Why do the blacks and the whites run ...

Why do the blacks and the whites run faster than Eastern Asians?

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Beijing, China

#1 May 25, 2008
Make a google search you will find related articles by scientists.
On average:
1. Eastern Asians have the highest IQ. The black people, the lowest, the white people, a bit higher than the black people..
2.the black chirldren mature the earliest, the white children, a bit later, Eastern Asians the latest
3.the black babies start walking at 11 months old, the white babies, 12months old, Eastern Asian babies,13 months old. The black babies start talking the latest, the white babies, a bit earlier, Eastern Asian babies, the earliest.
4.The black are the most extrovert, the white a bit more introvert, Eastern Asians the most introvert
5. The black have the strongest body , longest legs and the most turned-up hips, the white a bit weaker and shorter and a little less turned-up hips. Eastern Asians the weakest and shortest, the flattest hips. Long legs and turned-up hips helped our ancestors escape animal chasing
6.the black guys have the strongest sex drive, the white guys, a bit weaker, Eastern Asian guys, the weakest.
7.Eastern Asians are the most mentally stable.
8.The black mothers have the shortest pregnancy, the white mothers, a bit longer, Eastern Asian mothers, the longest.
9. The black mothers have the highest rate of twin delivery, the white mothers, a bit lower, Eastern Asian mothers, the lowest. Low class animals delivery more than one baby at a time.

Being weak in body,high IQ, mentally stable, late to mature and start walking late,talking early, being introvert, having short legs and having long pregnancy…. are signs of being more evolved

The black and the white are much closer with each other in genes than with Eastern Asians.

Eastern Asians refers to the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans who have the highest IQ, are the weakest in body, the latest to mature, have the longest pregnancy, the shiest...so on.

Greenwood, IN

#2 Aug 15, 2008
Jenny you're a dumb piece of shit, your beloved iq rating is an average and black is generally 85, white 100 and east asian 106. You are also incorrect about strongest body, blacks may have the average strongest lower body, but not the upper

San Antonio, TX

#3 Apr 2, 2009
1. Eastern Asians have the highest IQ. The black people, the lowest, the white people, a bit higher than the black people..

Saying that the average iq of white people is a bit higher then the blacks is misleading - you should say that the iq of whites is slightly lower than asians (100 and 103 respectively when all variables are accounted for)
Also, the ashkenazi jews have the highest average iq of 112 and a rather large standard deviation of 15! Goo Jews!!

Washington, DC

#4 Apr 3, 2009
Asians are faster than white. the fastest asian 100 metre record is 10.00seconds by ito koji.....many asians have the huge legs....


#5 Jul 5, 2009
all of u are sick

Scottsdale, AZ

#6 Jul 5, 2009
90% of the difference between 1 person and another is due to differences all races share, 10% is due to difference in race. So you all can stop trying to flatter yourselves and stop buffing up your low self esteem trying to figure out who's best for what. Besides physical colors and sizes we're all hardly different by race. Asians in america only have high IQ's because they're foreign and couldn't get to america being stupid, there are tens of thousands of recent African immigrants that have phd's and high IQ's as well and its only because they wouldnt get to america if they didn't. Most recent immigrants have high IQ's, this is fact.

Montrouge, France

#7 Sep 16, 2009
with no doubt, the blacks are fastest.
but why do you think white people run faster than east asian?
japan won the third place in Men's 4x100 metre relay at 2008 Olympics and the fourth place in 2009 World Championships in Athletics. what about white people?

Montrouge, France

#8 Sep 16, 2009
japanese Naoki Tsukahara is the only non-black who qualified in semi final in 100 metre at 2009 World Championships in Athletics

Düsseldorf, Germany

#9 Sep 20, 2009
So black people have the gratest lower body strength, asians the highest IQ and white people the greatest upper Body strength. Fair enough.


