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There are 97 comments on the NewsChannel5.com Nashville story from Dec 14, 2009, titled Tennessee Judges Often Judged in Secret - NewsChannel 5.com - N.... In it, NewsChannel5.com Nashville reports that:

For over a year, an exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation has put the spotlight on judges who abuse their position.

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Tony Gottlieb

Nashville, TN

#42 Dec 24, 2009
Jughead wrote:
<quoted text>
Were you an unsuccessful litigant in her court?
No, I have never met or appeared before her but I have spoken to dozens of individuals who have appeared before her and who indicate that Judge Soloman's behavior at times may be psychotic.
I was asked lead a group seeking her removal from the bench. Now I understand why it was unsuccessful.

Nashville, TN

#43 Dec 29, 2009
Tony Gottlieb wrote:
<quoted text>
No, I have never met or appeared before her but I have spoken to dozens of individuals who have appeared before her and who indicate that Judge Soloman's behavior at times may be psychotic.
I was asked lead a group seeking her removal from the bench. Now I understand why it was unsuccessful.
Support an opposing candidate. You are spinning your wheels otherwise.

Coppell, TX

#44 Dec 29, 2009
major jack wrote:
<quoted text>
The judicial system is not made by the people and laws made by courts to go by. It is made up of crooks, how does a crook judge another crook just like them. THEY DON'T AND WON'T. I have filed complaints and never got a foot in the door, but was treated less than a citizen of this country because of my complaints. When you file a complaint against a power office they all have each others back because they don't want to be exposed for what tyhey truly do in corruption and illegally. but white wash the truth over. propaganda and cover news of truth about this great nation and what goes on. All it takes is for a man or a woman that cannot be bought and will stand on truth and honesty against the odds , but the powerful pays off to remove the one from being heard for sure, I am still looking, where are the people that will stand against evil doers?
I am one of those fighting right now. If you only knew what I was going through in Juvenile court in TN. Judgments made and NO TN Statute to back it up. An attorney that has been sanctioned three times and its not public record, doctoring up "orders" sending them to us not signed or filed, no where in our files, and then taking us to court over "orders" that are not valid under Supreme Court law, that aren't in the file, and I've requested 100 times. Taking from our children continually. i know something funny is going on. Now just to get to it... is taking a lot of work. But I am not stopping. Its destroying lives. I've got so much evidence that has opened up its unreal, now to find a JUST and Honest person to help... HA! we'll see!! Its totally corrupt, and I am not going to be quiet about it.

Coppell, TX

#45 Dec 29, 2009
I started getting the minutes and CD's from the hearings to prove these orders are opposite of what was said... oh and you know what, if there aren't any signed orders, I can NEVER appeal.... what's going on here?

Nashville, TN

#46 Dec 30, 2009
Anonymous wrote:
I started getting the minutes and CD's from the hearings to prove these orders are opposite of what was said... oh and you know what, if there aren't any signed orders, I can NEVER appeal.... what's going on here?
Shut the heck up and get a lawyer. You are a derelict for doing it yourself, and get what you deserve.

Since: Feb 09

Knoxville, TN

#47 Dec 31, 2009
"We follow completely what the legislature told us to do," Ash told NewsChannel 5 chief investigative reporter Phil Williams.

Mr. Ash,
I don't believe legilature to you to use the secrecy to cover up Judicial Corruption!

Since: Feb 09

Knoxville, TN

#48 Dec 31, 2009
Thank God for people like Clint Brewer, Mae Beavers, Mike Turner, Brian Kelsey and others. Read Clint Brewer's reports on the TCOJ and you will see the TCOJ is null and void; Clint Brewers report is shocking to say the least. Legislature is responsible for addressing judicial accountability. This new session should be very interesting. Read Brewer's special report on the TCOP:



Quote for Brewer's must read report:

"Though the status of many of these complaints is known – with about half being simply dismissed – the details of how state government handled them and why little action was taken against these power brokers is almost totally secret."

Don Ash claims most of the complaints they received at the TCOJ come from criminals but no one can prove this because they destroy the complaint files. Ash and the other "investigators" at the TCOJ have been covering up for corrupt judges for well over ten years now. Once they cover up for a corrupt judge there are no limits as to how evil/deadly the judge can become simply because he/she cannot be disciplined because they can EXPOSE the corruption within the TCOJ. Victims of Knox County, Fourth Circuit court "judge" bill swann have been filing highly merited complaints against him for well over ten years now and the TCOJ has done nothing but cover up his corrupt ways. swann illegally sabotaged our court case and all I needed to prove this was an audio tape. The Court of Appeals denied me and both the TCOJ and the TBPR refused to investigate my allegations despite the fact both "authorities" have SUBPOENA power and could have easily subpoenaed the audio tape. I even corresponded with State Senators jamie woodson and tim burchett, who in turn contacted the State AG and the AOC. swann should be in prison; instead he is still deciding family law/child support cases in Fourth Circuit. swann was found guilty of CONTEMPT of court; he refused to pay $14,000.00 of his own court ordered child support. Unfortunately for the public, Terry Frank is the only media news member to post the court order against swann (below). Also, the House video's Brewer refers to are displayed on the link page of my son's website (below). There is practically ZERO judicial accountability in the state of Tennessee. I'd like to see Clint Brewer investigate the TBPR next! His findings will surely be as disgraceful if not even more disgraceful. Legislature needs to focus on Judicial Reform.



