SpeedChannel's #1 Auto Makeover Reali...

SpeedChannel's #1 Auto Makeover Reality Show, ``Unique Whips,''...

There are 75 comments on the Customer Interaction Solutions story from Jan 7, 2006, titled SpeedChannel's #1 Auto Makeover Reality Show, ``Unique Whips,''.... In it, Customer Interaction Solutions reports that:

Meet the team: -- Steve Brown of Alpine design fame -- Gary Biggs, world champion car-sound competitor for JBL -- Dave "Fishman" Rivera, motorization expert for Metro Electronics -- Will Castro, head coach and ...

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Brian Kahl


#45 Mar 27, 2007
Hi I have a very good friend that lives in Vero Beach FL. If you can ever help anyone by an extream car make over. Karen I feel would make the pefect canidate for the show. She is a 52 year young women that has raised three childeren for the past twenty years. with no help from the children's father at all.She hasbeen doing this on just $8.00 an hour.She also workes a second and third job.Just to try and make ends meat. I admire her for her stregth and courage to keep her head up. Even when times were so bad, She kept fighting. She owns a1985 Chey Comero T top .That she has been wanting to redue for the past five years. This car is her babie and she is mine. SO COULD YOU PLEASE CONCIDER HELPING HER? Thank you so much for your time, and thoughts.

Her Best friend
Linda In Florida

Pensacola, FL

#46 Apr 26, 2007
Hey, my boyfriend and I are an interracial couple in a redneck town. We just found out not only are we expecting, but we are expecting twins!!!! He has a 91 ford ranger that was totally messed up by a so called friend mechanic. If you ever wanted the perfect charity case this is it! You could add two totally unique carseats!!!!! [email protected]
Ron Lago

Nashville, TN

#47 Jul 14, 2007
ignorant people suck wrote:
For all of the people who said that unique autosports sucked and that anyone could install car stereos... I would love to see pictures of your installs of fiberglass boxes with eight subs and custom illuminated amp racks. I mean, if it's that easy I'm sure you've done it... right?
In rod and custom work for 50 years, worked on cars of Sam Barris, George Barris, Andy Brizio, Al Lindstrom. 11 Stewart Warner awards from ISCA so suck it punk
gary maas

Greensboro, NC

#48 Feb 6, 2008
i would like to throw my car in the loop for a makeover, i bought a 1987 mustang gt convertible and felt like i got a great deal, the car has rust in places i didnt look at and the engine blew 3 days after purchase, the mechanic hosed me for a rebuild, now i have 12,000 in a car that is problably valued at 4000 i have put all my savings into this car, please help, my email address is as follows, [email protected]
showroom productions

Pooler, GA

#49 Mar 4, 2008
f unique whips. showroom productions is better then them they be out in michigan. i found them when i was in Miami they promote everywhere man it be crazy they did sl600 with over 1000 hp and it was custom painted with matching rims they do more then unique and they charge accordingly not cause your famous ...and all that. i have them doing my g37
freddie blue

Blacksburg, SC

#50 Mar 17, 2008
Hi there my roommate and I have been watching your show for some months now and we like your style. Background information. I lost everything that I had after 911, move back to north carolina with my parents and started back to school and in the process of starting over I was able to get a 1977 MB 450slc. This a great car but it needs some work. A/C, flooring, radio, paint job and some other things. If your heart would like to go out to a new found fan please help my bluebird, my car, she would love you for it.
P.S. I should have my BA in Communication this comuing december. Appalachian State University in Boone North Carolina. boone north carolina 28607. Thanks and I will keep watching your great show.

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

#51 Jul 17, 2008
We are a going into our second year and our company is looking for cars to sponcer for future car shows. Please visit our web site at gwgwheels.com for more info.

