FW Wendy's Dir. fired; $21K missing

FW Wendy's Dir. fired; $21K missing

There are 36 comments on the WANE Fort Wayne story from Sep 20, 2008, titled FW Wendy's Dir. fired; $21K missing. In it, WANE Fort Wayne reports that:

According to a Wendy's press release, on Monday, September 8th Michael Jettinghoff, Director of Operations for Wendy's of Fort Wayne was terminated by Franchise owner Bob Foxx.

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Garrett, IN

#23 Sep 22, 2008
Uh. read this...

Justice has been served

League City, TX

#24 Sep 22, 2008
get a life wrote:
im not the type to pass judgment or write things on the internet but this has gone to far.... ive been reading these comments from all sorts of people and its bothersome. have you been listening to the new??? they have been saying its not true and the facts are not right. and to the people saying he got fired, thats not factual. this is a man that is trying to ruin other people because of his own problems. and to be honest the person named (justice has been served), you have a lot of anger in your heart towards people and you actually sound like you would be the one to have caused all of this problem, you are the one people should be afraid of. you just sound like a measly, unliked person that works at wendy's and jsut wants to cause problems. the news channels 15 and 21 should be disgusted in themselves for airing this before going to the source. this has to come to an end of all you people that think they know the truth. i hate hearing stuff like this, thats whats wrong with society,its obvious, it is a person that has nothing better to do with his/her life.
hah thats really funny " Im not the type to pass judgement" But I guess im just a "measly person who works at wendys" ha ha people like you kill me your so hypacritical and retarded! Maybe you should take your own advice and GET A LIFE and dont blog online, your not ready for it...
Fort Wayne Manager

United States

#25 Sep 22, 2008
I have also worked for Wendy's for a number of years, never have I been disrespected by Mike Jettinghoff, nor do I need to be motivated by him. I am motivated by myself, in wanting to improve my restaurant and staff, and also by getting a pay check. It is his job to point out things that need to be fixed or improved. You ("employee" and "justice has been served") need to grow up and get a thick skin or get out of the kitchen. If you don't like him....get another job. I am sure with an attitude like yours, no one is begging you to stick around. I am sure if your attitude is this bad, your associates don't like working with you either. Find something constructive to do...clean your restaurant, make sure your register operators are smiling and getting guest orders right! Trying to ruin the reputation of a man doesn't hurt him in the long run, but it hurts the foundation, meaning the kids that really need our help. It also tarnishes the reputation of Wendy's and in the long run ...your job! Wake up stupid and get the real picture.
H Schuchhardt

Indianapolis, IN

#26 Sep 22, 2008
Bravo, "Fort Wayne Manager!" YOU, my friend, have the right outlook on life. Good for you!
Neil Farr Sr-Marion

Ingalls, IN

#27 Sep 22, 2008
I have known Mike for about 10 yrs. and to those who want to chastise him on this issue I would suggest that you get all the facts together first. Crow is not a very digestible meal and you may find yourself eating a lot of it. As for the "no name" who blogged in on this I would suggest that he may be the same lowlife that perpetrated this story. Time will tell. This sort of defamation is a very serious matter in the eyes of the court. You can run but you can't hide.

United States

#28 Sep 23, 2008
Seems as if Mr Jettinghoff made some enemies at some point... I don't know the guy, but the people that are on here trying to paint him as a saint must have a different view than the people he ticked off to get himself into this mess...
Optimistic in Ft Wayne

Fort Wayne, IN

#29 Sep 23, 2008
Everyone on this site who is sending out their negative energy about this matter, please just remember that this could have happened to absolutely ANYONE! All it takes is one person to greatly dislike another, and bam! There you go! In this day and age of the internet superhighway, reputations can be tarnished in a matter of seconds. Which is exactly what happened in this case. What if this was someone in your family, or one of your close friends?
The bottom line is, the entire story and accusation of the missing foundation money has been proven to be 100% false and it didn't take a detective to do it. All it took was ONE phone call. The news stations and radio stations who mistakenly aired the story without checking even ONE fact have rescinded every word (almost immediately after it was aired).
To those who dislike Mike J. and his wife, you are certainly entitled to like or dislike your boss, however, please remember that we all have to live in this world together, and whatever you put out there, comes back to you eventually. Call it Karma, God's will, or whatever you choose. It happens. This country is starving for goodness and human decency. Gone are the days where neighbor helps neighbor and perfect strangers will sit and talk over a cup of coffee.
It's time for those days to come back and we are all responsible for making that happen.
To "justice has been served", if you define justice as an innocent man being accused and punished for a crime, then maybe you should take a deep, long, hard look at your life and what your morals and values indicate about your personal character. Is this how you choose for people to see you? Is this mind set what you want to pass on the your children or grandchildren? Be part of the solution, not the problem. Think about it......

