With all do respect to The Santa Fe New Mexican, I would like to correct two things in this reprint of my original essay. I do not know whether the changes were mistakes or editing, but this is how I originally meant it to be printed.

In the 18th paragraph that reads:

"Maybe this will be the year," I think. Maybe this year will be the authentic year; the one my kids remember; the one they miss when I am gone; the one they try to recreate for their kids, only to realize that it's just the same."

The last four words should read "just NOT the same." This is important to convey the idea here.

In the 21st paragraph,I wrote "Son" of God, not Sons of God. These are VERY different things. I wrote it this way as to subliminally compare and show, how the sun eventually turned into the Son. However, this being said and in hindsight I accepted, in part The New Mexicans idea of Sons and feel sure this WAS editing-likely neccesary for it to be printed at all it in your paper. But, I do not agree with Sons being capitaized, for we can all agree that the sons are only mortal men. Today, I think the best reading is a combination of my original idea and your edit because Jesus doesnt judge, men do:

Our willingness to give it up, not hoard and share freely, has always been a risky business. Our gifts of food, drink, patience, and smiles are the very things we are at risk of losing should the sun not rise tomorrow; should the Son of God be wrongly exemplified; should the sons of God think us selfish or miserly.