There is nothing about WOT and SAMI (the CTO and founder) that has even the remote essence of honesty or integrity.

The system is gamed and all ranking is controlled by Sami from the inside and the high ranking Meritocratic Platinum members that will gang up and rank based on their political intentions.

Two days ago was un rated and had only membership traffic (about 1400 members and not open for business nor any link or search engine traffic). An obscure and unknow system with a simple phpbbb forum installed. Point being "no ranking at all".

Yesterday I brought up the obvious hypocrisy of WOT as they attacked and accused STDCARRIERS.COM for the same offensives WOT is guilty of.

I pointed to the forum for more documentation in this regard.

Within 6 hours 's WOT rankings went to 15, 15, 18, 46.

This was after Sami posted this arguement on the WOT forum with the link.

Rendering a red rank; "WARNING" that is now maliscous and untrusted site. Why?

For questioning WOT and it's leader Sami.

The lack of ethics, the retaliation for standing up to WOT, the hypocrisy of WOT is indisputable.

It has been well documented here.

and here