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Told what you can and cannot say at city-data?

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#1 Dec 31, 2007
Hello to everyone! I am new to this forum so forgive me if my post seems in non-relation to the other subjects. I wanted to express a deep frustration I have with the city-data forums website. Probably based on pure stupidity, I decided to post a thread titled, "To All Yuppies Destroying Colorado"...Yes, I know that will rattle some chains. However, pretty much for fun and just arguments sake I went ahead and posted yesterday at this site. I didn't realize what a fiasco would ensue after my posting that thread. While I had a few that agreed with me, I more so had a few ticked off.Basically my point of view is that I do not appreciate the growth that is taking place in Colorado, and I think a lot of newcomers are bringing bad manners with them (specifically Fort Collins), and I do not like what's happening to Colorado in general. That's my opinion and I will hold onto that opinion. Inevitably when we have an opinion on anything, we will offend someone, that's life, but to be banned from a public forum? I got an email from "Mark from Back East", I guess he is some guy out there in cyberspace that runs city-data, and he refered to me as a "troll". Okay, I am really naive in terms of this forum stuff, but what exactly is a "troll"? Am I a troll for having a strong stance on the subject manner or what? Look, I don't know about everyone else, but I think it's becoming more and more evident that we have to filter every little word that comes out of our mouths these days. By being banned from the site, I am a tad reminded of a Nazi mentality that I think is running rampid in our society. Is there no such thing as freedom of speech? I agreed to the rules and regulations prior to registering with the site. I did not call anyone names, threaten anyone, or anything of that matter. I just had a point of view and a strong opinion on a topic. I could have chosen different words, but I think we are all entitled to our opinions AS LONG as were not deliberately hurting someone. Am I the only one that thinks more and more of our rights are being taken away (I mean being banned from a silly forum site)? I think that's extreme, but maybe it's just me.

High Springs, FL

#2 Jan 1, 2008
The forum monitors are people that are given the power to remove posts and stop people from posting based on violations of the rules. In reality, the forums are being monitored by special interest and those that have an agenda to conceal, hide and limit posts that are contrary to their thinking thus interfering with free speech and expression of others. Many PR people are paid to smoke screen and create issues other then the topic at hand. Being a monitor gives them control for the corporation or organization they represent.
city data sux

Miami, FL

#4 Jan 8, 2008
City-Data forums are a bad joke. I got banned for supposedly using multiple accounts when in fact I never did. I only had one. The real reason was some idiot forumer from Ohio thought he knew it all about Florida, even though he had never lived in Florida. We argued, my posts got deleted, I was banned for supposedly having multiple accounts, and Ohio boy got made a moderator in the Ohio forum. To pee city-data off from then on I created a new account every time I logged in just to torque them off, after about 15 different bannings now they banned my IP address. It was fun readuing the rants of all the depressed losers in those forums, but the equally-loser mods ruined the fun.
city data bites

Waukesha, WI

#5 Feb 7, 2008
I was banned for using multiple accounts. I only did it because I forgot my password, asked for it to be e-mailed to me many times. It never was and I desperately needed info. Now if I need to get on there I have to us my hubbys laptop because I'm a loser and banned FOREVER. There is no way to ask questions about the ban either. Hummmph!

Since: Oct 07

Windsor, CO

#6 Feb 7, 2008
I tried asking for help with a CO website and for local pictures. I got alot of attitude and warning points. I made sure not to link or name my website. I haven't been back since!
Orlando realtor

United States

#7 Feb 17, 2008
Well i have recently had a problem with city data. It is kind of hard to offer advice to people on there without saying if you need any assistancefeel free to contact me. Im not ramming it down their throats but letting them know should they require assistance then i would be happy to offer further advice. My cousin is a realtor in chicago and there were alot of posts being made which were nonsense. even one of the moderators posted that aswell, so i said if you need a true idea of commute times etc then im sure my cousin would be happy to tell you, just let me know and i will send you his details. A moderator i had never spoken to before sent me a very rude message and then suspended the account. Well i did go ahead and open another account simply because someone had sent me a message who was coming down to orlando from out of state in a couple of days, and their realtor (a bad one )had let them down and was asking me through a private message areas i would recommend they search.

The next thing i know i was banned for life. I know many people have a bad view of realtors, and i wanted to change that perception simply because people can use realtors as a good source of local info even if they dont want to use them.

