaten down and will do anything (at times but not all of them certainly) to shelter themselves and family perhaps.
As well, all the ministers ARE CORRUPT. I know three personally who were huge players back in the day. At first I thought it hilarious when I found they were preachers (NO WAY THESE GUYS CHANGED THEIR SPOTS) and THEN I realized it was all part of the picture. This is how it's so obvious this was a plan set in motion near world wide. Creating addicts was one of the first steps.

Hollywood, FL

#8855 Nov 16, 2011
Ray wrote:
Not alone - you are still not alone.
I don't know Tampa very well - nor you come to that, however it is true that sites like this are used for various reasons to collect information from others who have 'done the work'.
Maybe someone is doing a 'PhD'- a qualification that used to have meaning but no longer does.
I have seen it elsewhere than the Internet. For example, I have seen it in night clubs where lots of awlays-female research assistants with little clip-boards make little ticks and crosses while 'doctoring' information; and in-so-doing distract people from having a good time there.
Not only THAT but those "females" are collecting bits of information to then be used as does the internet when you are answering "secret questions" to access your different mail services. Here we have "survey" takers in the malls. Since you can find no subject they are pursuing I view that also as an informationg gathering tool.
In this way they can MIRROR a subject.(Oh, ME TOO)(OH, I LOVE THAT) Or even bring it up: For instance to say to a young person .. I love peanut butter and celery... it creates a bonding when the young person says, OH ME TOO... and then a few more "things in common" and friendship (albeit false) is off and running. A hallmark of a "perp" is to try to fast establish a friendship, they're too stupid, impatient or otherwise instructed to lie back and be really effective. I've watched it MANY times.

Hollywood, FL

#8856 Nov 16, 2011
Ray wrote:
By the way the people who were leaving rthe various litter, in most cases were proved to be Roman Catholics
As I've said before ... I have traced many of these swine back to Catholic schools where I also attended and graduated with honors. And Jesuit High School which is also a Catholic school. Just recently the major catholic school here changed "leadership" to a very odd priest association out of Ireland.(IRA ROOTS??? unknown) What I DO know is a great number of murders are rooted in that school As I've said before, OVER FIFTEEN FROM MY GRADUATING CLASS. That is a HUGE NUMBER especially at our age of folks to be dead from a small class

I've said (also many times) that I didn't really live around here. This was my family's home and while I visited I lived elsewhere.... so these people around here are known to me but mainly because they have never left, only spread, are related undercover by blood, and one of my family members knew some of them well and still does.(that remains privileged information as therein lies a lot of proof of what has transpired besides the documentary evidence) THEIR CHILDREN are now perpetrating many of the crimes.

I then lived here full time after my Mother passed away and then over a year ago moved and then came back to finish up some work on this house and have been here much longer than expected. As well, I do not interact in any way whatsoever with these people other than to document them and be harassed by them and also to have a one way conversation with them while I am working in my yard, I just talk loud enough for them as they do FOR US.
However, due to the little tiny minds this neighborhood has bred (inbreds they truly really ARE inbreds not an insult) who conjecture, gossip and whose parents have known OF ME since the days I drove back to visit and lived here briefly years ago) they all know who I am and that I am harmless.
It's all about the property.
And since some here have failed to notice I am somewhat empathic (this is not empathetic for the under-read amongst the readers here) and I am if I must say so myself: brilliant. Every job I have ever had requires me to stay one step ahead of others. Each experience in life has trained me and brought me to this. As well, I have friends who have the same perverse loyalty to me in thick of the whole cake they are baking. Had I known while I was still talking to them, I would have tried to make them see the sickness of what they are doing.

So, this is my way of being the kid at the end of the hall ... not saying much in life ever but now holding up the mirror so they can see EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE and what they have turned in to in their pursuit for control and their imagined riches. If all they wanted was money they have achieved that. THEY WANT CONTROL. That is never fed ... always hungry.

I will not be controlled.

So, all this I have said many times and grow tired of repeating it. As well, mentioned before I would not be doing so. It is a waste of the small precious time I have to spend on this public airing.

And, AGAIN FOR THE SLOW SEATS: the only ones who can know what EFFECT I HAVE besides myself is THOSE WHOM IT IS AIMED AT. So, why not copy that to a notepad and refer to it?? Because no one could actually BE that stupid to read over and over again my agenda here which does not concern you yet attack attack attack.

