World leaders to meet on economy in W...

World leaders to meet on economy in Washington

There are 16 comments on the The Santa Fe New Mexican story from Oct 22, 2008, titled World leaders to meet on economy in Washington. In it, The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that:

WASHINGTON a ' Leaders from 20 nations will meet Nov. 15 in Washington to address the global financial crisis a ' the first in a series of summits to resolve what economists predict could be a long and deep ...

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Since: Sep 08

Santa Fe

#1 Oct 22, 2008
Gee... Can we expect Dubya to act graciously and intelligently with leaders of the other nations? How they must hold their tongues and resist rolling their eyes to keep from displaying their disgust of Bush's bad and less-than-genuine manner.
Back to the Ranch Bush

Santa Cruz, CA

#2 Oct 22, 2008
He'll probably show them this footage from the new Vivid Video production "WELCOME TO THE BLACK HOUSE" starring Sin-dee McCain and Ba-rock-hard OH-bama ...

Yeshi Gemaneh

San Pablo, CA

#3 Nov 15, 2008
From my understanding the wealthy countries are worried of down fall of financial crisis. Probably the crises underlined should be on high standard such as: Banks, Wall Street, Auto makers and big companies, etc... However, at the same token, there are many poor countries around the world that are not even able to eat one meal a day. Especially to see children dying of hunger is heart breaking. At this 21st century.
I wonder if these meeting has taken into consideration their problem – seek a solution for those poor people at least to have some food on their mouth. Thank you
No Protectionism

San Diego, CA

#4 Nov 15, 2008
Besides the United States, the countries represented will be Canada, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Britain, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey. Those countries and the European Union make up the so-called G20.

He (Canadian Leader) also raised the prospect in the context of international trade protectionism, which could be seen as an oblique criticism of president-elect Obama and his Democratic party.
But the British leader urged fellow leaders to avoid protectionism — a message seemingly directed at President-elect Barack Obama's incoming administration .

San Diego, CA

#6 Nov 15, 2008
The crisis in the USA is caused by one group, the DEMOCRATS. Bush and the Republicans know this.

1) DEMOCRATS forced banks to make BAD loans to people who can't afford home loans and have bad credit. WATCH

2) Gas prices went to the roof because DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS who are the ones that make laws did nothing but block all of Bush's proposals to address the economy.

Unfortunately, OBAMA brainwashed the Americans into thinking that the 8 years of BUSH were bad when in fact only the last 2 years of BUSH were bad when the DEMOCRATS took over CONGRESS and finished up their cover up in late 2004.

GAS PRICE HISTORY - price was okay up to 2005/2006

HOUSE PRICE HISTORY - price was ok up to 2005/2006

Late 2004 - Democrats Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Economic Crisis

Bill Clinton Agrees That Democrats Caused Financial Crisis

San Diego, CA

#7 Nov 15, 2008
Bush economy speech: Blame Congress!

The role of President and the role of Congress.

Three Branches of Government
In 1787 leaders of the states gathered to write the Constitution-a set of principles that told how the new nation would be governed.
The leaders of the states wanted a strong and fair national government. But they also wanted to protect individual freedoms and prevent the government from abusing its power. They believed they could do this by having three separate branches of government: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. This separation is described in the first three articles, or sections, of the Constitution.

Legislative Branch
The legislative branch is made up of the two houses of Congress--the Senate and the House of Representatives. The most important duty of the legislative branch is to make laws. Laws are written, discussed and voted on in Congress.

Executive Branch
The President is the head of the executive branch, which makes laws official. The President is elected by the entire country and serves a four-year term. The President approves and carries out laws passed by the legislative branch. He appoints or removes cabinet members and officials. He negotiates treaties, and acts as head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces.

The President is the head of the executive branch and plays a large role in making America's laws. His job is to approve the laws that Congress creates. When the Senate and the House approve a bill, they send it to the President. If he agrees with the law, he signs it and the law goes into effect.

If the President does not like a bill, he can refuse to sign it. When he does this, it is called a veto. If the President vetoes a bill, it will most likely never become a law. Congress can override a veto, but to do so two-thirds of the Members of Congress must vote against the President.
Despite all of his power, the President cannot write bills. He can propose a bill, but a member of Congress must submit it for him.

In addition to playing a key role in the lawmaking process, the President has several duties. He serves as the American Head of State, meaning that he meets with the leaders of other countries and can make treaties with them. However, the Senate must approve any treaty before it becomes official.

The President is also the Chief of the Government. That means that he is technically the boss of every government worker.
Also, the President is the official head of the U.S. military. He can authorize the use of troops overseas without declaring war. To officially declare war, though, he must get the approval of the Congress.

San Pablo, CA

#8 Dec 1, 2008
On the incidence of Mumbai

Don’t Cry Baby
They snatched your parent
as you are in your crib
Oh! Baby you left out naked
It is hard to explain
Something you could not understand
They call them “radical”
They are known as heartless
Watching you cry in a distance
Made me cry bitterly
This is an evil deed at a loose
Their deed will not remain in vain
I can only pray for your comfort, Baby

Alameda, CA

#9 Dec 17, 2008
Once a person called Guda a residence of House No. 005, who likes to say on things beyond his dimensions, commented the following:

“Our situation is like crying babies. When babies are crying they get helped and get attention momentarily, but nobody would be able to make them grow at once and make them to be self-sufficient or independent.” Guda continued,“In general Africa have enough wealth, a great part of the continent is never been assessed for raw materials and full of natural resources are available. Those developed countries speak and write about Africa only on its backwardness, poverty, famine and different diseases. Poverty happen to be an identity of every Africana, poverty rotates from generation to generation. Saying alone does not avoid the problem. They should liberate Africa from poverty for once and all.”

