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Dallas, TX

#1 Apr 18, 2007
A little poll to find out just how many crimes out there are done by Mexicans, legal or illegal. These people think they are so great, then post whatever you find from internet news, to show these people they are NOT all that.

Anyone curious on what news is really out there? Here is one to start..........

REEDLEY, Calif.(AP)- The nephew of a kidnapped pregnant teen was arrested in San Jose for allegedly helping the girl's ex-boyfriend abduct her, according to the Fresno County Sheriff's Department.

Ester Nieves, 17, and her estranged boyfriend, Juan Carlos Martinez, 18, were still missing Thursday.

Nieves was eight-months pregnant when Martinez and the 15-year-old nephew allegedly forced the girl out of her parents' Reedley home Tuesday night, deputies said.

The nephew was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of kidnapping and burglary and was being questioned by detectives. His name was not released because of his age.
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Dallas, TX

#2 Apr 18, 2007
Stockton, CA.

According to the woman, the man followed her to El Dorado Street and Mosswood Avenue where he approached her. He opened his jacket and showed her a gun, then told her to walk to a nearby church, which she did. There he sexually assaulted the victim and robbed her. Following the assault, the suspect fled in an unknown direction. A bus surveillance camera captured a photograph of the suspect. He is described as an Hispanic male. Anyone with information on this individual or crime is asked to call the Stockton
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Dallas, TX

#3 Apr 18, 2007
Mexifornia: SF Bay Area: Three "Hispanics" kidnap and rape woman jogger

The two men who forced the alleged victim into the van are described as Hispanic men in their mid-20s. One is described as 5 feet 6 inches tall and about 140 pounds. The suspect with the handgun is said to be approximately 6 feet tall with a thin build. The driver of the vehicle is described as Hispanic, in his mid-20s.-(Hellcat)-(Norcal Spanic sexcrimes)
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Dallas, TX

#4 Apr 18, 2007
Here's a good one......a real winner.

Mexifornia: Sanchez pleads guilty in rape of adopted disabled 12-year-old daughter

Bayarea - Sentencing is set for late February for a Hayward man convicted last week of raping an adopted 12-year-old daughter incapacitated by cerebral palsy. Richard Sanchez, 52, pleaded guilty at the Fremont Hall of Justice to two felony counts of raping a person incapable of giving consent and one misdemeanor count of possessing child pornography. Sanchez admitted that he had had sex "two or three" times with his adopted daughter he had since she was 7 years old. The victim, now 17, is a quadriplegic who is connected to a ventilator and fed through a gastrointestinal tube.-(Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)
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Dallas, TX

#5 Apr 18, 2007
Cruz sentenced to 100 years for kidnap and rape of 9-year-old girl

A judge sentenced 26-year-old David Montiel Cruz to 102 years in prison for the abduction and rape of a nine-year-old girl two years ago. The judge called Cruz's crimes among the most heinous he's seen in 18 years on the bench. Cruz was convicted in September of kidnapping the girl from her home, and keeping her in a box for three days.

"David Montiel Cruz a.k.a. Enrique Sosa Alvarez, an illegal alien from Mexico"
-(Norcal Spanic Sexcrimes)
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Dallas, TX

#6 Apr 18, 2007
Facts ::::::::

Predatory Aliens News
"Tens of thousands of violent crimes are committed each year against our children by foreign nationals who should never have been allowed to enter or stay in our country. The most disturbing aspect of this problem is the thousands of unregistered sex offenders who have entered the United States illegally and therefore are not being tracked. These dangerous sex offenders are not included in the Megan's Law data bases, and not even the police know their whereabouts or identities.
While (Predatory Aliens News) deals with predatory aliens who commit violent crimes against our children, we must remember that the real criminals are the politicians and government employees who prohibit enforcement of our immigration laws and the proper screening of foreign nationals who enter our country. There can be no penalty too harsh for these politicians and government employees who are willing to sacrifice our children for their own perverse agenda.
Since July 9, 2003, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has arrested more than 3,655 foreign national sexual predators in the United States."
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Dallas, TX

#7 Apr 18, 2007
Other World Lifeform

Dallas, TX

#8 Apr 18, 2007
This Week's Most Wanted

David John Agundez Jr.