Again, I won't be wasting any more time on that. It's obvious bullshit and personally it means little to me who believes what. I know what I am doing and it had benefitted me greatly to post here.
Please find what works for you and go to town with it.

Hollywood, FL

#8857 Nov 16, 2011
is above should be ARE. SO GLAD that post showed up. I was going to have to retype it in brief.

Ray, just for the record ... I wouldn't dream of asking anyone to choose sides. I should say "choose sides".

You must recognize those postings yourself for the ploy they are to do such. She posts everywhere all over the internet you can find her. THIS is it for me. I post here to call attention to some and they know who they are. It's been very beneficial for me.

So, please don't waste YOUR OWN precious time trying to sort out an argument that does not exist which some phantom is trying to create.

There is no argument.. these type posters as you may know attempt to create an "it's all about me" atmosphere where any thread goes to hell as some nonsensical argument arises.... I won't address this further but it might do you some enlightenment to muggle about on the internet and find its other postings.

So, I don't intend to engage in any arguing and have noticed it is constantly on attack now. Prior it tried to get me to email it around twenty times and then started putting my user name in (tampa) when it posted. I overlooked all that and politely and then emphatically said I would not be emailing it. So it began to become strident.

Of course, you must use this thread for your own purpose. I am not advising or anything of the sort, just stating what I know and what has been posted. It took a turn when I mentioned PUBLIX and it said, "my good friend works at publix in tampa but she is not part of this" and I replied in brief directly to it, "she is either a victim or a perpetrator or will BE a victim, there is no middle ground at PUBLIX" and then it went apeshit with the attacks.

Prior to that it was "retired leo in st pete" and teh masonic family members while it was "just a christian" THEN if you take the time to read back you also see where it was posting with different style typing trying to pretend someone had followed it in here and then made the mistake of using that same typing under its own name in a reply. It's very obvious but also time-consuming which is why I relate it to you as I have been reading it for a couple of months now.

I swear this is THE LAST I say on this subject. I've shut it down. I was going to before but gave it more rope and then it hung itself but good.

This is not a support group. It's a page on the internet for people to post to the world at large. If others have information to share I am interested in I gather it. If they ask questions I can or desire to answer I will.
If not, I can go on posting here with no interaction ad infinitum. It's my sole agenda ... to get the word out and to embarrass the little piece of shit who attempted to ruin my life and hasn't given up yet despite all signs to the contrary of it working.

BETSY.. btw, HOW is that working out for you???? LOL. you and pam with the same hairdo even now. LOL !!!!

King high school: Alma mater of many many many scumbaga here in tampa florida. Including our corrupt state attorney, MARK OBER and his stakling second who is now the state's atty general after her stalking ME and my family .. Pam Bondi.

THIS is what happens when good people sit back and let the STUPID ASSES RUN THINGS.

If I have time this week I'm going to be doing a little JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA EXPOSE', Kathy. How's taht for you?

Hollywood, FL

#8858 Nov 16, 2011
Several points which should be considered when assessing a "personality" but I'll only address two or three which have bearing in immediacy.

a. does it visit "shoulds" on the situation?:

for example, ANY TI SHOULD NEED and should be grateful for friends

b. does it opine a certain way it believes and state that's the way it "IS"

for example, this is supposed to be a support system for TIs.

c. other factors and things which don't add up as well as accusations and attacks

These are also signs of typical abusive personalities which attempt to control and force their views on others and as well, MANIPULATE others. Having been acquainted with a few abusive personalities when any traits are exhibited I spot them quickly.

These idiots keep thinking I'm at the point I am ready for "friends". Not on YOUR LIFE fuckfaces, I haven't even BEGUN to not need friends never mind developed the NEED for any.

So stick it in your faux "holy" places you good little parochial school boys and you KING HIGH crooks and murderers.

Oh, the blessings I tried to overlook due to being allegedly located in the bible belt but I have learned from long observance of these nasty thugs here and their jesus tags and their big crosses and fake "it's all for jesus" stuff while they are obvious HOODS, that the blessings are often sinister.

So, while I don't make any accusations, the obvious signs of an abusive personality ARE definitely present along with all other items I have noted. Just the constant attacking is to attempt to make me "stay away". It is just the latest in a long line such of those who concentrate on me and advise me.

If I needed friends I would not be looking on the internet for them. Just sayin ...

Hollywood, FL

#8859 Nov 16, 2011
the tampa fire pigs and police are BACK AT IT AGAIN.

