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J from San Fran

Pacifica, CA

#1 Dec 26, 2008
Educate, Educate, Educate, Advertise, Advertise is the only way to stop them. It doesn't matter if you miss some finer points in your experience as long as you expose people to the phenomenon of GANG STALKING. It only take one good coverage to verify your experience…. I would comment on all news coverage on murders, suicides to suggest gang stalking as a possible cause…
Fellow citizens,
Please read terror brewing in the neighborhood .
Read the investigative reports:
or google "gang stalking suicide"
Lastest news related to gang stalking from San Francisco Chronicle:
Please help us stop gang stalkers from pushing people in to committing suicide or mass killing.
Join us at FACEBOOK.COM OR MYSPACE.COM - search "gang stalking" and stop these criminals.
Prayers goes to May Zhou - a PHD Student at Stanford University, CA
We URGENTLY need new laws to protect the public from this fast growing criminal organization.
Help the victims from these organizations.
Prayer goes to May Zhou - a PHD Student at Stanford University, CA
We URGENTLY need new laws to protect the public from this fast growing criminal organization.
Help the victims from these organizations.
Inform victims to use mass e-mail to educate the community around them and elsewhere.
1. Use email spider to search and locate all email addresses of interested sites; colleges, churches, news media etc.( A good one I found is from }
2. Use Email extrator to extract all e-mail address from email spider... use excel to make minor adjustments. and the format "Names, E-mail, Notes" to import to google email contact list.......... use groups to organized thousands of email... and send e-mail as a group..(I use Email and Data Extrator Pro 3.3.0 from )
3. Consider using a mass - email service something like $29 / month to distribute 100,000 emails a month to all public officials and educators.
5. Educate everybody before doing something stupid, well at least we know why you did what you did.

Ottawa, Canada

#2 Dec 30, 2008
Yes let's work together to stop Gang Stalking and to get the correct information out.

http;//www.GangStalkingWorld.c om and

Gang Stalking is a covert investigation that is opened on an individual. The individual is then placed under overt and covert forms of surveillance. The person is followed around 24/7. Foot patrols and vehicle patrols are used to follow the Individual around, as part of the monitoring process. During these patrols a one handed sign language is used to assist the citizen informants with communicating to each other.

Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to control every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Gang Stalking has many similarities to workplace mobbing, but takes place outside in the community. It called Gang Stalking, because the target is followed around and placed under intrusive and directed surveillance by groups of organised “Covert Human Intelligence Sources” also known as Citizen Informants 24/7.
Shannon Herbert

San Leandro, CA

#3 Jan 8, 2009

Philadelphia, PA

#4 Mar 22, 2009
Hello i like to share my experiences with all of you.iwas first gang stalked in hollywood in 1992.i had lived in hollywood hills at the time with a very rich older woman.i later broke up with this woman and she had me gang stalked for months, at first i didn.t know what was going on!
ithought at first that i was having some kind of spiritual experience or going crazy. but know i was being gang stalked! to make a long story short i have been gang stalked in san diego,los angeles and the most dangerous gang stalking was in san francisco. i survived the most intensive the most dangerous gang stalkings one could possibly imagine! I only survived all of it because i am a retired military special forces, and my mind and body were conditioned to withstand such mental and physical abuse.all the stalkers know me and they know i am not afraid of them! i will give other victims some good adive and that is to keep yourself hydrated with lots of fluids and vitamins if you are being gang stalked in the hot california sun, also stay on major streets like market street, main, etc. these streets are fully equipped with cameras and live video one way or another daily the stalkers are such cowards that they won't harm you on major streets, but they will try to reroute you to smaller side streets and alleys, everything you ever read about gang stalking is true! know that your not losing your mind, your not going crazy. this gang stalking is so very real and it is a sick sick sick thing!most people that are stalkers don't even know why they are following you, alls they know is what ever lies that were created to make you a gang stalking target. yes all the following you around and all the laughing at you and all the strangers causing havoc and chaos in your life it is all really true and happening.believe me i tell you that all the gang stalking is under investigation finally and they have a big camera watching them called live feed satelite. thats all i will say at this point. i will be writing more on this daily!"ANTISTALKER"