Whitehouse, OH

#30 Sep 23, 2008
You're dumber than crap if you think those cannisters in the store ever collect anything near $21K
Pennylane wrote:
It's sad that a Director of a Business has to do something like this. We look up to people like this. I believe that he and his wife should both be prosecuted for their involvement in this matter!!!

Fort Wayne, IN

#31 Sep 23, 2008
If life gives you limes, make margaritas.

Sorry you had to deal with all this Mike. Hang in there. Yours friends stand with you against ignorance.

United States

#32 Sep 23, 2008
Good for the people that know the facts. I am a friend of an employee that works at a Wendy's and they say nothing but good stuff about Mike Jettinghoff. He is the boss, who's not a little scared of their boss once in awhile?? I know I am! And my boss is a great guy, too! To the two named NO NAME and JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED, what is your place to be judging a man like this? Just like (Neil Farr Sr-Marion and Optimistic wrote, where are YOUR MORALS? It seems as if people look up to this man, I would conclude, NO one looks up to two. Like other people are saying, it seems like you two are the ones they the court should be after.

United States

#33 Sep 23, 2008
They work at a fast food joint.. I don't expect them to have morals..

Fort Wayne, IN

#34 Sep 23, 2008
I have been an employee at a local high volume Fort Wayne Wendy’s for three years and thus have had plenty of experience with Mike and his wife both coming into our store (since we are located near their residence). So this is a twofold response to all the brash commentary above my own post, to set the record straight from a reliable source that has experience working for him for several years.

First, to address his apparently lacking tactfulness... As to his arrogance and condescending tones in his dealings with employees, well, yes, there have been some – not all – times where he was seemingly over critical of even the littlest things we have left undone. Yet he was simply doing the job that his employer asked him, and paid him, to do. And to be honest, all of the things he brought up were legitimate concerns. But anyone who has ever had a job in restaurant management (and really worked it) knows that there are going to be days where you just aren’t on top of your people skills as perfectly as the book calls for – that’s what’s part of being human and making mistakes. If you have worked at Wendy’s particularly and have not had a bad day, then I would ask where you were when the pressure came, or if your pulse was still in tact. Overall, I have viewed Mike, who I have talked with at length several times in addition to working next to him, as a fair person.

Second, as to whether he is actually guilty, we don’t really have any room to judge unless we have all the facts. And even then, who are we to judge? As strange as it is that he resigned without notice, after 20+ years of working for Wendy’s of Fort Wayne, we cannot automatically deduce that Mike is the culprit of such a heinous crime. There may have been details to his resignation that are way too complicated to publish in a news story. Besides, the DTAF money isn’t handled only by him, but by several people. So who’s to say who did it? As for the media’s coverage of the story… well, would you really expect anything different from them than skewed facts? As long as they have been around, the media has been known to publish inflammatory information (look at history, it will speak volumes on this!). As messed up as this is, I would not expect anything different from the media. As mentioned above, anyone who believes everything the read and hear at face value shows a true stripe of ignorance running through their competence. A true skeptic is one who does his/her homework, so that they can prove their case of skepticism. Anything short of that cannot be deemed as truly credible information.

Personally, it bothers me that whoever took the money from such a good cause had the audacity to do so. In the meantime, I cannot bring myself to think it is particularly Mike or anyone else unless there is evidence. To do otherwise is unadulterated prejudice. I just hope that Mike really is not guilty of all the allegations, as my own personal experience with him suggests that his character does not fit the allegations against him.

Bottom line, whoever is guilty, may justice truly prevail, and may the children helped by the DTAF, who are damaged the most by this, still benefit from the foundation’s cause.

Orange, CA

#35 Oct 12, 2009
Hey if my father had stole that much money dont you think that I would have known about it I think that this should be looked into a little bit closer. please if you have any comments or solid facts on this please let me know because I haven't been on speaking terms with him for a while and would really like to know what you think because this is the first I have heard of this so contact me at [email protected]

Orange, CA

#36 Oct 12, 2009
Oh and for the record even though I have not been on speaking terms with my father I was raised by him and I would never in my life no matter what terms I am on with my father even begin to believe that the man that adopted me through marriage and change my life which probably would have ended up with a prison or worse with out the man you people are talking about would ever be capable of something like this. and look at some of the many fund raisers he has been a part of.

Pittsburgh, PA

#37 Feb 8, 2010
matthew jettinghoff

El Monte, CA

#38 Dec 26, 2011
Mike is my dad, first of all he was not the man who concived me, but the man who married my mother, and loved me as his own so much that he adopted me and gave me his name and all the love knowlege and time that he could which was more than i could have prayed for growing up. And for anyone who could say that he could have taken money from a foundation that helps kids to have that kind of blessing bestowed upon them they obviously dont know him or what a true man he is, but i do and if you want to then just pray that you meet someone that could have the emotional capacity and moral fortitude that the greatest true man that i am and always will be blessed to call my FATHER. I am Matthew Brian Jettinghoff proud son of Micheal Joseph Jettinghoff.

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