Did he say it correct?

Alameda, CA

#10 Dec 20, 2008
You the largest and populous
Surrounded by Sea and Lakes
Decorated by rainforest, Valley and Gorge
Explore unlimited beauty of human history
Blue Nile and Great Rift Valley your entity
Home to wild animals
Your blackness a sign of beauty
Year in, year out they call you poor
They don’t try to pull you out
They don’t show you know-how
When you have immense wealth to use
Luck of good-will venture blocked the road
Calling you poor dose’s not give sense
When they share your wealth
Guidance what is essential, not criticism

Since: Dec 08

Santa Fe, NM

#11 Dec 22, 2008
No Protectionism wrote: ws/canadianpress/article/ALeqM 5j-TXPN3yQvfnqTJuXAW_HdGO9Npw
Besides the United States, the countries represented will be Canada, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Britain, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey. Those countries and the European Union make up the so-called G20.
He (Canadian Leader) also raised the prospect in the context of international trade protectionism, which could be seen as an oblique criticism of president-elect Obama and his Democratic party.
But the British leader urged fellow leaders to avoid protectionism — a message seemingly directed at President-elect Barack Obama's incoming administration .
Sounds like the so-called G20 may be the fetal stages of the New Word Order (NWO). Could be good...could be bad.

United States

#12 Dec 22, 2008
as the Fed, EU, BoJ all race for the bottom on interest rates, printing currency like mad to inject liquidity, the real problem is a lack of confidence in the banking institutions, insurance companies, bond rating companies, and poorly defined securitized assets.

Until the crisis in confidence is over, there will be no recovery in the Global economy.

Trade must continue, protectionism will only make things worse.

And without sound money, there will be no confidence in any government for any period of time.

Sound money is the key to recovery, only then will credit and business return to normal.

Alameda, CA

#13 Feb 18, 2009
When we talk of the world, it will be a vast and untouchable subject. This world is a combination of many effects. If I may, let me write a few lines on the world we live in today.
The population growth, the poverty, global climate change, war, diseases, hunger and illiteracy around the world is arising from time to time with little solution. The atrocity is complex and immense. The children of the world grew with multiple fears of their surroundings.
No matter where they could live, all human beings in the world have same basic needs. These needs are food, shelter, clothes, love and care of each other. Are these basics are fulfilled, if I said no, it will not be far from the truth.
In general, the world at present is full of problems: Sliding economy, escalating market, change of climate makes it more freighting even for the wealthy nations. Imagine the developing world is facing multiple troubles and hardship. I think, history of the world will not excuse if something not done to feed the hungry children around the world. Those who vanished because of malnutrition and different diseases are countless; yes it seems that too often can be heard many excuses diverging from the truth. The population of the world should stretch their hands to help less fortunate ones at least to have a piece of bread in their hands.
Well, someone like me cannot do much, since I am not in a position; however, I am gratitude for the opportunity for being able to express my views because of democracy. Thus, despite all the difficulties the world is facing, I wish and hope the democracy we love to flourish around the world; at least they will have the freedom to express their feelings freely without fear of execution.
Mark Wright

Hereford, AZ

#14 Feb 19, 2009
The folks going to these meetings might be better off to simply have themselves "a cow pie throwing fight in the fog."

It's highly unlikely that more of the sameo western world econ traditionalist, trickle down thought process is going really ever figure out how to fix??? the economy.
Yeshi Gemaneh

United States

#15 Jul 12, 2009
One You

One friend can share your happiness or sorrow
One flower can flourish your day
One tree can begin a huge forest
One bird can chirrup the neighborhood
One smile change annoyed face
One word of encouragement change a weak life
One star can guide a ship at sea
One good word can frame the goal
One vote can make a difference
One candle swabs darkness
One laugh will refresh the ached mind
One step start to a goal
One God’s word leads to prayer
One broom can sweep a whole lot of place
One hope is a turning point of life
One pat sooth a broken heart
One good advice change to wisdom
One truth saves distraction of justice
One piece of bread can feed a hungry child
All begin with one, One You can change the world
Yeshi Gemaneh

United States

#16 May 5, 2011
Remember Me
As earnest as I can be
A wavering truth
Principle as my motto
The pain I carry
Wherever I go
Whatever they said
No hurt on me
None whoever
Free from the truth
All will end-up
With some legacy
My signature is my
Yeshi Gemaneh

Oakland, CA

#17 May 19, 2012
Time goes fast. The G-8 back again to their summit; I wouldn't dare to know what the meeting is about, there is one important issue in my mind –if they will be putting in their agenda the hunger problem around the world; especially in Africa; I know those sophisticated and highly educated people are planning for the future: for instance – five or ten year plan. How about today? Hunger does not give time. Please make a resolution if not for good, but for immediate result.

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