Should we move to Alaska?

Midland, MI

#248 Sep 24, 2008
is the cost of living worse then michigan they say we have the worst economy in the u.s.

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Iron Mountain, MI

#249 Oct 2, 2008
If you want the most challanging and rewarding area around, look into moving to Behtel AK. I loved my time there and still consider it the best job I ever had. People are friendly, a real sense of community- certainly no the Alaska of the movies and television. But the prepared, it's OUT roads to or from, have to fly everywhere, but what a time I had.

Melbama wrote:
Oh ! I have become very much intriged with Alaska. I am a 40 year old single woman wanting to do something different. Kids are grown I want to work in a quaint area of Alaska - I am liking Kodiak or Ketch. I think...Any ideas....I want seclusion, cold and wilderness. I am not a weakling and don't shy from hard work. Wanting to do my own thing. Maybe even find my grizzly adams LOL.....any feedback would be appreciated. I already know it want be easy, I am a smart don't beat me up in here...but no snow blowing either....Thanks

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Iron Mountain, MI

#250 Oct 2, 2008
Not even close. No one in Michigan is paying $11.00 a gallon for milk, or $9.60 for a gallon of gas. Fuel oil in some places is over $9.00 a gallon...Bread was 5 bucks a laof, a frozen pizza-$12.00- a 12 of Coke,$9.99 on sale.
question wrote:
is the cost of living worse then michigan they say we have the worst economy in the u.s.
After 40

San Jose, CA

#251 Nov 6, 2008
I'm a single parent with kids grown and on their way.... it's time dad gets to live his second life now.. so I kinda need some good advice. Worked in the mills young pulling green chain and everything inside the mill... I'm very mechanically inclined have been a master automotive tech for half my life worked for multiple City's in this field and waste water. I have been searching the net for jobs,rent,City's etc... I'm a big fisher,hunter,outdoors where I live it's somewhat the same without the so low temps so..... I want to move to Alaska and wonder what the would be my best way to go about it because after searching the net driving their isn't a option hear ... that's a another thing I have a DUI conviction that's a couple yrs old.. any help on any of this would be greatly praised!
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San Jose, CA

#252 Nov 6, 2008
They put I'm from San Francisco...I'm far from it really from the redwood curtain if you know where that is.... something like a couple of your towns
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#253 Mar 16, 2009
can i be extradited from alaska with a fedral warrent. and if so what is the likely hood of anyone knowing.

Glasgow, KY

#254 Mar 26, 2009
I am looking for a job there. Graduating in May with a degree in civil engineering. Would love to move. Having a hard time finding anything out about jobs. Can anyone help. Thank you

Indiana, PA

#255 Apr 4, 2009
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can we bring Bush

Fairbanks, AK

#257 Apr 28, 2009
gypsyfey wrote:
Don't forget about southeast....milder winters, beautiful summers, lots of gray sky but when the sun comes its just about gloriuos. Sitka might be considered a city (by a few anyway) and I think Ketchikan is the fourth largest in the state. I am on Pince of Wales Island, and there isn't anything close to a city here, but its a trade off. Alaska is definetely what you make of it. My next stop is Aniak if anybody would like to give info.
I live in Juneau and it is beautiful in the Summer, when the sun comes out, but last summer (2008) the sun barely came out at all! I love Alaska, you just have to get used to the winters and especially all the snow we get in Juneau. 400 inches, where i live this winter!
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#258 May 6, 2009
I read all 252 postings. This has been the best source of information on living in Alaska I have seen! I appreciate the diverse experiences and comments, both positive and negative.<p>

If I move it will likely be to Anchorage.<p>

With my job I can work anywhere as long as I have a high speed (3Mb or better) internet connection.<p>

If available, what is the cost for high-speed internet?<p>

What is the cost for DirecTV? <p>

With the actual move, I read in this thread that if you drive yourself you can go through Canada. And if you hire a moving company then your belongings have to go via ship and through Customs. Is that right?<p>

How do you lawfully transport your firearms from the lower 48 to AK? Will Canada allow you to drive with them in the moving van?


