Midwife Eileen Small in Ketchikan.......

Midwife Eileen Small in Ketchikan....any feedback?

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Santa Rosa, CA

#1 Apr 18, 2007
Does anyone know anything about Eileen Small in Ketchikan? Just looking for info, feedback, reviews, reccomendations etc. Thanks!
Little Bird

Ketchikan, AK

#2 Feb 10, 2008
Don't do it!
Great Experience

Cypress, TX

#3 Oct 1, 2009
I think Eileen is wonderful. It seems that healthcare has really become institutionalized these days. Its really become about making money and not about real people. You go to the doctor and it is a cold white environment and the Doc is processing you quickly to get to the next person. Eileen is kind and gentle, and really cares about the woman and child. The environment is comfortable, attentive yet not rushed and she is always there to answer any questions. More than having a new child, she is a new friend. If you are considering her, take a moment to talk to her and see for yourself. Im sure youll be happy. i think the "dont do it" is completely unfounded. It may be a comment from the local hospital personel which have to compete with her excellent service. Check for yourself and you will see that she is a great choice.
In Ketchikan

Ketchikan, AK

#4 Oct 28, 2009
Don't do it... you may get an appointment but it will be cancelled every time. Had an appointment since August and every week it is cancelled and I'm told that "she won't be in the office this week." Where is she? Don't know....
Concerned about Eileen

Juneau, AK

#5 Nov 13, 2009
Eileen Small is a very smart lady. She not only delivered my first child 9 years ago but is very attentive, understanding, and willing to try and go the extra mile to help with any questions you have or womens problems you may be experiencing. I have had my appt. cancelled for the last month as well but I'm more concerned about what is wrong with her than where the heck she is. I hope she is ok! If you're not happy with her go somewhere else but I can guarantee you won't find a better OBGYN that will actually make you feel like they care about what is going on with you instead you'll end up with the cold Dr. office feeling the other lady in the post was talking about.

Ketchikan, AK

#6 Nov 23, 2009
I have been to see Eileen, and in my opinion she is a very caring and knowledgeable provider. As a health care worker myself, I have a very difficult time finding a person to care for me and maintain my privacy. She does this for me. I have found that Eileen is very professional and non judgemental. I truely beleive that she is one of a kind and I would recommend her to any one.
2006 momma

Tacoma, WA

#7 Dec 9, 2009
Eileen was my ob with my second baby, we had lost our first at 25 weeks. she was wonderful. and made my entire pregnancy so comfortable. when it came down to delivery I had a very long and intense labor. Even though I ended up in KGH getting a c-section she supported all the way. I would absolutely recommend her as your physician
Ketchikan Worker

Ketchikan, AK

#8 Jan 15, 2010
Do not go to her. She's a hack, her license is suspended for good reasons. Unless your a pill popper and want drugs that's all she's good for.
Eileen Small

Ketchikan, AK

#9 Feb 17, 2010
I happened on this and felt it deserved a comment. Thanks to those of you who spoke of me with kindness and I apologize that you wondered what happened to me. I am still here in Ketchikan and I am continuing to fight the suspension which was brought about by complaints from our local hospital to the state. Those of you who know me have seen the issues we have had with the hospital. I have no idea why they are so afraid of me as competition---suffice it to say that with Ketchikan General Hospital, they say they have a "mission" but there mission is little more than a joke! They are primarily about money as anyone who has had to experience /pay for a visit in their ER can attest! They are a monopoly in this small town and determined to crush competition from any source. I believe that women--even in a town as small as this one---deserve options in health care. I have hired another midwife to join me. She will be here in March and we will reopen and see patients again at that time. Again thanks for those who expressed kind sentiments and I hope you will make appointments and come in. Again, I apologize that anyone worried as to where I was. To "Ketchikan Worker" I would only ask: what drug did you hit me up for that I declined to fill? This sounds like some of my disenchanted drug seeking patients whom I have "divorced". I know the type of care I have extended and hope to extend again. If "Ketchikan Worker" isn't with the hospital management (as I suspect) then she probably has a grudge due to something she wanted that I declined to prescribe for her! I suggest she get a life! I look forward to explaining fully to anyone with questions who calls and talks with me or comes to see me. I am listed in the phone book so I am not hard to find.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#10 Mar 13, 2010
I would just like to say that Eileen is the only person I've ever been to that didn't make me feel like I was on an assembly line, not only does she ask the right questions she also listens when you speak.
I have never been happier with a health care provider and agree with her about KGH just wanting more and more money, where else in the states does it cost over $1000.00 to have a mammogram?
I'm very happy that she is back and actually look forward to having my annual exam, now have you ever said that about going to a DR. office for any kind of check up? I'm glad I can. Welcome back!

