Tom Powers: Brett Favre liar, now tra...

Tom Powers: Brett Favre liar, now traitor? Green Bay Packers GM...

There are 142 comments on the story from Jul 17, 2008, titled Tom Powers: Brett Favre liar, now traitor? Green Bay Packers GM.... In it, reports that:

Right now, the score is something like Green Bay Packers 35, Brett Favre 3. It's a rout.

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Minneapolis, MN

#2 Jul 18, 2008
i'm now convinced you're a packers fan. way to be on there side.
dan in Phoenix

Chandler, AZ

#3 Jul 18, 2008
ok i know you were all waiting for my take on this so here it what they're saying is that up until the vikings had contact with the evil one, and offered him a job he planned to stay retired? sence making that contact all hell has broken loose for the Green Bay. the evil one has asked to be released. he's called his general manager a liar and accused him of not doing his job. he's said that Thompson screwed up by not inteviewing Mooch for the head coach; ie he doesnt like the head coach he has. he threw his possision coach/ ex player under the bus airing what they discused about showing up and calling the Packers bluff.... now what you have is the GM wants him gone, the coach wants him gone, HIS FANS are turning against him, his teammates are devided, Rodgers doesn't know if or when he'll get to play and if he does the first bad play he makes the "we want Favre" chant will start....THIS IS AWSOME !!! i couldn't have written a better the time this is over the evil one's name will be trash, the cheese heads will be 3-13, the coach and GM will be fired, Rodgers will be run out of GB , the team will fall apart and have to be rebuilt all over (remember how long that took after Star retired)...AND THE KICKER IS THAT ALL IT COST US, IF THE BASTARDS CAN PROVE THE TAMPERING, IS A 5TH ROUND DRAFT PICK......SWEET!!!!!!!! WHAT A DEAL!!!!!I'M LAUGHING MY @$$!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHH AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH

United States

#4 Jul 18, 2008
You asked 'who's the idiot now? You are Tom
With all the turmoil and angst in cow country predicated on the moves of one Ted 'the terrible' Thompson, you have picked a strange bedfellow.
Thompson is as cheap as they come, is Grant even signed yet?

Maybe this week when you look across the table at TT during supper with hundreds of favre fans at his door, you can try to understand how the rest of the world sees this megalomaniac.

Florham Park, NJ

#5 Jul 18, 2008
1. It does not look like Favre is committing looks like his GM is blaming the Vikes for his troubles because he needs a scapegoat.

2. How is this going to prevent the Vikes from signing Favre if he becomes a free agent? If they run away from it they look guiltier because they wouldn't want to get "caught." Signing him as if nothing happened would be the best way to go, especially because he shores up the one question mark going into the season.

3. Thompson is not smart in ensuring that Favre won't play for the Packers anymore, he's the opposite. Favre had a great year last year and is their only hope at repeating their success. Thompson should have welcomed him back with open arms.
Huge Jazz

Chicoutimi, Canada

#6 Jul 18, 2008
How the wheel can turn.

In just 5 months Favre has gone from the gun-slinging hero riding off into the sunset into Favre the ego bloated self-absorbed team cancer attention junkie.

Good times. Good times.
Morgan Mundane

United States

#7 Jul 18, 2008
BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT. Bob hit the nail on the head. Favre is way too wrapped up in himself and he is washed up. The best part is this will make it less likely he comes to MN.

The sad part is - if they(Vikes) do/did have an interest in Favre and they drafted a qb what does that say about tj?
Yooper Vikes Fan

Ann Arbor, MI

#8 Jul 18, 2008
My biggest question is what does John Madden have to say about this? I would have thought he'd have chimed in on his golden child by now.

Omaha, NE

#9 Jul 18, 2008
Brillant, you probably are a Karl Rove fan too! I see nothing brilliant about these tactics, He has totally destroyed Farve's heritage in Green Bay, instead of Farve being an assett to the Packers, ala Bart Starr, there will always be a negative aspet to the Packer-Farve link.
Instead of handling the sitiuation like an adult, he went with Rovian tactics to get his way and sway public opinions. this tactic works for the uneducated masses, but people who take the time to think through the issue can easily see the spin.

