Disabled parking placard use is on th...

Disabled parking placard use is on the rise

There are 28 comments on the LA Daily News story from Oct 5, 2008, titled Disabled parking placard use is on the rise. In it, LA Daily News reports that:

Diabetes has settled in Ira Monatlik's body, enough to weaken the muscles around his eyes.

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I Kid You Not

Yuma, AZ

#1 Oct 5, 2008
They gotta be kidding. If someone has visual issues, why are they still allowed to drive? And if they can see well enough to drive to the shopping center without killing someone, then they should be able to see well enough to walk into the stores without bumping into someone, and they don't need priority parking.

The insanity in this state never ends.
Misuse of Placards

United States

#2 Oct 5, 2008
I saw a major misuse of these handicapped placards. Years ago, my child had been taking Karate lessons and the sensei's father, who had such a placard and was legitimately handicapped, often had to park far away because one of the adult students ( a man in his 30's) parked his Lincoln Navigator there using a placard he borrowed from the senior housing facility where he was employed. No one ever said anything but we all wondered about his inconsiderate and fraudulent use of his actions.
There should be a means of phoning in the registration number to ascertain the legitimacy of the vehicle owner's handicap placard to protect those who truly need the spaces. Fines should be hefty for abusers.


#3 Oct 5, 2008
I have a temporary H/C placard because of a work related injury to my back. I cannot tell you how many times I cannot find a H/C parking spot because someone with a big SUV with four kids
has taken that spot. They have a H/C plate or placard but they sure all look healthy enough to me. These plates/placards are the most widely abused by lazy inconsiderate jerks. I would just love to see some of them get questioned by the police.

Fresno, CA

#4 Oct 5, 2008
I have had two placards stolen from my car. I had to get the permanent plates, although I never wanted them. I never wanted anyone to know I was handicapped unless, the area was so far away, I couldnt walk there.

I'm the one who got the $350 ticket when my placard was stolen. FYI, you can only claim is was taken from your mirror once. After that you have to pay the $350.00 and go to a hearing in downtown LA. If they believe you, you get your $350.00 back. If you are too poor to pay the $350.00 you can appeal and tell them how little you have in the bank, how much you make a month in Social Security and who buys your food. Unfair.

How come a person who can walk around 18 holes of golf thinks they have a right to use the handicap spots next to the entrance of the golf course.
The rest of us, who cant walk without aid from the parking area to the restaurant, get relegated to the hinterland. Not fair.

I saw two young men, under 30,park in Home Depot. I had to leave someone a tip to carry my supplies, but these two young men wouldnt assist in a bet.
Jack Liu

Tustin, CA

#5 Oct 5, 2008
It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many handicap people. Most handicap parking spaces are not available. At Costco Westlake Village I've witnessed individuals who park in H/C spaces that have no appearance of being a H/C person. What is gong on??

La Quinta, CA

#6 Oct 5, 2008
I believe California had passed a law a few years ago stating that pregnant woman may obtain a 6-month temporary placard (the color is red) so that they may use these parking spaces. As a mother of a 9-year old son I never had one of these nor would I get one today. I feel it's very important for a pregnant woman to have exercise during preganancy in order not to put on excess weight, so enabling those who end up complaining about it later.

With regards to the obese idividuals who have these placards, I feel that they should only be given a temporary 6-month issue with stipulations that they are under some type of weight loss program to address the weight problem and be accountable to the state proving that significant weight-loss is actually occurring in order to continue receiving additional time use of these placards & spaces. Providing permanent (blue cards) only enables the one with weight issues to continue at their present weight, if not to gain more. I am not saying this as an opinion of myself as 120lbs, but as someone who spent most of her adult life as a person who was condidered over weight for a long time and understands that something needs to be done in the here and now.

As far as the increase in the number of senior citizens approaching the "Golden Tsunami" the property owners will just have to re-stripe and assign the necessary additional spaces required to fill this need and building codes will also change or be update to reflect the number of spaces needed as well for new construction.

