I want to move to Alaska!

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#21 Mar 21, 2008
KodiakBear wrote:
<quoted text>
The Mat-Su Valley winds will kill anyone not respecting them. If one doubts them...then so be it. To ignor them is stupidity, and to deny they exist is making yourself a liar.
I have given above the average temperatures in Jan. in the Mat-Su valley of being 5 to -30F, then you add in the wind chill factor by using a wind chill chart.(I also gave a link to a wind chill chart.)
If you lived in the area and never experienced the wind chill factor, then I can only say you are either a liar or you slept thru the winter winds or you work in the real estate business which encourages everyone to come to live there and real estate agents never lie (as they will tell you).
I remembered the 1989 Iditaroid race, so I referenced a newspaper article of the race:
'IDITAROD "89 THE FIRST DAY IS A TOUGH ONE'; Anchorage Daily News, March 5, 1989;
Article:... But some predict a fast race. Martin Buser of Big Lake pulled away from his truck with this farewell to his baby son, Nikolai: "I'll see you in 10 days. The high winds that whipped through Anchorage and the MatSu Valley for two days were expected to remain strong, with gusts to 50 mph. The National Weather Service forecast a (minus)-70 windchill along the Alaska Range.
Former Yukon Quest International champ Bill Cotter had a sled that looked perfect for windy conditions. Instead of a sled bag with a zipper on top, Cotter had a black and red bulletshaped compartment with a removable panel.
And, for any doubters, I asked a librarian if she knew what date that the schools closed due to the winds blowing thru the Mat-Su valley hard:
"Most Mat-Su schools stay closed for second day in a row"; Anchorage Daily News, January 9th, 2004, page B2;
" High winds led to the closure of schools in the Mat-Su Borough for the second day Thursday, though by midday the ferocity of the gales whipping down the Matanuska River Valley was starting to subside. Winds gusting up to 90 mph plagued Mat-Su residents Wednesday"
So...to answer your question I gave you a couple of dates to look into. Just a few dates, but rememberable to me and most others above the age of 21 (or an 'old fart like myself).
It is the wind chill factor that I say to one to stay away from the Mat-Su Valley area, unless they are prepared to face it. Live in the Anchorage area instead. For the lady above asking about where to stay in Alaska, I still say the Anchorage area is best for her...stay away from Mat-Su Valley...the wind chill will kill one or a small baby unless you are totally prepared.
I just visited wasilla and loved the quaint town feeling. I would like to be able to speak with you further since I am seriously considering a move to Wasilla.
[email protected]
decent Alaskan-

Wasilla, AK

#22 Mar 25, 2008
I live in Wasilla, actually about 13 miles north of town in an area called Big Lake. Let me know if theres anything I can help you find out,

Steve Lillard

[email protected]

Sundance, WY

#23 May 2, 2008
I have been considering transplanting my family to Alaska. I live in the North East part of Wyoming, so the weather is compatable. I do have questions on the work there. I am a Probation and Parole officer here but it may be time for a change after 15 years. What are the possibilities of finding employment there?

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#24 Aug 5, 2008
Noemi wrote:
Also if someone does ever get back to me how much is a dozen eggs someone told my husband $20.00 is that true and a gallon of is $15.00
I think the $20.00 for eggs is a little out there, but I did live in the eastern arctic and milk was $14.00 for 4L (one gallon).
Sam Brown

Chesham, UK

#25 Aug 26, 2008
My family and I are looking at relocating to Alaska from North Yorkhsire, England. I am a registerd book-keeper, my husband a soldier and my two children who are 13 and 11. There does not seem to be a lot of information on emigrating to Alaska specifically and are just looking for some pointers on where to go from here, cn anybody help?
william patrick collier

Aurora, CO

#26 Oct 16, 2008
My parents were married in Fairbanks.
I am from So Cal...but now live in Colo...since 96
Two states always of interest to me...Arizona and Colorado
Now...I am considering a move to Alaska. Any tips? Thoughts?
And this move is only because I can not move off the planet.

Liam AKotEK

United States

#27 Oct 28, 2008
I am 23 currently living in tennesse and i am looking to move to alaska. How much money does one person need to make it starting out in alaska?

Since: Oct 08

United States

#28 Oct 28, 2008
How hard is it to find an apartment in alaska i applied @ chester creek waitn on feed back but i think i should go on up there and look for a job while waiting for an apartment.Is that a wise thing to do? Also are there shelters where people can stay until they get on there feet? plz give me feed back any one in alaska that knows what they are talking about. E-MAIL me @ [email protected]

San Diego, CA

#29 Nov 4, 2008
I am planning a move to Anchorage in the summer of 2010...I know that's kind of far off but I will need the time to prepare. I live in San Diego and I have an eight year old son. I have friends and family there so I will not be alone. Can anyone give me a good idea of what the job market is and apartments? Is there very much crime in Anchorage? Are there a lot of families raising children in Anchorage? Best way to get there from So Cal (Plane vs. driving) any info would be great. [email protected]

