Matt Painter------->"Purdue Pete" or " **** Dad" ????
I guess being a famous NCAA Big 10 Basketball Coach does not make Matt Painter immune to the " **** dad" disease. Apparently fatherhood is a spectator sport for Purdue's Head Basketball Coach. According to various reports and a posting on Craigslist pleading for two tickets; Matt Painter's 10 year old son Brayden is watching the clock run out of time as he hopes for tickets to the Big 10, Session 3, Friday game this week. If the reports are true then Painter's son is no stranger to the coaches cold shoulder. It is common knowledge amongst Boilermakers that Matt Painter's "Mini-Me" is left to scrounge for tickets from outside sources. Brayden wants to go to the games but he watches most of them on television after the disappointment of no tickets.
"It's sad", said a parent of another child, who is Brayden's age. "Basketball is in Brayden's blood and he lives for basketball season. Even though the father is not really involved with Brayden, it is still obvious how proud Brayden is of his dad. Really, it is heartbreaking".
Other sources indicate that Matt Painter's son suffers from a mild form of Autism. Questions rise as to whether that condition is a factor in why the coach chooses to spend very little time "one on one" with his son. It also raises eyebrows in the Autism Awareness Community. Someone like Matt Painter has such a platform to be heard to increase awareness but instead it appears that he (Matt) needs to be more aware of his own son. How difficult could it be for a head coach to swing tickets to home games for his son? Painter has a responsibility to his son and other young men to be a good role model. Hopefully Painter will pull his head out of his **** and step up to the line. Teddy Roosevelt was a hard-nosed and courageous leader, and, his words inspire strength, decency and more. He advocated leading by example,“It is peculiarly incumbent upon you who have strength to set a right example to others….You must feel that the most effective way in which you can preach is by your practice.”
Someone needs to tell Coach Painter that he needs to practice more!!! If Painter does not make a save in this situation the hopefully another good samaritan will get the rebound for him and help Painter's son out with the gsmes this weekend.