Should we move to Alaska?
Marty in Tennessee

Louisville, KY

#23 Jul 27, 2006
I have wanted to move to Ak. since I was 18 yrs old.But things happened and I never got to.Well my wife and I are going back to school this fall and when we get out we are going to sell our house and relocate.I like the middle to northern part and she likes the Delta Junction area.She said Barrows was totally out of the question.If anyone has any info on Delta Junction area it will be greatly appreciated.It will be a while before we make the move so we have plenty of time to research this great state.
Thanks alot Marty

Luck, WI

#24 Jul 28, 2006
interior person you sure do make people fell welcome. you need to lighten up some people are just wanting imfo. doesnt mean they are moving up their. i was up a year ago and its so big and spread out that you wouldnt know that person was their anyway. dont let them get your goat.
Bob Lobster

Anchorage, AK

#25 Jul 28, 2006
Don't listen to the idiots who tell you not to live in Anchorage. Anchorage has restaurants, night life, culture, etc. and access to crapping in the woods and using poison ivy as toilet paper if that's your trip... Of course you have lots of trailer trash, gang punks, native drunks etc. you have to look at, but they aren't anywhere near as bad as the lower 48 low-life...
Bob Lobster

Anchorage, AK

#26 Jul 28, 2006
I remember my first trip to Valdez Alaska. The only other town I had lived in Alaska before visiting Valdez had been Anchorage, and after visiting Valdez, I was literally floored!!! The water was really green and pure, lots of nature, etc. but HOLY FECKIN JEZUS!!! It was a dump of a town as far as any culture goes... Unless a beer joint is your idea of higher culture, you better pick a town you can actually find someone educated enough to hold a conversation with, and then visit the pristene nature sites from your vehicle on weekends... That's the way the educated folks up here do it... Good luck!
Bob Lobster

Anchorage, AK

#27 Jul 28, 2006
Also, Fairbanks is OK as far as culture because they won't let Anchorage have a real college... They're funny that way... But HOLY FECKIN JEZUS!!! After your first winter in Fairbanks, you'll find out you can't even drive your car because if you can actually get the motor started, the FECKIN TIRES will be frozen in a flat pancake because of the negative double digit temperatures!!! If you don't own a hot babe with warm puppies to keep you comfortable at nights, forget Fairbanks!!!
Twenty Years In AK

Anchorage, AK

#28 Jul 30, 2006
Come for the money. Otherwise bag it!
Sittin in Tok

United States

#29 Jul 30, 2006
I've been here since 1979 when I was nine. Now I'm 37 with four wonderful Alaskan children. There's no better life anywhere. period. Quality of life is everything.

Waynesboro, VA

#30 Aug 2, 2006
I am glad I found this forum, and especially this thread about moving to Alaska.

Alaska is a fantasy to some people , a place bigger than life itself. However, don't think that moving there will solve all of your problems, more than likely you will have more due to the weather extremes and higher cost of living.
I just spent 10 days in Alaska, and even though its a wonderful, beautiful place, I am not so sure that I could cope there. Having lived in the southern east coast, the summer weather there in July at the places I visited, was like March weather here.(Virginia). And sticker shock at many prices on things cheaper here.

Please, resident Alaskans, I am not condemning your state, but just trying to tell any yearning , readers if they are really interested in moving to Alaska, at least visit for an extended length of time and see if they like it. Just to move sight unseen , more than likely will cause some heartaches,I may be wrong.

While visiting in AK, I spoke with many people that have moved there, and all told me it is a struggle financially, most work two jobs. However, most said they would not trade it for any other lifestyle. And all of the people I talked with were very friendly and open about their beliefs in living in Alaska.

I visited a small segment of Alaska, but the place I liked the best was Fairbanks.

So, if you really still want to move there, my advice is to visit first, then see if the grass is really greener on the other side up there. If you just enjoy solitude, and isolation, and that sort of thing, there are plenty of places in the lower 48 that fit that bill.

Waynesboro, VA

#31 Aug 2, 2006
My location was shown in Waynesboro,Va, wonder why?

I am about 4 hours south of there.

