Repeal the 2nd Amendment

Repeal the 2nd Amendment

There are 1416 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jun 26, 2008, titled Repeal the 2nd Amendment. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

No, we don't suppose that's going to happen any time soon. But it should. The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is evidence that, while the founding fathers were brilliant men, they could have used an ...

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James Madison

Coalinga, CA

#1 Jun 27, 2008
Several points are completely missed in this article. First, guns don't kill people, the person pulling the trigger does. Second, criminals do not follow gun laws, you ban guns and the only people that have them are criminals and the citizens cannot protect themselves. Third, cigarettes kill more people than bullets. Firearms can be used safely for hunting or target shooting, if you use tobacco as directed it will likely kill you. And last, the intent of the second amendment is to guarantee tha the people rule the country, and are more powerful than the government. The right to bear arms is intended to allow the people a vehicle to take the government back should it get out of control. The government should fear the majority. When is the last time that was the case in the good old USA?
Crazy Politico

Decatur, IL

#2 Jun 27, 2008
How much has the gun ban in DC helped with gun crime, with 46 per 100,000 dead per year? Chicago and DC for year, with their bans, have traded the top spot in the gun deaths statistics. Yeah, those bans really made a differences.

Maybe it's time to treat criminals like criminals, and leave them locked up, instead of trying to remove rights from law abiding citizens.
oh great

Lombard, IL

#3 Jun 27, 2008
"The murder rate in Chicago has risen 13 percent this year. Guns are still the weapon of choice for mayhem in the U.S. About 68 percent of all murders in 2006 were committed with a firearm ..."

Are you suggesting that somehow banning guns will reduce the murder rate? Do you really think the criminals and gang members will pay attention to any gun ban?

How's that working for you in Chicago and D.C. where there already is a ban on handguns???

A 26- year experiment in gun control in Chicago proves your logic wrong.
Old Roy

Indianapolis, IN

#4 Jun 27, 2008
Well, who knew - NO - we all knew that this paper had become a voice of confiscatory governmetn policies.

Well, I hope your ink is the next thing taken over by government.

Schaumburg, IL

#5 Jun 27, 2008
I'm as surprised about this editorial as I was about the Trib's support of civil unions for gay people. I agree with both editorials.

Politics aside, I hope the Supreme Court ruling doesn't result in more gun violence in America. We will know in the next few years if it does.
Gary Beyer

Cresco, IA

#6 Jun 27, 2008
"A well educated society, being necessary to a free state, the right to keep and read books shall not be infringed" If this were included in the BILL OF RIGHTS how would you feel about it? Only the educated could have books? Shall we rewrite the history books to reflect that it was the highly educated, without arms, who expanded the 13 colonies westward? Idiots!!

Jefferson, GA

#7 Jun 27, 2008
It is astounding to me that someone can be so intellectually dishonest as to try to tell me that 'The right of the people' in the 2nd amendment actually means the STATES whereas in other (revered by the Left) amendments it actually means 'the people'. By this twisted logic the first amendment protects the right of the States to peaceably assemble.

Simply pathetic.

Northampton, MA

#8 Jun 27, 2008
The Left has had its social experimentations with gun control for years now. Abject failures, but the Left cares not since it's only ordinary folks who pay the price when only armed criminals have guns.

Lets now experiment the other way. Guns in the hands of ordinary folks will give criminals and would-be criminals pause before attacking the law-abiding.

Soon enough we will have the evidence as to which approach lessens crime.

“Illinois Pride - Yes we WILL!”

Since: Jan 08

Ursa Minor

#9 Jun 27, 2008
Welcome to Dodge City, USA, and we consider ourselves one of the most advanced nations on the face of this planet. The rest of the civilized world is laughing at us. I'm moving to Denmark.
Tony D

Troy, MI

#11 Jun 27, 2008
The author states (regarding the ruling), "...they have curtailed the power of the legislatures and the city councils to protect their citizens."

I submit that neither the politicians nor the police can protect either me or my family in a time of imminent crisis, such as an armed intrusion into my home. Therefore I applaud the Court's decision.

