Feds halt payments to state DOT

Feds halt payments to state DOT

There are 146 comments on the The Santa Fe New Mexican story from Apr 15, 2009, titled Feds halt payments to state DOT. In it, The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that:

The Federal Highway Administration has suspended all reimbursements to the New Mexico Department of Transportation amid a dispute over the way the state submits bills.

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Master Debater

Las Cruces, NM

#1 Apr 16, 2009
Who's the donkey that decided to switch the DOT to the SHARE system after they were told it did not comply with federal requirements?
Jason Shapiro

Santa Fe, NM

#2 Apr 16, 2009
Um... Mr. Debater, your question would be best directed to the Office of the Governor. Of course, you will not be receiving an answer anytime soon.

Lincoln, NE

#3 Apr 16, 2009
Yes, the governor forced all state agencies to go onto the SHARE system. The DOT had an excellent in-house system in place that complied with all federal requirements. Secretary Faught did not have the backbone to stand up to the governor and insist that the DOT keep their excellent system. The SHARE system is non-functional and the governor and DFA's Anthony Armijo need to be investigated for the giant cover-up on this. The State's accounting is a mess and they don't even know what their cash balances by agency are. The media is way behind on reporting on this tremendous state issue. It took over two years for the Journal to wise up.
Judge Roy Bean

Bloomington, IN

#4 Apr 16, 2009
SHARE was supplied as a one of Richardson's first sweetheart deals with his cronies. I was widely know in the HR department that this system was rife with errors and was a disaster waiting to happen.

It's still happening.

Also, I wonder why they would be obstructing investigations into DOT spending?

What's Big and White and Sleeps 6 ???

A NMDOT truck.
Disgusted Democrat

Albuquerque, NM

#5 Apr 16, 2009
Hey People--
Wake up and smell the coffee! This political hack Gary Giron and his cronies are destroying the Transportation Department. Giron is Ben Lujan's boy. Is it any wonder he is breaking the law and cutting deals with Lujan to save his billboard-- which is still there by the way. What are his qualifications? He has raised money for the Governor and Lujan. He has no experience in transportation, engineering, federal funding or anything but political cronyism. Now he is once again trying to auction off the old highway department's office building and site on Cerrillos Road-- and this after the Feds came in the first time they tried this and found the whole effort was infiltrated with crooks from the Metro Court scandal! What do you bet it goes to some crony developer friend of the Governor or Speaker Lujan? It is time for Giron and all of the incompetent cronies at the Transportation Department to be run out. What an embarassment to our state!!

Rio Rancho, NM

#6 Apr 16, 2009
Is this yet another pay-to-play? Maybe our elite patron system will finally get some nationwide attention. That may very well embarrass the chins off Richardson.
Disgusted Democrat

Albuquerque, NM

#7 Apr 16, 2009
C'mon Governor Richardson! Stand up to Ben Lujan and get rid of this clown Gary Giron and the other cronies and put someone competent in their place-- before there is nothing left! But then, I suppose he is your crony as well,

Santa Fe, NM

#8 Apr 16, 2009
Why should it embarrass Richardson?

The same True Locals will be in place and in charge long after he's moved on.

And most of you will vote for 'em and support them just as you always have.
jose publicio

Colorado Springs, CO

#9 Apr 16, 2009
SHARE was not the first sweetheart deal the gov put into place.

The Exchange email system and consolidation of IT systems to an 'Enterprise' model were the first scams that $$ Bill initiated.

Santa Fe, NM

#10 Apr 16, 2009
Gary Giron is nothing but a political kiss **** with no brain. He was our boss at Dept. of Health at the beginning of this administration and exhibited some bad judgement calls. He obviously couldn't cut the mustard and was transferred to the State Personnel. Even Sandra Perez asked one of my employees who she knows, if we wanted the idiot back. He somehow ended up at DOT and he is already running that place into the ground. All I can keep telling myself is one more year of these fools, that is, if we can get a republican governor in. If not, Denish will just recycle these fools and just switch them to different agencies. That would mean 4 more years of ruining the State of New Mexico. How sad. The press should have investigated the joke called SHARE a little more closely, because since day one it has been a failure. I read articles in IT magazines about other states and institutions saying how bad of a system it was, and Richardson still authorized the purchase, I wonder why $$$$? To quote a dean from a college that purchased SHARE, "Sure our old system had a few band aids, but at least it worked." Just another story to add to this disgusting administration.
Now SHARE is a Problem

