Coalfield baseball player dismissed f...

Coalfield baseball player dismissed from team after throwing punch at an umpire

There are 74 comments on the Knoxville News Sentinel story from Apr 21, 2014, titled Coalfield baseball player dismissed from team after throwing punch at an umpire. In it, Knoxville News Sentinel reports that:

A Coalfield High School baseball player threw a punch at an umpire following a game late last week at Wartburg, and the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association has pressed pause on the Yellow Jackets' season until a decision has been made over the incident.

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Spartanburg, SC

#1 Apr 22, 2014
Heard legs got knocked out!
not surprised

Wartburg, TN

#2 Apr 22, 2014
Once again the Coalfield culture has reared its ugly head. The program deserves to be shutdown and the school employee cussing at the top of her lungs needs to suspended from her job. Basler is a fine man who does not condone this behavior but it just keeps going on and on. I honestly feel like the whole sports program should be shutdown for this. This behavior is outrageous. Wen those people in Coalfield learn that the world does not revolve around them it will get some better. But I fear it is too far gone. he school is now a complete and total mess. Even Treece who worked so hard to get the principal's job wants out. Sad, really because there are some good people that live there.

Franklin, NC

#3 Apr 22, 2014
Well maybe if you went to Coalfield, you would have learned to spell. What about Terry Coker for trying to fight and push Coalfield's coach. I guess Wartburg is an outstanding place. Terry Coker is out of control as well. Maybe the baseball program there needs a little attention too. Or maybe a respectable coach. Not white trash.
not surprised

Wartburg, TN

#4 Apr 22, 2014
You still miss the point. That behavior is not allowable, get over the little Wartburg /Coalfield crap.
I live there

United States

#5 Apr 22, 2014
Yes their are some really great people whom live here, and many of our families who came here have been here 2 and 3 generations or more. I played sports in the coalfield athletics program when I was in high school, ive since graduated and attended college graduating with a bachelors degree. I dont claim to know everything but what ive noticed is every since coach Kreis left and Ms. Suzie Wilkie passed away my senior year, our athletic programs have not been the same. My senior year 2007 our football boys left and the team had a hard time regaining from the loss of Brandon Davis, Steven Gunter, Johnny Hill, Drake Liles and so on. Now they did finally get back on their feet with the help from Zach Stewart who led the team and was set to be a key player for the high school team back when he was an 8th grader. Our baseball and softball teams have failed for a few years, its alot due to not having the kind of coach and direction that we had. Granted, our coaches are good in their own ways they all contribute in different areas but our athletics dept has not and probably will not have the discipline that Coach Gary Kreis and Ms. Suzie brought along with other coaches such as Carmen for basketball. Mr. Treece has that discipline he gathered it from the many years of being with Kreis. Our boy and girl athletes are a different breed now days, nonetheless they have good players but they are different then what we are used to. Some causes could be a rising pandemic of drugs and drug use which whether you want to believe it or not- its there. Its been there and probably always will be. Drugs in this county are on the rise which directly affects our student athletes. When one is using drugs whether they are pain medication or enhancement drugs whatever they choose, you have a period where your Up but then on the flip side you eventually have to come down and coming down can make some very angry and irritable. Now i don't know what these kids are doing these days but to punish a whole team or our whole athletic program for the misfortune of the one boy- I think would be harsh. Yes a punishment should definitely be rendered but to punish our whole program- Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Cheer leading, Football and so on would be harsh. Some of these kids are riding on sports as a way to get into college and help pay, to get on a sports scholarship- for these kids who live and love sports punishing them would be a little much.

Franklin, NC

#6 Apr 22, 2014
Well Terry Coker's behavior is not allowable. He started it when he tried to fight on the field. He should be fired or suspended. If you weren't there then you need to keep your opinion to yourself. You have no clue what happened.
Character counts

Harriman, TN

#7 Apr 22, 2014
It's so obvious to the common man that people that make excuses for their behavior are losers. The player is in the wrong. The parent was in the wrong. It's only a game to some, and some have raised their children not to respect authority. Shame on the momma and the player. The baseball program should cease for this season to teach all that there are consequences.

Oneida, TN

#8 Apr 22, 2014
So, it is Coker's fault he punched an ump? "Boo Hoo...he started it." Bunch of babies!