I completely agree with the comment from "I Kid You Not" about the elderly who cannot see visually that are recipients of these placards. My ex-husband was disabled from Leukemia and had vision problems so I would never let him drive. Would those who issue these for the visually challenged ride in the same car as these people?? If not, then would you like to be driving on a two-lane road with the visually impaired driver approaching you from the other end??? Something to think about...

Irvine, CA

#7 Oct 5, 2008
Triple the citation amount and revoke the driver's license for 1 year! Shame on these abusers, I see them all the time parking in handicap spots and running, yes, running into Starbucks for a quick fix! Better yet! Along with tripling the citation amount, allow half of the fine to the ticketing law enforcement agency!

West Hollywood, CA

#8 Oct 5, 2008
How about citing those that drive with them still hanging off their mirror. It clearly states remove before operating. CA is very liberal in the issuing of these placards. Do we really need handicap parking at Magic Mountain, Disneyland or the county fair for that matter. All require extensive walking after entering. Just promotes laziness for most as far as I'm concerned. While the ones that rally need it get srewed.

Claremont, CA

#9 Oct 5, 2008
Oh, yes about those who drive with the placard hanging from the mirror...
At the DMV there was a perfectly able bodied person requesting a new placard because hers had disintegrated from sun damage because she left it hanging from the mirror. The DMV lady could not convince her that it is not only bad driving practice, but illegal to drive with anything hanging from her mirror. Her response was to say that it was too hard to find a place to keep it.

Claremont, CA

#10 Oct 5, 2008
You talk about those whom you would not think need to park in a H/C spot. I saw a security guard at Montclair hospital parking her car in a H/C spot and putting on her utility belt from the trunk. Her car had H/C plates. I assume that part of her job is to walk around the grounds. Besides being overweight, what grounds would she claim the right to park near the front door?

Irvine, CA

#11 Oct 7, 2008
There are many people who use placards who don't _look_ disabled. For example, I might _look_ healthy to you, but do you know that I have an artificial leg and walking long distances can often be painful or impossible for me?

As an example, when I go to Disneyland or similar venue, I rent a wheelchair when I get in the gates. Why shouldn't I have accessible parking so I can take my kids to theme parks just like everyone with two legs?

And for the first commenter: the visually impaired person is probably not the driver, but the _passenger_ in the car.
Richard Dunckel

San Jose, CA

#12 Oct 8, 2008
I have a disabled placard. I do not abuse it. I am 53 yrs. old and had a 6 vessel cardiac bypass graft (CABG, also known as a heart bypass) when I was 49. Space does not allow me to list my other medical conditions. I work full time. Although I do not walk very well I do not do so with the mindset of "victimology", i.e., I do not focus on what I cannot do. I do not have a "poor me" attitude. In terms of parking my car: I do not use the disabled spots unless there are no others available and even then I think 10 times before I do. I know there are others that need that spot more than I. I think "what if that were my mother?". Please do not vilify those of us who have a legitimate need for a disabled placard. Painting the problem with a broad brush is unfair and quite frankly, the epitome of journalistic irresponsibility.

Those people taking "your" parking spot are not all "bad". Perhaps (a la Edward Abbey) you should (God forbid) walk.

It's like the cartoon characters that say "we're not all bad, you just paint us that way".


Richard Dunckel
Get the facts

United States

#13 Oct 10, 2008
In response to Ira Monatlik's comment about disabled parking spots being taken by "healthy women with kids", are you an MD?? Did you make their diagnosis?? I happen to be a 40 something female with four kids (three are grown) and yes I do park in "YOUR" HC spot with my 11 year old child. What you don't know, is what's going on inside my body. Not all disabilities are visible. I sure look great on the outside, or so I'm told. Inside though, my body has been slowly eaten away by cancer for the past 8 years, which is now terminal. I'm on daily chemo and twice daily radiation, not to mention the back surgery I recently had for the tumor that was compressing my spinal cord by 80%. Oh yes and did I fail to mention the broken neck that cancer ate through?? There's also the two hips that are eaten away by cancer, do you get my point?? Hmmm, I guess you know it all though. Maybe you should become an MD and start making some legitimate diagnosis. Until then keep your discriminatory comments to yourself. After all what goes around, comes around.