54 Chevy

Columbus, OH

#52 Mar 1, 2010
Hi My dad just found out that he is dying, a lung disease. And him and I were going to rebuild this chevy , it was a 4 door and someone converted it to a 2 door, lot of wasted space in the back and put a keg in the trunk for a gas tank. I am still interested in rebuilding this car for my dad, but lack some of the knowledge and help from my dad. The job would make my dad go quicker and I dont want loose my fishing buddy just yet. Can you help me out, I dont want to see him sell his favorite car because he is dying, I would really enjoy him driving it first and as long as he lasts
54 Chevy

Columbus, OH

#53 Mar 1, 2010
I need Help on my dads 54 chevy
denver 69

United States

#54 Apr 13, 2010
i have a 1969 crystler 300 convertable me and my grandfather bought several years ago it was our dream to fix it up and cruise around the beech with the top down he is getting to old to help me fix it and i dont know alot about fixing cars it just hurts me to see it sit ther not getting fixed so if anyone can help it would be a dream come true i just wish i could do it for him before its too late!
polly gray

Russellville, AR

#55 May 18, 2010
hi my father in law has 67 ford 100 pickup that has a lot of rust and needs to be redone he is in
very bad health and would like to see it redone before he dies and i would like to give him this one wish in his life time he is the best father in law i have had and i know he wants to have his truck painted a metal flake purple if you could please help me with this wish for a ailing man i would be greatly appreciated my email address is [email protected] please help me im on a limited income of ssi myself thank you
Linda Jacob

Cottageville, SC

#56 Oct 15, 2010
Hi, I have a brother that is 52 years old. He bought a 94 Jeep Wrangler.Some guy called a friend, said he would trade him for a Harley for the Jeep.Which the jeep was in peaces. And also help him put the motercycle togeather for him or atleast help him. Then the man got mad at him because he called him up and asked when he would be over. He told him never, but he also did not bring all the parts over for the jeep. We had to take him to court and the Judge wrote a letter to both of them telling the that my brother would get his jeep back and steve would return the Harley. Mean while the deputy went to this guys job and the guy refused to return the jeep. It took 2 months to get it back. And the judge that wrote the letter passed away. Mean while the $1000.00 stero system was missing, the paint job is started to rust, the back bumper is off, which he said that he was pulling something and the bumper got twisted, but there is no sigh of this happening.
I wish there was a way of getting it all fixed up for him. He lives in cronic pain from fibermyalgia,he suffers from post tramatic stress disorder, because are mother died in his arms after bring her back to life two times. A couple of friends of his also died, one was from a very bad accident and one was from being shot to death. He can't work because of this problem and he is on social security disablity. Is there any way of fixing up his jeep? This is the only thing he really likes and I would love to surprize him with it being fixed up.
Thanks for listening to me and please help him if you can. Linda
Please Help


#57 Oct 16, 2010
I have a care giver living with my mother and I. I am 60 my mother is 90. We have a care giver living with us. He and his mother are staying with us on a temp. bases. Untill we fullyrecover from an accident that we were both recovering from.
Here is a bit of history on my friend Joe. He and his mother are care givers. He takes care of me and his mother takes care of my mother. His father passed away about 6 or 7 years ago. He had to move back home do to his father's illness. To help his mother and father. After wich his mother was diagnosed with cancer also. So he never left.
He and his father bought a 1977 Camaro Z28. To fix up as a project together, He now has no time on his hands do this.
Can you find it in your hearts to help build rebuild his car?
Bernie Willer,
([email protected]
Jena Fisch

Booneville, MS

#58 Aug 17, 2011
Hi!! I have an amazing father who has went thru soo much in his life time and he really needs a break.. He has raised me and my two sister's by himself.. After all the bumps in his lifetime he is still managing to help all three of us out. He is supporting me with my two daughters as i finish school. He has gave me the best advice and been there for me thru my long road. He is such a deserving man even thought he has made is mistakes he still pushes forward and deserves something in return for his hard work. He bought this little rinky dink sports car nearly 20 years ago and is thinking about selling it to help me out.. He absolutely loves this car.. It needs alot of work the motor is good but the tranny is not so much. It also needs body work. I know how much he loves this car, and he means the world to my sisters and I, and his 4 grandchildren. He is an amazing father/grandfather and deserves something in return.
J. Fisch

