Breaching Camp Glenwood: a medium sec...

Breaching Camp Glenwood: a medium security facility?

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Since: Aug 08


#1 Aug 17, 2008
Catch-if-Catch-Can is a motto for inmates in any facility and that is true of juvenile inmates at Camp Glenwood though they may parse the phase differently.

"One of the suspects in the recent murder of a Redwood City teenager was an escapee of Camp Glenwood, a medium-security facility run by the San Mateo County Probation Department" so goes the story!

Loren Buddress, Chief Probation Officer, claims that there are few walk-away's from Camp Glenwood, I bet that is data is skewed - there are a number of walk-aways that return either quickly or return within hours. Who knows how the inmates were debriefed or even if they left if staff have poor random and scheduled case count procedures.

Don't believe Camp Glenwood is a medium security facility by any reach of the imigination, though someone defined it as such.

I also bet there are a number of out-of-bound inmates where supervision was lost by staff.

It may be difficult to track people out there to see if the integrity of the facility was breached, but 50 foot of continuous dense, low height vegetation could be maintained to see if anyone breached the facility's boundaries. This vegetation, if disturbed, would be a first clue that the area is being tested or used for untoward behavior.

It is true, that local wildlife may breach the area, but broken or mashed vegetation probably would reveal direction of the breach and even the type of animal that breached it thus ruling out human activity. Plowing and furling the out of bounds area might not be as effective because disturbed areas are easily covered over while some vegetation recovers fairly quickly.

Boundary control requires random and planned searches and disturbance just outside the boundary. That should be reviewed and photographed for second opinions. Disturbed areas should be noted in the daily log and walked by staff and logged during morning and evening and randomly during the day. It is also important to note that people may walk into the area to provided secreted contraband just outside the boundary for inmates or throw contraband just inside or close to the boundary.

San Francisco's Log Cabin... and probably the old Hidden Valley facility which is mothballed or being used by another agency are subject to the same breach and walk-away problems.

The escape from the Youth Service Center probably had assistance as the boundary fence was cut -- there was more sophistication in this breach; Camp Glenwood is just isolated and not secure at all.

Again, it nearly all comes down to conduct comprehensive compliance reviews and audit. The Youth Service Center need $300,000 to add security fences, cameras , retrain staff and improve polices and procedures...!
Deport Glenwood Illegals


#2 Aug 17, 2008
Camp Glenwood has lived out its usefulness. It is just hiding our problem children and probably has a few illegal immigrant inmates residing there should be picked up by ICE for immigration hearings and deported or self-deported along with their parents.

By the way, how many of the inmates or is wards, are illegal immigrants or offspring of illegal immigrants and why hasn't San Mateo County reported them to Immigration and Customs Enforcement?

Let's not forget about the children in dependency petitions that are here illegally and why they are not reported to ICE!
Urban Tracker


#3 Aug 18, 2008
San Francisco has a few underused coyotes they are thinking about shooting. Maybe we could save them and let them guide the illegal immigrants back home! It is cheaper than a "fright flight."
Skunk Weed Herb


#4 Aug 18, 2008
Plant skunk-weed on the premeter of Camp Glenwood.

Shunk-weed are low-growing often foul-smelling plants of temperate to Arctic regions and sticky leaves have an offensive smell. In that way, probation staff will know whether the inmates pass the smell test or were tramping in the woods.

Emeryville, CA

#5 Aug 18, 2008
Camp Glen Wood and the S.F. Log Cabin Ranch next to it have escapes all the time. The Juv. are hard core, with dangerous back grounds. They go into La Honda and try to steal cars to get away, or they get some to pick them up. Here's a fact for you to think about, they NEVER get new charges when they get caught, they just send them back to the camps.
Ant M


#6 Mar 2, 2009
I was detained at Camp Glenwood last year, and its not as bad as it seems. The staff try there best to keep an eye over 15 wards at one time. If there is someone who chooses to run, the staff can either chase those who run and leave the other 14 to do what ever they please in the section. Dont get me wrong, Sherifs department is contacted as soon as the minor is noticed to be owol. But its hard for the staff/ counselor's to keep watch, espically when they are out numbered by the youth. Other then that every things else is perfect. There are different kind of classes recomended for those who are in need, such as A.A, N.A, Gang affiliation classes and much more. Camp Glenwood has a very good education system, where the youth can either, catch up on credits, graduate or get a certificate of completion. Kitchen staff are fantastic when it comes to feeding the minors. 3 "HOT" meals a day, snacks handed out on a daily, and fruits passed out every break. But Camp Glenwood is a very good rehabilitaion program. Staff treat the minors as if they were there own. So if you've never been up to La Honda, Log Cabin Rd, Camp Glenwood then i would suggest you find out for your self before you judge the program. Thank you for reading. Much LOve nd RESPECT....
-A.M SECTION 1 much OFA....