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Apr 18, 2009
I just wanted to share the internet address of my youtbe channel: GSWatchdog
"At The Mercy Of The Mob"
by Kenneth Westhues, Prof. of Sociology University of Waterloo.
"Scapegoating is an effective if temporary means of achieving group solidarity, when it cannot be achieved in a more constructive way. It is a turning inward, a diversion of energy away from serving nebulous external purposes toward the deliciously clear, specific goal of ruining a disliked target's life.
It can be understood as the stressor to beat all stressors. It is an impassioned, collective campaign to exclude, punish, and humiliate a targeted individual. Initiated most often by a person in a position of power or influence, mobbing is a desperate urge to crush and eliminate the target. The urge travels through the city like a virus, infecting one person after another. The target comes to be viewed as absolutely abhorrent, with no redeeming qualities, outside the circle of acceptance and respectability, deserving only of contempt."
It turns out that I am "just" another T.I. An individual Targeted by Extremists.
Quite often, I picture myself in my orange jumpsuit, with handcuffs, leg irons and a bulletproof vest. Coming in and out of courthouses. Surrounded by Law Enforcement Officers to "protect me" from the very same lynching mob they unleashed against me in the first place.

Walnut Creek, CA

#6 May 27, 2009

National City, CA

#7 Jun 15, 2009
i am one of at least 3 victims of a 20 year staking attack. my upstairs neighbor has been stalking me for what seems like a lifetime. he has used microwaves, heat, and some nasty toxins. Even though he knows i know who he is, he still cannot stop(hahahaha). he is a lifelong loser who did something that is so funny i have to share it. whatever he has been using backfired on him because his face has been seriously disfigured, he has lost almost all of his hair, and has pock marks and boils on his face. right now is is chanting some kind of song. he is not looking very healthy. he wears a klingon space suit when he goes out at night, and constantly uses a star trek theme, claiming to be some of the characters from the show. when i think of more i will post again..stay mentally tough
Expose Um

Edmond, OK

#8 Jun 15, 2009
All this talk about different people and different cars following folks around is exactly how the DEA and FBI operate.
T at san francisco

San Jose, CA

#9 Jul 1, 2009
Many private detectives (former government employees; police, FBI etc. and those who have experience with CONFIDENT INFORMANT SYSTEM) have used “credible informants” to start the harassment on behalf of their clients to destroy their adversaries.
Is it becoming a huge organized criminal business where informants are paid well and enemies are destroyed using government paid anti-terror program.
Google “Jiverly Wong letter” this guy was set up by a confidential informant accusing him of crimes he never commit resulting in 13 dead innocent victims.
The citizens of America should raise their voice to re investigate this mass murder case and charge the confidential informant and the person or persons who handle the C.I.’s case with wrongful dead of the 13 innocent victims.
The victim’s family should be informed of the gang stalking activities was the cause of their love one death and file claims against all that were involved.

United States

#10 Jul 9, 2009
How can this be?!
Ed- Yock

Edmond, OK

#11 Jul 11, 2009
This massive abuse of FBI and DEA authority should start receding soon. It was revealed this week that Hitler/Bush had a very secret stalking program called "President Surveillance Program". The current Justice department has said this will be greatly curtailed and although I am independent politically I believe they will. This program was started in 2002 to scare, intimidate and frighten those like me who spoke out publically against Bush and the Republican party in General. It had nothing to do with Al-Queda or any other terrorist org. but we lifelong Americans who completely disagreed with DER FURHER Bush.
CT lady

Norwalk, CT

#12 Jul 14, 2009
Thank God the truth is coming out! My son and I were gangstalked on a trip from CT to out west and back. The plan was put ion place by my parents' probate attorney even before they died. If you want to read the horrible details (and horrible they were indeed- I am still in a homeless shelter and have not seen my son in almost 3 years) go to:

Darien CT Topix: Gangstalking Connecticut and Beyond

God Bless, and any suggestions greatly appreciated.
T in San Fran

San Jose, CA

#13 Jul 28, 2009
Gang Stalking = Small percentage of Corrupted assigned community policing officers / community leaders + manipulated citizens of community policing members.