West Palm Beach, FL

#59 Sep 4, 2011
So, i dont have all this wonderful stories like all these other people. But my fiance and I just bought a 1995 Mitsubushi eclipse gst,the car his been wanting for a long time. This will be his 4th car in 5 years that we've been together. We've put in new parts on the car, including a new clutch. But the everytime we put something new in it something else comes up. I feel horrible,this is the car of his dreams. We had someone tell use of another vehicle we could buy in replacement for the mitsubishi(currently not running). Id hate to take that away from him if it could be redone,he would use it to go to work and our son around on his days off. Currently i drive him to work which is about 8 miles to his job and then 16 miles to my job from there. He then finds a away home.
Aron Eaker

Omaha, NE

#61 Sep 25, 2011
my father and I are working on a 1981 Chevy k5 blazer we bought together. We have been car guys all our life we always start projects but never seem to finish them. My dad spent 22 years in the military and at the age of 48 adopted two girls from china. He is the most deserving father and always sacrificed what he wanted all his life for his kids. I am a retired met and changed my job after 9-11. My father and I have wanted to finish a project car for years and I hope maybe you guys can help that happen we live close to LMC who makes all the parts we could need for a K5. Help us see our dream come to life

United States

#62 Oct 4, 2011
I have a truck that was damage in a tornado in joplin missouri while I was at work at st johns hospital I cant afford to fix it and need help the vehicle meant alot to me more memories than anything now its just a reminder of that day my fiance in a wheel chair due to a car accident im already working two jobs to make ends meet I thank god.that I only have a damage vehicle compare to the ones that lost a lot more but still miss that truck it was apart of me

United States

#63 Oct 8, 2011
A soldier needs help . I live in louisville ky . I am a car guy and always try to help out my brothers in cars . There is a soldier named sagar. He came to the US as a little boy and he loved his country . 

The symbol of america to him was the iconic mustang . When sept 11th happen he left college and enlisted to help the country he now calls home . 
Sagar found a nice solid 65 mustang , he paid the bodyshop $ 2500 to start on it .they never touched it . Its been sitting since jun 2010 . Now he received a e mail stating the body shop was evicted , his money was gone, sorry bout your luck and his car was going to be impounded and auctioned.

I made arrangements to get the car and bring it to my house until he gets back . I have been asking for help from clubs , bodyshops or anyone that would listen .
I am trying to get his car done so when he comes home it will be a suprise. I want to thank him for what he has given to my country .

I was getting ready to restore my  72 mustang convertible but decided to take some of the money for that car and put it towards sagars paint . 

I am just looking for anybody that can help . Im just a car guy helping a brother car guy just like a soldier helps a brother soldier . 
Thanks. Biggivey @aol.com
Kurt Schulze

Saint Petersburg, FL

#64 Nov 12, 2011
My son-in-law is a 19 year veteran of the Army Reserves Special Forces. He has been in Afghanistan twice, Kosovo, and other conflicts, too numerous to mention. He is a decorated soldier with 6 service awards and a Bronze Star. He is the true American Soldier, but he is so humble that he never brags of his heroism, because he considers that he is only doing his duty that is expected of any soldier. He is now the proud father of a 20 month old son. When he is not on active duty with the military, he continues to serve his country as a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security. He symbolizes the true meaning of a "Patriot."

He has a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible, which he considers his baby. Please help us to restore the car and show him that people do care and appreciate what he sacrifices for the country, both as a soldier and an agent.

[email protected]
Pam Brown

Whitman, MA

#65 Nov 25, 2011
My husband has a 1964 Thunderbird, which he has tried to restore himself for the last five years, by having it painted and ordering parts for it here and there. I had to relocate from Kentucky to Boston last year for my job and my husband had to leave his beloved car in Kentucky. He always gets offers for it, but he would regret if he sold it. He has a good friend who is a mechanic who keeps it and works on it when he is able. I would love to surprise my husband and "finally restore it" It is a beautiful style and I want him to see it reach it full potential!

Pam Brown


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