Along with the new ploy. Everyone on the edge of the neighborhood does their best to stop me, wave me down and/or tap on my window or harass me in some way any time I drive down any street.

Today it was the electrician's tenant who is also the fireman's brother. Meth lab meet seller.
Oh, plus their visitor left. and 43 is NOT the level of the fed employee but refers to the TYPE of vehicle.... learned that through research today. Although I dobut it stopped them much that is perhaps why they had been laying low. NOT ANY MORE. He is gone. they are at it again...

Hollywood, FL

#8861 Nov 16, 2011
just found THREE MORE electricians back in that neighborhood.




There was another one VOLT electric maybe KINSMAN or that's what his tag said.

He was most definitely over friendly.

Hollywood, FL

#8862 Nov 16, 2011
AND as it turns out the OCCUPY movements are FOR REAL. I went down and talked to ours the other night. They are the coolest people. Stretched out asleep on the edge of the sidewalk. Their one lousy table they'er allowed to have and some have tablets. There are attorneys (REAL ONES) doctors you name it ... they are RIGHT MINDED PEOPLE. Start an occupy movement in your town, that should be popular.

Hastings, UK

#8864 Nov 16, 2011
That was a huge 'stream of consciousness', Tampa.
It takes time to sort it out. By the way I don't 'take sides'

Anyway I think we have made progress so far with establishing the use of two psychogenic materials by perps.
One was deisel and the other was cat-pee. Then earlier I mentioned CS-gas as an anti-rape spray, but it wasn't confrimed in use in USA by you (pl.). That is available for over-the-counter purchase on continental Europe, but is illegal in UK. The penalty for possession here is as great as possessing an unlicensed firearm in UK.

However perps get their CS gas from the continent on day-trips.

Hastings, UK

#8865 Nov 16, 2011
In the lost message I also mentioned the RC thugs (when I lived in the North of UK) who harassed me (by stalking and verbal abuse and if they could by pushing me around). I identified them and reported them. I was persuaded not to report the matter to the police by a legal-beaver. I take it there was a vigilante operation against the thugs, because very soon after my reporting them. I saw one of them with a broken leg and assumed he had met with a large fast-moving combined harvester on a country road. I had no sympathy because they had been harassing me unjustifiablky for about 6 years

Hastings, UK

#8866 Nov 16, 2011
There is no doubt from evidence that the morally bankrupt thugs or their organisers pursued me by proxy elsewhere afterwards. The circum,stances indicate that I was followed from pillar to post and every now and again they would make this obvious to me by comment or adverse action.

Hastings, UK

#8867 Nov 16, 2011
The fact in the past I was cut off at a pedestrian at road ends was witnessed by others (friends), but I would like to prove it happened more objectively than that. Europe has been monitoring movement of traffic in European cities for decades by satellite imaging.
It should therefore be possible to consult video footage - knowing date time and location. Unsurprisingly the UK governemnt is trying to have these archives destroyed to conceal what has been going on. That evidence would uncover the truth of the fact, for example that I alone was harassed on a daily basis - over and over again - and I quite sure many other people were/are as well.

Hollywood, FL

#8868 Nov 16, 2011
Ray wrote:
The fact in the past I was cut off at a pedestrian at road ends was witnessed by others (friends), but I would like to prove it happened more objectively than that. Europe has been monitoring movement of traffic in European cities for decades by satellite imaging.
It should therefore be possible to consult video footage - knowing date time and location. Unsurprisingly the UK governemnt is trying to have these archives destroyed to conceal what has been going on. That evidence would uncover the truth of the fact, for example that I alone was harassed on a daily basis - over and over again - and I quite sure many other people were/are as well.
Actually as to the cat urine smell: That is just one stage of what it goes through. The stink of cat pee and it's thick in the air (the spray or chemical) then it goes to itchy form and then it is almost undetectable but you will feel it effect your eyes and lungs.(the longer I sit in my car and let the air clear these stages present themselves in re.) Almost every day outside it is just the rage stuff and whatever the firemen load up. I think some try to put this off to electronic weaponry. Uncertain.
Sides: was just telling you what I've read here not sure how far back you've read.
CS gas: intriguing..... I have had those canisters but when we decided to use it one day to see what it did, it did not work. LOL. So, I would like now to try it again.
Cameras: There was an interesting case in MY where citizens were suing for access to the cam footage that was recording their every move. YES, that would be GREAT for you. I don't know how the case came out and a quick search did not turn it up to show you. I have a friend I can ask, a writer who was covering it. I know here we have VERY RECENTLY had a system of cams installed here, there and on the interstate. Interestingly they even moved PORTABLE ONES IN. BUT just to let whomever is really watching know if you go all the way to one street or exit the interstate at the new exit... it's pretty obvious as there's not other reason for it I can conjecture. Once a sheriff and a dumptruck participated in trying to run me off the interstate or wreck into the truck and so I asked for the camera footage to prove they lay in wait for me. Needless to say THAT never happened again (every sword cuts both ways) and the sheriff person "had no idea" "how" or "who" could access those tapes. LOL !!! But the warning bell was rung anyway, that was just mean, stupid and dangerous. The sheriff deputy just pulled off to the side and watched.

