Should we move to Alaska?

Salem, OR

#269 Jul 18, 2010
So i realize that this post is seriously old, but i am moving to bethel from Oregon next month and i would really like some advice! are you still there?BLP
AKson wrote:
I grew up in AK. and feel that there is truely no better place to live. Most of my time was spent in Eagle River, and Fairbanks, with family living in Palmer. As of right now I am in Oregon, getting ready to move to Bethel next month. I have had a great time in the plague that is the other 48 states. It is always nice to have the option of taking different routes to get to the same place, fruits and vegetables that taste like they should, and the ability to travel to other states without shelling out your college fund to get there. However, I miss everthing that is Alaskan; the people (or lack there of), the quiet, and the beauty that only Alaska brings.
If you are really serious about living up North, the only sugestion that I have is to try the Anchorage area first (Palmer, MatSu, Eagle River, and as far as Girdwood). If you can't live there, you probably won't be able to hack it in the rest of the state. By living in that area you can get a feel for the weather and the people without being isolated from the city life that you may be accustomed to.
All of the places listed by everyone here are great, but might not be the best for someone just arriving.
Good luck with the move and this posting, there is a lot of good advice from people who know.
Eddie from Louisiana

Hammond, LA

#270 Aug 1, 2010
Can anyone tell me if Anchor Point is nice place to live.
Eddie from Louisiana

Hammond, LA

#271 Aug 1, 2010
I found a cabin for sale there. Are there any stores near by and is it a safe area.
alaska_here_i_co me

Plano, TX

#272 Sep 21, 2010
i was wonderin what would be the best way to prepare to move to alaska ie. how much money to bring? what types of things should we bring? me and my husband are planing to move to alaska with our 6 children i have been doing research for days and figured first hand experience from others ( i do realize everyone has a different experience) plz email info to [email protected] thx

Since: Sep 10

London Ky.

#273 Sep 25, 2010
Alaska Mom of 2 babies wrote:
A three month old baby in Alaska may not have much to do, but they are three months old. Kenia is a perfect place for families though. Not far from Homer or Seward. Seward has a fantastic Sea Life Center and Oceans & islands is a great place in Homer for kids. My husband and I live in Sand Point, Alaska. It is on Popof Island. Take the ferry and come visit. Hiking is beautiful...and best, no bears. This is a great place to visit with children...even babies. I am an avid backpacker. Hiking, photography, and wildlife are my passions, but now my husband and I have a three year old and a child not yet one. We take them to the beautiful beaches and hike trails all over. Two things needed in most parts of Alaska when hiking with children. A sturdy backpack and a big gun. Winter is a horrible time to move with a small child in Alaska. It is very cold. Our babies had frost nip on there little cheeks just stepping out of a taxi in Anchorage. So, plan on packing/buying warm clothing for the whole year, summer is not ever hot in Kenia. I think that Kenia has a lot to offer for young families and Alaska is a great place for a kid to grow up in. May God Bless you in your decision to move to our beautiful state.
<quoted text>
Dear Alaska mom of two babies, my family and I are really wanting to move to Alaska. I've never been, but it's always been my biggest dream. We live in Kentucky right now, and have our whole lives. I was recently declared disabled, because I have severe Crohn's Disease. After ten years of trying to push through the pain and sickness, to try and work, I no longer could do it anumore. I developed Crohn's arthritus along with the Crohn's itself. I am only 34 yrs. old, and apart from it just always being my lifelong dream to live in Alaska, the summer, spring,and even fall temperatures here are getting to be to much. I can't stand hot weather in my condition, makes everything worse. So the much cooler temps would deffinately help also. My wife is a collector for HSBC right now, but is wanting to go back to school to be a dental hygeinist or something similar. We have two kids, 7 and 4. Money will play a part in our dream, for we are not rich. Your personal opinion, does our dream seem to far out of hand due to our circumstances, to make it come true? Thank you. Have many questions, if you don't mind answering.
North to Alaska

United States

#274 Oct 31, 2010
Hi all, I have read all the posts and appreciate all the great information! I noticed that there's not a lot of information on Juneau...does anyone live there that could give some pointers about life in that town. I have been to Juneau before and plan on moving to Alaska within the next year. I have it narrowed down to Eagle River or Juneau. I chose Eagle River due to the proximity to Anchorage. I don't really want to live in or near the big city, to me 260 some-thousand is big, but I'm concerned about job opportunity in Juneau. I have a bachelor's degree in history and will have a masters in psychology by the time I get up there. Any pointers on those two towns would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Marquette, MI

#275 Nov 2, 2010
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Camden, SC

#277 Nov 3, 2010
Hello, I live in South Carolina and I will be graduating from High School soon. I'm so ready to get out of South Carolina because I'm not much of the southern type. I don't like the southern atmosphere or anything. Alaska has been a place that I've dreamed about since I was a child. I'm already in love with Alaska and I've never even been there. I had a friend who moved here from Fairbanks and she tells me what it's like and we have long conversations about it. Would it be easier to settle in Anchorage or Fairbanks? Which one has more job oporitunities? I'm starting to save up some money to go. I will most likely take a plane to Alaska. Could you let me know if there are any appartments for rent in Anchorage? Thanks :D
Keepin it Real


#278 Dec 4, 2010
Teresa wrote:
What are the better towns to move to?
Yes, especially considering that Alaska is the rape capital of the world.

