Part of the plan should call for insurance company bilking the government (Federal and State) or denying operations for profits to be penalized by removing and taking all bonuses or other employment compensation including private bank accounts of the executives and deposit the monies in state accounts. Doctors riping off the governments and or insurance companies or deliberately harming a patient for profits shall be jailed for not less then 30 years

(The mental Health industry will be on a skeleton crew with no drugging privileges for 10 years until totally dissolved and replaced ) based on their history of fraud, lies and non science diagnoses.

The pharmaceutical industry developing any drug damaging the public or pushing, selling of any drug that effects the well being of the society by creating illnesses from any lab or any other means shall have the CEO jailed for the rest of their lives with no parole or put to death in those states with compliance with their state laws.

A list of complaints from patients on side effects of drugs will be studied and the drug will be denied prescription privileges if found harmful. If the drug was found to be known harmful and deliberately marketed then the CEO shall be put to death along with any contributing person to the marketing of the drug

No insurance company plan shall deny employment of US citizens by mail order drugs from out of country No pharmaceutical company or pharmacy shall have any rights to a patients medical record.

Any politician taking a payoff or any compensation from a pharmaceutical, insurance or medical profession or their agents shall be removed from the political offices and jailed.

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