All the reliable data shows that cycle helmets have no positive effect on the safety of cyclists, and the biggest ever research project found a small but significant reduction in safety with helmet wearing. The anecdotes presented here do not change the simple fact that nowhere that helmet wearing has dramatically increased can show any reduction in risk, only a reduction in the number of cyclists.

Because cycling confers such huge health benefits (regular cyclists live longer and are fitter, healthier and slimmer) the reduction in cyclists is a monumental public health own goal. In the middle of an obesity crisis set to reduce the life expectancy of millions, and largely caused by a failure to exercise, helmet promotion is literally insane.

The vast majority of serious injuries and deaths to cyclists is caused by bad driving, but BHIT et al don't want to tackle the problem, they just want the victims to wear armour, a completely futile waste of time, unless you count the obscene profits made by the helmet manufacturers. Which reminds me, James Cracknell is sponsored by a helmet manufacturer.

Check out for a few facts rather than the fairy stories of the helmet promoters.