Last Updated: April 18, 2007, 04:34:07 AM PDT

NAME: David John Agundez Jr.

DESCRIPTION: Latino, 33 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall, 210 pounds, brown eyes and black, shaved hair

THE CASE: Agundez is suspected in the rape of a 42-year-old Waterford, Ca woman April 6 in an orchard between Westley and Grayson. The woman told investigators that she had a flat tire near Grayson Road and Highway 33 and Agundez offered to help. He drove her to the orchard where, she said, the rape occurred.

NOTES: No weapon was used, but Agundez is considered armed and dangerous because of past weapons violations. He has tattoos covering much of his face and neck.
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Dallas, TX

#9 Apr 18, 2007
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 04.09.2007

BISBEE After nearly two years of declining numbers, illegal border-crossings took a sudden jump last month in Cochise County, law enforcement officials said.
Gustavo Soto, a spokesman for the Border Patrol's Tucson Sector, said agents at the Naco, Douglas and Willcox stations captured more than 13,000 illegal immigrants last month, a 30 percent increase from March 2006. Before the spike, Border Patrol apprehensions in the county were down 13 percent since Oct. 1. That decline followed a 45 percent drop during the previous year.
Sgt. Taron Maddux, spokes-man for the Bisbee Police Department, also noted a recent spike in local border crossings.
"From Jan. 1 up until about three weeks ago, we had apprehended a total of maybe 100 to 150 (illegal immigrants)," Maddux said. "And then, in a two-week period, we apprehended something like 255."
Maddux thought warmer temperatures were affecting immigration flow, and he also suspected that some of the human smugglers pushed out of the area two or three years ago by a Border Patrol buildup are returning for another try.
"It's almost like they've come back to see if they're able to get groups across again," Maddux said. "We're starting to see some of the same spots popping up again where we used to get reports of load-up vehicles or a lot of foot traffic."
Even so, Maddux doubted human smuggling would return to the levels of three or four years ago when Bisbee police were finding as many as 200 illegal immigrants a night in the Warren neighborhood alone.
"I don't think it's going to get to that because the Border Patrol has so many more personnel here," he said. "I just think that for some reason, they're starting to target this area a little bit to see if they can get groups through, and when it's not effective, they're going to move and start going someplace else."
Soto said the 3,000 increase last month is a relatively small number compared with the 1,500 arrested on a typical night in the entire Tucson Sector.
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Dallas, TX

#10 Apr 18, 2007
TIJUANA, Mexico - Armed men opened fire and took people hostage at a hospital in this northern border city Wednesday, an apparent attempt to free a prisoner. Two people were killed, including a security guard and one of the attackers, police said.

Authorities were attempting to evacuate personnel and other patients from the facility, Red Cross official Fernando Esquer said.

Esquer said some hostages had been taken, but he did not know how many. He said the attack was related to the arrival earlier in the day of a Tijuana prison inmate who was receiving a standard medical procedure.

Police and army troops closed off streets surrounding the hospital.
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Dallas, TX

#11 Apr 18, 2007
MEXICO CITY (Reuters)- Gunmen snatched a Mexican crime reporter outside a police station near the U.S. border, the latest journalist victim of a deadly drug war in which traffickers are stepping up attacks on the media.

Four armed men dragged Saul Martinez from his car in the city of Agua Prieta early on Monday morning as he sought refuge in a police station, said his brother Edgar Martinez, editor of the bi-weekly Interdiario newspaper where he worked.

Martinez told Reuters his brother had been investigating another abduction in Agua Prieta, a strategic point for illegal narcotics being shipped to the United States, and had feared he was being followed for more than a week.

"We are 95 percent sure he is dead," he said in a telephone interview.

Mexican journalists reporting on drug gangs are often targeted by traffickers, but attacks on the media appear to be mounting as President Felipe Calderon cracks down on a bloody war between cartels that has killed over 600 people this year.

Gunmen shot dead a reporter from Mexican television network Televisa earlier this month in the Pacific resort of Acapulco, which has become a major battleground for rival gangs.

Agua Prieta, in Mexico's Sonora state, lies across the border from Douglas, Arizona and is home to assembly-for-export factories known as maquiladoras.