Wasilla, AK

#30 Nov 14, 2008
McKenzie wrote:
My husband and I are considering moving to Alaska. We currently live in Southern California. Both of us are miserable here! long for a slower passe life! A community where you know your neighbors! My husband is kind of a jack of all trades! He wants to get his Airframe and Powerplant Certification. So he could work on air planes. I'm currently an office manager for a small construction company and I'm toying with getting my AA in accounting. We are not sure what areas we should be looking at! We like small downs but we are going to start trying to have our first child and school and hospitals are all a consideration for me! If anyone has any insight I would be so grateful!
Both of your work backgrounds are fitting for the Matanuska Susitna Valley. We have lots of construction/office jobs out here; More so during the summer months. Check out the following link http://www.jobs.state.ak.us/ for information on jobs around our great state. The outskirts of Palmer has a hospital which isn't far from downtown wasilla. I would definitely visit Alaska before deciding to move up here. Don't listen to the hype about our weather, you will either get used to it or you won't. My parents moved our family up here in 1986 from southern Nevada, they have adjusted quite well. My Dad found construction jobs up here then landed a job with Red Dog Mine Until 1993 when he started his own company which is still in business today. My Mom found a Pharmacy technician position through a local grocery store, until 1995 when she also started her own store which is still in business today. I would recommend moving up here in the summer months, makes it easier to acclimatize to our weather. If you move to the valley area, keep in mind its not that nice little town feel like they show on TV, anymore. "I" have noticed since we have had many Russians move up here, our crime rate has increased with burglaries; so buy yourself a gun for that just "in case", moment. Granted its not all Russians, but many of them are why our crime rate has gone up. We do have a lot of Meth problems out here, wasn't like this 3 years ago, probably why our crime is going up. We use to just have problems with drunk drivers and domestic violence really. Yes we have lots of weed smokers/ stoners to, but they really never bothered anyone, most of them work in construction. Wasilla has a low population yes, keep in mind its congested now days for a "small town" because we have people from all around who shop there and work there; this includes people from Anchorage, Big Lake, Houston, Willow, Talkeetna, Palmer and Sutton,...the list goes on. I swear to you we have the worse drivers out here, most got their licenses from a cracker jack box. I work as a courier in Wasilla so I get to experience their stupidity more often then not. We have a small Community college in the valley, It's apart of University of Alaska Anchorage so you can continue in your degree or do like what I do, choose an online school to get your degree. It's more convenient for those who work. Anyways, if you have any more questions let me know. Good Luck with your move.

Wasilla, AK

#31 Nov 14, 2008
Cody W wrote:
How hard is it to find an apartment in alaska i applied @ chester creek waitn on feed back but i think i should go on up there and look for a job while waiting for an apartment.Is that a wise thing to do? Also are there shelters where people can stay until they get on there feet? plz give me feed back any one in alaska that knows what they are talking about. E-MAIL me @ [email protected]
Just a little advice....
Get on your feet before coming up here.

Wasilla, AK

#32 Nov 14, 2008
caw wrote:
I am 23 currently living in tennesse and i am looking to move to alaska. How much money does one person need to make it starting out in alaska?
Find a job before coming up if you can, have the rent amount for the apartment and the deposit ready, and I would save at least 1500.00 for living expenses also keep in mind, money for a car if you don't plan on walking. We have work up here, you just need to be the type willing to get the job. I don't understand why we have unemployed up here. People from other countries move here and easily find work.

Since: Oct 08

United States

#33 Nov 19, 2008
thanks jason for the reply i am currently in machinest school what are the odds in finding a job in alaska for a machinest.

Davenport, IA

#34 Nov 20, 2008
kodiabear do think that Alaska is the only place in the U.S.A. that gets cold or that those real estate scams only happen there as well. Well get real I have been all over this great country and i can tell you those things happen everywhere and as for the cold I live in Alamosa, CO and we are often one of the coldest if not the coldest place in the nation including AK


#35 Dec 1, 2008
i can find a job because i need to work. you need to put yourself out there like Jason says, i agree

Wolverhampton, UK

#36 Dec 9, 2008
Hello all,
I am looking into migrating to Alaska from the UK and my background is civilian prison officer and civilian police custody officer,what sort of work is available within the country,
hope to hear from someone soon.



Guthrie, OK

#37 Dec 27, 2008
i have read all of these comments and i must say they have left me very discouraged on the thought of leaving oklahoma. alaska sounds very expensive to live. even though your sara palan encourgaged everyone to move to alaska. sounds un-reachable for a truck driver.

Vancouver, Canada

#38 Feb 2, 2009
Someone told me that Alaskan dov't gives $2000/yr per person for the mere reason of living there. Another source advised that as you relocate to AK they give you a piece of land...
Is all of this true? Does not sound too bad :), but neither does it sound very realistic. Please advise.
Something else... How hard or easy is it to find a fine paying job (for a couple who are both in their 20s)?
Thank you everyone who can give me answers to my questions ;)))

Anchorage, AK

#39 Feb 24, 2009
I wouldn't move, especially from Southern California.
There is not enough sun light, very dry climate, not enough vitamin D and Calcium, even if you drink it. So after coming from sunshine areas to Alaska, you will have problems like that. About people, it's a very nice place, the only thing that bothers me is the climate, but if you don't care about it, than go ahead.:)

York, UK

#40 Mar 3, 2009
hey im a really looking for a change of life, getting away from scotland, how hard is it to settle , find a job stuff like that. i work incustomer services. what do you think my chances are of making it work on my own.

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