Ketchikan, AK

#11 Mar 17, 2010
I happened upon this site today. I am disgusted beyond belief with some of the posts here. I as a matter of fact had the pleasure of having an appointment at Eileen's office this afternoon. She is one of the kindest people I know in the Health Care field here on the Island. I also agree with her concerning KGH. I have gone there for womans health issues, and was not satisfied with the Doctor there. The doctor actually embarrassed me with comments she made during the exam. I have been going to Eileen for almost 3 years now, and highly recommend her. The comment from Ketchikan Worker is totally uncalled for. Sounds to me like you and others have an axe to grind. Maybe she did not feel you needed whatever you asked her to prescribe? Once again I am happy to have you back. I thank you Eileen Small, and wish you well. You are a vital part of this community, and I welcome you back.

Since: Mar 10

Ketchikan, AK

#12 Mar 18, 2010
Once again Eileen Small is being attacked by Peace Health and Ketchikan General Hospital because she won't play their game. Consequently, they are on a witch hunt and have done some pretty low things to try to make a case against her. What they are trying to do is wear her down, throwing groundless accusations at her, getting the State of Alaska involved in their petty fight, and it is time that we, as Eileen's patients and friends, take a stand.

Was your personal medical file removed from Eileen's office due to the search warrant to try to find evidence of theft and Medicaid fraud? Mine was, and I'm not even a Medicaid patient. And I'm very angry. The Ketchikan Police looked into each file that was taken (on instructions), which is alone a major HIPPA violation. My daughters files were taken, that of a friend of mine, none of which are Medicaid. Pursuant to the warrant, it specifically states Theft in the 2nd Degree and Medicaid Fraud, so why were these files taken? Why was the Ketchikan Police Department told to look into the files before taking the ones they took? Why has the State of Alaska Attorny General's office denied knowledge of this case, even though it was their Office of Special Prosecutions who got the warrant? Why were "drugs" taken from Eileen's office (mind you, it is customary for a Certified Nurse Midwife to have IV solutions and Pitocin)? This was not listed in the search warrants, why was it taken? Why was the newspaper there to write their story on Eileen, without giving her a chance for rebuttal? Why were these listed as "drugs" in the newspaper, indicating that what was found and taken was illegal...Ketchikan Daily News, you've always leaned a little left of center, but this was definitely biased reporting!

Contact me if you want your file back, it is your personal medical file, and it's time that the Attorney General learns about this attack on Eileen, about Peace Health's efforts to run her out of town (yes, they ARE trying to get a monopoly in health care), they are actively pursuing this through less than honest measures. I want to talk to you! Interested in being part of a lawsuit against the State of Alaska?

Eileen's the ONLY caregiver in town that listens to her patients, has an honest interest in each and every one, and is the first one to refer something out of her office if she can't handle it. Peace Health tried to give Eileen a black eye when the baby died, but what is their own track record in pre-natal and neo-natal deaths? Glass houses...

My email is tj AT 13silvermoons DOT com, my phone number is in the book. If you are tired of this game that Peace Health is playing, if you are tired of seeing the one truly caring provider hounded on trumped up charges, please contact me!