It is also an entry point for cocaine and a battleground for rival cartels in a war that killed 2,000 people last year and is continues to rage despite Calderon's crackdown.

Agua Prieta's police chief was shot dead in a daylight ambush in February, and Martinez said he was killed in exactly the same spot where his brother was abducted.

Calderon has made some headway in capturing cartel chiefs.

Mexican police said on Tuesday they had arrested the local head of the notorious Gulf Cartel drug gang in Reynosa, another border city just south of McAllen, Texas.

Juan Oscar Garza was the cartel's leader in the city and was sought in Mexico for smuggling drugs, guns and people across the border, the attorney-general's office said.

The Gulf Cartel is one of the country's two most powerful trafficking gangs and is locked in a bitter fight with rival smugglers from the Pacific coast. Its leader Osiel Cardenas was extradited to the United States in January.

Condemning Martinez's abduction, Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said the government's crackdown, which has sent thousands of troops across the country to pursue traffickers, was also putting journalists more directly in danger.

"An anti-drug offensive by the federal authorities is triggering violent reprisals from the traffickers," it said in a statement. "Journalists are more exposed than ever to this kind of violence and we fear a sharp decline in press freedom in certain states."
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Dallas, TX

#12 Apr 18, 2007
Tourist safety in Mexico took another hit over the weekend when two Canadians were injured while walking on an Acapulco street.
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Dallas, TX

#13 Apr 19, 2007
Suspects accused in two unrelated killings last weekend in San Jose were arraigned Wednesday in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

At least two people are accused in the stabbing death of Seferino Gil, who died early Sunday morning; another is charged with killing Victor Sanchez on Saturday morning.

Raul Santiago, 17, was formally charged with Gil's slaying, according to the district attorney's office. Santiago is being tried as an adult and is being held without bail.

Gilberto Quinones, 26, was charged with being an accessory to the crime, Deputy District Attorney Stacey Capps said. Quinones's bail was set at $250,000.

Police say a second juvenile had been arrested earlier this week. But Capps declined to say whether more suspects would be charged. Neither would she discuss Quinones's alleged role in the slaying.

A gang enhancement also has been filed against both Quinones and Santiago. The enhancement could significantly lengthen the maximum sentence faced by Quinones, increasing it from three to seven years.

Santiago, if convicted, faces a life sentence.

Santiago and Quinones are scheduled to appear in court next week to enter pleas, Capps said.

The case began at 10 p.m. Saturday when police were dispatched to 24th and East Santa Clara streets on a report of a stabbing. Officers found Gil nearby. He was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead 1:15 a.m. Sunday.

Earlier Saturday, another killing
occurred about 11:30 a.m. inside a two-story home on the 5700 block of Herma Street in the Blossom Valley district.
Police have not disclosed how Victor Sanchez, 25, was killed. But neighbors said officers had asked them if they had heard gunshots. Sometime that day, police arrested Jamell Jua Wood for Sanchez's death. Wood is being held without bail.

Deputy District Attorney Jeff Rosen declined to talk about the case until he received all reports and evidence from police.

Wood did not enter a plea Wednesday and is scheduled to return to court May 1.
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Dallas, TX

#14 Apr 19, 2007
Homeless woman raped in Mountain View
Bay City News Service
Article Launched: 04/18/2007 08:17:55 PM PDT

Mountain View police today announced they are searching for a suspect in the alleged sexual assault of a homeless woman on North Rengstorff Avenue.
According to police, the alleged assault occurred Sunday at approximately 3:30 a.m. in the 1000 block of North Rengstorff. The victim was sleeping in a group of bushes when she awoke to find the suspect pulling her sleeping bag off her. She screamed for help as the suspect began strangling her. He then assaulted her before fleeing. The victim was treated for injuries at a local hospital following the attack.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his 30s with a muscular or large build, clean-shaven and having a very smooth complexion. He spoke with a slight accent. He was last seen wearing all black clothing with a black beanie-type hat with two light horizontal stripes on it.
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Dallas, TX

#15 Apr 19, 2007
A man, two youths arrested in San Jose stabbing death
By Leslie Griffy
Mercury News
Article Launched: 04/17/2007 03:05:51 PM PDT

Online Extras
Interactive Map
2006 and 2007 San Jose homicides
Crime blog: Keeping tabs on local incidents
San Jose police arrested three people they believed stabbed another man to death Saturday night, Sgt. Nick Muyo said today.
Gilbert Quinones, 28, and two juveniles, were taken into custody after an unidentified man died from stab wounds he suffered in a bar fight that broke out near the intersection of 24th and Santa Clara streets. The slaying was San Jose's ninth homicide of the year.

