Look Who Got Busted: How To Remove Yo...

Look Who Got Busted: How To Remove Your Mug Shot For Good

There are 151 comments on the Examiner.com story from May 19, 2011, titled Look Who Got Busted: How To Remove Your Mug Shot For Good. In it, Examiner.com reports that:

May 19, 2011 Augusta Georgia - Image Max PR has just announced that they are now providing mug shot removal service for customers featured A in LookWhoGotBusted.com. Image Max PR specializes in removing mug shot from the first page of Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

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Forney, TX

#137 May 4, 2013
Aaron wrote:
I am one of their clients and I can attest to their service as being very effective. The mug shot has vanished off the first page of yahoo, bing, and Google. I actually lost a job because of my mug shot and to finally have this matter in my rear view is very emotional for me. Thank guys
Why would you thank these people,,they do this for the money.....Great scam,,, They get your mug ,post it , then scam you ou of WHAT $699.., YOUR A IDIOT......No I do not have a mug on here, I actually work in the legal field. This is just another BLACKMAIL scam.....If your not guilty and your mug is on here , lets see how you feel after they run you around with red tape.......KINDA LIKE THE OL',I have a lot of money ,too much for my account to hold ,can we get your account # and borrow it...Bet you fell for that one too.....

Forney, TX

#138 May 4, 2013
OOP'S you want ever see this post ,,,big bad moderator will snatch it off,,, can't have bad publicity....

Forney, TX

#139 May 4, 2013
Rusty wrote:
First off it is illegal for any website to charge you to remove your mugshot/file. Do not pay them to do so and if they don't comply upon request sue them. Sue, sue sue. It's about time they get shut down. They are feeding off of public information that nine out of ten times the public does not sought out. They are humiliating people's mistakes. Great example my son had commited a crime that has for four years paid for dearly. The courts had their hand out, the lawyers and now the Internet. All this has been about is money money money! Go to your public records and file for a request if removal. They have to comply. There might be a minimal state filing fee. But well worth it.
WOW , There is at least one intelligent poster here....with good advice......I hope these "huh people" heed your advice

Forney, TX

#140 May 4, 2013
Kenneth Lacy wrote:
I was recently arrested for a very simple traffic violation. I was sent to jail with all the rest of the common criminals. Within 24 hours my mugshot was on several different websites. Arrests.org , bustedmugshots.com , busted.com , musghots.com , mugshotstars.com - you name it, my lovely jailbird face was there. Each site wanted at least $500. Ridiculous! I really couldn't afford those high costs on top of the other court costs I incurred just trying to get out of jail. I found www.cleanslatecorp.com and they were able to remove my mugshots from big name sites for a very low fee of $100. I was so glad I found www.cleanslatecorp.com , I was up for promotion at work and if my board had found out about my traffic violation I probably wouldn't have gotten the promotion. Crisis avoided!
Tell the truth, you own the "cleanslate"site.... drumming up business . Or it is a sister site of one of these scam mug sites double dipping .

Forney, TX

#141 May 4, 2013
I know stupib is stupid.....a little pun ...get it.....Probably not if you paid them money....
A scam to clear a scam

Miami, FL

#143 May 12, 2013
Clinton wrote:
The Google algorithm works the same no matter if the link is featuring pictures or negative content, whatever is the most relevant will appear at the top of the page. The reason the mug shot has landed in Google images is because the mug shot photo was named and tagged after you.
To sum this up please allow me to explain what really happened, and how these pictures all of a sudden appeared on the first page of your search results.
Act 1 – You and your buddies where out on the town having a great time when you decided to stop at a gas station to purchase more beer. While standing in line your buddy gets into an argument with another customer and a fist fight breaks out. The clerk calls the police and they decide to take you and everyone involved to jail. Once you’re booked for disturbing the peace and public intoxication, you’re released on bond and given a court date.
Act 2 – Before your court date even arrives you receive a phone call from you now hysterical buddy informing you that his mug shot taken during booking is now on the front page of Google as well as the local crime section of the newspaper. At this point you also search your name and there it is at the top of Google in a row of images, your mug shot. Not just one photo but a total of three including the side angle shots. As you mouse of over the photos you notice that the pictures have been posted by a mug shot website.
Act 3 – You contact the police department and ask them to take the photos down because you have yet to go to court which means that you have never been convicted of the charges. To your dismay you discover that the police department could care less about this violation of your privacy and how the public images could affect the outcome of your pending trial. At this point the sheriff department informs you that your mug shots are consider public information and there is nothing that you can do about.
They were wrong! The good news is there is something that you can do today that will offset the damages caused by mug shots featured on the first page of Google. Even though the photos were place there by a 3rd party website and not the sheriff department, they are not obligated to take the photos down.
Everything I read about these guys was good, very cool video on thier site, so if I needed to I would use them.
At $399 I would think even after paying a certain site the $98 "removal fee" that would leave them with a $201 profit. Seems like paying the mugshot site yourself would save one money.
jina cazalas

