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Nikki Catsouras Crash Photos Online Used To Torture Parents

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“Save a tree.. Eat a Beaver.”

Since: Nov 07

Pineville, MO

#1 Dec 11, 2007
Update: Nikki Catsouras was tragically killed in a horrific 2006 car accident on Halloween while driving her Dad's Porsche sports car. Nicole 'Nikki' Catsouras was only 18 years old at the time of the crash.
If that isn't hard enough for a family to have to endure, the California Highway Patrol released graphic photographs from the accident and it has them under fire.

ABC's "20/20" reported on the controversy surrounding the release of her accident photos on December 7.

If you cannot empathise with the parents and family and imagine the horror of seeing their beautiful daughter exploited in such a heinous way, than you are simply cold as a stone.

Now to make it that much more horrifying, shortly after their 18-year-old daughter died in the accident, Christos and Lesli Catsouras began receiving anonymous emails and text messages containing pictures of the accident. Some of the graphic photos depicted Nikki's decapitated body still strapped inside the vehicle.

Nice. If you can believe it, someone was even cruel enough to set up a fake MySpace page pretending to be a tribute, but posted the photos there instead.

The photos were taken by the California Highway Patrol officers and e-mailed outside the department, which spread around the Internet making their way to nearly 1,600 Web sites, according to an investigator hired by the family.

“Save a tree.. Eat a Beaver.”

Since: Nov 07

Pineville, MO

#2 Dec 11, 2007
Sorry, forgot to post link to article.

“Save a tree.. Eat a Beaver.”

Since: Nov 07

Pineville, MO

#3 Dec 11, 2007

A Family's Nightmare: Accident Photos of Their Beautiful Daughter Released

Nov. 16, 2007

Not long after their 18-year-old daughter died in a car accident, Christos and Lesli Catsouras were forced to relive their grief.

They soon began receiving anonymous e-mails and text messages that contained photographs of the accident, including pictures of Nicole Catsouras' decapitated body, still strapped to the crumpled remains of her father's Porsche. A fake MySpace page was created, which at first looked like a tribute to Catsouras but also led to the horrific photos.

"What type of individual would do that?" asked Christos.

The pictures, taken by California Highway Patrol officers and e-mailed outside the department, spread around the Internet, making their way to about 1,600 Web sites, according to an investigator hired by family. The images became so persistent that Lesli Catsouras stopped checking her e-mail. Nikki's three younger sisters were forbidden to use the Internet, and 16-year-old Danielle was taken out of school to be home schooled out of fear that her peers might confront her with the pictures.

"There was threats that people were gonna put the pictures on my locker, in my locker," said Danielle. "I remember her in such a great way, I don't wanna see it and have that image stuck in my head."

"I've stopped using my e-mail," says Lesli Catsouras. "I don't want to see these every single day.…And you know, I take a risk every time I go on the computer."

We talk about Nikki all the time, " said Christos. "We've got pictures of her everywhere, We laugh about her, cry. I always called her Angel."

A judge in California ruled that the Catsouras family's lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol for allegedly releasing the accident scene pictures can go forward. According to Catsouras family attorney Tyler Offenhauser, the ruling is a significant step toward getting justice for Nikki because a jury will now decide whether the CHP must take responsibility for its employees' conduct of disseminating the graphic photos outside the agency.

Family's Ordeal Horrifies Viewers "They were crime scene pictures that never, ever should have gone out," Christos Catsouras said. "There was a big mistake made by the California Highway Patrol that was never really acknowledged, or they never wanted to help us once that mistake had been made."

The California Highway Patrol declined to comment on the case, citing the pending litigation. Though the CHP has admitted in a letter to the Catsouras family that its dispatchers violated department policy, it has said it is not legally responsible for the Catsourases' anguish.

According to state highway patrol reports, at approximately 1:45 p.m. last Halloween, 15 minutes after taking her father's Porsche 911 for a drive without permission, Nikki Catsouras was traveling 100 mph on State Route 241, near Lake Forest, Calif., when she clipped another car and lost control, slamming into a concrete tollbooth, killing her instantly.

“Save a tree.. Eat a Beaver.”

Since: Nov 07

Pineville, MO

#4 Dec 11, 2007
I hope the family wins any and all lawsuits, against the CHP, bloggers who posted the pics, and especially any and all persons who email these to the family. This is absolutely sickening. I have little sympathy for the girl herself, and generally tend to view things like this as natures way of weeding stupid genes from the gene pool... but to disseminate the pictures in this manner is sickening.

Personally, if someone sent such pics of a child of MINE to my wife... getting sued would be the least they would have to worry about. Buying a bullet-proof vest would be what they should worry about.

San Mateo, CA

#5 Dec 13, 2007
While I believe that whoever is torturing the parents by creating that MySpace acct and showing the pictures is a vile, cruel person...I hope that these parents DO NOT win their case against the ChP. Like it or not, their daughter has become the poster child for other teens that drink and drive, or speed while driving...Teens have a tendency to believe that they are immortal. These photos are a bloody reminder that they are NOT!