Cleveland, OH

#14 Nov 6, 2008
Hey everyone, check this device called Visortag that holds and protects the handicapped placard, and clips to the visor and allows you to pull the placard down when you park, and fold it back out of sight when you drive. I bought it for mom and she loves it. Offered at www.visortag.com

“America & LEGAL Americans 1st”

Since: Aug 08


#15 Nov 6, 2008
Jack Liu wrote:
It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many handicap people. Most handicap parking spaces are not available. At Costco Westlake Village I've witnessed individuals who park in H/C spaces that have no appearance of being a H/C person. What is gong on??
They are probably for another family member and should only be used when that family member is traveling in the vehicle. Anyone who uses a handicap space who obviously doesn't need it should be reported. I've done it before.

South El Monte, CA

#16 Nov 8, 2008
Where can you report them too?
West Valley Dave Smith wrote:
<quoted text>
They are probably for another family member and should only be used when that family member is traveling in the vehicle. Anyone who uses a handicap space who obviously doesn't need it should be reported. I've done it before.

South San Francisco, CA

#18 Dec 3, 2008
In SOMA in San Francisco where I work daily parking in a garage costs $20 - 28 per day. Metered parking costs 25 cents a minute - that works out to $3 per hour or $27 for the nine hours that the meters are active.

I see fully 50% of the metered spots nearby the office occupied by handicap placard vehicles and they donít move all day. Itís the same vehicles every day, and they are nice cars too.

If you multiply the $27 dollars a day that these parkers do not pay in meter fees by 5 days a week and 52 weeks a year, this is over $7000 in parking fees that the city is not collecting. In addition there is no turnover for these spots since their meters do not expire, so even people willing to pay $3 an hour (in coins - like people carry that many quarters) are not able to find a spot. All people emerging from these cars are moving just fine. Yes, I do know that there are handicaps that are not immediately visible, but if the argument is that handicapped people cannot move very fast so therefore cannot get back to the car in time to pay the meter, then people who are issued placards should be required to have to have an actual physical handicap.

SoÖ while the rest of us dutifully pay the parking meter or parking garage fees these people are abusing the handicapped placard system - ripping the city off for $7K annually per parking space and taking spaces from people who are actually handicapped or those who would pay the meter. No wonder they drive such nice cars - they are saving $7K per year!!

This rampant abuse needs to be investigated and readdressed to give actual handicapped drivers spaces to park and others metered spaces that turn over every few hours.

Please check out the neighborhood around 2nd and Howard in San Francisco. End the scam!


#19 Dec 11, 2008
It is not always easy to know if a person is handicapped unless they are missing a limb. Diabetics, people with high blood pressure, heart or lung disease may not appear handicapped until they have to walk from the far side of Wal-Mart parking lot. When they turn red or fall over then you kow for sure. Many handicapped people hide their handicap so they do not stand out in a crowd. My wife was pestering me to get plates instead of using the card and I said sure, but I will start carrying a pistol because the plates make you a target for robbery. I still use a card.
Get the facts

Santa Monica, CA

#20 Dec 11, 2008
This is to Sara,
It's people like you who discriminate against disabled people. You better be careful because what goes around comes around, it's called karma.
I truly hope some day you won't be in the position of someone with a disability because it isn't fun. I would gladly pay at the meter if I were able to work and earn an acutal living besides trying to live on $638.00 a month on Social Security. Most people with disabilities who have "nice new cars" were able to purchase them after years of fighting to win their social security case with their backpay, which they were actually entitled from the very beginning. The system makes it as difficult as possible for us to get ahead. I worked and paid into the system when I was physically able to and YES I also paid at the meter, just like you. God forbid you don't get sick.

Alameda, CA

#21 Mar 20, 2009
Where In San Francisco Can we go to or call or report Illegal Parking? If anybody can help me I want to say thank you. e mail me at Thundir@yahoo.com

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