Minneapolis, MN

#10 Jul 18, 2008

Usually I take umbrage to anything coming out of Vikings enemy territory but this was brilliant!.

I am a die hard Packers fan, and also a die hard Favre fan. I hope Brett is under center starting for the Packers this year regardless of all the childish stances on both sides of this equation. Naive perhaps, but just maybe the executive committee can change the course of events, and do what is best for the Packers 2008 season, and bring Brett back as the starter.

Ottawa, Canada

#11 Jul 18, 2008
Old TT. can devert all the attention he wants, I believe that we're guilty of nothing other than being a hated rival. So in the spirit of being a hated rival lets show TT how we handle Idiots like him and pound whatever,however their come opening day.
The Undertaker

East Lansing, MI

#12 Jul 18, 2008
By filing tampering charges against the Vikings, he accomplished three strategic objectives: the accusation of high treason — conspiring with the enemy!— shifts public sympathy away from Favre; it assures he will not play for the Vikings, otherwise those tampering charges will appear all too true; and it guarantees that Favre will not play again in Green Bay.

Holy crud Powers, are you trying to impress with your punctuation skills? Using colons, dashes, and semi-colons in one terrible run-on sentence. You're an idiot.

“whatalongstrange tripitsbeen ”

Since: Feb 08


#13 Jul 18, 2008
Can anyone please clue me in...what are these tampering charges (that this article talks about) all about anyway?

United States

#14 Jul 18, 2008
Greg from Louisiana

Asheville, NC

#15 Jul 18, 2008
I see that this changes nothing if Childress really wants Favre. My suspicion is that he does because he never forgets people he can't beat, and Favre was one of them.

As for Ted Thompson, his short term gain will lead to long term pain as trashing the hometown hero, even it is true, gains the trasher nothing but animosity for ruining the image of the fans hero.

Clearwater, FL

#16 Jul 18, 2008
You don't think this fuels Farve's anger more? He would sign with the Vkes for nothing just to stick it to them and as one writer said "The Vikes running away from that would make them look more guilty>"
I don't think this soap opra is over yet. I like the idea of Booty learning from Farve but on the other hand do we want all the disruption this close to camp?
Another thing to contimplate. Why don't the Vikes just outright say we are not interested in obtaining Brett Farve under any circumstance. It would be that easy.

Cazenovia, WI

#17 Jul 18, 2008
Viqueens 0-0-0, Packers 1-0-0. You guys have lost. And the season hasn't even started!

Kansas City, MO

#18 Jul 18, 2008
I agree Tom. And I also think we're winning the war in Iraq. The surged worked! Dana Perino said so!

What a n00b. If the Packers release Favre, what the hell will stop the Vikings from signing hi even if these charges are proven true? So they give up a slightly higher draft pick. And how would signing a released Favre indicated that they might have tampered with him in the past?

Saint Paul, MN

#19 Jul 18, 2008
Tom P.- I could not agree more. I think TT has handled this brilliantly (as much as I hate to say this being a Vikes fan).
I was never on board with Favre on the Vikes anyway (other than the anguish to the Pack fans) so he is no real loss as far as I am concerned.
What TT has done is deflect criticism to Favre and level charge that can neither be proven or disproven against the Vikes. If Goodell follows his previous M.O. he will fine and take a draft pick from the Vikes just to show he is serious.
All this even though nothing happened. TT is an egotistical genius but a genius just the same

Since: Jul 08

Cazenovia, WI

#20 Jul 18, 2008
Viqueens 0-1-0, Packers 1-0-0. You guys have lost. And the season hasn't even started!
Rob A

Minneapolis, MN

#21 Jul 18, 2008
Holy moly!

Tom you are really something, that's for sure. Why don't we just wait until you have one of, if not the most successful career as an NFL quarterback ever, are truly torn about retiring, and then perhaps you can weigh in with your opinion.

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