Sterling Heights, MI

#11 Apr 16, 2009
This SHARE system has been a problem since day 1, only that the States top dogs didn't say anthing becasue Papa Bear Bill Richardson told them not to. This is one of Richardsons pay to play schemes. The old system the NMDOT had worked fine, but the DOT was forced to go to SHARE, and there have been problems with this system ever since.
Now that the DOT isn't getting Fed Money. Look out NMDOT employees, they just might try laying off a few of you guys to make up for their shortfall.
The sad thing is that Sec. Faught knew the SHARE System didn't work for the NMDOT, and she was even interviewed saying that the SHARE System is fine and working great. Kind of makes you think why she retired?
The NMDOT spends money where it shouldn't. I though the DOT was on a hireing freeze, but they've brought in many new employees in the past few months, and not workers, Big Money salaries are going to new personel in BRASS ALLLEY, New Ombudsman and other $$$$$$$ Cronies of Gov. Richardson.
What a shame. I remember when the NMDOT was the place all state employees wanted to work, Now it's so corrupt why would anyone want to work there now.
to little to late

Quartzsite, AZ

#12 Apr 16, 2009
Why is SHARE comming up now? We have been running this system for years and from day one we told the project managers that this program did not work. It does not properly bill projects, and there is no accountability. There was even an extended period of time where you could create purchase documents without having funds to back it.
Just goes to show that the Gov owns the media in New Mexico. They have never had the balls to investigate him and the fools he has running this state. No wonder PERA and ERB lost so much money, along with all other agencies. This states leadership is a joke, they are only in it to benefit themselves and their friends. Election day is comming and time for major changes. I hope that all you people remember what these fools have done with your state funds when it is time to cast your ballot.
Albert Cata

United States

#13 Apr 16, 2009
This story of irregularity reporting by our State Dept of Transportation is seriously disturbing. These reimbursement reports to the Federal Government must be accurate in every detail as prescribed by regulations. Our portion of Federal Highway Funding dollars hinges on these reports by NMDOT. This is a priority issue and should be dealt with by the State Transportation Secretary Gary Giron as an urgent matter.
Disgusted Democrat

Albuquerque, NM

#14 Apr 16, 2009
Yes, until recently, I used to work at the NMDOT. In fact I worked there through many administrations, both Democrat and Republican. It used to be a professional, highly competent organization staffed by motivated professionals who cared about serving the citizens of this state. We have stood by and watched this administration take it over and insert one incompetent political crony after another. Suddenly, every decision or initiative had a political angle-- some friend of the governor was going to benefit. We watched as side-deals were made, known crooks were put in positions of power, "people's girlfriends" were promoted into high paying positions and so on. The level of corruption and incompetence was staggering. With Gary Giron in charge, it has hit new lows. Employee morale has hit rock bottom. It sickens me to see a professional, highly competent transportation department turned into a political cesspool.

Santa Fe, NM

#15 Apr 16, 2009
Say bye bye to any highway stimulus money. Let's see if baby Ben steps in to handle this situation. OOPs forgot he forgot to pay taxes for his staff. Not very good at handling money, huh?

Since: Sep 08

Santa Fe, NM

#16 Apr 16, 2009
...so how do we FIX this mess?
Should we pass some laws requiring some level of actual experience and related degree/certification at dept head level? Perhaps get rid of appointed positions from Gov. Office?
Disgusted Democrat

Albuquerque, NM

#17 Apr 16, 2009
Yeah, they probably will start laying off employees at NMDOT, but I can promise you one thing, they won't be laying off the high-paying political make-work crony jobs like Ombudsman or Property Asset Manager. You watch, it will be the regular employees who do the real work that get the axe. I suppose the lawyers are safe-- Gary Giron will need them to defend all these lawsuits and federal criminal prosecutions.
Bill in Santi Flush

Ramah, NM

#18 Apr 16, 2009
What! They just putting the money in Richardsons account, what's wrong with that?
SFX - Native SFean

United States

#19 Apr 16, 2009
"all federal aid billing is suspended until reports in the SHARE system are brought into compliance with a format agreed on by the Federal Highway Administration and the New Mexico Department of Transportation..." Why is it so difficult for NM to follow through on something they "agreed" to do? Whose brother-in-law sold the SHARE system to NM?

Santa Fe, NM

#20 Apr 16, 2009
The SHARE system which really is PeopleSoft was incorrectly configured by Maximus the contractor who set it up. Many horrible decisions were made in the initial set up of SHARE. The State further compounds the problem by paying IT staff so poorly that most who take the jobs are incompetent. Correcting the Initial bad decisions and incompetent administration has and will continue to cost the State millions.

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