TJ Wilson
Eileen Small

Ketchikan, AK

#13 Mar 18, 2010
Thanks to everyone who has come back to A Woman's Place after the terrible but untrue press we received. I agree 110% with TJ's letter. I do want to make it clear (lest our dear hospital or the state reads this site hoping for trouble!) that my licensure issues are NOT YET resolved. I also might add that I have a new attorney and my new attorney is an awesome WOMAN and I'd recommend her to any of you!!! I ridded myself of local attorneys that I had been messing with for years--paying exorbitantly and receiving little help in return because of their incestuous alliance with KGH!!.(THERE! I SAID IT!!) My new attorney is in Anchorage and she has been excellent and is working diligently to resolve this mess as soon as possible. OUR OFFICE IS OPEN!!!. I am there to visit and say hi to any and all who come in. I have hired a midwife named Beth Langdon who moved here from Minn to join the practice. sHE IS PERMANENT--NOT A LOCUMS SO SHE IS HERE FOR THE DURATION! Until my situation is resolved, Beth is seeing all patients. Beth worked for over 20 years in Florida in a private nurse practitioner owned practice so she understands what is going on with the hospital and she is not easilly "pushed around" by them. For the record, it was brought to my attention that Barb Bigelow from KGH called the AG's office less than an hour after Beth walked in our office door on her first day here, trying to cause trouble for her! Will it ever end? At any rate, I sincerely appreciate everyone who has remained loyal to A Woman's Place. Most of you know that I have always considered A Woman's Place as belonging basically to you ladies in Ketchikan MORE EVEN THAN BELONGING TO ME---it was and IS YOUR practice where you can come to be listened to, respected and provided with excellent care in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. That continues to be my goal and mission just as when I initially opened my doors. My dream was to create a practice FOR the women of Ketchikan where they'd feel at home, respected and yes --even loved and appreciated. I think that is what we have done--together. But, I couldn't have even began to do it without all of you---remember that the state and hospital have attorneys on their payroll---I have to pay for mine! Money is one thing but support is another. I am a tough old broad and I'll fight injustice to the end monetarilly but without you all, what would be the point? The practice could be driven out of town if it were just me alone-- but with all of you helping, caring and supporting me, we'll all survive and I will be back!! In the interim--come in, make appointments and while you will see Beth for care, I am there to talk, explain any part of all this you don't understand and above all---give each of you a big hug and all my thanks! Love to all of you ladies!

Juneau, AK

#14 Mar 24, 2010
I went to see Eileen several years ago for birth control. From the moment I walked in her office I was constantly bombarded with "when am I getting pregnant?" questions and comments. At the time I was single, barely employed and 22. It really put me off.

Did I also mention that she always got my name wrong? It made me wonder if she went through the trouble of reading my chart.

Juneau, AK

#15 Mar 24, 2010
I'm also going to add that this witch hunt against KGH is ridiculous. I switched from Eileen to KGH and have always been treated great. At the time I didn't have insurance and KGH went out of their way to help me out with providing me with affordable payment plans (never charged me interest!). I have had several family members treated absolutely excellently by the staff at KGH, especially the ER.

I find this kind of talk extremely disturbing and unprofessional. Actions speak louder than words. Bad mouthing anyone or anything instead of focusing on your own actions make will only result in making you look like a fool.
Eileen Small

