Friends of Cote Want More Answers Fro...

Friends of Cote Want More Answers From the Government

There are 43 comments on the WGRZ Buffalo story from Jun 29, 2007, titled Friends of Cote Want More Answers From the Government. In it, WGRZ Buffalo reports that:

Family and friends of Jonathan Cote, kidnapped while working in Iraq last year, feel the government is not doing enough to bring him home.

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United States

#1 Jun 29, 2007
What a great way to reach out and begin a long overdue process of finding jon! It's been way to long with little being done and it's about time someone takes action. The government needs to step up asap and take some serious action. It's unfortuante that they have not stepped up any sooner. I wish you the best of luck in finding jon and hope a safe return.

Milwaukee, WI

#2 Jul 1, 2007
When private contractors go to work in war zones, they are informed of the risks they take by going.... these 5 people knew of the risks and went anyways. What do you expect the gov't. to do? If they had the information necessary to find them, they would have already. Letting other civilians into the country to "search" is just compounding the problem by putting more people at risk... especially untrained and unexperienced searchers.

The Middle East has been using kidnapping techniques for a very long time. These kidnappers know the area better than anyone and will move frequently to avoid detection. They're hoping the U.S. will negotiate with terrorists.... which would be a mistake. Negotiating with people like this will only increase the number of kidnapping cases.

Ithaca, NY

#3 Jul 1, 2007
To the comment made by Tukatz. You should be ashamed of yourself. These young men and women are risking their lives to protect us and protect our families. I am sure you would feel differently if it was your child over there wouldn't you!!!!!

United States

#4 Jul 1, 2007
This is in response to tukatz........yes, you most definately should be ashamed of your words. This is someones son, step son, nephew and cousin. Jon is missed dearly by family and friends and they NEED answers. This is 2008, when someone goes missing WE should have the means to find them, no matter what! If we can clone animals, do stem cell research ect ect ect, we should be able to find people who are missing. To Jons family, always hold him dearly to your heart becuase he WILL be home soon!!!!!!!

United States

#5 Jul 1, 2007
Maybe instead of giving these poor people another political answer, maybe the senator should get his act together and put some time and effort into something that really matters such as getting this boy home. What EXACTLY has this man done since he claims he is doing "everything in his power"? I think your station should push him more to find out what that really means... WHAT is being done? What is this man doing to help? He has a lot of power and he should be using it to serve the people of this state and I can not see any better way to serve a Western New Yorker than to rescue him from such a horrible place. It has been a long time, too long.

United States

#6 Jul 1, 2007
Dear "tukatz"
Police officers, firefighters, plant workers, and pretty much anyone else who has a job knows the risks that comes with that job BUT we all just don't sit around unemployed because there are risks. There are risks to driving a car, flying on a plane, even walking down the street! If a police officer is killed do we just say, "oh well he knew the risks of the job?" No, we mourn the loss and help our fellow Americans of their family the best we can. Well WE do, I can make a pretty good bet that based on your "opinions" we all know what you would do.
You are all correct, this man needs to be found, he is an American who fought for our country and private contractors are an important piece to keeping our men and women of uniform supplied and safe while they are away fighting for us.

*And "tukatz", you are not even from New York so butt out and stay put in Wisconsin, you wouldn't make it here.

United States

#7 Jul 2, 2007
How much liability does the company have to find and retrive this and the other EMPLOYEES. It seems that the government and the military are being subjected to a criticism better directed to the company.
Tukatz is right, paying a ransom only encourages more kidnappings. This young man and others are not likely to be released alive anyway. This is a very unfortunate situation and I'm sure we all feel the emense sorrow of the family.(Tukatz included)
Lets look at this from a different view. Jon left the military and took a very lucrative ($$$) position that has the same and posibly a greater risk with a private company. Too Imply that he is lost in the line of duty is a slap in the face to the men and women still in uniform serving our country. I respect him for serving and I thank him. I would like to see our Vets. taken care of better both financially and in services after their enlistment.
Tukatz, I am also from Buffalo, "The City of Good Neighbors" you are welcome anytime.
Joan Marie

United States

#8 Jul 2, 2007
Dear Armchair warriors,
It's really easy to say what we would or shouldn't do if it's not our family member that's in peril. Who better to lead a convoy then someone whose been there and who are we to judge him for his actions and pay. Why would anyone who went there work cheap.
I do care what happened to him and my heart goes out to his family and friends. I demand answers as to his whereabouts. We have done this for others in similar situations why not him?
Let's not mudsling his service records or others - let's just find out his whereabouts.
A soldier's daughter and a Officers mother
Another Veteran

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#9 Jul 3, 2007
I am sorry he was kidnapped, but why are you holding the US Government responsible for someone who went there as a civilian working for a civilian company more than likely making mad money too do so. The company and individual should be held responsible.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#10 Jul 3, 2007
Joan Marie, no one mud slinged Jons military record. His "military record" ended the day he took his honorable discharge and took the job with the civilian security company.

