Witness: El Camino High swim coach kn...

Witness: El Camino High swim coach knew about assistant romanci...

There are 28 comments on the LA Daily News story from Apr 29, 2008, titled Witness: El Camino High swim coach knew about assistant romanci.... In it, LA Daily News reports that:

The head swim coach at El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills was warned that one of his assistants might be involved in a romantic relationship with a 16-year-old sophomore team member who is now suing ...

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Dave Smith- Chatsworth

Rancho Mirage, CA

#1 Apr 29, 2008
Why only probation for this idiot? He should do jail time, the head coach should have been fired for knowing about it and not doing anything about it in addition to possible legal action. If this happened to my daughter I'd own the LAUSD!

United States

#2 Apr 29, 2008

Memphis, TN

#3 Apr 29, 2008
both the coach and his assistant should go down.grown men playing with little girls,this is real bad and they both need to be prosecuted and punished.
justice at work

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Apr 29, 2008
I SEE. AND THIS LITTLE GIRL IS TOTALLY INNOCENT? Come on folks. three years later?? I am not supporting either the coach or assistant. Both were and are wrong. But three years later? Sound to me like a family looking for an easy handout. Just my opinion.

United States

#6 Apr 29, 2008
The district should not pay them anything.....they need to get that girl help and they should have paid more attention to their daughter
Native CA

Santa Clarita, CA

#7 Apr 29, 2008
Did they just hold hands or did they do the WilDdThInG? Didn't she really enjoy it but now wants her 15 minutes and a spot on Oprah's. Think she swallowed? And if he is truly guilty can she ID the perpetraitor? Or rather the penetraitor.
Native CA

Santa Clarita, CA

#8 Apr 29, 2008
"Simon" says pull your panties down! She sounds like the instigator here. Parents need to teach these little hoochie mamas how to keep their panties on. These are men and men will always be pigs or perhaps stud.

Los Angeles, CA

#9 Apr 30, 2008
Three years later? No. I agree, the district shouldn't have to come out of pocket, yes they where both wrong. She was old enough to know better and both the assistant and the head coach knew better, I still feel that there should be a shorter time frame for sexual assults, three years later and now she wants to come out, come on! She's full of it. The onlooking parent should had made her way to the principal, being a person who works for LAUSD, I know for a fact that not everything is brought to the principal's attention. That being the case, there are some things that fall in between the cracks.
Skeptical Taxpayer

Los Angeles, CA

#10 Apr 30, 2008
The guy was a jerk and a pig, but this Little Lolita is a common occurrence these days -- with girls being dressed up by their upper middle class mamas to look like little tarts in First Grade, by 16 these Lindsay- Lohan types are NO angels. They often go around "testing their charms" on men of all ages, and look so much older than their years, that men filled with hormones give in more than they should.

EVERY coach male or female, at high school level and below, should be given more warnings and training on anticipating and avoiding this kind of entrapment by Little Lolitas. If they're at all attractive, it WILL happen. As a parent, I've had teen boys try their charms even on me since I don't look like a typical frumpy mom-- I give them the "Mom" look anyway, since we have to remember who the grownups are. There are teachers in high school barely 8 years older than the kids, and I've seen this kind of too-intimate physical tthing go on there, too, and wonder if it's not a lot more common than we know. Schools should openly address this problem to teachers and coaches.

The lawsuit coming as it does now, though, sounds like maybe the parents are trying to make some money -- I don't buy that the girl, who was seen to be openly affectionate with the coach, was really traumatized by this.
oh please

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Apr 30, 2008
I agree, she's full of crap. Did he force her to put her arms around him when she was standing BEHIND him? The coach and his assistant did something wrong, obviously, but to place the blame squarely on them is bull. I dated older guys when I was 16 and one of the faculty members from my middle school and I were a lot closer than we should have been and yes, I regretted some of those relationships but I'm not gonna accuse any of them of manipulating or taking advantage of me. I knew what I was doing. At 16, if I'm old enough and responsible enough to drive and be behind the wheel of a potentially dangerous weapon then I'm old enough to own up to my actions.

Stanton, CA

#12 Apr 30, 2008
I am an ECR mom. ECR is a great school, and I have always thought this could never happen here. Goes to show ya. I don't care what the girl did, she is the child here, and should have been supervised and protected by the responsible adults in charge. No matter if she is culpable, it is the adult's responsibility to ultimately say no, and put a stop to inappropriate behavior. We live in a truly sick society, partly because we have taken G-d out of the picture. With irresponsible adults in charge, and without G-d, who will help our kids now?

San Diego, CA

#13 Apr 30, 2008
ECR Mom let me tell you now you have no idea what happens at ECR. When I was at ECR girls would have sex behind the bungalows. Girls were ditching with guys to smoke weed around valley circle. ECR is a piece of crap. ECR is full of fights weekly and a bunch of drugs. The girls from ECR are no angels, I've seen them at parties just getting down and ready for anything. Sex, alcohol, drugs. Even the ECR football coach got caught a few years ago with a hooker on sepulveda. ECR is no great school. LOL. Out of the 1000 person senior class, 200 graduate.