Charlottesville, VA

#259 Jun 1, 2009
How about KODIAK, Alaska, we are dreaming about moving there, can someone please give me some information about Kodiak (beside the brown bears) the cost of living, the outdoors, the rent, is the population diverse?
Thank you for all your responses.

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#260 Jul 5, 2009
Alaska sounds like beautiful land. I have always wanted to visit.
What is the economy and crime rate there ?

Also I was once told that many get paid to live in Alsaka,is that true ? If so why ?

How are the winters. Is it really 6 months of dark ?

I love the cold whether,however not sure I am cut out for anything bleow zero (lol). The fact animals being in their natural element can't be anything but beautiful.

What's the race ration in Alaska ?

Ocala, FL

#261 Aug 23, 2009
dan wrote:
btw just to give you an idea, i drove from florida to alaska in the winter(dec 06) in a 2 wheel drive car, racing tires, no studs no chains no snow tires, drag radials if you kno what those are. with just enough money to make it here on gas with about 500 dollars left over between 3 of us when we got here. all we brought was my car and our clothes and ourselves. thats the bare minimum and we were fine. we drove from west palm beach florida to fargo nd then slept for the night. fargo to dawson creek BC then slept for the night then dawson creek to anchorage AK. all told it took us 6 days. some people just dont want people moving to alaska so they hype it up to be so cold and dark and expensive. it is cold and dark in the winter, but its light almost 24 hrs in the summer and very warm. it doesnt cost any more to live here and any normal city. the only thing i can think of that does cost more here is ciggaretes at 6.70 a pack. if you want to kno any more from some1 who has done what you wish to do let me know
hey bro am from orlando fl and am thinking of moving down to alaska to try to do crab fishing for a few months then come back what kinda connections can i get to get a job and place to live while i work there?

Spokane, WA

#262 Nov 22, 2009
I am going to be moving to haines alaska in march or april with my wife and two kids we will be selling our house in Idaho and taking everything to Alaska hoping for the best I dont know what we are going to do for work or anything, but to me thats half the adventure.If anyone has any advice about haines that would be cool to find out any helpfull info...

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Regina, Canada

#263 Nov 26, 2009

Stillwater, OK

#264 Dec 31, 2009
We are planning on moving to Alaska in about a yr. We have four small children ages 6 months, 2,3 and 4. My husband is doing a job transer out there, not military, and we are trying to get an idea of some good places to live with such small children. Also, I am Native American, and have a CDIB. I was wondering if i qualify for any special benefits. Thanks for the information. You can email me personally at [email protected]