North Little Rock, AR

#6 Dec 13, 2007
i think someone SICK enough to do that too a mourning person deserves something worst than anything they are HORRIBLE people and i dont know how they live with themselves...
Thomas A

Temecula, CA

#7 Dec 14, 2007
VinMo, you have little sympathy for the girl herself? So, a joyride and speeding, while stupid, somehow she is deserving of her death? And mankind is somehow better for it?

You talk big about anyone trying to do anything against your family in that way. Why exactly would it matter--using your logic, if it were your daughter she would have deserved it. Oh, wait, if it were YOUR daughter it would be different, and not a gene pool consideration, right?

Man, you're not too much better than the picture senders.

“Save a tree.. Eat a Beaver.”

Since: Nov 07

Pineville, MO

#8 Dec 14, 2007
I do not say she DESERVED to die.. but she did do it to herself.

Such things as this remind me a lot of the show “When animals attack”. Everyone is so sad for the person attacked, and the animal usually gets put down... and 9 times out of 10 the whole thing happened because some genius thought it would be cute to poke a grizzley bear with a pointy stick... or some such stupidity.

So to answer your question...No. I have no sympathy for people who do stupid things and get their asses dead. I have LOTS of sympathy for her family.

The ONLY relatively positive thing about THIS incident is that usually, when someone does something stupid like this, someone ELSE ends up dead.

Since: Dec 06

Chicago IL

#9 Dec 14, 2007
In this state new laws are going threw Springfield the state captial on internet privacy laws. I am sure we as teens but to put images on the net may be inappropiate .
We all should have respect for that family and the death of that teen......Tim
Ya right

Antelope, CA

#10 Mar 10, 2008
That girl was a drug addict, spoiled, good for nothing.....grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. People die in terrible ways on the highways everyday....nobody gives a crap about them....but this chick with her rich, well known, well to-do parents has pictures posted and everyone freaks. So now you sue for $ ridiculous. Oh she was a good girl, this and that....whatever...I'm just glad she didn't kill someone else. Go drink you starbuck latte'....bunch of paris hilton wanna beez.
The Strong One

Encinitas, CA

#11 May 20, 2008
I saw the crash photos on an internet web site today. They are the most horrific photographs I've ever seen in my LIFE.

I could not believe some one SO beautiful could end up so completely destroyed like that.

Even stranger, I could not stop looking at them. I even saved them to my files. I suppose it's a perverse part of human nature.
Bobby from OC

Irvine, CA

#12 Jul 3, 2008
I had heard about this story since I live in OC but today I just happen to click on some site that had the pictures and had to turn my head and quickly close the window.

I usually watch all movies with gore and stuff and never bothers me but just knowing someone is real and that has happened I can not believe anyone would want to even watch it, it is simply sick to need to watch it or have to save them.

I think the day you think you need to watch this or you are so insensitive to other peoples lives and life, you become less human each time and that's how it all begins and people do things so sick and vulgar with no care or value for another human being.

United States

#13 Jul 3, 2008
I have read the previous posts. I have never met Nikki and will never have the chance to. I see that her story could be used as a lesson of "don't drink and drive" or "what happens when you don't think before you do" label to it.

This girl is beautiful and young. What I think though that people are really missing is this young lady is truely only a CHILD. Yes we are forced into becoming an "adult" at the age of eighteen because thats what society has deemed an appropriate age to do so but what person at the age of 18 do you REALLY REALLY know of that has become an "adult"? I know myself at the age of 21 the only reason I have become more responsible, independent, and have those adult qualities is because I had a child when I was nineteen. Before then I remember being eighteen. I was full of life, youthful, adventureous, fearless, sometimes felt invinsible, care-free, hung out with friends, still very much so dependent on my parents.

To claim this CHILD either deserves it, is "stupid", should be "weeded out" as stated above, or anything to that extent is ridiculous. Now don't get me wrong people should be held responsible for there actions right or wrong. But these people who write about her with such hate in there hearts, send her parents the pictures through emails, who have such JOY in seeing these overly and beyond gruesome pictures I DO NOT understand. Is it because they are ignorant, have some sick peversion, don't have a heart... I guess we'll never know.

Yes maybe Nikki had been doing cocaine the night previously or had been drinking that day but what person doesn't make a mistake in there life? I'm not saying that everyone needs to do drugs or something to that extreme extent but we as human beings have the opportunity to forgive and forget. This young lady made not the best chioce but she made a choice and unfortunately lost her life because of it. I hope everyone can forgive and let her family mourn in peace. This girl is now dancing with God and hopefully soon enough her family will be able to share there daughters memories and joys without thinking that someone is going to try to destroy that with images of that tragic day.
jenny newman

Toronto, Canada

#14 Jul 5, 2008
I think it is very tragic that people would be entertained by this. Nikki was an Angel who will never be forgotten. Would you want somebody glorifying your DEATH? Think about it.
hunter oliver

Lincoln, NE

#15 Jul 8, 2008
i have received tht email,any1 who would like to veiw this terrible pictures for the sake of curosity may contact me,

this is not to make this more famous but just for the people who would like to view wat the sick people in the world think would be amusing to send around and lie about.