However, the Second Amendment has a much more important application: The protection of the citizens from those same governments, legislatures and councils that the author holds in such high regard. Consider the historical context and realize that the Framer's chief concern was to provide the means to protect their new, free state from the tyranny of future governments.
Tony D

Troy, MI

#12 Jun 27, 2008
Joe Guzzardo wrote:
I'm moving to Denmark.
I'll help you pack.
Ed Smithe

Falls Church, VA

#13 Jun 27, 2008
This editorial is absurd. Had you actually read the opinion in the case (or just used plain common sense), you might have learned that the way in which individuals wrote in the 18th century was different than the way in which we write today. An editor might have expressed what you would have liked the Second Amendment to protect...he or she would not have expressed what the founders themselves intended. Criticizing their ability to express themselves is a rather ridiculous exercise no?

Secondly, with respect to Justice Stevens theory that there is no new evidence that the intent of the founders was to limit the power of government to regulate the use of firearms...What do you think the bill of rights is??? It's not a collection of observations that we are supposed to just ignore when we feel like it. It is a collection of those rights that the governments of this nation CAN NOT infringe upon. The Second Amendment is the SECOND of the first 10 Amendments to appear in the Bill of Rights. Do you think that this was just a random decision by our founders?

If I were you, I would stick with the title of your editorial. Perhaps the time has come to amend the Constitution and rid ourselves of the Second Amendment. But in doing so, we are following the Constitutional process laid out by our founders. Anything less than that (to ignore a person's right like the City of Chicago has done) is unAmerican.

Since: Jan 08


#14 Jun 27, 2008
Only criminals and police should be allowed to have guns. Oh, and that includes anyone who is elected to office.

I'll let you decide which of the two groups they fall into.

The rest of us should be sheep, hoping neither of the other two groups shoot us.

Jefferson, GA

#15 Jun 27, 2008
Joe Guzzardo wrote:
Welcome to Dodge City, USA, and we consider ourselves one of the most advanced nations on the face of this planet. The rest of the civilized world is laughing at us. I'm moving to Denmark.
Good riddance.

"If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen. Samuel Adams

Northampton, MA

#16 Jun 27, 2008
To all those who want to continue relying upon government's 911 rescue system, keep in mind one thing. The police will always arrive in time - to draw the chalk lines.

Tallahassee, FL

#17 Jun 27, 2008
Nothing the founders of the constitution ever said could lead one to beleive that the right to bear arms was restricted to militias. Case closed.

Des Plaines, IL

#18 Jun 27, 2008
The U.N. will repeal the U.S. Constitution once the world government system is in place. One group of laws for all the world's residents!

Abingdon, VA

#19 Jun 27, 2008
Well, there's one way to solve a problem. Don't like an amendment to the
Constitution? Repeal it! Unless, of course, it's one of the ones you happen to agree with. Then it's OK.
Ken in Aurora

Gurnee, IL

#21 Jun 27, 2008
Mr. Zell, you may want to return the Sun-Times editorial board that you borrowed... or were they grabbed from the New York Post?

Please tell me how this editorial can coexist with the Tribune's published "Statement of Values" (quoted in part below):
The Tribune believes in the traditional principles of limited government; maximum individual responsibility; and minimum restriction of personal liberty, opportunity and enterprise. It believes in free markets, free will and freedom of expression.

Mishawaka, IN

#22 Jun 27, 2008
Profoundly foolish.

By their own admission, the editors admit to the "limited impact" of the gun bans, and that's being polite. In fact, based on the extraordinary violence in these two cities, the gun ban may in fact be a contributing factor to shootings.

If you're a tyant or a utopian dreamer, the idea of disarming the population is an attractive proposition. In the real world, however, all the evidence points to good sense of allowing law abiding Americans to protect themselves from criminals and, yes, as history has shown us numerous times, thug politicians hell bent for totalitarian control.

There's a fine line between foolish and stupid, and the editorial writer calling for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment just crossed the line.

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