Harriman, TN

#9 Apr 22, 2014

This is the link....some excerpts

Unsportsmanlike Conduct
The TSSAA and its member schools believe strongly that the major purpose of athletics at the secondary level is
to be a part of the total educational program. A major part of this purpose is to stress to coaches, players, officials,
and fans the vital importance of sportsmanship. It is critical that all people in each of these categories understand
the major role that they play and the role model that they can be for others.
Recognizing this principle, unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any of these groups cannot be accepted. As a
result, the following actions will be taken when unsportsmanlike conduct occurs:
Section 7. Student Athletes Ejected for Unsportsmanlike Conduct in Any Sport
A. In contests in which registered TSSAA officials are involved, the officials will immediately notify the state
office with both a telephone call and a written report if players are ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct.
In soccer, this would be for a RED CARD ONLY. In sports where registered TSSAA officials are not used,
it will be the responsibility of the principal and/or coach of the player involved to report this incident to the
state office.
B. On the ejection of the student-athlete, the school will be required to submit a report on the action of the
player and any disciplinary action taken by the school. The minimum penalty will be as follows:
1. Football – 1 Game Suspension
2. Soccer – 2 Game Suspension except for the following offenses which shall result in a 1 Game
a. A player anywhere on the field (other than a goalkeeper within his/her own penalty area)
who deliberately handles a ball to prevent it from going into the goal.
b. A foul by a player against an opponent who is moving toward his/her offensive goal with
an obvious opportunity to score.
3. All other sports – 2 Game Suspension
The student-athlete is also suspended from all levels of participation (varsity, junior varsity, freshman) the
same number of contest(s) in the sport involved.

If the student-athlete is a senior and cannot fulfill all of the disciplinary action due to the completion of the
season, he/she will fulfill the action in the next sport in which they participate.
C. In addition to what is presently required when a player is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct, a meeting
shall be held with the player, coach, principal, and parent(s) or guardian(s) with a report on the meeting
and plans to directly address the matter to be filed with the state office.
D. If a player is ejected for a second time for unsportsmanlike conduct, a more severe punishment shall be
E. Other non-monetary penalties may be assessed by the Executive Director based on all the facts.
F. In all situations where ejections occur for unsportsmanlike conduct, the individual will be removed from
the next contest(s) following the one in which the ejection occurred.
Section 8. Substitutes Leaving Bench Area in an Incident or Fans Coming Onto the Field or Floor
A. The school will be required to submit a report and video tape if available. All schools are instructed to
inform individuals taping to continue taping all incidents.
B. For substitutes leaving the bench area in an incident or fans coming onto the field or floor, the school will
be fined a minimum of $250.00. In addition, other non-monetary disciplinary action will occur.

Q. What is the policy of TSSAA toward the decisions of officials?
A. The decisions of officials are accepted as final and binding

Wartburg, TN

#10 Apr 22, 2014
Boy what a mess. I am not going to give my option on what happend I wasn't there. It is never good when tssaa starts poking around you never know what they will find. Was any of the parties in question involved in the big fight they had with South Pitt last football season?
Coach Mom

United States

#11 Apr 22, 2014
In sports "sportsmanship" should always be the name of the game. Unfortunately, this athlete hasn't learned this lesson. This is the same athlete that started the brawl at South Pitt during football season. Some may blame the coaches but I have to question the lessons learned at home. It is so sad that one can bring the whole team down.
I live there

United States

#12 Apr 22, 2014
Yes I agree the boy should be punished. But DO NOT PUNISH THE WHOLE PROGRAM FOR THE MISTAKE OF ONLY ONE. THE BOY. Maybe the boy's parents aren't there in his life frankly I dont know the boy just by his name, I know nothing of him or his family but I do 100% agree he needs to be punished- now im not saying suspended indefinitely for the remainder of his life (sort of speak) I just think their can be a happy medium here for the involved parties. Look these kids snap. While its not ok its not like this is the first incident, their have been other fights and arguments to occur on field and off. But if the ump was in the wrong and in any way antagonized the boy he should be punished as well such as suspension from X amount of games or so fourth.
Concerned Citizen

Maynardville, TN

#13 Apr 22, 2014
Why is it something happens with Coalfield EVERYONE is all over it?? Ugly... Really....And you think everyone from you community is so perfect.. I think not...If Coalfield is so bad as you say then why do your students transfer to their school?? Why do the younger children play sports at Coalfield instead of Wartburg or other schools for that matter...We could sit here all day and say why and what if's.. It will always be about who is better. Get over it!!!!!! Each school has good points and bad points...Yes they have had a couple of fights in the past few years.. Three to be exact... But really they are no different from Wartburg or Oliver Springs. In the last few years have your schools not had a fight? I do believe so.... Wartburg fought with Oliver Springs on their OWN field some was arrested was anything done about that. Not really.... Why is so important to WCHC fans to see this program punished...Are you really that jealous?? Is it because you can't beat them at everything?? And talk about all the kids and coaches... Are you that jealous that you stoop so low??? Or is it that your just that jealous of the real CHS sports program... You can't beat them on the field so you try to take them down anyway you can..Guess what this to shall pass and they will come back from this Just as they have in the past.... Bigger and Better... Yes the kid made a bad choice. I'm sure he regrets it but it's over and done with now. Regardless the outcome Coalfield Community, Students and Parents will stick together.... Jealousy gets you now where.
stop recruiting