From the ‘Lectric Law Library’s stacks
Community Policing:

by Jeffrey Patterson
[Sgt. Patterson serves with the Clearwater, Fl, Police Dept.]

Potential Corruption

Two of the key elements of community policing–decentralization and
permanent assignments–conflict with the professional model’s
prescription for controlling corruption and limiting political
influence. Centralized authority was one of the first reforms called for
by the IACP a century ago, and the idea of mandatory rotation of
assignments followed not long thereafter. An unintended consequence of
community policing may be the development of the same close personal and
political ties between individual officers and citizens along their
beats that historically served as the breeding ground for petty
corruption and undermined management’s control of the rank and file.

John L. Worrall, Otwin Marenin


The adoption of community oriented policing (COP) is likely to have an impact on patterns of civil liability claims filed against police departments and officers. We hypothesize that COP practices may lead to an increase in civil liability claims by expanding the scope of police responsibilities and roles and by altering patterns of police citizen interactions which, in turn, could affect the clarity and uses of three legal standards which support civil liability claims: negligence in state tort claims,“color of law” under Section 1983, and the “legal duty” standard. We call for further research and suggest some managerial strategies to avoid the eventualities presented.

Spring 1993
Copwatch Report questions pepper spray’s use on peaceful protestors in campus demonstrations and exposes “Community Oriented Policing (COP) as a public relations scam that fails to confront the real roots of crime.

WOLA’s main idea is the training of modern professional para-military police and other law enforcement and criminal justice officials, with what appears to be oligarchical oversight. They foresee police academy training and indoctrination, human rights [meaning forcing us to be their slaves], due process, leadership development, more effective patrol structures directed at the communities [like curfews?], internal and external controls, and community-oriented policing.[Don’t forget folks, these people want to be the only game in town. If they get their way, we’ll all be forced to play cops and robbers whether we want to or not. They have a lot of private jails to fill and they’re planning more.] Specialized police units with specific policing techniques and equipment [probably taught by the likes of BlackWater!] Develop detective units and a comprehensive “snitching” system to help police gather evidence to increase conviction rates.

Private services provided by assigned community policing unit.

2 Police Officers Accused of Taking Bribes From Brothel
Richard Lee for The New York Times
Late Wednesday, agents raided the three-story brothel at 57-24 164th Street.

1. Community leaders / assigned community policing unit has too much power over local groups.. guaranteed corruption for personal gains.


1. overhaul the oversight system/agency ..
2. harsher punishment on corrupted cop/community leader.
CT lady

Norwalk, CT

#14 Jul 29, 2009
How do we punish the gangstalkers, especially the "initiator" who funds the action and watches from a distance....
CT lady

Norwalk, CT

#16 Aug 1, 2009
There is the problem. We were on a trip out West. The hordes of stalkers attempted to run us off the road or cause accidents numerous times. I had a list of all the license plate numbers, but the attorney paid an intruder to enter the shelter I stay at and open my locked locker and steal my supporting documents. The manager of this place has been paid off and said "nothing" showed on the security tape....but I have 12 witnesses of all races and colors who signed on.

We were harrassed at almost every motel we stayed at, asked to leave etc. Police refused to look in our room for evidence (like the time our cat's leg was shaved and the fur left on the pillow while we were in the snack room).

Since the attorney apparently had a drinking problem at the time, he exposed himself a number of times in forums- stating information only he knew and using his initials, reversed.

We had NO other enemies at the time this began- right after my father died and the attorney took over as "executor". He sold the home my parents left to me and my son, against our wills.

