The shooter's physciatrist also said she warned the campus/college he was a threat. Now how serious a warning or that the college took it seriously is another question.

But ok she warned the COLLEGE as he was dropping out in reality but what is her or the college's legal obligation to the community and/or tell authorities.

Did she see him enough to know he was an actual threat. Was it the shooter's temper, was he depressed, did he express violent thoughts, did he admit he purchased a gun(supposedly the day after he failed an exam). How many other patients 'seem' like the shooter but pan out to be nothing.

I see CYA from this doctor and college if they are telling the truth. Hopefully they didn't feel compelled to say something out of guilt or to cover their butt. The time frame on his failure in early June til the shooting is relatively fast. I don't know if there is much that could've been done if this was a lone gunman.