Three people were injured in the brawl, Muyo said, and were taken to the hospital. One of the men died at 1:15 a.m. Sunday, Muyo said.

As of this afternoon, police had not released the name of the dead man.

Sunday afternoon, police cars and vans remained in a parking lot on North 24th Street. A wrought iron archway leading into the parking lot read Preet Palace. Orange police tape fluttered against a building abutting the parking lot and facing Santa Clara Street with a sign for California Homeopathic Clinics on its facade.

Officers working in the parking lot took bags and boxes from inside the building.
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Dallas, TX

#16 Apr 19, 2007
Man arrested in daytime sexual assault in Alum Rock Park
By Leslie Griffy
Mercury News
Article Launched: 04/17/2007 02:55:00 PM PDT

San Jose police arrested a man they believed hit a woman in the head with a rock, threatened her with a sharp object and sexually assaulted her on April 1 in Alum Rock Park, Sgt. Nick Muyo said today.
Police picked up Alberto Pablo Ruiz, 23, of San Jose, as he left a home in East San Jose on Friday, Muyo said.

DNA evidence gathered at the scene led police to Ruiz, Muyo said, adding that Ruiz was matched using a DNA database. It's unclear why Ruiz may have been in a law enforcement DNA database, but people jailed on suspicion of certain crimes and convicted of some felonies are required by law to give DNA for crime databases.

The brazen daytime sexual assault happened on a trail just outside of the park, near the 4000 block of Claitor Way, close to Lariat Lane.

The woman was hiking when Ruiz allegedly threw a rock at her head.

Muyo said the pair struggled and as the woman attempted to fight off Ruiz, he pulled a sharp object and threatened her.

Ruiz then allegedly sexually assaulted the woman and ran away.

It was the second attack reported to police in San Jose within the last month. On March 20, a woman reported that a man sexually assaulted her outside of her West San Jose apartment building as she came home from work about 2:15 a.m.

The man, according to police, attacked her near the carport of her Underwood Drive building. According to police records, the unidentified man attacked her from behind, knocking her to the ground.

He choked her, sexually assaulted her and ran away.
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Dallas, TX

#17 Apr 19, 2007
Leather jacket saves vendor from stabbing during robbery
By Leslie Griffy
Mercury News
Article Launched: 04/17/2007 11:17:04 AM PDT

A push-cart snack salesman's leather jacket saved him from injury in an armed robbery that cost him $80 on Monday in East San Jose, Santa Clara County Sheriff's deputies said today.
As the salesman hocked Mexican treats from his push-cart near the intersection of Madeline and Claremont avenues around 9 p.m., the suspect approached him demanding a bottle of water, Sgt. Ed Wise said.

After the salesman handed over the water, the man pulled a three-inch metal spike from the front pocket of his pants and attempted to stab the salesman three times, according to Wise.

The salesman later told deputies that his thick leather jacket kept the spike from hitting his flesh. The salesman gave the suspect all his cash - about $80 - and the suspect left, walking causally east on Madeline, Wise said.

The salesman found some deputies on duty about five minutes later and told them his story, Wise said. Deputies searched the area, but couldn't find the suspect.

The suspect is described young adult Hispanic with light skin. He is between 19 and 22 years old and wore a navy blue, hooded sweatshirt and blue pants. The salesman told deputies his assailant spoke with a Mexican dialect.
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#19 Apr 24, 2007
Nevada Paper:
Police arrested one suspect and are looking for two others in the Saturday night shooting of a man in an alley behind the 300 block of Spokane Street.

At about 10:45 p.m., the victim was arguing with three men behind Ray Heating and was shot three times. He is recovering from the nonlife-threatening wounds.