Since: Aug 08


#7 Apr 8, 2009
Once again, another escape from Camp Glenwood.

The Sheriff’s office has reported an escape from Camp Glenwood boys’ detention facility in La Honda at about noon today." First report was that it was a "walkaway" but we shhould know better by now.

Any out of supervision and off grounds should be treated as an escape and a petition should be filed and later sustain with a comcommtant punishment for the escape.

At minimum, that should be a locked down facility unless mitigating factors preceeded the escape and no administrator of counselor was available to intervene.

I again urge that Camp Glenwood be closed down until properly secured with double fencing and increase line of sight supervision and increase surveillance! Return all inmates place there to the Youth Service Center and open a sevure unit at the old Hillcrest facility.
worked at Camp Glenwood

United States

#8 May 9, 2009
I worked at Camp Glenwood so that might make me bias, but I retain the belief that children who have made bad decisions still possess the ability to change with a mixture of structure, accountability, and caring attention from adults.
Some of the other posts sound as if they have de-humanized these kids by calling them convicts and illegals. Yes all of them did something to get there, but not all of them possess a criminal mentality. Some have records of drug use charges and probation violations. There also are others there who are there because they are attracted to crime and gang life. The problem as I see it is that the selection procedure of who was sent to camp needed attention. Due to lack of resources, kids were being sent there that shouldn't have been considered. I understand that's changing now and policies were put into place.
I feel that Camp Glenwood offers certain kids the chance to turn their life around before they are placed in an environment that leaves them less of an opportunity to make a positive change.
The Hiker

Cupertino, CA

#9 Jul 15, 2009
I hiked unknowingly into the facility recently and upon stepping onto their main grounds, probation showed up immediatly to intervene and send us off. After seeing the layout of the place, I now understand why JAck Kirkpatrick is writing so much on this forum. HE PROBABLY IS A PARANOID HEAD TRIPPER LIVING IN THE HOUSE BEHIND THE FACILITY AND IS ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT READY TO SHOOT SOMEONE HE SEES WALKING THRU HIS BACKYARD TRAIL. THE STAFF IS MORE COMBFTERABLE LIVING WITH THE ACTUAL INMATES THAN PARANOID NEIGHBORS THAT DONT, BUT JUST LEAVE NEARBY.

South San Francisco, CA

#10 Jul 15, 2009
dont affect the camp for other stupid shit dumbass kids did.

Since: Aug 08


#11 Jul 15, 2009
These were not "smartass kids." The knew individually and collectively to esccape and walking away is an easy escape from personal and social responsibility. There cognitive reasoning was used in making there decision and it is that very cognitive programming at Camp Glenwood that offers them skills in consequences, improving intellect.

For those that don't know what cognitive programming is, here is the "drill --the-day:"

Cognitive programs goals is "sustaining attention, thinking before acting, visual and auditory processing, listening, reading - areas in which ADHD individuals [and others] often experience difficulties. If an individual is having attention or learning problems, tutoring or drill and practice in academic areas are often not effective. The principle underlying cognitive training is to help improve the 'core' abilities and self-control necessary before an individual can function successfully academically. The exercises "drill for skill" directly in the areas where basic specific cognitive difficulties occur."

This escape was a drill for skill in manipulating staff and other criminals to take advantage of weaknesses in the system, weakness in other people and weakness in their own self-control.

I never knew an inmate that wasn't smarter after being incarcerated whether in the classroom or the individual and group therapy programs. In fact, they usually become more dangerous and carry the negative aspect to advance their criminal behavior, though that was never a goal or Camp Glenwood's mission.

There are unintended consequences to programming. I am not willing to play with public protection in open facilities where this training is available. There are many other was to test self-restraint.

Besides, they pump iron and become stronger, posture to protect themselves and attack when threatened. That makes them ripe to exploit the vulnerable public when they escape or reenter society.

Close Camp Glenwood until you can properly staff, fence, program and offer much improves security.

Since there was a possible car used to expedite the escape - I bet a staff cell phone was used or one was smuggled in to the camp. This escape just didn't happen - it was part of their cognitive drill.