Ketchikan, AK

#17 Mar 25, 2010
I agree with "not a fan" --it is deeply disturbing when anyone or business works overtime to badmouth someone, attempt to hurt their business with lies or in general acts in an unprofessional manner against the public good. This is the problem that so many of my ladies have experienced in their dealings with KGH! I also must point out that I am a small business and I do not belong to Access to Care which is the hospital based program for indigent and lower paid people. I TRIED to be part of it, but KGH would not allow me to as I am not part of their stable! So I just try to help my patients by keeping my prices low and even doing payments if need be. Another words, I do all I can... I apologize to the above patient if she feels she was queried too many times about her pregnancy plans---I will say this, even if she is "only 22 and barely employed" it does not mean that she doesn't plan on trying to get pregnant 3 months down the line. In that case, an IUD would be a poor choice for her. If she has a latex allergy, a condom or a diaphragm is again not a wise choice. Depo provera is great for some ladies and not so great for others as it has a very long term effect usually--plus the weight gain thing. Even pills are great for some ladies and NOT great for others. We HAVE to ask a lot of questions to serve our women as best we can. I make NO apology for the fact that we ask a lot of uestions. Moreover, I would like to apologize if for any reason, this patient felt that I didn't remember her name. As most of my ladies know, I remember their name in my office and even if we run into each other at the grocery store! Am I 100% perfect? Of course not! With over 2000 patients I may forget a name. But I ALWAYS remember to check charts. Any provider who did otherwise is not meeting a standard of care. That does NOT mean you have a guarantee that they'll give a patient whatever they want BUT reading and going over a chart is pretty fundamental!! Apparently this lady now lives in Juneau---I sincerely hope she has found a provider there with whom she can bond and receive the kind of care she wants and deserves. I wish her all good!

Ketchikan, AK

#18 Mar 31, 2010
I have been a patient of Eileen's for more then 10 years now. If it wasn't for Eileen's care and belief in my knowledge of my body, I would have died thanks to a 'doctor' in this town that treated me as if I was a hypochondriac despite my referral from a well respected doctor that he was well acquainted with. Thanks to Eileen believing in me, my stage 3c cancer was diagnosed and I am alive today because of her!!!

Because I chose to sue the doctor ( who was closely affiliated with the hospital) in question, I to have been a victim of harassment by individuals at the hospital. In fact, I believe I sat for 4 hours in the hospital ER (there weren't any other patients in ER at the time and the doctor was just chatting at the counter) bleeding and in extreme pain from my cancer tumor because Eileen was the one who referred me. The ER doctor only agreed to see me when I said I was leaving.

I am unfortunately well acquainted with the person at the hospital who is leading the charge against Eileen. I have had my HIPPAA rights violated a number of times by the same individual at the hospital that I believe is attacking Eileen but I was too sick to fight it then.

Now this same person appears to be responsible for having my records along with a number of others STOLEN from Eileen's office under the guise of a medicaid fraud investigation. Interestingly, the 'medicaid' investigator told me she can look for things other than medicaid fraud which is why my records were taken supposedly and what gives her the 'right' to keep them. Well I don't have medicaid and I didn't have insurance to bill to, so there is no reason for my records to be taken. Another violation of my HIPPA rights but the management at this hospital cares nothing for patient privacy or true quality patient care. Only that they are all powerful.

Ketchikan, AK

#19 Mar 31, 2010
By the way, I have never been treated with any thing but courtesy and respect in her office. I appreciate that she gives me the respect to discuss options with me instead of lying to me like two doctors in this town have done.
Big Bird

Ketchikan, AK

#20 Apr 27, 2010
Yes, Do it!
KGH has their hacks posting here. Don't believe them. The hospital is just trying to ruin her. They are the ones that should be investigated. They like to pretend they are a non profit but they are money grubbing thieves and liars. The Nuns left a long time ago and would be ashamed of what they have done to the hospital.
Sick of KGH

Ketchikan, AK

#21 Apr 27, 2010
I have been out of town and to come back here to find out that KGH is back at it. As soon as the ole cow patty starts to dry up they come along with a stick and stir it up and things star to stink. Yep that is good ole Barb Bigelow doing her best to run people out of town. That wench can not even keep her own employees happy. I am outraged that my medical records are out there. HIPPAA violation 101. KGH is a racket. They want to be the only act in town. The cost here for medical care through KGH is off the chart. Oh yes the toothless women in collections is a prize as well. And to notafan....good luck finding a good GYN in Juneau. Been there done that and Not going to happen for you either. Why do you think we no longer have Donna Smith and Alan Wolfe and the rest. Yep you are right they did not want to play the games. I am so happy you are staying here in Ketchikan Eileen. We will be here to help you. You are a good person. We need you.

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