Police booked Mario Quinteros, 21, into Washoe County Jail on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery.

Police said they are looking for two Hispanic male suspects in their 20s who fled in a two-door silver or white sedan similar to a Honda.

One is described as 6-foot-2 and 250 pounds, with a shaved head and wore a brown shirt and blue jeans. The other is described as 5-foot-8,

160 pounds, wore a blue shirt over a white long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans. He had a pistol, police say.
We The People reno nv

Dallas, TX

#20 May 1, 2007

No one who saw exhibit No. 36 Monday came away unscathed.

Fresno police officer Daniel Gomez lowered his head and rested his chin on folded hands. His mood suddenly became somber.

Dr. Thomas Mansfield reared his head back in shock.

Paramedic Holly McGuire simply cried.

"Yes, that's her," she said.

Exhibit No. 36 was a photo of 21/2-year-old Savina Gonzales. Her stomach sunken, her ribs and spine showing and her fingernails long and ragged with dried feces under them.

Savina was dead, but her eyes were wide open.

She weighed 13 pounds.

It was a disturbing image, but none of the jurors serving on Darlene Sanchez's murder trial were shown the photo.

There was no need for them to see it. The reactions from witnesses were clear: Savina's death was horrifying.

"She is not normal; she is skin and bones," prosecutor Chris Gularte said during his opening statements Monday in Fresno County Superior Court. "She has no fat. On the cellular level, her cells were breaking apart. She has purple fingers -- evidence of her heart giving up."

Sanchez, 38, is charged with second-degree murder for starving one of her eight children to death four years ago. If convicted, she faces life in prison with the possibility of parole after 15 years.

On Monday, Sanchez sat silently, occasionally whispering to her attorney.

Court records and interviews show that Sanchez has a history of using cocaine -- and the drug was detected in Savina when she was born Sept. 5, 2000.

Four of Sanchez's children had already been taken from her by Child Protective Services. Savina was put into foster care at 2 weeks old and remained there until she was 14 months old. But Sanchez was allowed to care for her baby during overnight visits.
We The People reno nv

Dallas, TX

#21 May 1, 2007

Annette Whitley, who was Savina's foster mother for 10 months, said she would send food with Savina on the extended stays: jars of strained vegetables, fruit and a bottle of milk. The next day, Sanchez would bring Savina back with the food unopened and the milk curdled.

Savina was returned with a sippy cup filled with soda.

When the girl was taken to a hospital for a broken arm in October 2002, she weighed 191/2 pounds -- something Dr. Tetsuo Shigyo, who treated her, said Monday he found worrisome. He said he referred Sanchez to a pediatric orthopedist.

But on April 28, 2003, paramedics arrived at Sanchez's home after someone in the neighborhood called 911 and then hung up. They were flagged down by Savina's 14-year-old sister and found the girl lying on a couch, her body covered with blankets.

They estimated she had been dead for one or two hours, Gularte said.

Sanchez told authorities that Savina had been sick for three or four days with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, and that Savina was unable to keep fluids down.

Sanchez said she was pregnant and couldn't take Savina to a hospital because she had no transportation and no phone.

Her husband was in Wasco State Prison on a probation violation.

Two days later, Sanchez tested positive for cocaine.

Fresno police detective Ray Camacho visited Sanchez's home hours after Savina's body was discovered. He testified Monday that there were two places where he smelled a strong odor of urine: the couch where Savina was found and inside a closet.

Despite the evidence at the scene, Sanchez was not arrested until 16 months later -- something her defense attorney, Linden Lindahl, said raises questions about the case.

"We have a child who died, and nobody on God's green Earth will say that's OK," Lindahl said outside the courtroom Monday. "The question is culpability. We have someone who was in poverty, had a problem with drugs and was dealing with CPS."

Although Sanchez may be guilty of manslaughter, she is not guilty of murder, Lindahl said, noting that his client could be convicted of murder only if it is proven that she harbored malice toward her daughter.

"Why is it that this one child would be the subject of her malice?" Lindahl asked.

But Gularte made it clear in his opening statements Monday that he believes Sanchez had plenty of chances to save her daughter.

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