Gang Stalking and psychological haras...

Santa Clara, CA

#6194 Aug 26, 2010
pss wrote:
Targ, I was talking about the movie "The Informers". Sorry to hear about your situation. I know how it is not to be believed, but I also know that many people do know about it who tell me they don't.
I wish it was all in my head, and who knows maybe it is. I don't care anymore about that. I do not get the voices or EM assaults. I don't doubt that those things happen, but they don't happen to me.
I hope all goes well for you and congrats on getting your Bachelor's Degree. I am afraid to go back to school myself, even though I want to. The reason is that I know other students will be used to harass me on campus and in the classroom, just like they do to me at work and everywhere I go.
They may fake some kind of situation on campus and have the school counselor talk to me and require a mental health evaluation. This seems to be what was done to the Virginia Tech shooter. I'm not going to be railroaded by a school into being diagnosed with something I don't have over an event that didn't happen, for a reason that has nothing to do with anything that happened on campus, when I'm paying for classes and have done nothing wrong at or during my time attending the school. Sorry. Not paying for that.
I will return to school when this is OVER.
I advise U to stabilize your finances, and buckle up for a hard ride. We have been dealt a horrible hand in cards rigged for us to lose. You have to finesse every sucess you can glean with prayer and intellect. U don't have time to wait for this to be OVER. I don't have time to wait either time is ticking and we get ONE Life then the Judgement. Through the pain life to the fullest owe that to Urself.
stupid aZZ

Lakeland, FL

#6195 Aug 26, 2010
For the idiot on here who always says the GOVERMENT is not involved. Somehow said idiot fails to disconnect LEO to the government although they all pick up the same STATE/FEDERAL paychecks w/the same eagle or city medallion on them. What the problem is with that dufus is that he needs to perhaps refine his definition of government which is oooh not just the president. Loser.
NOW they admit they have the fukkking beam and they admit and intend to use it on prisoners.
government insider

Lakeland, FL

#6196 Aug 26, 2010
the fbi IS involved. As are the top LEO in every state. They're too stupid to see the direction they are moving. Lots of them are related.

Olanta, PA

#6197 Aug 26, 2010
What is LEO? I'm curious.

Also, we don't have to round em up for the FEMA camps, the people will do that for us. See, this is meant to come out. Think about it. Civilization flourishes when the people feel good about the government and their rights. Times of oppression are used to bring about change, they are not ever permanent states of being for a society.

That means that these gangstalkers are being set up as the new bad guys, just like the Nazi's were. The reason is that to change the world, the elite's enemies must be made to commit atrocities. Their enemies are religions and modern nationalists. So they fund faith based groups and local community groups to go after supposed pedophiles, and then let them know that they will look the other way if they do whatever they do to the target.

Knowing they are free from responsibility, they of course go overboard. Then when the crimes reach a peak level, it will all come out, which gives them the excuse they need to ban religion and put people of faith in Fema camps.

Like I said, it's sad, but I won't cry as I'm still trying to figure out how they are going to give me my last 15 years back.

It's just a theory, I could be wrong.
David Copperfield

Toledo, OH

#6198 Aug 26, 2010
Ok....gonna let u in on a little secret. The trick is to get u to completely concern yourself with the ridiculously infantile things that are happening around you. Once that happens, you are screwed. Welcome to prison! See ya in 25 years....

Olanta, PA

#6199 Aug 27, 2010
Why 25 years? Does it end then?

I figured out Leo is Law Enforcement Officer. Ok, so why then are they breaking so many laws against me?

Why did it start before I did anything wrong? Why am I being punished to such an absurd degree and prevented from getting therapy for my issues?

Who the hell do these people think they are?

Seriously, anyone can go to the public records database and find people who's case got dismissed and assume they are guilty for whatever crime and just decide to punish them themselves. The public is allowed to do that now? WTF?

Are you kidding me?

How about people who commit crimes against me? I KNOW they are guilty, so can I just ruin their life until I decide they are no longer a threat to society?

Like I said, they belong in prison for this. Every single one of em.

And that doesn't mean that I'm not sorry for the things I've done wrong. This logical fallacy that either I think I deserved it all or I'm not sorry is absurd on it's face and only an imbecile would think it made sense.

For example, if a guy steals a loaf of bread from a store and get away with it, and you know-or think you know-that he did it, and so you chop off his arms with a chainsaw-is he not sorry because he complained that you went overboard? You kidding me? They really can't see how their overreaction deserves to be pointed out? Are they really that dumb?
CT lady

Providence, RI

#6200 Aug 27, 2010
to David- "ridiculously infantile things happening to us" you say. How about multiple attempts at murder?

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes or pisses off someone in a position of power.(Many journalists who are whistleblowers are targeted.) That does not make it right to try to kill and maim and destroy peoples' lives.

In essence- if you do a crime you should do the time. Once your time is over you have paid your debt to society. Gangstalkers enjoy neverending punishment.
CT lady

Providence, RI

#6201 Aug 27, 2010
Look what I found on Alex Jones' site:

The Government’s New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS

August 25, 2010

"Government agents can sneak onto your property in the middle of the night, put a GPS device on the bottom of your car and keep track of everywhere you go. This doesn’t violate your Fourth Amendment rights, because you do not have any reasonable expectation of privacy in your own driveway – and no reasonable expectation that the government isn’t tracking your movements.