Hollywood, FL

#8869 Nov 16, 2011
At any rate, I would study your camera laws via google and any laws which govern the cameras in your area. It should be easier than it sounds.
I know they also have conveniently NOT been "operating" for unknown reasons when apparently they picked up the wrong person on camera (as in an untouchable) who murdered a young family on the interstate. No doubt a trafficking deal. The mother died as if on the run clutching her two babies.... but then on the other hand she likely decide to load her car up with dope or lost someone's money.... but once the tapes were viewed suddenly the cams weren't turned on for the turnpike that night. Right. So what I have done before is be a little tricky about stuff. Maybe pretend something is missing so you can see how to go about getting a copy. Here it would be a subpoena duces tetum. To the person who is responsible for cataloguing the tapes to produce those items for a court case.
Other access would be different. As my Grandpa used to say: they've got you coming and going. BUT I know where there is a will there is a way.
Oh, also I was running a little experiment. I know it irritates them that I laugh at their dumb stupid moronic asses and also take their photos. They change up sometimes but I won't mention how. ANYWAY, the person who has been unsuccessful at spoiling things and stealing from me reads here and so since I typed that the camera took all the stress away (it helps but it's more mind over matter, I am very strong-willed) the neighborhood and area chant of weirdos attempting to stop me or too long to relate otherwise interfere with me it's been pictures pictures, camera camera.
The idiot now is attempting (just figured it out) to make me set teh camera down (numerous stabs at this over the years) so therefore I will become stressed and crack. LOL. Along with the power being shut off, my cellphone was shut off today. NO REASON. Took me an hour to get it turned back on. I just laugh. I also hae sunglasses with a built in cam. LOL !!! You should get a pair. They are not that expensive. Then you could discreetly gather your own proof. You can NOT see the camera at all. You could even wear them propped on your head but for your sreet blocking purposes you'd need the action.
So, this is why I am suspicious when someone comes here asking for methods we use to "cope" or deal .... because they think they can pick up hints and tidbits. I screw with them instead or outright lie. They are still working a theory where I said I would be leaving my house to a first born grandchild. LOL !!!! BUT WHOSE GRANDCHILD??? Better yet NOT A WORD OF IT WAS TRUE. LOL !!!
On a more sinister note, I mentioned once long back that my binlaw was an FEEB ... and found out a few years later they had killed my sister's ex husband (explosion he worked on gas wells for years entered a pipe one day and that was a bad end, I liked him my sister said he wsa an ass I honestly thought he was an OK guy but did not know him well)

Hollywood, FL

#8870 Nov 16, 2011
So, even though it's a terrible thing these stupid ASS PEOPLE killed the wrong person and I never let them live it down. EVER.
And desperate animal criminals. I relate my experiences honestly but I will lie outrageously when asked questions by people I am suspicious of just to see what then happens since that time. IDIOTS !!!!
There was a young guy here barely eighteen with the big gang boss told him to look for the person in black and kill them. Everyone was wearing black.... he just killed. People are going to pay for this one way or another. They're just too stupid to see how they gave their lives away Ray.
If I can help you access the cams I will. I will help you determine the law if there is any involving them if you need. It's my area. I can't give legal advice but I can help you.
There is also the internation court of human rights (different name it's referred to as) and they DO help because they have been approached to arrest cheney and bush ...http://www.atlanticfreepres al-criminal-court-complaint-fi led-against-bush-cheney-rumsfe ld-tenet-rice-and-gonzales-int ernational-arrest-warrants-req uested.html
I would like to get a few of these perps before the hague. It's a definite human rights issue. Proof is good. WITNESSES are GOOD. Affidavits from those witnesses are better WITH testimony. If you're serious you could always draw up affidavits and have them signed and witnessed.

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