United States

#49 Jan 1, 2010
We leave it up to the News Media to report what is happening WHO, WHEN, Why and Heard by whom, BUT HAVE YOU READ OR HEARD IF A PERSON IS A LEGAL CITIZEN? I can not recall but a Very Few Where this has happened and does this recieve the same Fine or Punishment! Makes You Wonder Why this is.


#50 Jan 12, 2010
Well I have a case that the Judge can't cover up . I have all the fact and evidents, Now I just need a lawyer with a spine . This Judge really mess up when he Broke the law . and if child suport is a fed law then he broke that one too. If anyone is interested in my story you can contact me but only through this Clint Brewer since many seem to trust him . Oh by the way the Judges name is JUDGE BILL SWANN ,AND THE LAWYER WHO WAS ALSO A PART OF THIS WAS BRENT WATSON ALL OF KNOXVILLE TN .
I need help with this .

New Orleans, LA

#51 Jan 13, 2010
Back room deals are the norm, folks. Wake up!
Bais Judge Soloman

Nashville, TN

#52 Jan 25, 2010
Tony Gottlieb wrote:
I really like Judge Don Ash but based upon the sheer number and nature of the complaints just I receive, over the conduct of 8th Circuit Judge Carol Soloman, the Court of the Judiciary is doing a poor job.
How much longer can this really go on?
I am going through a divorce at this time and have been totally amazed at the extreme bias of the 8th Circuit Judge Carol Soloman. I was shocked to have seen her listen to only one side full of fradulate lies and then start judging me without even hear my attorney's response! This happen twice, due to my ex-wife having a high profile job at the State of Tennessee Health Department.
Judge Carol Soloman should not be on the servering on the bench! Regarding the last court date, Judge Carol Soloman signed an order prior to even coming in the court room to hear the issue or my side of the event. I was shocked at how Judge Carol Soloman rules her court. It is NOT BLIND Justis, it is BAIS JUSTIS according Judge Carol Soloman prior to hearing both sides of any story. With this Judge, the first one talks wins!

Mount Juliet, TN

#53 Feb 4, 2010
What is the process to IMPEACH Carol Solomon from her seat in 8th circuit court?? Notice I didn't call her Judge C---- S------ as in my opinion she is NOT one!! If anyone knows and wants to join me please let me know. Also, I plan to picket the courthouse with a sign saying "Impeach Carol Solomon" and a petition for all to sign. I am POSITIVE it will be full of signatures daily....

Coppell, TX

#54 Feb 5, 2010
Jughead wrote:
<quoted text>
Shut the heck up and get a lawyer. You are a derelict for doing it yourself, and get what you deserve.
some people do NOT have a choice idiot. we are not village idiots If you will read the difference in an artificial person and natural person according to the courts, pro se do much better if they know what they are doing. your a freakin JERK off to everyone on this board. you probably are in the chambers taking the payments to harm people!

Coppell, TX

#55 Feb 5, 2010
Jughead wrote:
<quoted text>
Not true. Lawyer misconduct records are posted online by the Board.
Lawyers are policed far more than doctors. Doctor malpractice is almost always buried with the patient.
wow where is it posted? i know an attorney that has been sanctioned 3 times and its no where to be found... since your so damn smart why don't you tell us that... you really think people have not figured this out. told you, you have to be on of them.
Tony Gottlieb

Nashville, TN

#56 Feb 5, 2010
An impeachment proceeding must be initiated in the House of Representatives. I would recommend contacting your State Representative. In my view there are already enough violations by Judge Soloman of criminal due process, such that, if an impeachment proceeding were to bne initiated in the House, more testimony would come out of the woodwork to have her removed.
Complaint Against Soloman

Moultonborough, NH

#57 Feb 17, 2010
I thought I would just add this to the thread. Below I have posted the complaint I wrote to the TN Board of Judicial Review back in September of 2009. After providing the board with all of my orders, and transcripts from my case, at my own cost, I have yet to hear back. It is my opinion that there is collusion, rising to the level of racketeering, occurring between certain lawyers, and "parenting experts," who are involved with the 8th Circuit Court.