United States

#144 Jun 24, 2013
For that type of bread they can have my glamour shot

Austin, TX

#146 Jul 28, 2013
Rusty is exactly right. Take back your power, PEOPLE! Do not let these mugshot or mugshot removal companies extort money from you! If you pay them, then you will have dozens of other mugshot companies trying to extort more money from you in the future. It will never end. For your information, these mugshot removal companies are the same companies that posted your mugshot to begin with! DO NOT PAY THEM - it only perpetuates this growing problem! Report these lowlife mugshot companies to the FTC. Hire attorneys and sue them for publishing your picture without your permission. Somebody has to stand up to them because it is already way out of control.

Sweeny, TX

#148 Sep 26, 2013
Or don't marry the wrong woman who calls the cops on you.
Dee wrote:
<quoted text>
I think it is good they are on there you do something wrong and it needs to be told and put out there. My friend is on there and i feel the same way she was dumb enough to do wrong it should be put out to the public
Amanda Hugginkiss

Morgan, UT

#150 Oct 29, 2013
Legalized extortion is what this is...if you were foung guilty...then fine shame on you for screwing up...a huge percentage of folks arrested are guilty as charged...HOWEVER there are folks in my position who are completely innocent...my charges were finally dismissed because there was NOTHING...I have had to deal with this horrible nightmare for a year and a half...now that I have been cleared, I find out I have to PAY to remove my face from this $@#t!!! Are you effin kidding me???? Its ridiculous...I feel that it should be illegal for them to keep your pic if you have been found innocent or even get your records expunged..I am trying to put the pieces together and its frustrating and depressing that although I am "officially" clear of any wrongdoing, my mug is still up...when people see the pic...in their minds I am guilty..........they don't know any background....but yet thats the conclusion they reach...... that sucks.....real bad
angela gene campbell

Walker, LA

#151 Nov 15, 2013
Please remove me from the internet.
solar system san diego

Shimla, India

#152 Nov 15, 2013
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Superior, MT

#153 Dec 4, 2013
Rusty wrote:
Do not pay any website to remove your mugshot. It is the law: a Internet website cannot charge you when you request to have your picture removed. Do not pay. If they do not remove your mugshot, sue, sue, and sue again. This has to stop! People make mistakes, this isn't funny anymore. People with real drug problems and alcohol problems should not be laughed at. People that committ crimes of any nature shouldn't be humiliated like this. Shame on those websites. Further more if you are a victim of these websites and you see your file on there go to your local vital statistics where they keep public records and request for your mugshot to be remove. I think there might be a small filing fee 5.00$(don't quote me on that) but it is well worth it then paying google or anyone else thousands of dollars when it is your right to control your own public record. Shame in the people that are directing anyone to go to google and have them pay for this crap. Boosting that it really works, who in the hell are you working for? How can anyone profit off of anyone's faults, mistakes. How come this has got so out if hand that we will watch the train wrecks on TV and read about it. How is this all okay? I'm so disgusted with the news media, the 15 min. Of fame and the Internet. Doesn't anyone care about their privacy act anymore? Fight to have this stopped don't be the one that laughs at it, be the one that fights for our rights.
<3 thank you for your beautiful heart ..may the world hear..
Angela Quintanal

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#154 Feb 14, 2014
fnmugshots wrote:
The charges against me were sealed by the court and yet the mugshot is still on the first page of Google. My picture is on two sites, is there a way to get rid of this without paying? I can't afford the fee's right now and I can't find a job because of the mug shots,. I am really in a bad place. Help!
I payed them and they still will not take it down they are asking me for more money to due so. It's like extortion. Don't waist your money paying them they only take it down for a short while and put it back up. Mine is first in the search results of google with busted.com . I was never charged or convicted of anything it was all misunderstanding and busted.com is hanging that picture around my neck like an anchor.

Cairo, Egypt

#157 Mar 30, 2014

Cairo, Egypt

#160 Apr 7, 2014

Cairo, Egypt

#161 Apr 7, 2014

Cairo, Egypt

#162 Apr 7, 2014

Cairo, Egypt

#168 Apr 7, 2014

Cairo, Egypt

#169 Apr 7, 2014

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