These girls aren't angels. There used to be coaches at Taft who would holler at the young girls and they loved it. They thought the coaches were hot and in shape and powerful; period. Its at every high school. The coaches aren't that much older anyways. These are guys who are somewhat in good shape and the girls dig them. This is no secret and ECR isn't the only school. This girl is a candy girl and this coach is just a regular guy. He's got responsibilies to maintain and such but this girl knew exactly what she was.

ECR mom u better watch your daughter. If you think ECR is bad, take a drive down to HALE. It all starts at HALE. When I was in 8th grade and knew people from hale they were all a bunch of pot smokers and partiers and their parents just dropped them off at the movies or house parties. These kids have been doin this crap since they were 13.

San Diego, CA

#14 Apr 30, 2008
OH AND DONT MENTION ECR'S academic decathlon. That's like 12 people out of 3500 who have 4.0s and win in a academic contest. They better have at least 12 people out of 3500 LOL

United States

#15 Apr 30, 2008
Mmmm.... nothing like teenage p***y !
Ysabellia Perez

Clearwater, FL

#16 Apr 30, 2008
Hmm, so the assistant coach was sentences and now the young lady is suing? Everyone is to blame here. Do you know how many 15 years olds are going out with guys older than 18? Too many! Parents open your eyes! Teens will deceive you and you also need to protect them!

United States

#18 Apr 30, 2008
Kalan would never intentionally hurt anything so shut the fk up. this coach is a creep but that girl is a skank with a loose pussy. her parents want money because she is probably lower class (as perviously demonstrated.) the coach didnt force anything onto the girl and if she was threatened than further punishment would have been inforced. el camino may have their crappy aspects but not all children are bad. everything a child learns is the influence of their parents. her parents want money and are using their confused immature and insecure daughter (assuming it to be their fault) for money. pathetic, truly.

Honolulu, HI

#19 Apr 30, 2008
this whole situation is completely sick.
however, you should take account for the individuals and not just the appearance of it.
teenage kids these days are whores, drug addicts, and whores some more. i know since i talk to them everyday, smoke with them every other day, and drink with them on weekends.
they run around flirting with each other whenever they fancy, and if they get a hookup, then great. their mentality isn't so pure as a parent would like to believe. do not allow yourself to become blind and delusional. when you drop your son or daughter off at the amc, drive around the theaters. there are 13 yr olds smoking cigarettes, paranoid 15 yr olds on coke. this might be the valley, but COME ON suburbia has its evils too. not everything can be perfect
she's not the only sophomore girl who has gotten involved with an older man (or even woman! bahaha). it's pretty obvious she knew what she was doing, if she didn't know what she was getting into. ecr's wrestling team prides itself on the dl of how much sex they get. one member has even said something along the lines of," wow i'm a late bloomer i finally lost my virginity when i was 16"
and with their short shorts and mid-drift showing shirts how do you expect the guys to behave?
and the girls LOVE the attention, whether or not they admit it. it boosts self esteem and quenches the thirst for attention craved because of their insecurities.(VIEW THEIR MYSPACES! SRSLY.)
if you have ever met the coaches, you'd realize that they aren't horrible people as you make them out to be. all the kids adore kalan, and NOT because he molests them or overlooks molesters but because he's a really nice man.
besides, any school with a teacher who pretends to be a turtle probably has it's problems (no matter how brilliant he may be).

Honolulu, HI

#20 Apr 30, 2008
how white are the girls' teeth?
woooot swim team

Honolulu, HI

#21 Apr 30, 2008
-sex with a minor
-cocaine addict


wait so does that mean that their witness, stella chang would flippin' sit there and watch her daughter swim at five in the morning (are you kidding me she probably went like once; what parent is THAT dedicated to their child to wake up that early and sit in the cold to watch a bunch of kids swimming around for like hours)? that she saw the PLAINTIFF acting frisky with the coach at five in the morning? well idk because i dont think i'd be horny at like five. besides, kalan would like yell at us and be like wtf why arent you in the water!
what a bitch!

Honolulu, HI

#22 Apr 30, 2008
it's pretty ironic.
you scream,"jail that pigheaded jerk"
however you let THEM go outside like that.
you PROMOTE the things that take place.
but at the same time, you contradict yourself once in a while and let them turn the tables. before you know it, THEY HAVE CONTROL OVER YOU.
but whose fault is it REALLY?
YOU let your guard down. YOU were irresponsible. YOU made them this way. YOU were supposed to guide, instead you confused. THEY may have done it, but YOU allowed for it.
Stop your silly and contradicting preaching unless you have truly assessed and analyzed the situation in a way that you can totally go by without argument. YOU DON'T KNOW THESE PEOPLE, IT IS BETTER IF YOU WERE TO STOP TRYING TO JUDGE THEM IN ORDER TO JUSTIFY YOUR OWN MORALITY.
( and yet, i sound rather judgemental don't i?)

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