The next thread contains the letter.
Complaint Against Soloman

Moultonborough, NH

#58 Feb 17, 2010
Dear Mr. Nash;
This is a formal complaint against Metro Davidson County Eighth Circuit Court Judge Carol Soloman.
During the course of my divorce proceedings I was denied rights of due process under the law which resulted in my extended imprisonment for 87 days. As a matter of record I was pressured to agree to waive my right to an appeal as a term of my release under threat of more jail time. This violation of my rights, were conducted in deliberate collusion with opposing counsel for the purposes of expropriating funds from my family.
On April 13th, 2009, as the substitute counsel for my ex-wife, Rose Palermo filed a motion with the Court to revoke its prior order allowing me to serve an existing sentence for contempt over weekends. After three months of her ruling in a criminal contempt hearing, an order was signed only two weeks before the above mentioned hearing. The filing contained contradictory orders and Judge Soloman’s ruling was already on appeal. Counsel for the appellee sought to have my sentence served on consecutive days and was submitted to the court in the form of an affidavit containing the language:“THIS MOTION IS EXPECTED TO BE HEARD ON TUESDAY, APRIL 14th, 2009 AT 2:00 P.M.”(Emphasis in the original)
Despite a strong objection from my counsel, based on Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure (6.04(1)), the Local Rules of Court for Davidson County 26.02, 26.04, and the Court’s own Chamber Rule IIC1, less than twenty-four hours after the filing, the hearing went forward.
Not present for the hearing, the Court ordered a $300,000 bond for my release. During this ex-parte hearing, an order was entered to seize property belonging to my parents on their premises. The appellee had testified belonged to her with no supporting evidence of ownership. Upon Ms. Palermo’s phone call to Judge Soloman, a verbal order issued allowed forced entry by a SWAT team into my parents’ place of business.
Furthermore, as a licensed clinical psychiatrist, I observed Judge Solomon’s behavior from the bench as indicative of an unstable, mentally ill individual. Judge Soloman berated, yelled and frequently interrupted me as a witness.
Based on opposing counsel’s statements, in the absence of supporting evidence, Judge Solomon referred to me as having a history of violence, being controlling, as a disgrace to my community and of committing rape upon my wife. This was despite my wife’s own testimony stating we were trying to have third child following the untimely death of our daughter. Judge Soloman also exhibits a pattern of ignoring and/ or refusing to hear contradictory evidence presented during my hearings.
Judge Solomon manifests specific behaviors characteristic of individuals suffering from Bipolar Disorder. Judge Solomon’s thought processes are illogical, and tangential. Her behavior includes irrational decision making, impulsivity and hostility towards litigants.
She exhibits an unkempt appearance, pressured speech and extreme irritability. On January 9th, 2009, I observed Judge Solomon as malodorous and smelling of alcohol when she walked by me outside of chambers after a lunch break. Her attention wanders, as evidenced by her frequently staring into space and conducting unrelated side bar conversations with court officers during witness testimony.
During the course of my six to seven days of observing her on the bench, I witnessed conduct of loud screaming, berating and insulting of witnesses while threatening them with jail time.
I appeal to the Judiciary Board to investigate these allegations, sanction and remove her from the bench for the public well being.
Fred Starr, M.D.
CC: Judge Thomas Brothers
John Dunn, Fox 17 Nashville
Tony Gottlieb, TN Dads
Remove Carol Soloman

Portland, ME

#59 Mar 9, 2010
Carol Soloman continues on in her quest and mission to destroy families and damage lives. I am disheartened and discouraged (heart broken) when I think of all of the innocent children who continue to be unjustly sentenced to a life time of court ordered abuse by her irrational, haphazard and negligent empowerment over their lives. Carol Soloman continues to evade many of the questions raised regarding her physical, mental and moral fitness as a judge. She has clearly committed acts of judicial misconduct and participated in actions calculated to reflect unfavorably upon the Judiciary and the State of Tennessee. Furthermore, we attest that her actions have brought the Judiciary of the State into disrepute and have adversely affected the administration of justice in that State. Please, help us help the children. We cannot allow this corruption to continue. CPS and law enforcement individuals (as well as prominent attorneys) are involved in the cover up. It is imperative an investigation be conducted to expose what is really going on in the 8th Circuit Court in Nashvile, TN.
To learn more about Judge Soloman's crimes against the citizens of Nashville, TN cut and paste the link below into your browser window. Remeber to sign the petition first.
Go here to sign:
Dan Bowers

Waterloo, Canada

#60 May 17, 2010
Judge solomon is currently unable to perform her duties citing a "mental breakdown". Does anyone have any details about this?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#61 May 17, 2010
Stacy Harris wrote:
This investigation didn't go far enough.
It's always bugged me that local newspaper and TV news reports rarely mention the names of the presiding judges in the cases the news outlets cover.
Beyond that, as an example, Barbara Haynes' rulings are routinely overturned on appeal. The problem is that Haynes rulings (many of which are available online after they reach the appellate courts) do not not refer to Haynes by name.
Rather, the Court of Appeals will rebuke the judge of "the Third Circuit Court." If you don't know the judge by name, you can't cast a fully-informed vote when that judge is up for (re)election.
Folks. If we are not willing to show up, together, on the Courthouse steps, and demand action, with cameras rolling, we are wasting our time. We need a leader who will coordinate action. These criminals respect power. The only power we have is as a mob on the evening news. Lets stop whining and start standing up!

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