I want to move to Alaska!

Las Vegas, NV

#61 Sep 28, 2010
My wife and I are currently considering getting a place up in fairbanks? We know its cold and we dont mind that. My major concern is the business development of the different cities up there. I have ran own and operated my own company for the past 15 years and if we moved, we would either sell it off or branch out. But one of our main markets are small business owners.
My question is there enough of them up there to constantly make a living or should a load a more residential oriented product into the system and start something along those lines?
Any business or market related data, web links, or experiences would be abundantly appreciated.

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Collierville, TN

#62 Oct 20, 2010
Hello, my name is Bronek gorski. I am 18 years old living in southfeild Michigan about 15 min from Detroit. I really want to get away from this hell hole and live in small town environment that I have always dreamed of living in. I made alot of poor decisions with school here such as dropping out of high school. I wish to move to Alaksa continue my education and live in what I believe to be one of the most beautiful places on earth and a haven for people like me who LOVE the outdoors. I am a Honest and hardworking young man who dose well in anything I put effort in. Would it be possible to move there and get education and get some form of public housing or something? I have no problem with working to support myself. I want to get educated and eventually be able to support my self so I can live in Alaska on my own. If anyone could help me with information in what im looking to do please email me at [email protected] would love any and all help. Thankyou =]
paul shykora ARTs

Calgary, Canada

#63 Oct 20, 2010
THEN...DO SO....yada u...GOD Bless....Onward....yada u....eh...
ex-army grunt

Clinton, MS

#64 Feb 12, 2011
please, looking to leave Mississippi it gets far too hot here,sometimes 115'f. I can handle most physical labor, sadly the only job i have ever held was the army and thus have a lack of applicable civillian skills. whats are careers in Alaska that would suit a ex-army ifantryman, i do not care were that may be as long as its rural, and preferably cold as i have been working at a dairy storage facility and have been acostumed to temps of -25f.
ex-army grunt

Clinton, MS

#65 Feb 12, 2011
actualy, i'll take any job or position, i'll be your butler or...sighs...security guard, anything but a paper-pusher or a logger. Get me out of this hot place before winter ends!

Anchorage, AK

#67 May 16, 2011
Hey i came across this and was reading through it. I live in Eagle River Alaska. I have lived here for many years since i was a kid. Alaska is a great place but its no piece of cake to live up here. A lot of people down in the lower 48 think wow alaska i bet its beautiful. It is beuatiful up here and a lot of things up here that are great. At the same time there are a lot of things up here that arent so great. Alaska is a very exspensive place to move to as far as buying grocerys and what not. Ya we might not have state tax but we are paying more for the products that we buy up here because the majority of it has to be shipped in. So the not having a sales tax really doesnt help you when everything is more exspensive up here. I currently live in Eagle River but i have also lived Wasilla,Palmer North Pole which is up by Fairbanks winters up there are very harsh. This past winter here in Alaska was really bad. We didnt get as much snow but it stayed between 5 to 12 degrees in the day and was dropping below zero at night from October to January it was one of the coldest winters i have seen up here in a long time.

Richmond, VA

#68 Jul 17, 2011
I have made a decision that I want to move to Anchorage, AK. I've been to that area twice this year already and my last trip confirmed my decision. I'm faced with the challenge of finding employment and convincing potential employers that I'm serious about relocating to AK. I'm willing to take as long as it requires to seek employment. However, all of it is done online and most of these companies don't want you to call. I'm an engineering technician with a background in civil and geotechnical engineering. What can I do to let these potential employers that I'm serious? Are they likely to offer relocation assistance? What about seasonal positions? Are they too risky to pursue?
trying to stay safe

Baltimore, MD

#69 Aug 13, 2011
I am thinking I want to move to get a way from an abusive man. My children and I need to be safe. I really dont think he will hunt me all over the world but I want to be sure I am somewhere he will never think to look. I have been researching sitka a lot.

Washington, NC

#70 Sep 15, 2011
Hello there,

My brother and are are considering moving to Alaska, looking at the fair banks/ north pole area. We are in our early twenties and are wanting to start fresh. A customer of mine told me about his 6 week trip to Fairbanks. It's sounds like a place we'd enjoy living. We are from Eastern North Carolina, I have my AS Degree in Culinary Arts, and my brother will be finishing his AS Degree in Construction. Here are some questions that we have.

1. How much money is suggested to save before moving?

2. What are typical costs for a 2/Bed Apt.

3. Cost of living.

4. Is a car necessary?

5. Job prospects.

Thanks Alot,


Washington, NC

#71 Sep 15, 2011

What is minimum wage, and typical wage/salary pay out for middle management and contruction?