Guess it doesn't matter.
Carolina from Texas

Forney, TX

#32 Aug 2, 2006
My Brother, Sister and I are coming to visit your great state of Alaska this September. My brother is a "lumberjack" type and my sister is a "city" girl. I have always preferred country living with a city not over a 2 hour drive. All 3 of us are over 55 years young and have spent several years in Minnesota. Whether you residents want new people to move there or not, it probably would do your tourist trade a lot of good to encourage people. Most of the Alaskan resident did great with their description to the person that wants to move to Alaska without experiencing it first. Having been through super cold winters in Minnesota, one should always be sure that one can survive and thrive in that kind of environment. We three siblings love it and are looking forward to our trip (from Fairbanks to Anchorage to Homer and back to Fairbanks). Texans do like Alaskans; we're very similar in a lot of ways.
AK Dreamer

Saint Paul, MN

#33 Aug 7, 2006
Having been through super cold winters in Minnesota, one should always be sure that one can survive and thrive in that kind of environment.

Growing up in ND, living in AK for years, and now in MN myself, I can tell you that the winters in Anchorage are not nearly as miserable as they are here in MN. I would enjoy an Alaskan winter! Much less wind chill, more snow to play in, and the Northern Lights. Need I say more?

Washington, DC

#34 Aug 7, 2006
I am considering the Univeristy of Alaska (either Anchorage or Fairbanks) for their PhD psychology program... any insight into UA's academics, culture, people, etc.? Of course, the two cities are very different, but which campus is more dynamic?
38YrAkSourdoughe d

United States

#35 Aug 9, 2006
I live in rural Alaska. It cost $1000 a month last winter for fuel oil, with more than 60 days below zero temps. Rent avgs $750-$1400 a month, no frills. Groceries, 10% or more higher than lower 48 prices. All groceries are shipped in by air, barge, or truck, sometimes weeks between destinations. Gas $2.85+ a gal in Anchorage, sky's the limit elsewhere. School's are rated 49th in the nation. Highest incident of rape and alcoholism per capita in the country. Property is high priced and the avg home on the market starts around $200K. Most jobs pay little more than min.wage. You can't travel on the only road in or out of Alaska through Canada without a passport (starts in 07). I've never seen more beautiful scenery than Alaska, and never experienced any harder to eat. I've gone for broke in Alaska and made it. A move to the "state that stands alone" should be well considered.
Eileen Foley

Naples, FL

#36 Aug 9, 2006
Interior Man wrote:
Stay where You are we don't need any more residents here unless you want to go to Anchorage and you can have that shithole all to your self and the other 350 thousand idiots who think its a city STAY HOME
IDIOT how do you think this world evolved


#37 Aug 10, 2006
I was thinking about moving to Alaska and curious what to know what Anchorage is like. I live in Virginia right now so it would be a big move! I'm in northern Virginia so I think I would be used to the high cost of things. A two bedroom apartment here would probably cost atleast 800+. I don't mind the cold and I hear Anchorage isn't as bad as the interior, etc. I read somewhere Alaska has a high violence rate. Is that true? But then I also heard everyone is nice up there. What about groceries, are there good fresh vegetables that someone could afford? Is it hard driving in all that snow? Is it hard dealing with all that darkness!? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I've read Alaska magazine for several years and it's made me want to move there so bad. But now that I have an opportunity to do so I'm kind of second guessing it. I love nature. I'm in school to become a Biologist. Probably teach school with my degree. Is the University of Anchorage a good school? I love hiking and camping. Would be curious to try cross country skiing if I lived up there. Thanks for hearing me out!