Anchorage, AK

#265 Jan 31, 2010

To all who are moving to Alaska from Florida and think it's going to be such a great adventure and selling all their furniture..DON'T!! Yea the heat and humidity keeps you inside with the A/C on in Fl a lot, but the EXTREME COLD keeps you inside more of the year with the heat on!! The dark for the winter is horrible and is depressing, I have never felt so depressed and isolated until we moved here. People are miserable and I have not met one neighbor, at least in Fl all the neighbors came over to say hello and welcome. I never liked the heat or humidity but am so looking forward to moving out of AK ASAP! this was the worst experience of my life and the biggest mistake of my life. The furniture, rent, gas and food are so much more expensive in AK and half the time if you look at the expiration date on the food is only a few days after buying it! To have anything shipped up here is more expensive if they will at all and to ship out, well good luck on trying to get overnight delivery in or out of AK, FED EX is the only one and sometimes it's still 2 days and a ton of money. Unless you love skiing or ride your snow machine or mush dogs, there is not a lot to do outside in the winter..and too cold half the Fairbanks it's -30 to 40 and you have to plug your car in to keep the engine warm! In the summer it's beautiful, but summer doesn't last long...and believe me doesn't make up for the LONG COLD winters! I should have taken note of all the U-hauls we passed on the way out of AK as we were driving into AK! If you are from the East Coast You will experience a MAJOR culture shock when arriving here in AK and the lack of good restaurants and cultural experiences are nill...lack of good shopping and stores is getting to me...sometime they only have one dealer or shop here and they don't care how they treat you cause they know you need them and they are the only ones here in AK. I have not eaten good food in a restaurant since we have been here, the food is bad, the service is horrible. The medical care and office staff in this state that I have experienced is some of the worst I have ever had!!! half aren't even providers for my insurance and when i get approval to see out of network these DR's can't even diagnose a problem and their staff are incompetent and rude! I have been told by several people I work with that people come to AK to be left alone, that's why they came to this state, another told me she has time for only one friend and doesn't want anymore she is too busy. I have spoken to another who is moving about the same time I am as she has been here for 5 years and hasn't made one good friend here and she has been told the same things from different people. It's a depressing state. A beautiful state with all the scenery and wildlife and seeing the Moose on the side of the road and in town,, but after experiencing the winters and seeing so many moose it's old and I can't wait until the snow melts and I can get back to the heat and humidity of Florida again...and back to the life that I thought I hated but realized I hate this life in AK more, I have never been more depressed in my life than the last few years I have lived and worked here. Yea the wages are better but the cost of living is more WAY MORE!! than the low wages in Fl and the cost of living there. Crime is high in AK considering the population to FL. I thought I would love living here after visiting here in the summer, but I WAS WRONG! AK is horrible and if I could leave now I would! So for those of you who think you are going to love it, visit different times of the year..stay outside of the touristy areas ..not much to do...especially at -40 below zero!

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Sterling, Alaska

#266 Feb 6, 2010
I am a 35+ year Alaskan resident. We spent 2 years in Anchorage... got too big. We moved to Wasilla before there was any traffic light (at all)... then tens of thousands moved there. After 18 years we moved to Sterling. We are on the Kenai River, it is quite and within 15 minutes to big box stores. Hopefully it will stay nice until we are 'gone'.
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Anchorage, AK

#267 Feb 16, 2010
We just moved up here to Anchorage after living all our lives in Louisiana, and we are loving it! At 47 years old, I learned to snowboard with my daughters, moose are everywhere, and, yes, it is cold. We recorded -14 deg F in our driveway in November 2009.
Someone mentioned they never met their neighbors... I go out and walk the neighborhood and I have spoken with more than half the households on our street. You need to exert a little effort to meet neighbors, but that was the same for me in Louisiana.
A firearms question... our goods were shipped by a moving company that actually shipped the goods by water around Canada, so those firearms were not subjected to a customs search. I carried a shotgun for protection when we drove through Canada... yes, I did the drive from Louisiana to Alaska and loved it all... and I declared my shotgun and got a canadian permit to carry it through. Don't try to bring any handguns into Canada unless you are military or a cop, and I still wouldn't do it. handguns are definitely difficult to bring through Canada. You are supposed to ship firearms from one FFA dealer in your home state to another FFA dealer in Alaska which I did not have to do since my movers went around canada by water.
Anchorage is a great place to live. 300,000 people and all the hotels, hospitals, Wal-Marts, Dairy Queens, Burger Kings, Wendy's, etc, you could want. The big let-down was no real amusement park here. No roller coasters, water parks (Except the tiny H20asis), etc, so for that kind of fun, you need to go on a vacation.
Jobs can be tight up here. Don't come unless you have a job lined up or family to live with. I went 8-9 months til I found a job here, but we came here following my wife's work.
Yes, the days here are long in the summer (about 20 hours) and short in the winter (about 5 hours), and that takes a while to get used to. the farther north you go, the greater the disparity.
We don't get the Northern Lights here in Anchorage this year but maybe next year with a more active solar wind.
Feel free to e-mail me with questions. We are loving it!
[email protected]
Matt in Illinois

United States

#268 Apr 29, 2010
Any info on living in Kenai or Homer? Thanks.

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