Nederland, TX

#16 Oct 21, 2008
hunter oliver wrote:
i have received tht email,any1 who would like to veiw this terrible pictures for the sake of curosity may contact me,
this is not to make this more famous but just for the people who would like to view wat the sick people in the world think would be amusing to send around and lie about.
Hey I have already seen the photos of Nikki, but just curious who is she, as in is she famous or are her parents? I did a IMDB search on her it didn't come up with nothing. Do you have any idea who she is?
Thanks for your help.
Fran, Texas
Jenny Mosscrop


#17 Mar 3, 2009
Only friends andrelative would have the famil's email addresse and mobile numbers so the senders of the cras photos mst be know to them.

Malden, MA

#18 May 2, 2009
ppl that put up does pics make me sick the poor girl is dead let her rest in peace!!!
is been almost 3 years and come on the family of this poor girl is so hurt cuzz of some ppl doing this to them STILL, showing this pics is not cool at all and eather funny…
so who ever read this!!!! IF you did put up or show does pics (YOU BETTER STOP AND ERAZE THEM CUZZ IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS AND HAVE SOME RESPECT GROW TFKUP)
remember “KARMA” is a B****

and I just want to say that im very sorry that NIKKI’S family have been going tru so much!

I hope this bad dream for THEM goes away and AT least IF THIS PPL STOP for them to just have only good memory of NIKKI 4 ever..

and for nikki to rest in peace…

oh! another thing i want to say cuzz i was reading other site comments…
first of all do you have a kids
i bet u dont and even if you do this is not the right way
i have 2 kids i treat my kids like a prince and princes and i give them everything i spoiled them it dont mean that they gonna do wat they want no sur! spoiled sooooooooo what! i bet u spoiled your kids 2 so shut TFKup! so for that to happen to nikki it hurts me cuzz she was a very young girl and no metter what she did! she didn’t deserve that
but i know that this is life… things can happen and is scary
and NO! this photo shouldn’t be shown to no kids and no young adult they know better is up 2 you parents not a fking pics or video…so come on grow up!
like i said you aint no body to judge anybody but god!
so have a nice day!

Rest In Peace

Sedgwick, KS

#19 May 2, 2009
All that I can say is what comes around goes around! This goes beyond drinking and driving, and supposedly showing what happens. I believe beyond that, what it has done is give some sick person a thrill and attention, which is the point behind this grotesque act. Some sick twisted individual(s) are loving the attention. Try this; seek mental health services because whoever has done this is not right in the head!

It is moralistic WRONG to invade this families privacy by posting these pictures on the net, it is just so horribly wrong! I do not drink, and I sure don’t support drinking and driving, but two wrongs don’t make a right, and posting those pictures on the internet is absolutely immoral!

I ran across the pictures by accident, and I was horrified and shocked, so then after doing some more searching, I found her family’s interviews, and then I recalled that I have seen the family on the news, and eventually ended up here.

What kind of sick, evil, and twisted person would release them, let alone post them, and furthermore haunt her family with them! I don't care what she was doing; how “rich” she was, or spoiled,(those who judge , walk a mile in that girls shoes or her families-or perhaps those of you who have commented on her being a “spoiled rich kid” are jealous, and it reeks in your comments). Before you cast stones look in the mirror, and make sure you are the epitome of “perfection,” and I guarantee you that whoever started this, whoever released the pictures, and whoever continues to feed the twisted, most definitely are very far from any ounce of perfection, let alone having any morals or couth.

This goes way beyond invasion of privacy, and personally I hope that the family does get compensation for the horror caused by some sick person by first releasing, then the posting this sick stuff.

Karma will do justice in the end, one way or another! For God's sake let Nikki rest and peace!

Peace and blessings to Nikki’s family.
Motherly Love


#20 May 2, 2009
As a mother of a child that had a serious car accident and survived I can almost grant each and everyone of you today that if this were to have been my child and Thank God it isn't I would not stop till I cremated each and every soul that took these pictures and placed them via internet. Your all sick and demented people to do such a thing as this, have you no morals is it really all about that almight dollar you might get for such a shot for GODS SAKE LET GOD HAVE MERCY UPON YOUR SOULS. Parents to this child my heart goes out to you and I promise I will start doing anything and everything that I possibly can to help stop this mess. We can not allow sickos to get freedom of this. I am greatfully sorry that you had to experience this type of behavior.

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