South San Francisco, CA

#12 Jul 15, 2009
^^no phone was smuggled in minors only get a hour a day to work out so its not like we work out all the time, there will always be a way to run a fence is just waasting the tax payers money. you act like were criminals. some are just kids that made a mistake^^
The Hiker

Cupertino, CA

#13 Jul 15, 2009
Btw Kirkpatrick, "pumping iron" doesnt go on in any California jails or prisons anymore. Iron weighs have been banned since 1996. Sounds like you've been doing alot of sterotype thinking in your head about jails, remember this is a Youth Camp, not San Quentin. Elaborate getaway scemes? nope Snuck in cellphones? maybe but no. Pumping iron to become a super criminal hulk? defintally not. Spend some more time out in the real world and not in your own head.

Since: Aug 08


#14 Jul 15, 2009
Don't get caught into delusional thinking. Juvenile camps and their prisons, jails, and adult prisons inmates are always planning for untoward purposes including getaways as well as opportunity getaways; physical fitness is one of the keys as is tenaciousness and a host of other attributes of people.

It is not enough to contain an inmate who may cause trouble at any moment individually or collectively by diverting a staff members or...!

Pumping iron - just a general term for physical fitness and sports, but generally you are right, though there are still some facilities that have all in one machines and other items like pull up bars, running tracks, obstacle courses....

Free iron isn't so free and there are other options including arm wrestling. Besides bulking up is a pastime however you do it even if it is using your own body weight.

Bulking up and running can be an advantage; rarely does a criminal outrun a radio call, but it has happened many a time. I am more worried about a person cold cocking a officer. Shootings happen in near nanoseconds because an officer in not in the mind of the criminal, but has to be alert, positioned and running in an anticipatory mode. It doesn't matter that a person is a young, impulsive criminal or one that thinks things through or an adult using similar behaviors.

Every trained officer knows this individually and collectively and we still have deaths of multiple officers before the officer is able to adequately take defensive action.

Since: Aug 08


#15 Jul 15, 2009
You are committed to Camp Glenwood for a criminal violation that a person got caught doing or for failing probation!

Chances are that you never was caught for other activities that was criminal and chances are, some elements in the petition was dismissed, and one was sent to Camp Glenwood on a single offense. Many inmates have a undocumented history of violent behavior that has yet to reach the courts attention.

Stop making excuses for these teens and demand more from them or they will screw the community over again and again! Mollycoddling people that misbehave seriously one reason why we have probation, camps and prisons. Hold families and children accountable is just about the only answer to truancy, bad grades and criminal behavior...

You cannot be sent to Camp Glenwood for being incorrigible or being a dependent teen.
Camp glenwood sect3

South San Francisco, CA

#16 Jul 16, 2009
You dont know shit don't act like you have experience with criminals when you just a poodle scared of hamless kids. Get a life and stop being a keyboard gangster jack.

Since: Aug 08


#17 Jul 17, 2009
Harmless juveniles are not committed to Camp Glenwood! Petitions sustained by the juvenile court are for criminal behavior and other problems that does not keep them in compliance of socially acceptable behavior and community based. They cannot complete non-cutody programs have failed often failed these programs. Parent or guardians and even deputy probation officers are unable to exercise control over these wards of the court. Controling behavior and hold them teens accountable requires the ward to make the necessary changes to not be a threat to themselves, the life sand property of other or be out of the range where responsible supervision can be maintained!

San Francisco, CA

#19 Aug 8, 2009
Deport Glenwood Illegals wrote:
Camp Glenwood has lived out its usefulness. It is just hiding our problem children and probably has a few illegal immigrant inmates residing there should be picked up by ICE for immigration hearings and deported or self-deported along with their parents.
By the way, how many of the inmates or is wards, are illegal immigrants or offspring of illegal immigrants and why hasn't San Mateo County reported them to Immigration and Customs Enforcement?
Let's not forget about the children in dependency petitions that are here illegally and why they are not reported to ICE!
your just ignorant first the law can't deport children under 18. second who are you to say such a thing. im full blooded mexican althought my parents are born in the u.s.a where are you going to deport me. my blood is mexican i wasnt born grandparents are u.s citizens. i think you should shut ur trap and keep shit to your self .
Worried Citizen

Fairbanks, AK

#20 Oct 24, 2010
I'm a former camp manager at a summer camp in that general area. The camp is no more than a few miles from this juvey ranch. I really hope they can increase their security so that the inmates don't escape. Seriously we have little kids at the camp, we don't need a bunch of psychotic hoodrats sneaking into the camp and causing trouble.
former detainee

Fairfield, CA

#21 May 27, 2011
I was detained in glenwood around 1994-1995..and it was a changing experience! This facility help change my life!....I remember MR.G...and how he kept us physically fit! And the weekend passes! The only thing it lacked was a native american religious ceremonial practice area with a spiritual leader! San mateo county should look into the sweat lodge and its effect on youth.

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