why do mexicans hate black people so ...

Dallas, TX

#3555 Oct 12, 2012
I was a middle school English teacher for 30 years in San Antonio..My first year I taught on the Southside, and 100% of my students were first-generation U.S. born Mexicans.These kids came from extreme poverty, all were on free lunch,and it was not uncommon for me ( and the other teachers at my school)to provide school supplies and other necessities for our students out of our own pockets. I have carried the memory of those kids for decades. I can still see their sweet faces, and remember with fondness the innocence they exuded. They may have been poor, but they were always clean, polite, and gave me 110%. When I met with their parents, I was completely charmed with the verocity they showed when it came to their desire for their children to do their best and to respect me....or else! I would give my right arm to find out where they are now.And I would even stick my neck out so far as to say that they would be just as happy to hear from me. Point is, I was a lily-white, blue-eyed blonde,right out of college, and if most of these bloggers who are so sure that racism is inevitable were correct in their fatalist vision..I would have had a very different experience. But, I didn't..it was just a matter of simple respect for each other..no rocket science here, folks.
Oh, and P.S....
PLEASE check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation before you post a comment. Your seventh grade English teacher may be reading it.

Lakewood, CA

#3556 Oct 14, 2012
Its because they have a bad odor...

Since: Sep 12

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#3560 Oct 15, 2012
Oscar wrote:
Saben, lo que realmente odio, a los Chakas! Ellos si son peligrosos.
En cuanto a los negros, me caen muy bien, aquí en Lindavista hay muchos Afromexicanos y están estudiando o son doctores.
sucmy balls

Pass Christian, MS

#3561 Oct 15, 2012
Brownstain wrote:
<quoted text>
Black and homosexual go hand and hand. I hope there is a consensus shortly after Romney wins to ship the savages out of our country. And not just some but all of them should be worried should they have to go packing after they get that one way ticket to the muddaland
youre a richard you dick
sucmy balls

Pass Christian, MS

#3562 Oct 15, 2012
John 1 wrote:
Blacks cannot keep their nasty dicks out of mexican womwn,
You racist non-spelling duche

United States

#3563 Oct 20, 2012
Mexicano wrote:
I think you are all full of crap. Nobody likes anybody. Everybody tries to act like they do to fit in but behind closed doors it's a different story. Everyone is racist in one way or another. Just live with it. I am Mexican and proud. Whether you like it or not part of the U.S. is Mexico and you are living in Mexican territory. White people try to own everything and everyone. Black people are just ignorant and loud. Mexicans, well I know we have our glitches but we aren't that bad.

You mexicans are so full of shit.

Panorama City, CA

#3564 Oct 21, 2012
I hate mexicans, there nothing but killers, liers and con people, you'll smile in wities face just to get a job, and you'll kill just to get other peoples money, You guys are thiefs, you steel peoples identy you are wicked people and then you turn around and hate plack people please please please go back to mexico all of you! NOW,

Panorama City, CA

#3565 Oct 21, 2012
Dumb ass mexican stop running other people off there jobs just to get them. your all going to hell you catholics,

Panorama City, CA

#3566 Oct 21, 2012
you like our music our women and then you kill our men shame on you we all know what yoyr about now no hiding, you have been exposed, for all your wickedness.

El Dorado Hills, CA

#3567 Oct 22, 2012
Watch the "First 48" show on television. Watch Maury Povich show and if that not enough, watch animal planet. Almost all blacks being shown committing crimes or just plain deadbeats.

I have mexican americans as neighbors. Most are good neighbors and respectful. My neighbor hood is not a gang hood but wannabe gangs are near. That can make the difference in your safety and way you think about hispanics or blacks.

If you see blacks or hispanics with their pants below their boxers and walk with a don't fxck with me swagger, you may have a gang member in your neighbor hood.

If you see them hanging out side watching you leave for work. Clue, they plan on burglarizing you.

The more educated blacks and mexican americans are more respectful and less chance of robbing and killing you. Cost more to live in those neighbor hoods.