Ningbo, China

#10 Oct 20, 2009
Jenny's comments were exact science. Although muct point out that a 3 or 6 point IQ diference is only a half a standard deviation compared to blacks being a full standard deviation behind whites. Also, the black IQ of 85 is based on Black Americans who are biologically 35-40% white. Don't belive me, research it.
Whites however have dominated in history as they have a flatter bell distribution on IQ. Which means we have more people at the lower end but also more genius at the top end which is the group that drives society. Asians never had a DaVinci or Newton.

Brandon, MS

#11 Nov 30, 2009
I realy don't respond to garbage like this, but I must. First of all, you ''so called scientist'', who state that blacks are on the low end, well, in some cases they may be true. This is because of the socialeconomic status here in America that has a division of wealth, education and so forth. Blacks don't get the same education as whites in most cases here. It has nothing to do with how much white genes or in their bodies. Every human has the capacity to learn and gain a high IQ if taught early and taught right. Did you factor that into your study? Probably not. Environment plays a signifcant part in determining one's IQ, unless of course, he has been taught by someone who is knowledgible. Just because some idiot in a lab suit says blacks or any race for that matter is smarter based on race alone, does not make it so. Fuck your research. Asians are smarter because they study longer and harder, they value education more than anywhere on the planet. And whites have the advantage from the gate. Most whites that is. Blacks come from slavery, they lost their identity, their knowledge of self, and their edcation, who do you think built the pyramids of Egypt. Black people. Get it right.

Incheon, Korea

#12 Dec 4, 2009
BIOLOGICALLY, there is no such thing as race!
big zp

Brooklyn, NY

#13 Dec 4, 2009
First of....knowlegible...lol...that s not how you spell it. You are right that everyone has the ability to learn. But your IQ is something you are born with. Its fixed. A true IQ examination will ask questions that require thinking not necessarily book smarts. About the socio-economic crap, how long are blacks going to use that excuse? Education is free in America, if they really wanted to get an education, they easily could...but they don't. We all have innate advantages in certain areas...but this by no means that one race is superior to a another

Denver, CO

#14 Dec 18, 2009
What a bunch of racist crap. As someone below said 'bioligically there is no such thing as race". There is likely to be more genetic similarity between an african and a european than there is between two europeans. In other words, there is no difference. Aside from a few cosmetic differences there IS no difference. All the crap about blacks being better athletes has more to do with diet, training, and motivation. All the crap about whites and asian having superior IQs has more to do with culture and access to education. And on the sex drive thing... most men think about sex all the time. Quit spreading racist crap created by people to justify their abuse of other people

Denver, CO

#15 Dec 18, 2009
And Dee123.... I know that blacks are really looking hard to find things they can point to as accomplishments that rate on the western scale of things but the people we call "black" dd not build the pyramids. "Blacks" are subsaharan and not from around Egypt where they're more semitic. My point is that there is no such thing as race. Rewriting history doesn't help the cause that blacks are ok too.

Oslo, Norway

#17 Dec 31, 2009
I think there are no "races". Humans are diffrent because we have adopted to the enviroment. Just think about it.

Black people have a natural ability to run fast bacause they had to run long distances (Africa) to get their food, And to outrun other animals. Fast and Strong-lower.

Yellow people: dont know why they are as they are, but based on the asian people i have met, they are generally small and weak (no racism here!). I dunno about eq because some have high, some have low (as it is with every human "race"). Agility and Quick.

White people based on my race:(Nordic, Vikings and Aryan. Blond hair and blue eyes. The most part from Norway, Sweden and Denmark) have adopted in a colder enviroment than any other human race. They have not needed the ability to run fast because the landscape are full of mountains. They needed to claim mountains an rocks. Thats why they have a stronger and bigger upper body (they need more body fat and muscles to keep them warm, and to fight using their weight against predators). They lack fatigue but have an enormous amount of explosive strength (fighting bear style lol). Strong-upper and more "ice bear like".

Summary: Black people are tall, fast, strong-low and fatigue strength.
Yellow people are fast, agility and weak.
White people are tall, slow, strong-upper and explosive strength.

Weaknesses: black people. Historically u need to be more tuff. its like u are the white mans bitch. no racism, but serously get a grip.

yellow people: u are soo obsessed with "honour". it is very primitive.