I emailed their main email detailing how disgusted i was, i expect it will be ignored.


Norristown, PA

#8 Feb 23, 2008
Same here, banned because my posts did not agree with the moderators. They have a huge agenda, right wing posters get rewarded, but post anything remotely liberal, or even question pure lies about Democrats, and you will get banned. The City Data Forums must be sponsored by right wingers.
death to city data

Miami, FL

#9 Feb 27, 2008
City Data forums posters are mainly whiney soccer moms looking for little more in their lives than cheap houses in suburbia and 34 year old virgins blaming their location for their lives. It is a waste of bandwidth.

Marengo, IL

#10 Mar 2, 2008
Igot banned for life for multiple accounts because I forgot my password. Who are these NATZIs that ban everyone?

United States

#11 Mar 13, 2008
I was banned from the city data forum for having a "troll alter ego"! Several people in my house use the same computer and we all had accounts with city data until we expressed our opinions that were "not factual". I argued that opinions are not based on facts, and that I thought the purpose of the forum was to express opinions. A few posts later my IP address was banned and there was a post telling other users not to respond to trolls like WolfX! The message waiting for me the next time I tried to log on said the ban will never be lifted!!!! There goes my social life! Well sh*t!
Erica Ramundo

Saint Petersburg, FL

#12 Mar 17, 2008
City data forum is for losers. Don't waste your time there. It's moderators are totally biased and unfair. There is even a moderator (suzet) that suffers from panic attacks and whines that her husband abuses her and that she is so upset and falling apart that she can barely type some days. Most of the posters on city data are whiny cry baby types with tons of personal problems. It is true that certain people are allowed to express an opinion and others are not. I have been reprimanded (eventually banned for life) for giving my opinion on a certain town which was deemed negative. Other people have also given negative (and truthful) opinions but are not banned so the moderators obviously are whacko. Do not waste your time on this forum for losers.
CD is not that right wing

United States

#13 Mar 18, 2008
I received an infraction from a Moderator for advocating violence.

On small problem; what I was advocating that our US government step up and authorize the use of lethal force to stop illegal aliens from crossing into the USA via our southern deserts.

Bakersfield, CA

#14 Mar 27, 2008
i was banned for multiple accounts for life wtf- no other forum i have used till date ever has a permanent ban policy that i know of, definitely not for something as trivial as a duplicate account
the moderators need to be moderated themselves, fuckinn losers, they probably r low life scum anyways

United States

#15 Apr 4, 2008
City-Data sucks. TalkStates is a good alternative even though it is a little slower.

Bakersfield, CA

#16 Apr 4, 2008
thanks will check it out
City-Data is Hell

Edgar Springs, MO

#17 Apr 7, 2008
Yes, city-data sucks the big one. They ban people who are against illegals. They keep a few there that are willing to be PC enough.

BTW Markablue is int even an American citizen and neither is Yak.
the dufferz

United States

#18 Apr 21, 2008
When I was on City-Data I had 450 rep points and never even received a warning. I also had a membership to and I posted there about what happened when I questioned the admin over city-data's policy of monitoring PM's. 45 minutes after I posted on talkstates, I was banned, yup, they were monitoring talkstates.

Never forget that city-data is run out of Poland and they are clueless about how things are here in the USA.

City Data is a joke!
from the sidelines
#20 May 28, 2008
Wow, so much hate... makes one wonder how city-data gathered so many members if it is so bad ;) I suggest you get a life :)

United States

#21 May 29, 2008
People... so much hate... it's really easy to get along at City-Data. What you do is suck up to the mods. Make stupid but HARMLESS jokes. Keep the convo light and without substance. A lot of the mods really like those rep points, too... make sure you rep them lots. And make friends with some of the mods so if you should step on some toes, they can step in to cover your ass. But the people who tend to have troubles over there tend to post too much information about themselves... they leave themselves vulnerable to attack by looking for help from others. Then what happens is the mods start thinking you're a troll or something and they'll wind up banning you for that. Again, don't get too edgy and just keep it light and fluffy and without substance and don't even come close to stepping on anyone's toes and you'll be fine over there.

United States

#22 May 29, 2008
Oh yeah, and one more thing... a lot of those mods are on a real ego trip, too. Da jammer is one such mod... dude thinks he knows everything about being a mod. What a prick.

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