Pico Rivera, CA

#3568 Oct 24, 2012
mya wrote:
you like our music our women and then you kill our men shame on you we all know what yoyr about now no hiding, you have been exposed, for all your wickedness.
All of you savages are going back to africa hell or high water in the next decade. We want you savages out and so do the other races
A Romero

Tucson, AZ

#3569 Oct 25, 2012
Linda Freeman wrote:
What. The French didn't Hate Mexicans when they colonized Mexico. The Mexicans don't hate us unless we begin refusing to fund their colonization of California.
As long as we are willing to cower in the corners as they March and Demand more and more and more they will just take and take and take as much as the Democratic politicians can force us to give them they won't burn us out of our homes.
the french didnt colonize mexico, the spanish did. the frenchtried to take over mexico but were stopped when mexico and the u.s together fought the french to get them out of n. america. the day this war ended was the 5th of may in 1862 thus why mexican-americans celebrate cinco de mayo, one of the few times when both our mexican ancestry-eritage, and U.S birth-heritage came together

Alameda, CA

#3570 Oct 25, 2012
Wtf is wrong with you?? We're all human/ people. Race shouldn't matter. My husbands Mexican & I'm black. Wtf does it matter?? Labeling a whole race proves there's something screwed up in your head. NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME!!!
Attention racist people: if you were put in a life or death situation around someone of the race you "don't like" im more than sure you'll get the fu*k over your twisted thoughts!!
Your Daddy

Fontana, CA

#3573 Nov 1, 2012
liz wrote:
I dont know I'm mexican and I love black people=]
Liking their shlong is different from liking them you interracial intercourse loving freak.!
I Have Mexican Neighbors

Las Vegas, NV

#3574 Nov 2, 2012
Mexicans hate everyone, not just Blacks. Ever lived in a decent neighborhood and watch Mexicans turn it into a ghetto within a year? These people just don't care. They're used to a third world social and material infrastructure....you can't just take someone like that, place them in a normal country, and expect them to act like human beings. They have a herd mentality and don't care about anything. They don't even respect themselves. Why do you think they'd rather defend Mexican hoodrats and illegals rather than stand up to them and try to better their community's standings? Human garbage.

Washington, DC

#3575 Nov 5, 2012
There are different types of people, but we are all "People" color/Ethnicity/race has nothing to do with who you are. Those who seem to be racist have had issues or unethical problems with that certain race. This leads to a mindset that encourages hatred to that race, so called Racism. But if they were to bypass that mindset and meet a different "person" of that same race which they found a certain personality trait that draws the so called "racist" to that person their mindset might slowly dwindle away from the Racial discrimination. So inspire others and yourself to meet new people, and think of the coloring of their skin as a cloak covering the persons true personality. Don't let the simple fact of what color he or she is, take time to discover who they are for yourself.

Martinez, CA

#3576 Nov 13, 2012
U all hav great ideas bout one another but I don believe in the whole race thing we r all human put on this planet 2serve and support one another I'm black and I can name many ignorant black but I can't say their all bad like marthun Luther king he was not only fighting for the black man any person no matter what his skin tone.
My dad was killed by a Latino 3years ago I don hate Latino's just because one killed my father my grandmas Latino and I don hat her we were built through love not hate
So just turn both the black and Latino hav been through harsh time but we can only get through those harsh together the colored people have been mistreated and spat by not by the white man but their own . Belief it or not there races out there that hate their own race but is racism really the answer is vilionce the answer no we no different from our brother and sisters we r one hate on me u want but dats truth my brother and I do feel dat blacks and mexicans more help at these time that's why we must say united just look in Egypt,Uganda , Haiti, I can't agree with u guys because grew up in Hispaniola were many races blend yet we still luv one another

Martinez, CA

#3577 Nov 13, 2012
Peeps wrote:
Its because they have a bad odor...
wow I totally agree with u and ifu do read my comment sorry my bad writing

Chandler, AZ

#3579 Nov 18, 2012
dominicanman wrote:
is like a growing trend over there. why do mexicans in california hate on black people so much?
. Well first off I'm Mexican and live in Arizona , secondly black people are so fking stupid, annoying, smelly, ghetto, And rude. Like seriously they don't even look human most of the time. I am okay with certain black people who were raised right but other than that... Fk , I hate them....

Bronx, NY

#3581 Nov 19, 2012
I don't like blacks. Not the skin color, but the culture. Dominicans, Panamanians, Mexicans...even some Italians in Sicily and some Greeks are dark-skinned. No...the so-called "african-american" are the ones I can't stand. Nothing to do with color...everything to do with attitude, rudeness, ignorance, stupidity, selfishness, etc.

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