Ketchikan, AK

#279 Feb 11, 2011
2Spunky wrote:
How's the weather in Alaska in June??
the weather up here depends greatly on what part you are talking about.
I live in S.E. Alaska and we have mild summers (50-70) with quite a bit of cloudy or rainy weather.
The area around Fairbanks would be quite hot in the summer, up to the 90's and better.
I think Anchorage is a moderate 70's-80's
and of course, if you are heading to Barrow...well, let's just say it is seldom without what most consider chilly weather. If you can be more specific I would sure try to answer your question a bit better.
Good luck

“Come and get it! ”

Since: Jan 09

Traverse City

#280 Feb 13, 2011
Keepin it Real wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, especially considering that Alaska is the rape capital of the world.
Uh,no, but nice try...
AK Fan From MS

Ocean Springs, MS

#281 Sep 22, 2011
I've visted several parts of Alaska over the last five summers and I continue to be utterly amazed at the beauty it has to offer. The land, the people, the culture-- all of it is just more than I ever knew was out there! I would love to move to AK and am not one of these people who think it will just magically happen and that there is some magic way to get my way paid for. My husband and I have done extensive research to see if we can afford to move our family and still haven't made a decision. We're considering Palmer or Homer, maybe; but that's not set in stone. Are High School teaching positions hard to find? Do the locals dislike new people? We have southern accents (not red-neck accents); I want to make sure we didn't move into a place where we're unwanted. My husband and I are looking at real estate there and am not really sure what the best heating option is. A boiler? Any specific type? I'm assuming that's different from central heating. My last question... hosptials... Where are the good ones? Thanks, in advance :)

Dayton, OH

#282 Oct 22, 2011
me and my family live in ohio and are wanting to move up there this june.... we are trying to find rent to own in wasilla but havent had much luck. does anyone know of a website i can look on? any advice for my family for when we move there?

Wasilla, AK

#283 Jan 29, 2012
Moving to Alaska is an experience but I wasn't prepared for the cold. The dark bothers some people if they work in an office they don't see much sun and that's depressing. There are a lot of sunny days though so I take advantage of it by opening up the curtains and having both night blinds for the summer and thin white curtains, translucent for at night in the winter. It's one of those places where the sun can be shining and its negative 15. How is that? If you like winter sports or contrarily if you like just sitting around knitting this place is for you. When I moved to th mat su valley, I thought 'with summers like these, who cares what the winters are like!' I care! I miss taking my dog for a walk. I try to keep busy by working full time and going to college but it just ain't worth it. I need warmth. I thought I would just leave for a while in the winter but I can't afford to. I took a month and went to Seattle, I came back and it was okay for two weeks then the temp went to -15. There is no place to go, at least in the lower 48 I can drive a hundred miles and be in a different climate. Here the next hundred miles has colder weather. Women have a harder time and can get very depressed. On the other han, the air is clean and water tasted good. The schools are good in Palmer more so than Wasilla. There is a nightlife if you have low expectations it is hit or miss. There are things to do and fun if you make the effort. Also sorry to be hating the cold but one more bad thing is that when it is warm, there are free things to do, hiking and walks but in the cold it is more expensive, you want to get out of the house, so you go out to the movies, or eat or get a soup and coffee or to the bar. Skiing is $ snowmobiles $. In the summer I thrive and not too hot we set up badminton net, BBQ. Hope this helps.
#284 Sep 3, 2012
My husband & I have 3 children, we currently live in Alabama where he works for Job Corps. We recently discussed him getting transferred to the one in Anchorage & we move and try something different. Altough we don't know anyone there or have never been there, it seems quite adventurous to start with a fresh look at a new area. I would like to know if there are good schools there? Our oldest (son) is special needs. So it's important to me that he will excell there as well as we do. Thanks in advance for any advive that you all may be able to give me.
roge leigh

Crystal Springs, FL

#286 Oct 21, 2012
My husband and are planning a trip in March 2013. We are going to visit alaska, we are planning on moving up there 2015 after kids graduate.It has been my dream.My husband has worked for walmart for 15 years and hope to transfer.

Masontown, PA

#288 Nov 24, 2012
yes,or at least I would like the State the Earth
it desires me

“Come and get it! ”

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#289 Dec 2, 2012
dognes wrote: 8&feature=plcp
yes,or at least I would like the State the Earth
it desires me
Go away you D-bag troll
lars mostad

United States

#290 Mar 20, 2013
I lived in Fairbanks for 12 years. most of the people I met were disillusioned and looking for a way to leave; it is very easy to become trapped in Fairbanks. the cold isn't as uncomfortable as people claim as it is dry(Chicago seems colder though it isn't); you can buy what you need in any of the many outfitter stores. I would suggest a temporary visit to make sure it is where you want to be... my advice is to tae classes at the university, you will meet interesting people there and the stereotype that there are few quality women in Alaska is quite true. good luck.

Kissimmee, FL

#291 Mar 24, 2013
I have two simple questions:(1) Would my 2007 Toyota Camry survive the road trip from Orlando to Anchorage?(2) Any recommendations of car preparedness and maintenance before and during the trip? I currently have 92000 miles on it and know that the trip would add another 4800 miles. I intend to make stops in each northwestern state for a day o sightsee as I make the drive because I am not in a hurry to get there. I am vey excited to move to Alaska in August 2013 and consider my life as one big adventure. I am a physician assistant (healthcare practitioner) and already have been offered a job at Alaska Regional so I am set with the employment side. I have lived in New York, Maryland and Florida so I am not afraid of starting anew and getting to know different cultures, etc. I have been reading about the pros and cons but would not mind other inputs.

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