He is not "Fighting for his country" anymore, now he is fighting for cash...thats right becoming a six figure "Security" employee is the same thing as being a soldier of fortune he was in it for the cash. Please do not mix up someone who is in uniform earning 20k-40k per year as a soldier with those who make contacts while doing that and deciding to make it a lucrative job.

What Jon decided too do was take a risky job and get paid well for it. I agree, its the company he worked for who should be flipping the bill to search for him. The "teams" searching for him are putting their own lives on the line.

Horton, MI

#11 Jul 3, 2007
Just because every step of the search is not broadcast to the world, doe's not mean nothing is being done. The amount of the paycheck is not relevent. Besides Jon was NOT making six figures and the money he was making was for college. His work was in support of the soldiers, who's work was in support of the U.S. No one should be ashamed of speaking the truth. Before you ask or demand someone else to take action, check what action you are taking. By the way this is 2007.

Lancaster, NY

#12 Jul 3, 2007
Scott, I hope you never have a family member
that goes missing and is not heard from in 7 months. You have no idea what it is like to sit
and wait and hear nothing about your family member's where-a-bouts...and then to read these comments about people thinking that the government shouldn't be held responsible for looking for adbucted american citizens is very hurtful. Jon served 4 years in the military, one year in afghanistan, one year in Iraq. Just because he is not currently in the
military does not mean we should just forget about him and say 'oh well.' Jon's work was in support of the military's long term goal, and he was earning money for college.
Joe T amarac Fl

Hollywood, FL

#13 Jul 3, 2007
How efficient congress was to vote themselves a four thousand dollar plus raise'If these civilian captors want money, pay it. This is not negotiation with terrorists. I'm sure their employer would be willing to pay and maybe you all could chip in that raise you gave yourselves.``
A military family member

United States

#14 Jul 3, 2007
I love how people who have no idea what they are talking about get on these HA HA... First of all Jon IS still a member of the military, it is called INACTIVE DUTY, so his duty did NOT end "the day he took his honorable discharge" (Kurt, another uninformed American pretending to know). He is still serving four years of inactive duty and could be called back any given day. It does not matter how much he was making OR what he was doing it for... the point here is he is an American that deserves to be HOME. When Natalie Holloway went missing there was no question about it, an American was missing, all thought 'let's get out there and find her', no questions asked. She was VACATIONING and having a great time and sadly was abducted, it does not matter WHY she was there, just that she is found and brought home to her loved ones.
It does not matter what someone's job is or why they are out of the United States, they are American and should be rescued if in danger.
And some of you are so dramatic talking about how "others are risking their lives to find him". My husband is currently serving in Iraq and I and many others would rather have him risking his life to find and rescue Americans than walking around Iraqi neighborhoods getting shot at by those people while trying to help them. I hope he IS out there everyday looking for Jon and the others, at least then they would be doing something productive for people that would appreciate it. You obviously have NO IDEA what goes on over there, you’re typical American citizens complaining about something you have NO real knowledge about, just what you see in the media. It is so funny to watch others talk about the war when they have no clue what it is like to live in the shoes of a military family member. Just remember Jon IS still a soldier and more of a man that most of you will ever be.
All of you negative complainers better reconsider the next time you think about going to Canada for the day or Mexico for a little spring break vacation... because if you go missing chances may be no one will come and find you. Eh!
What kind of American does not hope with all their heart that every single one of them comes home no matter why they were there or why they are missing?
Come home Jon, a lot of intelligent and caring people miss you, especially those who have loved ones in that country with you.

Horton, MI

#15 Jul 4, 2007
To A Military Family Member. Excellent comment

Austin, TX

#16 Jul 4, 2007
down to bush and cheney>

Austin, TX

#17 Jul 4, 2007
Feel pity for your poor logic about our innocent soldiers who have to fight insurgents who are integrated into the Iraqi population. Do You want our soldiers to kill good and bad together? Is this what you see as logical? By killing insurgents they are protecting US interests? What interests? Oil? If it is oil, then secure the oilfield, not the green-zone, and knocking down people's doors. Why do not you ask Bush to go to Saudi Arabia and revenge for the 9/11? All of them came from there. If you do not know please go and read more and find out what this admin. is protecting! SHAME ON YOU THEN.

Austin, TX

#18 Jul 4, 2007
Chris Rushlau

Redmond, WA

#19 Jul 4, 2007
I wonder if mercenaries are covered by the Geneva Conventions.
Joelle rampino

Buffalo, NY

#20 Jul 5, 2007
I want to know more about Johnathan cote. I want to know not if, but when my friend will return! Where is he? is he safe? is he hungry? is he cold? is he sick? I want my dear friend back! his family wants him back, his friends want to see him smile again. Why don't we know if he is alive or dead? Imagine...such a powerful country leaving men who are fighting for the American people being basically abondend by our government!We all need to fight to get our heros back! All I want is to see him smile, laugh at my jokes, and hug me hello. Why is he still not important enough to bring home?Why?

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