Long Beach, MS

#72 Dec 12, 2011
im from the south(La, new orleans) im was thinking about moving to Alaska, but not sure where to start. im 32 years old and tired of the fast life here. i worked as a shrimper for 8 years. i did a little contruction with my big brother, mainly i work for my family with the business ( gas station). im just ready to move on with my life with a new start. i want to move where i can just pace myself. somewhere quiet and small where i can meet other people and have a cup of coffee and have a nice conversation. i saw a show called " flying Wild" and i was at awe. i know its cold and the wind chill is unbelieveable. but i would really like to move to Alaska sometime in 5 years. so my question is to those who were born and still live in Alaska is where should i move to with my kinda work?
tonya in wisconsin

United States

#73 Feb 18, 2012
i want to move to ak. wasilla area. seeking guideness in the move and getting adjusted to the new area. need assistance in finding a place to live and work. any suggestions?
decent Alaskan- wrote:
I live in Wasilla, actually about 13 miles north of town in an area called Big Lake. Let me know if theres anything I can help you find out,
Steve Lillard
[email protected]
tonya in wisconsin

United States

#74 Feb 18, 2012
i want to move to ak. seeking guideness on my move and finding a place to live and work. any assistance would be appreciated.

Hogansville, GA

#75 May 3, 2012
I was offered a job at Alaska Regional and considering taking it. I live in Atlanta, GA and know without a doubt I will have to make alot of personal adjustments, especially in regards to the weather. How much does it really take moneywise to relocate to Anchorage? Can I ship my car? I am single with no children. I hear the crime rate is really high there? How safe would I really feel or be? What is the best places to live in Anchorage? Am used to an upper middle class environment. Anyone relocate to Anchorage or Alaska recently?
Travis in Oregon

Culver, OR

#76 May 3, 2012
Hera2057, I read your post, I looked into moving to Alaska this last summer, and yes you can have your car shipped there. I wouldn't worry about the crime rate, compared to Atlanta GA it's cream of the crop. As for how much it costs to move out there, it depends on how much your bringing with you. For example, I could move out there with just my pick up, my dog, and my two kids for roughly 2 grand, plus the cost of housing. You can also just drive out there, or even take a fairy. If your a single guy, I would suggest giving it a go. I think everyone should experience Alaska at least once in their life. Personally, I have taken the fairy out there for a visit a few times, and it's great. They charge you depending on the size of your rig, and then if you want cabin space or if you just want to be on the deck or in your vehicle. For me to move out there, including fuel, food, and fairy costs, it would cost me roughly 2 thousand dollars. From east coast if you are going to take the fairy, I would add about a thousand dollars to that, depending on fuel economy. My truck only gets about 8 miles to the gallon. Also, if your worried about where to live, crime rates, etc, might I suggest simply taking a short vacation to there to check it out?

Waseca, MN

#77 Jun 26, 2012
AlaskanBelle77 wrote:
Are you FREAKIN kidding me????? OMG. Here is an idea for ya, go to www.toostupidtolive.com and you will find your answer.
Don't ask questions like that. You can let them ping around the empty space in your head silently all you want, but don't vocalize it or post it. Because then everyone KNOWS how stupid you are.
Seriously though, to get real answers, go to a website and read. Such as:
A gallon of milk I bought last week cost me 3.75 and a dozen eggs was 1.98
People that don't live in Alaska usually don't focus on Alaska! I think you are cruel.
Perrie RN

Marietta, GA

#78 Dec 11, 2012
I am thinking about taking a position in AK as a nurse, for one year, more if I can adapt there. I am looking for some adventure. I am not an outdoors type but I can mange if need be. Do anyone have any suggestions on what month I should go? What advise would you give a newbie in AK. Thx any info on what to do there for fun.

Dexter, MO

#79 Jan 1, 2013
I know this is an old post but my wife and I were thinking of making a move after living in the same area for over 45 years. We both love the outdoors and like the cold weather better than the hot. I am a crane operator but can all so operate a lot of other heavy equipment, I have my C.C.O. for over 15 years and have been operating heavy equipment for 25 years. My wife is a LPN nurse but is trying to apply for RN school so theres a good chance she will be an RN before we make our move. With that being said do you think that we would have a hard time finding employment and what kind of wages could we expect? and where would be the best area to look at as far as jobs and relocating. thanks
[email protected] is my email

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#80 Jan 7, 2013
WOOW,It still better ,than in Stupid CALIFORNIA!
Alaska bound

Providence, UT

#81 Jan 18, 2013
I can't wait to move to Alaska

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