White people: Dominate, but mean. power-seeking. dark side of the force lol.

United States

#18 Feb 18, 2010
ETx/asians in america only have high IQ's because they're foreign and couldn't get to america being stupid

people in america are generally more stupid than other parts of the world, americans are too overly patriotic. It's is the people in east asian countries that have the higher IQ not asian immigrants in america, most of asian people in america are stupid that's why they can't survive in their country seeking for success in america which is foreign country. don't think opposite. Americans always twist the facts to the opposite lol.


#19 Jun 20, 2010
one more time i hear about the chinese dominating the 2008 olympics please.Bottom line they cannot physically compete with size strength agility or overall speed of whites europeans or african blacks in general. China is a comunnist country they breed these athletes from birth thats all they do from the time they are 2 or 3 extreme dedication to one goal in life they also geneticaly alter them for compotition.The one thing i will say asians in general are extremely self disiplined and focused people this does give them an edge in athletics but its more of a mental/robotic reapeted learned action than natural talent. example all the european gymnasts look so much smoother and agile the chinese simply look robotic as if they had reapeted these routines thousands times more which in fact they do.Some of them told by government at age 2 to there parents your going to be an olympic gymnist.Can you imagine if the europeans were comunist and were trained vigurously every day of there life till around the age of 16 17 18 or the africans what!!!!!!!!! so please with that asian olympic sheeet

Stevensville, MI

#20 Jun 22, 2010
""A true IQ examination will ask questions that require thinking not necessarily book smarts. About the socio-economic crap, how long are blacks going to use that excuse? Education is free in America, if they really wanted to get an education, they easily could...but they don't.""
The thing is there isn't one 'true' IQ exam. Even Alfred Binet, the creator of the Standford-binet, didn't believe IQ tests were fully qualified to measure intelligence
Environmental factors play a role in determining IQ. Proper childhood nutrition appears critical for cognitive development; malnutrition can lower IQ. For example, iodine deficiency causes a fall, in average, of 12 IQ points.[44] It is expected that average IQ in third world countries (Africa) will increase dramatically if the deficiencies of iodine and other micronutrients are eradicated.
As for Africans in the US, it largely IS a socio-economic factor. They aren't privy to the higher education or even good elementary education that those of higher classes take for granted. And believe it or not, but education DOES affect IQ score.
Moreover, your comment about blacks being able to get a better education is irrelevent. But I will say that coming from a lower class family, it takes A LOT to get into a good school, whether it be a good university or prive high school. There are only so many scholarships out there.
""People in america are generally more stupid than other parts of the world.""
Did you not realise that about 26% of the world's population is illiterate? America is the world's superpower, one of the most educated places in the world. The US is ranked 19 out of 82 countries for average IQ. In comparison to Africa, South America, and most parts of Asia, America is a very intelligant country.
""Asians winning in the olympics""
Ever thought this could be because 60% of the population is Asian? There's bound to be a winner amongst at least one or two of them, especially with the intense training they go through.
"East Asians being evolved"
Are you seriously trying to tell us that East Asians are most 'evolved' than the rest of the world? Sorry to break it to you, but they aren't a new species of humans. If they were more evolved than us, we would see a bigger difference than 6 IQ points.
"East Asians being more intelligent"
You have to understand that the work ethics in East Asian countries are mucch stronger than those in Europe/America/Africa. People there study their brains out and a therefore more prepared for the questions IQ tests ask.
In short, race really doesn't have much to do with IQ. It's a matter of education.
Black Princess

Nuneaton, UK

#21 Jul 13, 2010
Black women do not have bigger babies, white women do, I have not heard of a black women giving birth to a 10 lb or more baby. As black children maturing earlier, if you are refering to sex, look around you at the moment (more white children) especially the female version. And white men as well as black men have a strong sex drive or should I say white women have a stronger sex drive than black women, look at the papers, you do not hear about many black women sleeping around (they are mainly in long term relationship, which end up breaking down. Put that in you pipe and smoke it.

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