He committed so many crimes that when I first contacted the attorney general, his response was "this case is too criminal for me to handle."
I wrote back that, wasn't he the top dog in going after corruption? Then he had me do a grievance- it was dropped. Now I want the attorney prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Basically, he tried to have us killed because he paid for my parents' home with his own money. and it also appears that he used money from his Russian maintenance men. They claimed they spent 160,000 on a house that went for close to 500,000.

My son was poisoned and so was I- each at different points of the trip. Me through eating tainted food, my son thru being "rufed" and stabbed in the thumb with a needle containing strep bacteria. He almost died/almost had to have his arm amputated the following day.....

There HAS to be a way to nab this sociopathic attorney!!!
Seana Sperling

Seattle, WA

#17 Aug 23, 2009
Overview--Mobbing aka Organized Harassment (street name Gang stalking) is a symptom of a nation in the throes of being taken over by a totalitarian system. The U.S. has undergone a horrific transformation, yet the public is too busy texting and watching reality TV to recognise it. The EQ of the American public has dropped exponentially and not kept up with the advances of technology. As a result, civil rights are terribly abused with the new technology.

12:52 PM
CT Lady

Norwalk, CT

#19 Aug 24, 2009
Are there any states where "gangstalking" does not occur or is infrequent?

Deer Park, TX

#21 Aug 30, 2009
CT Lady wrote:
Are there any states where "gangstalking" does not occur or is infrequent?
I doubt it. From what I am gathering, it is prevalent in
almost every country that the U.S. has any interest
in. Canada ranks pretty high due along with the UK.

Certain individuals seem to want to silence me when I
mention how I believe that the mental health industry
plays a huge part in this and the government is nothing
but a tool along with citizen watch groups. Even the
day to day nonsense that I am being put through seems
to indicate that I just might be on the money with

I won't be silenced!. If stalking and e-torture wasn't
so lucrative for certain self-interest groups, it would
CT lady

Norwalk, CT

#22 Aug 31, 2009
I worked in the mental health area for many years,at a residential treatment program in PA, and saw many abuses of power and control-mostly by Staff who supposedly took care of the children and adolescents at the facility. When the State came to evaluate the program, the "extre" kids were bussed off campus for a day trip and their beds hidden. Somehow, the director always knew when the State was coming.....and acted accordingly.

When I worked with adults, I saw similar, but much less blatant things. Staff, including the Psychiatrists, would go out to lunch together and gossip and laugh about some of the patients' problems.

When I went to get help in PA, I had written out a long statement of what had transpired when my son and I were gangstalked. The social worker put my paperwork in the chart. When I asked for it back, I was told it was "part of the chart and confidential." How idiotic! I wrote the darn thing!
Luckily I now see someone who does believe me, as I have shown him clear evidence, pictures, and he has been in contact with my son who verifies all.
His advice- leave the area ASAP. However, from what I experienced, "they" followed you everywhere.

One car from Wilton CT had a soccer ball decoration on the rear of the car. This car followed us from CT all the way out west and back.
By pure coincidence,(ahem) the attorney was/is from Witon CT. I believe it was one of his friends or family members who joined in for the sport of tormenting a mother and son. Pure EVIL.

I mean, I've always been told that many attorneys are indeed corrupt,usually with overbilling clients, but I was entirely unaware of the depth of corruption of this particular attorney, who wanted us killed and put that into action! How evil can a person be!

Norwalk, CT

#23 Aug 31, 2009
Can you tell us more about the Wilton vehicle with the soccer ball decoration? Do you recall who was at the wheel?

Were other vehicles from Wilton following you? I know from reading your story vehicles from CT NJ and NY followed you on the first leg of the trip, and you got shot at by a police officer in Maryland very late at night....

You say the Wilton car took the entire trip out west and back. Do you think it was the attorney who wronged your family -driving for the fun of it?

Or, as you said, was he watching it all in the luxury of his own office, tracking you and his "workers" by GPS in real time. Personally, I think he did the latter but had a family member be the driver of the Wilton car. In fact, I will ask about this on the Wilton forum.

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