That is the bizarre – and scary – rule that now applies in California and eight other Western states. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which covers this vast jurisdiction, recently decided the government can monitor you in this way virtually anytime it wants – with no need for a search warrant."

Olanta, PA

#6202 Aug 27, 2010
CT, I saw that on another site, but there are other states who's Supreme courts have rules the other way. I think the most recent was NY Federal Court of Appeals shot it down, so it all depends on where you live and if it's Feds or state actors doing it.

As far as I'm concerned it's vandalism of my personal property.

I'll tell you all something messed up. For those of you who are targeted and never did anything wrong or pissed off the government or anyone: it's about something you do in the future.

Think back on your life and you might find some "time mines". These are street theater that they did long before you noticed, but the theater relates, not to something you said, did, saw online, or whatever, but something that you will say, do, or see in the future. The thugs have that look on their face like they are expecting a reaction out of you, indicating that they think whatever it is will be recognized by you or mean something to you. This means they DON'T know the source of the information they are being given.

It doesn't relate to anything yet, but it will in the future. Do they expect us to remember these skits years later? How many things have they tried that I forgot about and will never remember I wonder. What a waste of time.

This can only mean two things: one: that they are in communication with their own agency in the future and pass that info on to the lower groups to be presented to you. OR-
two: that they have the ability to get you to do something against your will, so that you will think back to the skit, which wasn't on your mind when you did whatever it is, and think that they knew the future.

Either way, it's pretty messed up thing to do to someone.

How is it possible you might ask? I don't want to say as they might pull the post, but I'll give you a hint: look up the atomic clock experiments done in the 1960's, and then realize what Einstein said about time travel, and then realize that electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light. Should be obvious to you then that they can do this and have been able to for at least 30 years.

There are 3 ways to do it. Geostationary satellites, fiber optic systems, and using the ionosphere as an antenna.

This, by the way, is probably what the hubbub about the Promis software was really about. It aint using AI! AI can only guess at the future, not provide specific details that have no correlating data to guess from.


Olanta, PA

#6203 Aug 27, 2010
How does that grab ya?
jamming devices

Lakeland, FL

#6204 Aug 27, 2010
they make jamming devices for your vehicles. I watched out a window as four uniformed cops in a cop car two up front and two in back did this to my car in temple terrace fl. At the time I thought they were just reading the tag. They make their rounds at night and there's a number of people this has been done to. The firemen in tampa fl have been tracking people FOR YEARS. They got the money from homeland security. When it blows up in their faces I am going to laugh my ass off.

Olanta, PA

#6205 Aug 27, 2010
Those who post pretending to be TI's are going to go down as well. If they think that they are going to be protected, then they are delusional themselves. The pigs at the top are going to sell you out first.

It won't get better til it gets much worse, so you have a few more years of tormenting people left, but after that we are coming after you. We are going to smoke you out of your holes and track you down everywhere on the Earth.

You think you are helping society by doing this, but you are not. You are a tool for a bunch of crooks who justify this abuse in any way they can. But we won't have to justify what we are going to do to you when the shoe is on the other foot, as society will be fully informed as to everything you did and who you all are.

All the times you broke into our homes and stole or moved stuff. All the times you set us up to look like drug dealers when we weren't. All the times you spread lies about us instead of the truth, even when the truth should have been enough. All the times you scared our neighbors about us even though we aren't a threat to them. And all the times you terrorized a TI into suicide or going on a shooting spree when they were never violent before your abuse. It's ALL coming out soon. And all of you are going down. Hard.

It's the Secret Law of Attraction, and I believe it and so it will be.

Sonora, CA

#6206 Aug 27, 2010
stupid aZZ wrote:
For the idiot on here who always says the GOVERMENT is not involved. Somehow said idiot fails to disconnect LEO to the government although they all pick up the same STATE/FEDERAL paychecks w/the same eagle or city medallion on them. What the problem is with that dufus is that he needs to perhaps refine his definition of government which is oooh not just the president. Loser.
NOW they admit they have the fukkking beam and they admit and intend to use it on prisoners.
Tamp, I know it's you, so don;t try to play it off as your are someone else.

Anyways, I only say that I don't think it is the government behind MY situation, judging from the circumstances and the events that have taken place in my own situation. However, after considering all of this, I also think it makes sense that perhaps the government has deliberately chosen as a "scapegoat" by whomever is REALLY behind it. Thus, keeping all of our attention directed at the "evil gov't" and ONLY the gov't, may be what allows the REAL perps to keep on perpin.

Other TIs may be different. I have been a TI for 14 years and counting and I have watched this thing develop from the get-go. Perhaps you may not have been a victim as long as me???

Anyways, all these electronic weapons have been available since the 1970's; however, up until recently they have just been 'officially' recognized for use by LEOs.