Wartburg, TN

#14 Apr 22, 2014
Kids from all over the county would not go there if they was not recruited by some of your fine folks down there. I had a parent tell me face to face that they got a call from a certain person from coalfield and asked them to bring there kid there to play. And before you ask I will not name any names on here.
Concerned Citizen

Maynardville, TN

#15 Apr 22, 2014
Judge it!!!! Like it or don't like it who cares. This has been blown up more than what it really was. It was a bad called game on both teams part. Get over it... Why did the ump even come out of Coalfields side? Why did the nice lady an the awesome guy stand on Coalfields side to video tape. And from the looks of the video he has helping the umps let's be sure to get everyone in the video !!! I am so glad that she was able to do this for them. I think she gets the good little fan award....Let's give her a pat on the back.....And then to share all over Facebook and with the news... And brag on Facebook about getting famous while doing it.. The video wasn't that great next time try to stand still.. Oh by the way PLEASE don't quite your day job... And speak a little clearer I can't understand that country language your speaking...
Concerned Citizen

Maynardville, TN

#16 Apr 22, 2014
You don't have to name names. And I would never ask you to do that. I don't even care who it was. The fact is they are bringing them. And they are enrolling them as well. And even have some coaches there as well. I am just so sick of these nasty comments .. Coalfield is a nice place just as I'm sure you think you own town is. Why can everyone not grow up and stop acting like little kids. I just don't like the fact that when one kid makes a mistake everyone judges the entire school. Most of these kids are friends with each other. Doesn't that count for something....

United States

#17 Apr 23, 2014
Omg! Who cares??? It's HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL! It's a game, not a life altering event! Punish the kid and get on with it.

Franklinville, NC

#18 Apr 23, 2014
Punch the ump because a call doesn't go their way. Pathetic!! They are a bunch of cry babies that need to grow up before they really do something wrong and spend the rest of their life in jail. Next thing you'll be hearing from some of those kids would be punching their boss or teacher for telling them to do something they don't want to do.
I live there

United States

#19 Apr 23, 2014
Ive lived here my whole life- graduated here went to college and came back here to live- because its a great place. Granted it has its faults as does every other city and town in the world. Sports is a big thing here- students like I once did- depend on sports as a way out of here to attend college. The boy who was in the wrong should be suspended some- Yes! And if nothing changes for him he may be suspended indefinitely idk but I feel he still deserves a chance to go on and play sports in college if he wishes to. He may never learn a lesson and possibly if he dont grow up their may not be any recruits even look his way- when a recruit comes to scout they look for skills number 1 yes but they also look for discipline and self control. Sports arent everything ok believe me though it helps alot of deserving kids to follow their dreams. Punish the boy- let TSSAA make a decision is they must, let the coaches agree and move on. Dont punish the whole program. And where an earlier post read something like (ill quote verbatim)- Shut Down The Whole Sports Program?? Seriously? Our whole athletic program did not do this.
Objective eyes

Oliver Springs, TN

#20 Apr 23, 2014
Let me start by saying I am from Coalfield and have been around athletics all my life. I do understand upholding your mother and all that but this was not the time or the place. It was only a ballgame. This group of kids are good kids but for a lot of them this is not their first go around with fighting. I agree punish the kid but that clearly is not working for some of these kids. Coalfield has always had good sportsmanship in the past. If you are really from Coalfield you will remember a trip to Unaka when the Chris Coker, Steven Hensley, and those kids played when players, fans, coaches and yes parents were called ever name in the book and those kids chose to walk away. THAT COALFIELD CLASS!!! The kids on this team should take lessons along with their parents. What was left off that video was the language by a mother that no one should have to hear. Yes maybe the umpire was wrong but most of them do this I'm sure for little pay and lots of headaches. Face it if it were easy or paying lots of money we would all be doing it. My solution would be let the parents start paying the fines imposed by TSSAA and maybe things would calm down.

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