Anchorage, AK

#38 Aug 16, 2006
Alaska is truly the last frontier. It is also the land of opportunity. Alaska is like anywhere else, one person has a talent or skill, plumber, electrician, welder, teacher anything really and another person does not. One person makes a good living one-person struggles. If you get in gear you can make a great living, if you want to sit on your butt and complain about life you will starve.
The weather in Anchorage is not as bad as most people make out. Yes it is cold and gloomy in the winter but North Dakota is brutal. If you live in the interior or North Slope it gets really cold, but that is why most people do not live there. You will notice most of the politicians or green peace types visit ANWR in the summer, not January and if they do it is just long enough to get the next picture so they can get out of there, and in the summer they never show the bugs in the picture.
Cost of living, in Anchorage about the same as the lower 48 when you figure you pay no state or city income tax, and you receive a dividend check for every member of your family. If you live in a village different story, costs will be high because you have chosen to live in a remote area and receive non-remote services, like heat, lights, fresh water, gasoline for your car. Bottom line, if you live 500 miles off the road system you can expect that everything costs more, but you chose that.
If you want to meet interesting people that love life you can. If you want to experience life to the fullest you can. You can do anything here if you put your mind and back to work. But you can do that anywhere or you can complain about those that did.
If you’re looking for easy this is not the place. If you’re looking adventure it is perfect.
Final notes: If you’re looking for easy this is not the place. If you’re looking adventure it is perfect. If your more than 10 feet off the road you are no longer at the top of the food chain. People believe bears have a right to visit town every now and then. If you have nothing to offer where you are you will have nothing to offer here.

Juneau, AK

#39 Aug 17, 2006
Interior Man wrote:
Stay where You are we don't need any more residents here unless you want to go to Anchorage and you can have that shithole all to your self and the other 350 thousand idiots who think its a city STAY HOME

Providence, UT

#40 Aug 18, 2006
just wish I was there!
Ex Alaskan

Laguna Niguel, CA

#41 Aug 19, 2006
I enjoyed my 25 years in Alaska and raised my oldest through HS. I loved living in Southcentral (Anchorage) but quite frankly the weather stinks, the schools are poor and the crime is high. I moved to southern Calif due to a job transfer and wish I had left sooner. The schools are great the crime is low and the weather is awesome. Very good friends in Alaska but the quality of life can be obtained many other places without the narrow minded politicians and grim weather. Be prepared to do your recreation in the great outdoors in your gortex or down for at least 11 months of the year. Good luck! and be prepared for the old Alaskans that want everyone to go home so they can have their looser life to themselves. They do not represent most Alaskans!

United States

#42 Aug 20, 2006
This is long, so if you take the time to read it and give a thoughtful reponse, THANK YOU!

My husband and I are outdoorsy folk - he thruhiked the Appalachian Trail; I did 700 miles of it in one trip... we are ex-whitewater raft guides... have lived in an authentic Lakota tipi twice with no running water or electricity for long periods of time, etc...

We are seriously talking about Alaska, but the more I reasearch, the more I realize how much we don't know about Alaska! It's so vast! We need some guidance from those of you who know. Can someone point us toward some areas that might work for us? Or just give tips?:)

Some more background info:
We do have a 2-year-old daughter and we are concerned about keeping her as safe as possible (obviously!), while also bringing her a youth full of rich experience.

We don't care for cities, and already live 25 minutes from the nearest tiny town, about an hour from any shopping hubs - which are yucky anyway. I only leave the house here on the mountain if I HAVE to, and then I run all the errands for the next 2 weeks in one trip... I have a small company I run from the house, Hubby is a carpenter - has a remodeling business and is dying to build a cabin...Hubby wants to "live off the land/hunt/fish/farm" as much as possible. Money is definitely an issue, though we are willing to plan and save for a few years if needed... I'm just the "fly by the seat of your pants type of person," always up for a challenge and ready to go, LOL!

We are torn between buying some land and moving there, vacationing there, raft guiding for a season or two... just trying to figure out the best option for us. We will have to sell our house and everthing we own to spend more than 2-3 weeks there as it is, though, which is why we are seriously considering planning it out and just going for it.

Can anyone tell me some areas that might be a good option for us? Reasonable land prices? Thanks!!! Melynda

(Please pay no attention to my current location, LOL, as I'm not really acclimating well to this place! My husband is a Georgia boy, but I grew up in New England, then moved to Albany, NY and later spent 4 years near Lake Ontario/Finger Lakes area of NY and I understand long gray windy -25 or lower temperature winters... ;O))

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