I happen to be a victim of an electromagnetic device(s) of some sort. However, many of these weapon are not only on the balck market, but they can be built from generic eletronic components that one can literally buy at Radioshack.(If you don't believe this, try looking on youtube for "how to build lectronic weapons" and there you will see videos of guys taking aprt microwave ovens, and building electromagnetic weapons (as well as demonstrate using them) right befofre your eyes.

It seems that all you know how to do is attack the 'character' of others, but have little to nothing to ever substantiate any of your "ludicrous" ... LOL ... claims.

So, its time for you to go away again now. ummkayyyyy..

(you nasty little troll!)

Dalkeith, UK

#6207 Aug 28, 2010
Ads wrote:
I am from London in the UK and being targeted by gangstalkers. Of the 50+ targets I have contacted and met, two live within a mile of me. Several of the stalkers I have had identified are involved with right groups and Freemasonry.
It seems to me that gangstalking is spreading across London. The usual stalkers appear to be losers and don't mind being photographed but when the well to do types are spotted, they bolt.
I am a victim,I've had the same expearence,
CT lady

Providence, RI

#6208 Aug 28, 2010
Hi Spirit. The crooked attorney who put my son and I on the"list" was a Freemason in CT. He signed one of the forms in my late father's probate records ad "Grand Commander of the State of CT". When I showed the page to one of the clerical staff and asked her about it, she ripped it out of the file and ran off with it into another room and did not return.

PSS- you wrote "There are 3 ways to do it. Geostationary satellites, fiber optic systems, and using the ionosphere as an antenna." Can you elaborate for the non techies? Thank you.

Olanta, PA

#6209 Aug 28, 2010
CT, I guess it no one would believe it so maybe it wont piss them off. If I'[m right then none of us are cleared to know about this technology. But anyway here goes:

Einstein said that if we could travel the speed of light, then time would distort. So, in the 1960's there were a series of experiments done to test this. They used atomic clocks. Those are clocks That keep perfect time based on the vibration of an atom of cesium. No matter the conditions, the clock keeps perfect time.

So one clock stayed on the ground. Two clocks were loaded into 2 different aircraft, each of which flew in opposite directions. One East and one West. They landed and the time on each clock was compared.

The one that flew West showed a fraction of a second less time than the one that stayed on the ground and didn't move. The one that flew due East showed a fraction of a second ahead of the one that stayed on the ground.

They had distored time.

This is not conspiracy theory. These tests are openly admitted and in Physics text books everywhere.

So, if these planes could have flown at light speed, then they'd have moved forward or backward in time, depending on which direction they flew around the Earth.

So, then they must have realized that if they sent an electromagnetic wave around the circumference of the Earth, and then were waiting to receive it, that they could communicate with themselves in the past or future.

If I thought of it, so did they.

It ain't magic folks, it's a $$ wholes.

Olanta, PA

#6210 Aug 28, 2010
"distorted" time that is. Sorry bout the typo.

Olanta, PA

#6211 Aug 28, 2010
Just in case you don't get it. Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light. Therefore, they are already distorting time.

But to make it work, it has to move at that speed in relation to a center of gravity. In this case the Earth.

Olanta, PA

#6212 Aug 28, 2010
But I could be wrong. Maybe nothing is happening at all and I'm just paranoid.

Peace to you all, over and out.

Sonora, CA

#6213 Aug 28, 2010
pss wrote:
Just in case you don't get it. Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light. Therefore, they are already distorting time.
But to make it work, it has to move at that speed in relation to a center of gravity. In this case the Earth.
I have noticed that my 'voice to skull' stays the same if I travel North or South. But if I travel East the voice to skull dissipates at about 1,500 miles. Since I am 150 miles from the West Coast, I can't travel too far West unless I travel out into the Pacific Ocean.

This, I believe, is because the electromagnetic flux lines of the Earth flow from North to South - not East to West.(Note: this where the terms 'North Pole' and 'South Pole' come from - just like the north and south poles of a magnet).

That is also related to the reason why the 'voices' seem to be amplified by electrical appliances when they are on. The electromagnetic field that is created has an 'amplification effect' on the signal carrying my perps' voices. The higher the appliance is turned on (i.e.- an electric fan on 'high' vs. on 'low' speed), the more current flows, the greater electromagnetic field is created, the more the signal is amplified, and subsequently the louder the voices get.

This is exactly what I experience. This was also explained in the original research reports conducted by scientists Dr. Frey (hence the "Frey Effect") and Dr. Sharp who were involved with the early development of "voice to skull" technology that was conducted at the Walter Reed Military Facility in Virginia in the 1970's for use by military.

However, since then, the technology has been duplicated by sophisticated HAM radio equipment. Dr's Frey and Sharp also mentioned that this was possible in their reports.

They also mentioned that to prevent the enemy from "jamming" the signal, it was designed with a "Spread Spectrum" or "Frequency Hopping" waveform. This prevents it from being intercepted and jammed by the enemies on the battlefield. However, because of this, it is also impossible to intercept it and record it to be used as evidence.

This is one of the reasons why the perps can do this form of harassment to TIs and use this type of voice to skull equipment, and not get caught. TIs simply cannot intercept and record the signal without knowing the "hopping schedule" on the receiving end (the TI's end).

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